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Dean of Guild Court (T. L. Peters, judge— lord dean of guild ;
G. Gordon Stewart, 10 Headowside, assessor & clerk of
court; Alexander Speed, 45 Commercial street, interim fiscal;
William Gouk, 3 Barrack street, officer), 10 Meadowside
Deas James, tailor, 38 & 40 Commercial street; res. Seaview
cottage, Barnhill, Broughty Ferry
De Lav-en Edward, teacher of french, 1 Rattray street
Dempster Emma (Miss), fishmonger, 23 Nethergate
Dempster John, furniture dealer, 34 Hospital wynd
Dempster Marguerite (Miss), dairy, 201 Perth road
Dempster William, cashier, 6 Bellefield avenue
Dempster William, jun. butcher, 88 Scouringburn & 66 Pole-
park road
Denholm Maggie (Miss), dress maker, 14 Fleuchar street
Denmark Vice-Consulate (B. L. Nairn, vice-consul), 33 Com-
mercial street
Densmore Typewriter Co. 41 Beform street; TN 1294
Devaney John, hair dresser, 74 James street
Devine John, grocer & spirit dealer, Ji.0 Overgate
Devlin Edward, boot repairer, 36 Elizabeth street
Devoto Peter (Mrs.), confectioner, 12 Shore terrace
Dewar Alfred E. retail ironmongers, 103 Hilltown
Dewar David, chief constable & procurator fiscal, Central Police
chambers, West Bell street; res. 5 Windsor terrace
Dewar Margaret (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 22 Caldrum street
Dewar Mary (Mrs.), dairy, 43 North Wellington street
Dewar Tom Millar, plumber, 41 Constitution road
Diamond Chas. propr. " Dundee Catholic Herald," 82 Bell street
Dibbs Alexander, station master, High street, Lor.hee
Dick S. E. R. & L. (Misses), dress makers, 11 Whitehall street
Dick Harry, butcher, 102 Bosebank street
Dick Harry (Mrs.), butcher, 120£ Hilltown
Dick James, hay & straw dealer, 40 Lochee road
Dick James, watch maker, 189 Victoria road
Dick Jessie (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 33 North Ellen street
Dick John, boot repairer, 16 Clark street
Dickie James & Co. boot & shoe factors, Arcade, 6b, King street
Dickie David, wholesale ironmonger, 23 Commercial street;
T N 1071; T A " Dickie, Ironmonger, Dundee "; res.Balloch-
myle, Norwood crescent
Dickie James A. wire worker & belihanger, 18 Barrack street
Dickie Jessie (Miss), confectioner, 59 Hawkhill
Dickie William Bruce, solicitor & notary public, joint district
manager of Law Union & Crown Insurance Co. 11 Whitehall
street; Tel. No. 101; res. Cambustav, Broughty Ferry
Dickson David & Co. sack & bag mfrs. 24 Cowgate; T N 1222
Dickson J. W. & Son, drapers & tailors, 42 Albert street
Dickson Dvd. mfr.(Dvd. Dickson & Co.), 18 Kilnburn pl.Ea-Newprt
Dickson Ellen (Mrs.), fishmonger, 182 Blackness road
Diek3on Frank E. butcher, 76 Murray gate
Dickson Joseph Wishart, draper, 49 Lyon street
Dickson William, ironmonger, 21 Crichton street; res. 5 Youngs-
f dale place, East Newport
Dickson William C. solicitor & notary public, 20 Castle street;
res. Bockfield, Tayport
Di Duca Garmena, confectioner, 233 Lochee road
Di Duca Garmena, fried fish dealer, 01 High street, Lochee
Di Luea Bernado, confectioner, 40 Arbroath road
Di Luca Fratelli, fried fish dealer, 34 Arbroath road
Dingwall A. & Co. debt recovery agents, 11 Barrack street
Dingwall Alexander, commission agent, 72 Bell street; res.
12 Baxter Park terrace
Dingwall John, shopkeeper, 19 Baxter street
Dixon William Limited (Glasgow), coal owners (Donald Mac-
donald, manager), 24 Teaman shore
Dixon Henry G. ironmonger, saw maker &c. 41 High street;
res. Braeside, Wormit
Dobie Jean (Miss), milliner, 22 Union street
Docherty Patrick, brass finisher, 131 Scouringburn
Dock Street Warehouse Co. (J. J. Horsburgh, manager), 23
Panraure street
Doctor John, shopkeeper, 67 Milnbank road
Doctor William (Mrs.), grocer & spirit dealer. 1 Funloch street
Doctor William Forrest, iute merchant, 33 Albert square; T N
437; res. Ashleigh, East Newport
Dodds & Eathie, agricultural auctioneers &
live stock salesmen, 19 High street
Dodds Isabella fMr3.), confectioner & rnstrycook, 136 Albert st
Dodds J. Dickson, merchant, 2 India buildings
Dodds Thomas M. auctioneer (Dndds & Bathie), Baldovie farm
Dodds William, shoe maker, 125 Cowjrate
Doda E. M. (Miss), teacher of cookery, 28 Ward road; res. 5
Paradise road
Dohertv Susan (Miss), confectioner. 8 Union st. Maxwelltown
Doig Thomas & Son, stone masons, 1G7 Victoria road
Doig William & Sons, chemists, 9 Hich street & 113 Albert st
Doig Catherine (Mrs.), shopkeeper; 27 Church st. Maxwelltown
Doic David, shopkeeper, 56 Church street, Maxwelltown
Doig Euphemia (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 20R High street, Lochee
Doig George, goods agent. North British railway, Tay Bridge
station; res. 3 Dalhousie terracp
Doig James, hair dresser, 13 Lochee road
Doic Jame3, pie maker &c. 46 Overgate
Doit: John, sDirit dealer. 24 Wellate
Doig John M. tobacconist. 207 Overrate
Doit: Thos. stone mason (Thomas Doig & Son). 143 Victoria rd
Doitr William, chemist (William Doic & Son}, Dunira. Newport
Doig William Mill, assistant superintendent Prudential Insur-
ance Co. 2 Nairn place
Doig William Scott, baker & confectioner, 308 Perth road
Dolan John, clothes broker, 9 Temple lane
Dolan WiUiam, tobacco pipe maker, 94 Blackness road
Domen-Vk & Mfircelo. fried fish dealers, 208 Hilltown
Don Brothers, Buist & Co. merchants, flax & iute
spinners & rna.nufaLCfca.ee'srQ. Ward milts, Bar-
rack st. ; pay day, tue=day ; T IN 353 ;TA" DON", Dundee"
Don Sc Duncan, manufacturers of hemp carpeting, fancv &
mnnilla mattings, tarpaulins &c. Kinsr's Cross works. Lochee;
TN 927 ; T A *' Don Duncan, Lochee ; " Box 18 "Royal Exchange.
Don & McGavin, dress makers, 153 Perth road
Don William & John & Co. (Porfar), manufacturers of linen &
jute goods, Ward mills, Barrack street; pay dav, tuesday;
T N 353 ; T A " Don, Dundee "
Don Alexander M.A., M.B., CM. surgeon, 77 Albert street &
145 Nethergate
Dou David, chartered accountant, 104 Commercial street; TN 304
Don Francis, grocer & provision dealer, 26 Bosebank road
Don Gilbert W. merchant (Don Brothers, Buist & Co.), Havensby,
Don Jn.B. merchant (Don Bros. Buist & Co.),Maulesden,nr.Brechin
Don Bt.B.mercht.(Don Bros.Bmst & Co.),TheLodge,BroughtyFrry
Don WiUiam, manufacturer (Don & Duncan), Lawside road
Donaghey John J. chemist, 185 Overgate
Donald Brothers, merchants & manufacturers of jute goods, 2
Meadow Place buildings; works, James's Park factory; pay
day, tuesday; TN 6; TA " Bonnie, Dundee "
Donald & Duncan, upholsterers, cabinet makers &c. 41
Donald & Smith, window glass mers. & glaziers, 4S Murraygate
Donald & Co. financial ugents, 15 Castle street
Donald Alexander, butcher, 35 Lyon street
Donald David, butcher, 94 Hilltown
Donald David, editor "Bed Letter," Lindsay street; res. Rich-
mond place, Downfield
Donald David, grocer & spirit dealer, 87 & 89 Milnbank road
Donald David, manufacturer(Donald Bros.),Earle vil.Brghty.Frry
Donald Flora (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 2a, Cotton road
Donald George, engraver (John L. Boy & Donald), 3 St.
Mary's terrace
Donald George, glazier (Donald & Smith), Barry
Donald George, householder, 3 St. Mary's terrace
Donald George B. solicitor (firm, Anderson, Gardner, Hepburn
& Co.), 10 Meadow side
Donald Jessie (Miss), general dealer, 302 Hawkhill
Donald Stewart, accountant at Baxter Brothers & Co. Limited,
Princes street; res. 7 Erskine terrace
Donald WilliamfDonald & Duncan), cabinet maker &C.41 Nether-
gate ; res. G Bellefield avenue
Donald William, householder, Bowanbank, Bankine street
Donald Wm.plmbr.6 & 8 Gardner's la. ; res. Rowan bnk.Kankine st
Donald William, shopkeeper, 29 West wynd, Perth road
Donaldson Alexander, boot maker, 61 Wellgate
Donaldson Anne M. (Miss), dress maker, 4 Bellefield avenue
Donaldson Archibald, inspector for Provincial Homes Invest-
ment Co. Limited, 324 Perth road
Donaldson David, coal dealer, 33 Bosebank street
Donaldson David Scott, confectioner, 109 Ann street
Donaldson Francis Y. grocer & spirit dealer, 33 Nelson street
Donaldson Isabella (MissV milliner, 24 Peddie street
Donaldson James, dairyman, Fairfield road, Clepington road
Donaldson John, furniture dealer, 10 Alexander street
Donaldson John, yarn & cloth merchant, 1 Boyal Exchange place;
res. Crescent bank, Newport
Donaldson Kate (Miss), shopkeeper, 71 Tiff road, Lochee
Donaldson Mary A. (Mrs.), clothes dealer, 79 Logie street
Donaldson William, hair dresser, 15 Princes street
Donnachie Andrew, fruiterer, 373 Hilltown & 66 Ann street
Donnachie Lizzie (Miss), fruiterer, 66 Ann street
Donnet James, grocer & spirit dealer, 94 Dura street; res. 1
Athole terrace, Maryfield
Dora George & Co. fried fish dealers, 75 Princes street
Dorward Alexander, school master, 29 Ancrum road, Lochee
Dorward David, grocer, 56 Dallfield walk
Dorward Mary (Mrs.), stationer, & post office, Craigs buildings,
Clepington road
Dougal Minnie (Miss), confectioner, 52 Church street
Douglas George C. & Co. consulting engineers, 41 Beform
street; T N 01960
Douglas & Smith, engravers &c. 26 Castle street
Douglas W. A. & Oo. jute spinners & manufacturers, West
Ward works, Blinshall street; TN 372
Douglas Agnes (Miss), grocer, 24 Balfour street
Douglas Blair Cairns, architect (Owers Charles & Co.), 104 Com-
mercial street & Seafield place, Broughty Ferry
DoudasDavid.grocer&spirit dlr.4Crichton st. ; res.3Aberlemno ter
Douglas Geo.C.patent agt.(Geo.C.Doug!as&Co.), Osborne pl.Newprt
Douglas James, artist, 31 Albert square ; res. Spring cot. Tayport
Douglas James, dairy, 164b, High street, Lochee
Douglas James Malcolm, mineral water manufr. 150 Hilltown
Douglas John, manager " Dundee Courier & Weekly News," 3
Caenlochan villas, Broughty Ferry
DouglasWm. A. mnfr. (W.A.Douglas &Co.).Ida bank.BroughtyFerry
Douglass James Robertson, assistant harbour engineer; res. 7
Osborne place
Dow John Ewan & Co. jute eoods merchants. 10 Victoria cham-
bers; pay day, tuesdav; TN 457: TA " Sacks, Dundee"
Dow Alexander, confectioner, 71 Magdalen grpen
Dow Andrew G., M.A., M.B.. CM. surgeon, 26 South Tay street
Dow David, dairyman &c. 248 Perth road
Dow David, news agent, 19 Princes street
Dow George L. hair dresser & perfumer, 42 & 44 Commercial st
Dow James, clerk, 9 Balgay avenue, Blackness road
Dow James, Union P.H. 36 Scouringburn
Dow Janet (Hiss), tchr. of music, 9 Balgay av. Blackness road
Dow John, City laundry, 107 Victoria road
Dow John, confectioner, 90 Caldrum street
Dow John, metal merchant, 5 Commercial street; T N 85 ; TA
" Ne=tor, Dundee " ; res. Woodmuir park. Newport
Dow Thomas, clerk, 9 Balgav avenue. Blackness road
Dow William (Mrs.), fruiterer. 18 Hawkhill
Dowie Lizzie (Miss), confectioner, 170 Albert street
Dowie Bobert, confectioner, 54 Arbroath road
Downie A. P. deputy superintendent Local Marine Board, Cus-
tom House buildings, Dock street
Downie Albert, boot repairer, 230 Lochee road
Downie Charles, dining rooms, 11 Whitehall crescent
Downie Charles, weighing machine ma. see Spence & Downie
Downie Bobert, refreshment rooms, 89 Strathmartine road
Downie William, butcher, 54 Watson street
Doyle Joseph, hair dresser, 25 Polepart road

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