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Crabb Helen (Miss), dress maker, 54 Blackscroft
Crabb Janet (Mrs.), confectioner, 40 Rose street, Lochee
Crabbe David, watch maker, 26 King street
Crabbe David S. grocer & spirit dealer, 127 Blackness road;
res. 4 Airlie place
Crabbe Jn. C. auctnr. & valuer, 26 Commercial st. ; res.CarnouBtie
Crabbe Mary (Mrs.), greengrocer, 27 Lilybank road
Craig David A. hosier & g!over, 18 Wellgate ; res. 94 Victoria rd
Craig David Forbes, Etationer, 100 Hilltown
Craig George B. glass & china warehouse, 28 West port &, 69
Perth road ; res. 53 South Tay street
Craig Hugh, boot maker, 265 Hawkhill
Craig James A. Boyal Oak P.H. 167 Scouringburn
Craig Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 19 Kincardine street
Craig Thomas, builder, West Clepington road
Craigie Yard Warehouse Co. Limited (Joseph J. Barrie & Co.
managers), 10 Panmure street
Cram James, chartered accountant, 16 Euclid crescent; res. 3
Prospect terrace, East Newport
Cramond James C. commercial traveller, 94 Victoria road
Cran Alexander, spirit dealer, 42-44 Bell street
Crane P. Moir & Co. (Manchester), oil manufacturers (Turnbull &
Co. agents), 8 Panmure street
Cranmer Isabella (Miss), draper, 54 Dura street
Crawford J. W. teacher of music, 51 Reform street
Crawford John M.B., CM. surgeon, 1 Wellington street
Crawford William, fruiterer, 66 Overgate
Cree James, plumber &c. 251 Hawkhill
Crichton Alex. B. & Co. manufacturers of market & school bags
& hearthrugs, Wallace works; pay day, tuesday; IN 626;
T A " Criton, Dundee"
Crichton Alexander B. manufacturer (A. B. Crichton & Co.),
Abercraigie, Maryfield
Crichton David, builder, 166 Strathmartine road
Crichton George M. commission agent, 37 Exchange street; res.
Beach villa, Wormit
Crichton James, Half Way Honse P.H. 13 & 15 Victoria road
Crichton Jane (Mrs.), draper, 42 Ann street
Crichton Mary (Miss), confectioner, 116 Princes street
Crichton Robert, secondhand bookseller, 8 Temple lane
Crichton William J. joiner, 140 Liff road, Lochee
Crlghton John & Sons, plumbers & brass founders, 105 Cowgate
Crighton James, commission agent, 3 Seagate
Crlghton Mary (Mrs.), grocer, 1 Derby street
Crighton Robert, com. traveller, 7 Buckingham ter. Forfar rd
Crighton William, spirit dealer, 116 Cowgate
Croal James & Co. grocers, 83 Blackscroft & Greenmarket
Croal & Co. grocers & provision dealers, 14 West port
Croal James F. grocer, 26 Crichton street & 112 Seagate
Croal James T. grocer*, 1 & 2 Greenmarket & 112 Seagate; res.
Braeside cottage, Lawside road
Crockatt Euphemia (Miss), dress maker, 9 Glamis street
Crofts George Milne, boot maker & dealer, 154 Lochee road
Crofts Margaret (Mrs.), fishmonger, 53 Cleghorn street
Crole Colvin. inland reveuue officer, 29Bank st. ; re3.Clepington rd
Croll D. & W. nurserymen &c. 63 Commercial street; T N 191 ;
nurseries, Barnhill, Broughty Ferry
Croll David, nurseryman(D.&W.Croll), Ashley grove, BroughtyFerry
Croll George, engineer (Lee, Croll & Co.), Park place, Lochee
Croll Hannah (Miss), draper, 171 Albert street
Croll Jn. nurseryman (D. & W. Croll), Craigruach, BroughtyFerry
Crooks James & Son, ironmongers & gasfitters, 89 King street
Crooks James, gasfitter &c. (Jas. Crooks & Son) ; res. 10 Bell st
Crooks Robert, gasfitter &c. (R. Crooks & Son), 6 Forfar rd.
Croom Alexander, painter (Pirie & Croom), 4 Balfour street
Crouch John, clerk inland revenue, 29 Bank street; res. 47
Magdalen green
Crow John Edward, commission agent, 13 William street
Crowe David, wine mer. (W. & S. Strong). 12 Dudhope place
Crowe David J. wine & spirit mer. (W. & S.Strong),6 Park place
Crowe Edward, blacksmith, 29 Dura street
Crowe William S. hair dresser & perfumer, 3 Seagate
Crowley Catherine (Mrs.), draper, 40 Hunter street
Crowley William, merchant & commission agent, 31 Murraygate
Cruickshank, Son & Co. fire loss assessors £k sur-
veyors, 7 Ward road; T N 1265; T A "Cruick-
shank. Dundee "
Cruickshank Bella (Miss), shopkeeper, 145 Hilltown
Cruickshank Geo. flax & waste merchant, 6 Park street ; T N 893
Cruickshank John, contractor (Guild & Cruickshank),Walton st
Cruickshank John, furniture broker, 106 Scouringburn
Cruickshank John, provision merchant, 94 King street
Cruickshank John, jun. fire loss assessor (Cruickshank, Son &
Co.), 7 Ward road
Crystal Jn. P. mer. (Rt. Baxter & Co.), Dalhousie cot. West Ferry
Cullen Peter, boot maker, 1 Forest Park road
Culross Alexander, tinsmith &c. 30 Small's wynd
Cu'ross Elizabeth (Miss), dress maker, 46 Dudhope Crescent road
Cumming & Moncur, solicitors, 1 Bank street
Cumming & Wallis (Misses), school, 31 South Tay street
Cumming Edward, confectioner. 262 Hawkhill
Cumming Geo. merchant, 1 RoyalExchange pi. ; res. 23 Shamrock st
Cumming Peter Larg, watch maker & jeweller. 99 Ann street
Cumming William, tea merchant, Reida bank, Hermitage rd.
Brougn f y Ferry
Cummings Brothers, chemists, 49 Reform street
Cunningham J. & J. Limited (Leith). artificial manure manu-
facturers & oil cake merchants, Maritime buildings, East Dock
street; TNU12; T A " Oilcake "
Cunningham James, bookseller, 1 Cowgate & 36 Murraygate
Cunningham James, manufacturer (Malcolm, Ogilvie & Co" Lim.),
1 Windmill park, St. Andrews
Cunningham Jame„s, who. news apent & bookseller, 203 Overgate
Cunningham William O. manufacturer (Malcolm, Ogilvie & Co.
Limited), Hillside house, Broughty Ferry
Cunnison Charles, pawnbroker, 174 Scouringburn
Cura John, fried fish dealer, 25 Overgate
Curr Mary (Mrs.), retail stationer, 141 Hilltown
Curr Night Refuge (James Combe, sec. ; George Rankine, super-
intendent), 3 West Bell street
Curr Robert, auctioneer & valuator, Ward rd. ; res. 5 Duff street
Currie James & Co. steam ship owners (David Alexander Sc Sons,
agents), 17 King street
Currie Walter Thomson (J.P. for counties of Perth, Forfar &
city of Dundee), solicitor & notary (Shiell & Small), & com-
missioner for affidavits in the Supreme Courts of lre:and, sec.
to the Dundee Corn Exchange, legal assessor to the Local
Marine Board & sec. to the Dundee & Newtyle Railway Co.
clerk to the Income Tax Commissioners, to the Heritors of
Dundee & to the Dundee Landward School Board, 5 Bank st. ;
res. Trynlaw, by Cupar-Fife
Cusiek Owen, furniture broker, 42 & 44 Alexander street
Cussick Bernard, Oddfellows P.H. 104 Victoria road
Custom House (T. E. Fielding, collector; James Phelan, sur-
veyor; W. Henry Hudson, chief clerk), Dock street
Customs Bond (No. 1) (Geo. Morton Lim.proprs.),24to31 Dock st
Customs Bond (No. 2) (James Isles, proprietor), Seagate
Customs Bond (No. 4) (James Watson & Co. Lim. proprs.),Seagt
Customs Bond (No. 5) (John Robertson & Son Limited, pro-
prietors), Seagate
Cuthbert Thomas & Son, coach builders, Ward road
Cuthbert Alexander, grocer & gen. dealer, 35 South rd. Lochee
Cuthbert Geo. coach bldr. (Thos. Cuthbert & Son), 13 Albany ter
Cuthbert George, spirit dealer, 16 Liff road, Lochee
Cuthbert James, grocer, 154 Hilltown
Cuthbert Jesse (Mrs.), furniture broker, 77 Scouringburn
Cuthbert John, boot maker, 20 St. Peter's street
Cuthbert William, coal dealer, Park wynd
Cuthbert William Pithie, grocer & spirit dlr. 70 Strathmartine rd
Cuthill David, dining rooms, 152 Ferry road
Cuthill David G. procer, 18 Dallfield walk
Cuthill John C. R. grocer & spirit dealer, 107 Lochee road
Cuthill William, clerk, 1 Norman view, Magdalen green
Cuthill William, spirit dealer, 56 Hilltown
Cutlers' Hall (George Stewart, proprietor), 68 Murravgate
Dailly Daniel, spirit dealer, 178 to 182 Hilltown
Dalgairns & Co. wine & spirit mers. 7 & 8 Shore terrace
Dalgety Brothers, horse dealers, 15 Park place
Dalgety Andrew, butcher, 23 Constitution road
Dalgetty Agne3 (Mrs.), laundry, 34 Charles street
Dalgleish Lizzie & Mary Ann (Misses), drapers, 7 Scouringburn
Dalgleish Sir William 0., J.P. merchant (Baxter Brothers &
Co. Limited), Errol park, Perthshire
Dallas Emily (Miss), news agent, 4a, King street
Dallas James, draper, 57 Cleghorn street
Dallas Jemima (Miss), grocer, 2 Kinloch street
Dalton Michael, chief clerk inland revenue, 31 Bank street;
res. Mackie house, West Newport
Daly Mary (Misa), furniture dealer, 11 Clark street
Dalziel Thomas, sculptor, 60 Logie 6treet
Dalziel William, manager, Roslyn viT.as, Clepington road
Dand John, shopkeeper, 310 Hawkhill
Dand William, plasterer, 18 Main street
Darcy Beasie (Miss), confectioner, 12 Scouringburn
Dargai William, householder, St. Mary's terrace
Dargie Alexander, blacksmith, 80 James street
Dargie Charles, tailor, 169 Princes street
David Fred, boot & shoe maker, 48 West port; res. 1 Baxter
Park terrace
David John, boot & shoe dealer, 74 Princes street
David Joseph, foreman printer, 3 Blackness avenue
David M. L. (Miss), teacher of music, 1 Baxter Park terrace
David Thomas, sec. of James Carmichael & Co. Limited; res.
20 West Albany terrace
Davids M. J. (Mrs.), artist. 132a, Nethergate
Davidson Elizh. & Margt. (Misses), confectioners. 306 Hawkhill
Davidson & Gray, chemista & druggists, 128a. Nethergate
Davidson & Son, heating engineers & blacksmiths, 22&24Ward rd
Davidson & Co. boot & shoe dealers, 102 Overgate
Davidson Andrew, joiner, 3 Flights lane, Lochee
Davidson Ann (Mr6.), grocer, 35 Gellatly etreet
Davidson Annie(Mies), professor & teacher of guitar. 9 SouthTay st
Davidson David, instructor Dundee public gymr.ns ; um, Ward rd
Davidson David, painter & house decorator, 120 Lochee road
Davidson Fred, householder, St. Mary's terrace
Davidson Hans, grower, 191 Blackness road
Davidson Isabella (Miss), dress maker, 13 Albert square
Davidson James, grocer & spirit dealer, 212 Lochee road
Davidson James, painter, 83 Peddie street
Davidson JameB David, grocer, 51 Princes street
Davidson Jn. (Mrs."), hot water engnr. (Davideon & Son),lCi'y rd
Davidson Robert, grocer & spirit dealer, 141 Lochee road
Davidson Thomas M.A., B.Sc. master Dundee Orphan Institu-
tion, Ferry road
Davidson William, India rubber merchant, 6 Reform street;
res. 4 Hill terrace, Wormit
Davidson William, plumber & ironmonger, 36 Folnpark road
Davie Peter & Alex, painters & decorators, 44 & 46 Victoria rd
Davie Andrew F.Sc. London, artificial teeth ma.3Sth. Lindsay st
Davie Andrew, shopkeeper, 30 Wilkie's lane
Davie Christina (Mrs.), shopkeeper. Lift: road, Lochee
Davie Margaret (Mrs.), confectioner, 54 Strathmartine road
Davie Mary (Mrs.), confectioner. 21 Caldrum street
Davies Michael, boot maker, 1 King's road
Davis Bridget (Mrs.), milk seller. 65 Scouringburn
Davis Robert, tailor & clothier. 2 Wellgate
Dawson Bros. & Co. varn & cloth merchants, 2 Baltic buildings;
T N 748; T A " Cotton. Dundee '>
Dawson Wm. & Jn. grocers & spirit dealers, 112 Victoria road
Dawson Alfred Joseph, manufacturer of cycles & electrical
fittings. Esyi'anade west
Dawson David, head master Tay Street school; res. 16 Straw-
berry bank . , m „ „„
Dawson David Russell, merchant, 30 Meadowside; TN 50;
T A "Dawson. Dundee"; res. Ingleside. Craigie
Dawson John, manufacturers' agent, 11 Crichton street; ree.
2 Airlie terrace
Dawson Jnhn, spirit dealer. 27 Rose street
Dawson Mary (Mrs.), confectioner. 6 Dudhope Crescent roai
Dawson Thomas, china & rlns** dealer. 45 Arbroath road
Dear Richard, tobacconist, 1G Gellatly street

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