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Batchelor John J. coppersmith & tinplate worker, Victoria dock ;
res. Wormit
Batchelor Robert, potato merchant, 42 & 58 Blackness road
IBates Jas. com. agt. 1 Commercial st. ; res. 11 Hermon hill
Bates Jane (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 17 Hunter street
Bathie Adelaide (Miss), fruiterer, 51 Main street
Bathie Eliza (Miss), retail stationer, 5S Hilltown
Bathie John M. spirit dealer, 29 West Dock street
Bathie William, dairyman, 6 Shepherd's loan
Battersby Susan (Mrs.), fancy goods air. 53 Nth. Welling ton rd
Battes James, grocer & spirit dealer, 195 Lochee road
Battes Robert, grocer & spirit dealer, 118 Mid street, Lochee
Bavarian Lloyd Marine Insurance Co. Limited (Mori son, Pollexfen
& Blair, agents), 84 Commercial street
Barter Brothers & Co. Limited, merchants, flax spinners & power
loom linen & sail cloth manufacturers, 7 King street & Dens
works, Princes street; T N 212; TA" Baxter, Dundee "
Baxter C. R. & Co. Ltd. wine & spirit merchants, 34 Candle la. ;
TN 77; TA "Barleybree, Dundee"
Baxter D. W. & Son, hearthrug & carpet manufacturers. Ver-
dant works, Miln street: T A "Temple"; Nat. T N 943
Baxter R. & S. mica merchants, 31 Murraygate
Baxter Richard L. & Co. merchants, 31 Murraygate; T N 31 ;
TA" Farina, Dundee;" pay day, tuesday
Baxter Robert & Co. merchants, manufacturers & rope & twine
makers, 64 & 66 Bell street; works, Fairmuir
Baxter W. & A. solicitors & notaries, 81 Murraygate
Baxter & Co. merchants & commission agents, 1 Baltic buildings;
pay day, tuesday; T N 386; TA" Baltic, Dundee "
Baxter Allan, solicitor & notary public & vice & deputy consul
for the United States, 31 Murraygate & Oaklea, Barnhill,
Broughty Ferry
Baxter Ann (Miss), fruiterer & greengrocer, 22 High st. Lochee
Baxter Charles R. wine & spirit merchant, Horse wynd; T N
77; T A " Barleybree, Dundee "
Baxter David W. manufacturer (D. W. Baxter & Son), Wormit
Baxter David William, architect (Johnston & Baxter), Sidlaw
view, Downfield
Baxter Edward A., J. P. merchant (Baxter & Co.)., Kincaldrum,
by Forfar
Baxter George S., A.M.I.C.E. engineer & manager to Dundee
Water Commissioners, 93 Commercial street; res. Abbotsford
cottage, Forfar road
Baxter" George W. manufacturer (Baxter Bros. & Co. Limited),
Ashcliff, Perth road
Baxter Horatio T. solicitor & notary, 87 Commercial street;
Tel. No. 1105; res. Downiemount, Tayport
Baxter James (Mrs.), confectioner, 52 Hawkhill
Baxter James A. assistant supt. Cattle market, East Dock st. ;
rea. 3 Market street
Baxter James Chalmers, cycle manufacturer & agent, 96 Nether-
gate; res. Floralbank, Wormit
Baxter James E. manager, 24 Step row, Perth road
Baxter James S. manufacturer (D. W. Baxter & Son), Seton
cottage, Stannergate
Baxter Jane (Mrs.), pawnbroker & draper, 126 & 128 Victoria rd
Baxter John, clothier, 74 High street, Lochee
Baxter John B. butcher, 143 Hilltown
Baxter John S. spirit dealer, 15 South road, Lochee
Baxter Richard L.mer.(Rd. L. Baxter & Co.), Craigruagh,Tayprt
Baxter Robert, sausage maker, 39 Overgate
Baxter Stphn.L. mer. (Richd. L. Baxter & Co.), Brae side,Nwprft
Baxter Walter, solicitor & notary, hon. sec. to Dundee Liberal
Association & sec. & treas. to the Faculty of Procurators &
Solicitors, 31 Murraygate; res. Albertford villa, Maryfield
Baxter William (Mrs.), spirit dealer, 79-81 South road, Lochee
Bayne Jane (Mrs.), laundry, 5 St. Peter's lane, Perth road
Bayne William, house agent & joiner, 11£ Ann street; office, 51
High street; res. 1194 Hilltown
Beat John & Peter, herb beer makers, Bellfield street
Beat Charles, fishmonger, 62 Scouringburn
Beat Charles, fried fish dealer, 42 Hawkhill
Beath & Kcay, engineers, millwrights & iron
"founders, supply castings of beams, columns,
steam & water pipes, grooved rope pulleys &
drums ; loam & dry sand & all general cast-
ings, Albion foundry, Hill street
Beats Alexander & Son, slaters, 52 North Lindsay street
Eeatson William, butter merchant, 29 Hunter street
Beattie William & Co. brush makers, 52 & 54 Barrack street
Beattie Jas. confectioner, 27 Cowgate ; 96 Dura st. & 45 Victoria rd
Beattie Peter, confectioner, 71 Overgate & Dock street
Beattie Robert, confectioner, 49 Dock street
Beedie John, wood turner & bobbin manufacturer, Gowan's
court, 21 North Tay street
Begg Helen (Miss), dairv, 121 Albert street
Begg William, dairy, 38 Hill street
Begg William, grocer & spirit dealer, 109 Perth road
Beharie Alexander, tobacconist, 53 Dock street
Belford James Gibson, mer. (Chas. Norrie & Sons),Tayslde,Wrmt
Belgium Vice-Consulate (B.L.Nairn, vice-consul), 33Commercial st
Bell Alexander & Co. food specialists & tea merchants, 33 Ex-
change street; res. The Cottage, Barnhill, Broughty Ferry
Bell & Henderson, solicitors & notaries public, 10 Whitehall street
Bell, Rannie & Co. wine merchants (Leith) (George C. Keiller,
agent), 44 Reform street
Bell & Sime Limited, timber merchants & im-
porters of american & baltic timber, & saw,
planing & moulding mills, Dundee saw mills,
Marine parade ; T N 55 ; TA" Belsim, Dundee"
Bell Thomas & Sons of Dundee Limited, flax & jute spinners &
manufacturers & export merchants, Belmont works & Heath-
field works, Hawkhill; T N 807 & 835; TA" Belmont, Dun-
dee ; " & 4 Milk Street buildings, London
Bell William & Son, tailors & clothiers, 10 High street; res.
Waverley cottage, Wormit
Bell Alexander H. merchant, 12 Panmure street
Bell Archibald, solicitor & notary public, 3 Seagate; re3. 13
Shamrock street
Bell Charles C. tea merchant, 22 St. Andrew's street; res. 9
Renny place, West Ferry
Bell David, joiner & undertaker, 51 Ann street
Bell David S. cycle agent, 147 High street, Lochee
Bell George, baker, 16 Hunter street
Bell George, pawnbroker, 74 & 78 Cowgate
Bell James, tailor, 100 Hawkhill
Bell James Harriott, merchant (Thomas Bell & Sons of Dundee
Limited), Belmont house, Perth road; T N 865
Bell James M. sack & bag manufacturer, 2 India buildings ;
res. Marshill, Wormit
Bell Jessie (Miss), tobacconist, 113 Princes street
Bell John, dairyman, 21 Clcghorn street
Bell John William, merchant (Thomas Bell* & Sons of Dundee
Limited), Belmont house, Perth road; 1 N 865
Bell Lizzie (Miss), shopkeeper, 45 Larch street
Bell Mary (Mrs.), confectioner, 256 Perth road
Bell Robert, joiner, 32 Benvie road
Bell Robert, timber merchant (Bell & Sime Limited), Pins
mount, Norwood crescent
Bell T. Norman Jarvis (Thomas Bell & Sons, of Dundee, Lira.),
Hjzelwood, West Ferry; TN 18 Broughty Ferry
Bell" Thomas, merchant (Thomas Bell & Sons of Dundee Limited),
Hazlewood, West Ferry; TN 18 Broughty Ferry
Eell Wm. horse dlr. 82 James st. & greengrocer, 19 Nth. George st
Bell William, superintendent Prudential Assurance Co. Limited,
31 Albert square; res. Ardmore, Erskine terrace
Bell William Arthur, solicitor (Bell & Henderson), Osborne villa,
Magdalen green
Bendrich Grace (Miss), draper, 110 Rosebank street
Benedetti Joseph, fried fish dealer, 6 Scouringburn
Bennet David & Sons, cartwrights, joiners & blacksmiths, 20
East Henderson's wynd
Bennet David, cartwright, 36 Bell street
Bennet William, builder, 41 Reform street
Bennett Thomas, boot & shoe depot, 101 Overgate
Berg;, Sons & Co. Limited, merchants, 4 Pan-
mure st. ; T N 288 ; T A " Dundonian, Dundee"
Berlitz School of Languages Limited, 65 Commercial street
Berry George A. provision merchant, 15 West Dock street
Berry James, produce merchant, 9 Commercial street; TN 48;
T A " Berry, Dundee " ; res. Woodlands, Newport
Bertie James, manager, 12 Perth road
Bertie William, head master Balfour Street Public school, 11
Springfield, Perth road
Bett Thomas & Co. flax merchants, 30 Meadowside ; TN 519;
T A " Bettco, Dundee "
Bett s- Helen (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 52 Hilltown
Beveridge David & Son, stone & marble masons & sculptors, 64
Barrack street
Beveridge Elsie (Mrs.), tobacconist, 30 Ferry road
Beveridge George, sanitary inspector, 90 Victoria road
Beveridge John, manager Dundee & District Carriage Co.; res.
25 Magdalen Yard road
Binnie Mary (Mrs.), clothes dealer, 6 Walton street
Bird John, boot maker, 83 Scouringburn
Bird Thomas, pianoforte warehouse, 34 Bell street
Birmingham Bridget (Miss), pawnbroker, 155 Hawkhill
Birnie Alex, photographic instruments ma. 4 South Lindsay sb
Birrell Alexander, householder, 7 Ward road
Birrell Andrew, boot & shoe ma. 107, 109, 111 & 113 Overgate
Birrell Andrew, confectioner, 100 Rosebank street
Birrell James, painter & decorator, 189 Princes street & 158
Strathmartine road
Birrell William, painter, 158 Strathmartine road
Biriell William, shopkeeper, 48 Charles street
Biree John, tailor. 254 Hawkhill
Bishop James, painter, 160 High street, Lochee; res. loSHigh st
Bisset Wm. & Son, saddlers, 57 Reform st. ;res. East Somerviile pi
Bisset Christopher J. solicitor & notary public (Watt, Bisset &,
Co.), 23 High street; res. 7 Windsor street
Bisset David, agent to the Great Northern & North-Eastern Rail-
ways, 15 South Union street; res. Broughty Ferry
Bisset Isabella (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 15 Annfield street
Bisset James, sheriff's officer, 51 High street & 66 Wellgate
Bisset John, merchant, 2 India buildings; res. Westerton, Wormit
Bisset John Neish, saddler (William Bisset & Son), 4 East
Somerviile place
Bisset Robert C. grocer & spirit dealer, 71 & 73 Princes street
Bisset William, saddler (William Bisset & Son), Ashbank, East
Somerviile place
Bisset William S. tailor, 179 & 181 Victoria road
Bissland John, boot maker, 15 Wolseley street
Black George, mill manager, Mount Pleasant, Hawkhill place
Black George, shopkeeper, 11 Constitution street
Black Helen (Mrs.), householder, 1 West Bell street
Black Hugh Fraser, produce merchant, 23 Murraygate ; res.
43 Cleghorn street
Black James, draper, 114 Princes street
Black James (Mrs.), greengrocer, 197 Hawkhill
Black James P. provision dealer, 94 Dudhope street
Black Richard, painter, 107 Logie street
Black William, grocer, 181 Strathmartine road
Black William, ironmonger &e. 40 Murraygate
Blackadder & Allan, architects, 41 Reform street
Blackadder Robert, civil engineer, 41 Reform street; res.Edrom,
Broughton Ferry-
Blackness Hall (Wm. Ramsay, hall keeper), 35 & 37 Blackness rd
Blackwood Alexander, working jeweller, 14 New Inn entry; res.
13 Union place, Perth road
Blackwood Andrew, second master, Hawkhill public schools
Blackwood George, teacher Harris Academy; res. 4 Bellefield av
Blackwood John, coal dealer, 46 Cotton road
Blackwood Robert, lithographer, 21 North Tay street & 225
Overgate ; res. Hermon Hill terrace
Blair Alex, dairy, 67 Hawkhill
Blair Alexander, grocer & spirit dealer, 174 & 176 Hawkhill
Blair James Reid, solicitor, 31 Albert sq. ; res. 21 Airlie place
Blair Susan (Mrs.), stationer & news agent, 121 Overgate
Blair William, furniture dealer, 176 Hilltown

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