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Anderson James, chemist &c. 93 High street & 60 & 62 Commer-
cial street; res. Craigbank, 10 Dudhope place
Anderson James, dairy, 52 Cotton road
Anderson James A. shipping agent, 29 Panmure street
Anderson James S. baker, 137 Hi 11 town
Anderson James Stewart, superintendent The Commercial Cable
Co. 37 Albert square; res. Lochty avenue, Carnoustie
Anderson Jane (Miss), confectioner, 81 Arbroath road
Anderson Jessie (Miss), confectioner, pastrycook & fruiterer,
36 & 38 Cleghorn street
Anderson James, cabinet maker, 9 Bellfield street
Anderson Jessie (Miss), fruiterer, 201 Hilltown
Anderson Jessie Barrie (Mrs.), stationer, & post off. 12 Ferry rd
Anderson John, hair dresser, 2S Hawkhill
Anderson John, joiner, 47 Rosebank street
Anderson John, toy & fancy goods dealer, 9 Albert etreet
Anderson John D. butcher, 42 Princes street
Anderson John N. slater. Mains road
Anderson Margaret (Mrs.), club mistress, Eastern club, Albert sq
Anderson Margaret (Miss), dairy, 31 Lillybank road
Anderson Margaret (Mrs.), furniture broker, 38 Hunter street
Anderson Mary (Mrs.), news agent, 121 Albert street
Anderson Mary (Miss), retail stationer, 128 Albert street
Anderson Matthew F., M.B., CM. surgeon, 161 Princes street
Anderson Morgan, hair dresser, 51 Cleghorn street
Anderson "William (Mrs.), warehouseman (William Anderson &
Co.), 17 Nelson street
Anderson Peter, baker & confectioner, 84 Nethergate & 32
North Lindsay street; T N 649 ; res. 15 Kilnburn place,
Anderson Robert J. coal dealer, 11 Annfield street
Anderson Ruth (Miss), ships' stores, 13 St. Andrew's street
Anderson William, boot maker, 51 King street
Anderson William, jun. boot & shoe maker, 143 Princes street
Anderson "William, builder, Esplanade; res. Scotia villa, New-
port, Fife
Anderson William, butcher, 16 Polepark road
Anderson William, joiner, 144 Albert street
Anderson William, manager, 11 Mary field terrace, Maryfield
Anderson William, marine store dealer, 8 & 10 Kidd street
Anderson William, sanitary goods merchant (W. Anderson & Son),
Scotia villa, West Newport
Anderson William, stock broker, 3 Royal Exchange place; res.
St. Helen's, Broughty Ferry
Anderson William, tinsmith, 116 Hilltown
Anderson William C. mill manager, 5 Park ter. Blackness road
Anderson William F. baker & confectioner, 89 Hawkhill
Anderson Wm. Francis, baker. 102 & 104 Scouringburn
Andrew James M. & Co. general drprs. 143, 145 & 147 Victoria rd
Andrews Alex, shopkeeper; '36 North G-eorge street
Anglo (The) American Telegraph Co. Limited (T. Hill Thomp-
son, clerk in charge), 1 Panmure street
Angus Chess & Whist Club (J. Lawrence, sec), 10 Shore terrace
Angus George & Co. Limited (Newcastle-on-
Tyne), leather belting:, rubber goods &
asbestos manufacturers, 35 Cowgate
Angus David S. watch maker, 59 High street, Lochee
Angus Elsie S. (Miss), fruiterer. 120 Albert street
Angus James, boat repairer, 9 Union place, Lochee
Annan David Y. consulting engineer, Stanley buildings. Lochee
Annan Robt. W. mill manager, Comperdown jute works ; res.
Heath cottage. Lochee
Annandale Dairy Co. (James Nicholson, man-
ager); creamery, 2 9 Tart's lane; branches: 163
Hawkhill: 36 Union street: 16 ^Barrack street: 2h Dndhope
Crescent road: 32 Polpark road: 39 Victoria road; 148 Princes
street; 115 Ann street; creamery, Lockerbie; head office, 29
Tait's lane
Annandale & Gregorv, produce merchants, 36 Commercial st. ;
TN 87
Annandale Kenneth, produce merchant (Annandale & Gregory),
36 Commercial street, Garry lodce
Anton George, spirit dealer, 4 & 6 Ferry road
Anton James, spirit dealer, 129 Perth nuad ; res. 10 Windsor ter-
race, P^rth road
Anton John, butchpr. 138a, Hawkhill: 42 Commercial street;
108 High street, Lochee; res. Gowrie street
Antrim Line of Steamers, Dundee to Belfast (weekly,
friday) (B. L. Nairn & Co. agents), 33 Commercial street
Appleby Mary (Miss), grocer, 84 Hilltown
Ardle Steam Ship Co. Limited (J. P. Bruce, manager), 6
Whitehall crest
Argentine Republic Consulate (Thomas Murdoch, consul), 39 St.
Andrew's street
Argyle Hall, 1 Overgate
Arkison & Greig, painters &â–  decorators, 103 Hawkhill
Arkison William, wholesale colour merchant, 50 West port
Armstrong Hannah (Mrs.), lodging house, 51 Overgate
Armstrong Helen (Mrs.), spirit dealer, 5 New Inn entry
Armstrong Robert, licensed broker, 14S Overgate
Arrow Line Steam Ship Co. (Dundee to New York) (William
Kinnear & Co. agents), 18 Commercial street
Arthur & Co. Limited, warehousemen (Robert M. Rorke, repre-
sentative), 9 Euclid street
Arthur James, eupt. of cleansing department, East Dock street
Arthur Robert, lessee & manager, Her Majesty's theatre, Seagate
Arthur William F. manager, 25 Janefield place, Maryfield
Asher James, retail ironmonger, 71 Hilltown
Ashton James, joiner, 98 Albert street
Associated Shipbuilders' Society (John Williams, sec). Candle la
Atkin Charles F. manager Yost Typewriter Co. Limited, 21 Pan-
mure street. 1 Hill view, Wormit
Atkinson John, fruiterer, 57 Overgate
Austen Jane, optician (John Austen). Perth road
Austen John, optician, 15 Nethergate
Baildon H. Bellyse M.A., P.L.D7 &c lecturer in English lan-
guage &c. University college; res. Elsinore, Blackness road
Bailey Janet (Mrs.), retail stationer. 65 Princes street
Baillie Mary (Miss), confectioner, 32 Arbroath road
Bain David, cabinet maker, 42 Dura St.; res. 37 Baldoran tef
Bain David B., M.D. surgeon, 3 Airlie place
Bain Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 59a, Lochee road
Bain William, tailor, 133 "Victoria road
Baird Catherine (Mrs.), fancy draper, 1G Millers wynd
Baird Charles, boot & shoe repairer, 32 James street
Baird Jessie (Mrs.), draper, 177 Hilltown
Baird John M. butcher, 233 Hawkhill
Baird Peter, travelling draper, 41 Reform street
Baird Peter F. grocer & spirit dealer, 150 Scouringburn
Baird Richard, house factor, 94 Scouringburn
Baker Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 26 Hawkhill
Baker W. H. teacher of music, Roseangle cot. Magdalen Yd. rd
Bakers' Operative Union (Kilgour, McCrae & Strachan, sec), 11
Murray gate
Balbirnie Davidson, coal dealer, Small's wynd, Hawkhill
Bald John & Son, linen warehouse, 1 High street; res. Cairney-
mount. West Ferry
Balena FinhiDg Co. Limited, ship owners (John M. Mitchell,
manager), 39 Dock street
Balfour David, grocer & spirit dealer, 125 & 127 Hawkhfll ; res*.
1 Briarwood terrace
Balfour Murdoch (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 138 Princes street
Balfour Robert H. clerk, 3 Balgay avenue, Blackness road
Balgay Bowling Club (James Watt, sec), 6 Rosewood terrace-
Ballantine Isabella (Mrs.), spirit dealer, 34 Dens road
Ballingall & Son Lim. brewers, maltsters & hop merchants. Park
& Pleasance breweries, Lochee rd. : office, 6 Ash st. ; T N 877
Ballingall Huch J.P.brewer (Ballingall & Son Lim.),3Douglas ter
Ballingall William B. spirit dealer, 55 Dock street
Balls, Son & Co. Limited, manufacturing furriers, 3 Meadow
entrv, Murraygate
Band '& Whyte, merchants, 23 Panmure street; T N 295; T A
" Contract, Dundee "
Band David, merchant (Band & Whyte), Balgay terrace, Lochee
Bank of New Zealand (branch) (J. & J. Ogilvie, deposit agents),,
12 Meadowside
Bank of Scotland (branch) (William George Leggat, agent; Jas.
Suttie, accountant), 34 Reform street; (branch) (Donald Mac-
kenzie, agent), 1 Victoria street; draw on London office, 19
Bishopsgate street within EC; Coutts & Co. & Bank of
Banks Alex, manager, Casselea, Blackness road
Banks Nellie (Miss), shopkeeper, 95 Perth road
Bannerman David, city chamberlain, Council chambers, High
6treet; res. 1 Craigiebank terrace
Bannerman Jessie (Miss), dress maker, 36 Dudhope Crescent roa<5
Barber Robert, clothes broker, 162 Overgate
Barbour Alexander, dairyman, 233£ Hilltown
Barclay Andrew, baker & pastrycook, 152 Princes street
Barclay Grant, managing director ship yard (Caledon Ship-
building & Engineering Co. Lim.), Netherlea, West Ferry
Barclay James, draper, 9 Bain square
Barclay Mary (Mrs.), fruiterer, 45 Wellgate
Barclay William, landscape artist, 74 Commercial street
Barlow John, confectioner, 94 Rosebank street
Barnagore Jute Mills Co. Lim. (Calcutta) (Robert S. Thorns,
agent). 2 India buildings
Barnes James, news agent & tobacconist, 128 & 234 Hilltown
Barnett James W. joiner, 7 Union st. ; res. 2 Malcolm street
Barr Nicholas, boot repairer, 44 Hawkhill
Barrett Edward, tailor, 3Ga, Caldrum street
Barrie Charles & Son, ship owners & brokers, 49 Meadowside;
T N 507; T A " Charles, Dundee "
Barrie G. & P. manufacturers of aerated water
& non-intoxicating bitter beer, stout & unfer-
mented wines & cordials, 151 & 153 Albert
street ; T N 389 ; & at Maxwell road, Glasgow
Barrie Joseph J. & Co. merchants & commission agents, 10 Pan-
mure street; T N 286; T A " Barrie, Dundee "
Barrie Alex. R. keeper of Eastern Necropolis, Arbroath road
Barrie Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 28 Fleuchar street
Barrie Charles, ship owner (Charles Barrie & Son), Airlie
park, West Ferry
Barrie Charles Coupar, ship owner (Charles Barrie & Son), Airlie
park, West Ferry
Barrie David, carting contractor, 3 Exchange st ; res. 33 Dock st
Barrie Eliza (Miss), draper, 195 Hilltown
Barrie Elizabeth (Mrs.), draper, 193 Hilltown
Barrie Geo. aerated water manufr. (G. & P. Barrie), 151 Albert st
Barrie John (Mrs.), baby linen warehouse, 264 Perth road
Bnrrie John Penman, hatter & hosier, 41 & 43 Wellgate; res.
25 Lintrathen gardens, West Clepington road
Barrie Margaret (Miss), confectioner, 89 Hilltown
Barrie Peter aerated water manufacturer (G. & P. Barrie),
Dunlnin, Shamrock street
Barrie Thomas, householder, Myrtle cottage, West Clepington rd
Barrie William, hosier, 41 Overgate
Barron James, tailor, 20 Cowgate
Barron John, clerk, 12 Balgay avenue, Blackness road
Barron Peter C. land steward to Messrs. Lindsay, Howe & Co.
2 Park terrace. Blackness road
Barrowman John, manager Scottish Co-operative Wholesale
Society, Trades la. ; res. Balrennie cottage. Broughty Ferry
Barry Arthur, timber merchant (Fleming & Barry Limited), 4
Hawkhill place
Barry James, baker, 70 & 72 King street
Barry James, confectioner, 54 Lilybank road
Bartholomew John, solicitor, 12 Bank st. ; res. 6 Melville ter
Bartlet James Lindsay C. res. sec Caledonian Insurance Co.'
35 Albert square; res. 3 Rosewood terrace
Batchelor Charles & Co. iron, steel & metal merchants, 5 Royal
Exchange court; T N 575; T A "Batchelor, iron merchant,
Dundee "
Batchelor D. M. & G. farmers. Craigie Home farm, Ferry road
Batchelor Alexander, painter, 6 Arthurstone ter. Albert street
Batchelor Alexander, solicitor (D. Duncan & Son); res. Dun-
glass, Broughty Ferry
Batchelor Charles, iron & steel merchant (Charles Batchelor &
Co.), Craicrmount, Strathmartin
Batchelor Henrietta (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 14 Lower Pleasance
Batchelor Isabella (Mrs.), news agent, 12 Dura Etreet

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