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Early closing day, Wednesday.
Abbot Elizabeth (Miss), dress maker, 19 Cowgate
Abbot James, photographer, 57 Constitution road
Abbott Margaret (Mrs.), shopkeeper, DO Dudhope street
Abel James, shopkeeper, 23 Lower Pleasance
Aberdeen Heritable Securities & Investment
Co. Limited (Stevenson & Johnston, agents), 4 6
Reform street
Aberdeen David, grocer & spirit dealer, 105 Murraygate
Aberdeenshire Meat Co. butchers, 20 Wellgate
Aberdein David, grocer & spirit dealer, 65 Murraygate; res.
90a, Victoria road
Aberdein Robert, spirit dealer, 34 King street
Adam John & Sons, plasterers, 15 Park lane
Adam David, plasterer (John Adam & Sons), Park lane; res.
8 Park place
Adam G-eorge, bank messenger, 87 Commercial street
Adam Isabella (Mrs.), retail stationer, 68£ Strathmartine road
Adam James, blacksmith, 6 Hawkhill
Adam John, manufacturer (Halket & Adam), Magdalen place
Adam Joseph, boot & shoe maker, 28 Victoria street
Adam Mary (Mrs.), furniture broker & dealer, 39 Nelson street
Adam Robert, blacksmith, 31 Overgate
Adam William, dairyman, 93 Ancrum road, Lochee
Adam Wm. plasterer (Jn. Adam & Sons); res. 10 Shepherd's loan
Adams Henry & Sons, hosiers & glovers, 5 High street
Adams J. D. & Co. clothiers & men's mercers, 42 Reform street
Adams George R. hosier (Henry Adams & Sons), Bockville, Car-
noustie & 6 Richmond terrace
Adams Isabella (Miss), draper, 158 Albert street
Adams James, grocer & spirit dealer, 9 Constitution street
Adams James 0. manager Dundee Calendering Co. Limited, 48
St. Andrew street; res. Drumclog, Wormit
Adams John, contractor, 18 Small's wynd
Adams Thomas, ironmonger, 205 Overgate
Adams William, news agent, 82 Lochee road
Adams William, spirit dealer, 8 Bell street
Adamson Alexander & Co. umbrella & waterproof warehouse,
36 Whitehall street
Adamson James & Tom, teachers of music, 132a, Nethergate
Adamson 11. B. & Co. wholesale tea dealers, 30 Dock street;
res. 14 Victoria chambers
Adamson Alexander, umbrella maker (Alexander Adamson &
Co.), Broomknowe, Wormifc
Adamson Ann (Mrs.), grocer & spirit dlr. 85 & 87 High st. Lochee
Adamson Catherine (Mrs.), draper, 43 Victoria street
Adamson Charles, sculptor, 65 Nethergate
Adamson James W. merchant (Don Brothers, Buist & Co.), Broom-
field house, Forfar
Adamson James W. G-. engineer, 73 Victoria road
Adamson James, teacher of music, 132a, Nethergate
Adamson John, teacher of music, 7 Ward road
Adamson Robert, boot repairer, 4 Harriet street
Adamson Robert Webster, householder, 75 Albert street
Adamson William, bellhanger & wireworker, 49 Nethergate
Adamson William, hair dresser, 147 Victoria road
Adria Pteam Ship Co. Limited (Glasgow) (William Kinnear &
Co. agents), 18 Commercial street
Agnew Alexander, solicitor & notary public, Procurator Fiscal for
the Dundee. District of Forfarshire, Court House buildings, West
Bell street ; res. Balwherrie, West Ferry
Aimer Bathina (Miss), dining rooms, 147 Ann street
Aimer George C. joiner & cabinet maker, 31 Nethergate
Aimer James, coffee & spice merchant & coffee essence manu-
facturer, 64 & 66 Cowgate; res. Tugela villa, Fairmuir
Air David & Co. merchants, 5 King street; TA " Violet,
Dundee "
Air David, merchant (David Air & Co.), Cedarlea, Broughty Ferry
Airlie Hall, 11 Peter street
Airth Margaret (Miss), milk seller, 85 Victoria road
Aitcheson & Co. music & musical instrument dlrs. 193 Overgate
Aitken Brothers, ironmongers, 135 High street, Lochee
Ait-ken Alex, grocer & spirit dealer, 68 & 70 Blackscroft; res.
74 Ward road
Aitken Henry, confectioner, 10 Overgate
Aitken Jas. grocer & spirit dealer, 53 Perth rd. ; res. 21 Perth rd
Aitken Jane (Mrs.), milliner, 16 South road, Lochee
Aitken John, examining officer. 92 Victoria road
Aitken John, ironmonger, 17 Union street ; res. Wormit
Aitken Thoma3 D. governor, West Poorhouse, Blackness road
Aitken William, police inspector. 28 Taits lane
Albany Shipping Co. Limited (David Scott & Son, managers),
62 Seagate
Albert Institute, Free Libraries, Museums & Fine Art Galleries
(John Maclauchlan, sec), Albert square
Alexander David & Sons, yarn merchants & shipping agents, 17
King street; res. St. Phillan's, Newport
Alexander H. & W. french polishers, 4 Charles street
Alexander Henry & William, french polishers, 4 & 6 Charles st
Alexander James & Sons, braes founders, plumbers &c. 31 Over-
gate & 14 Bank street
Alexander Jn. & Son, boot mas. 49 Commercial st. Maxwelltown
Alexander & Thomson, slaters, 25 Brown street
Alexander Catherine (Miss), fruiterer, 118 Victoria road
Alexander George, dairyman, 12 Carmichael street
Alexander George, tinsmith, 98 Dura street
Alexander Helen (Miss), shopkeeper, 24 Pitfour stree:
Alexander James, dairyman, 34 Forfar road, Mary field
Alexander John, brass founder (James Alexander & Sons) ; res,
6 Whitehall crescent
Alexander Maggie (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 207$ Hilltown
Alexander William, city architect & valuator, 32 Bank street;.
T N 715 ; res. 4 Albany terrace
Alexander William, manager, Viewbank ter. Clepington road
Alison George Lloyd & Son, wine merchants, 14 Panmure st
Alison Mary (Mrs.), seaman's outfitter, 59 Trades lane
Allan James & Alexander, Allan & State lines royal mail steamers
(Robert Ferguson, agent), 4 India buildings; T N 38
Allan James & Son Lim. boot & shoe makers, 33 Reform street
Allan Joseph & Sons, coal & potato merchants, 60 Foundry lane
& 15 Baltic street
Allan Catherine (Mrs.), hardware dealer, 13 Milnbank road
Allan David L. architect (Blackadder & Allen) ; res.lOAirlie pi
Allan David M. grocer & spirit dealer, 47 Reform street; res.
1 Aberlimnw terrace
Allan David M. hair dresser, 54 & 56 Reform street
Allan James, draper, 80 & 82 Albert street
Allan James, monumental mason, 118 Mid street, Lochee
Allan Jessie (Mrs.), spirit dealer, 177a, Hilltown
Allan John, news agent, 81 Milnbank road
Allan John, tobacconist & picture framer, 60 Dudhope Crescent rd
Allan John K. hair dresser, 54 Reform street ; res. 10 Airlie ter
Allan John R. coal dealer, 4 Crescent lane
Allan Joseph, coal & wood merchant, 111 Blackscroft
Allan Robert F. hair drssr.77Commercial st. ; res. 90 Victoria rd
Allan Robert M. coal merchant, 29 Dura street
Allan William, sec. Dundee & District Coal Supply Association
Limited, 13 South Union street; res. 80 Marine pi. Hawkhill
Allan William D. dress & mantle trimming seller, 90 Nether-
gate; res. 1 Rustic place
Allardice A. & A. furniture dealers, 128 Seagate
Allardyce Charles, surgical instrument maker, 91 Nethergate
Allday Henry George, mantle wareho. 34, 35 & 36 High street
Allen, Mill & Co. merchants & sack & bag manufacturers, 2
Meadow Place buildings ; pay day, tuesday ; T N 1002 ; T A
" Linen, Dundee "
Allen Charles B. mer. (Allen. Mill & Co.), Woodleigh.Ea.Newprt
Alliance AssuranceCo.(Band & Whyte, dist. agts.),23 Panmure st
Alliance Jute Mills Co. Lim. (Robert S. Thorns, agent), 2
India buildings
Alliance Marine & General Assurance Co. Limited (London)
("David Bruce & Co. agents), 31 Albert square
Alliance (The) Trust Co. Limited (William Mackenzie, sec), 13
Panmure street; T [N 271; TA" Mackenzie, Dundee "
Allison Jas. & Sons, rope & sail mas. ship chandlers &cA7 Dock st
Allison James, sail maker (J. Allison & Sons), West Newport.
Allison James, solicitor & notary, 31 Albert square; res, 11
Kilnburn place. West Newport
AlloaCoalCo. Lim. (Alloa), coal masters(P.S.Nicoll,agt.).65 Trades la
Allsopp S. & Sons Lim. brewers (William Swan, dist. agent)
(Bnrtnn-on-Trent) ; offices & stores, Caledonian Railway sta-
tion, Teaman shore
American Art Co. (Otto Glasel, manager). 84 Commercial street
American (U. S.) Consulate (John C. Higgins, consul; Allan
Baxter, vice & deputy conpul), 31 Murraygate
American Trust Companies Limited (1st, 2nd & 3rd; (Adam
Hunter, sec), 13 Albert square
American Writing Machine Co. (New Century typewriter), 41
Reform street; TN 1294
Ames William, wardrobe dealer, 34 James street
Ancient Masons' Hall, 79 High street
Anderson D. & Sons, watch & clock makers, 272 Hilltown, Dun-
dee ot Blairgowrie, Perthshire
Anderson, Gardner, Hepburn & Co. solicitors, 10 Meadowside
Anderson & Glass, jute spinners & manufacturers, 14 Victoria
road ; Ladybank mill, Mid street & Wellington street
Anderson M. L. & M. (The Misses), teachers of dancing, 7G
High street
Anderson Peter & Sons, sanitary plumbers, tinsmiths & gas-
fitters. 9 & 11 James street
Anderson & Sons, mineral water manufacturers, 11 Annfield sfc
Anderson & Wilkie. joiners, 20 Forebank road
Anderson William & Co. warehousemen, 10 Reform street
Anderson William & Son, sanifcarv ware & fire clay goods mer-
chants; depot. Esplanade; TN 138; TA " Sanitary, Dundee "
Anderson Alexander Black, chemist & druggist, 38 & 201 Princes
street ; 121 Blackscroft & 10 Ferry road ; res. 3 Lome terrace
Anderson Alfred W. sec of Urquhart, Lindsay & Co. Limited;
res. 17 Briarwood terrace
Anderson David, baker, 30 Princes street
Anderson David, draper, 122 High street, Lochee
Anderson David Heggie, spirit dlr. 6 Gellatly st. ; res. Lochee rd
Anderson David L. engraver. 10 Whitehall street
Anderson David Swan, commercial traveller, 23 William street
Anderson Capt. F. W. Abbot (Manchester Regt.), adiutant 3rd
(City of Dundee) V.B. Black Watch Royal Highlanders, Drill
hall. West Bell street; res. 2 Windsor street
Anderson George, grocer & spirit dealer, 45 Constitution road
Anderson Isabella(Mrs.), grocer & spirit dealer,58 High st.Lochep
Anderson J. L. officer inland revenue, 29 Bank street; res. 74
Commercial street
Anderson James, joiner, 9 Bellfield lane

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