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Hynd Mrs. Clifton bank, Collier street
Imper Albert, Alexandra ter. Carlogie rd
Irvine Miss, 1 Douglas place
Jackson Mrs. 3 Carlogie terrace
Jobberns Rev. Joseph Brewer M.A. (Epis-
copal), The Parsonage, Maule street
Justice Miss, Ivybank cottage, Philip tit
Kidd Alex. E. High street
Kidd Mrs. Allen bank, Terrace road
Khmear Wm. Beechwood cott. Brae Foot
Kirkpatrick Mrs. McKenzie street
Kydd Miss, Philip street
Kydd Miss, Rosemore cottage, Ireland
Laird John, The Birches, Carlogie road
Lawson James, Bourtree bank, Church st
Lees Mrs. 6 Carlogie terrace
Lindsay James, Garfield place
Lindsay Mrs. Mary, Paris hill, Terrace rd
Littlejohn Thomas, 4 Douglas place
Low Misses, Seafield cottage, Carlogie rd
Lowson John, Mayfield house, Guthrie efc
Lumsden Miss, Dundee street
Lyali' Mrs. Dalhousie street
McAllister Miss, McKenzie street
Macbeth David, Dalhousie street
McConechy Alex. Hazel bank, McKenzie st
McCorquodale Alexander Croal, Bank of
Scotland house, High street
M'Corquodale David A., J.P. Bank of Scot-
land house
EMacgregor William, Carsbreck, Carlogie rd.
Mackenzie John, Newton Lea, Ireland st
Mackintosh James, Lochty street
McNab Mrs. Camus street
Macpherson Rev. Ebenezer Brown H., M.A
United Free Church manse, Church st
M'Ritchie Alexander, Almond Bank house,
Ireland street
Martin Edward, Hawthorn cot. Carlogie rd
Marshall James S. Bumside, Dalhousie st
Mather son Alexander J.P. Alexandra villas
Matthewsou Miss, Guthrie street
Melville John, Burn knowe, Dalhousie st
Melville Miss, Collier street
Mill Miss, Lochty terrace
Morgan David, Douglaslea,Dalhousie street
Morgan James, Clifton .grange, Maule st
Morison John P. North of Scotland Bank ho
Morris Alex. Balfour place
Morton James, Retreat cottage, The Links
Morton Mrs. Green lane
Mudie Henry P. Astley Lea, Green lane
Mudie James, Glenesk villa, Dalhousie st
Ness Mrs. Ellerslee, Collier street
Nicol James, Dalhousie street
Nicol Mrs. Heath park, Maule street
Nicoll William, Carlogie street
Nicoll William J.P. Dundee street
Ogilvy Misses, Dormerly, Lochty street
Orr Mrs. Fernlea, Maule street
Paton David M.D. Villa Rosa, Philip street
Paton David, 1 Sycamore vils. Ireland st
Patrick Rev. James (Original Secession
Church), The Manse, Dundee street
Peebles David, Dalhousie street
Philip Rev. James, United Free Church
manse, Terrace road
Rae Archibald F. Stanstead villa, South
Kinloch street
Rae James, jun. Panmure pi. Kinloch st
Ramsay David J.P. Dunachton, Guthrie st
Rankin James, Richmond, Guthrie street
Reid James, Eden cottage, Church street
Reid Mrs. Queen street
Reid Mrs. Lochty street
[Ritchie David, Corrydon, Carlogie road
Ritchie David Alex. Beechwood house
Robertson Mrs. Thistle bank, Dalhousie et
Scott Mrs. Balrona, Carlogie road
Scroggie David J.P. Glenconner,Carlogie rd
Scroggie Edward, Elm bank, Camus street
Seller Robert, Panmuir bank. High street
Shield Mrs. C. Panmure bank, Church st
Simpson Alex. Fern bank, Collier street
Simpson George, Balbrogie, Dalhousie st
Small Miss, Laurel bank, Collier street
Smibert Thomas, Tullavin, Dalhousie st
Smith Mrs. 6 Salisbury ter. Dundee street
Smith Mrs. Jas.l Erdingtnn vils. Dundee st
Soutar William F..J.P. Annfield ho.Maule st
Stevenson George, Hope bank, Carlogie rd
Stewart James, Bellevue, Carlogie road
Stewart Miss, Dunallan, Carlogie road
Stewart William. Janefield cottage
Stewart William Philip, Thistle bank, Dal-
housie street
Storrie Peter C. Yewfield house, Carlosie rd
Sutherland Wm. P. Lochty bank. High st
Tait Miss, 2 Ina bank, Dundee street
Taylor David, May bank, Dalhousie street
Taylor Robert, Carlogie house
Taylor William, Newlands, Carlos-ie road
Thomson Alexander, Kirkton viLTerrace rd
Thomson Alex. Park cot. Carloqie road
Thomson Alex., M.B., CM. Scotswood ho.
Lochty street
Thomson Charles, McKenzie street
Top'.is Mrs. Dalhousie street
Walker Alex. Balfour, Ewart Ipa, Philip st
Walker Miss, Claremont, Guthrie street
Wallace Mrs. Fernlea, Maule street
Wallace Mrs. Orchard terrace
Watson Frank, Rosemaint, Guthrie street
Watson Hugh Hayes, Manles bank,Maule st
Watt George, 5 Carlogie terrace
Wilson John R. Helenbank, Church street
Wilson Miss, Craigie lea, Guthrie street
Wilson Mrs. Green lane
Winter George J.P. Winterdyne, Queen st
Winter Miss, Park house
Wright Mrs. Green lane
Early closing day, Tuesday.
Anderson George & Co. engineers, iron
founders & crane makers
Anderson Joseph, plumber & tinsmith, gas-
fitter &c. High street
Anderson Lizzie W. (Miss), teacher of
music, Dunoon villa, Maule street
Anderson George (Mrs.), aparts. Philip st
Archer James, ship master, The Links
Baldie Lizzie (Miss), confectioner, Barrv rd
Bank of Scotland (branch) (David A. M'Cor-
quodale, agent ; Andrew S. Melville,
teller), High street; draw on London
office, 1!) Bishopsgate within E C, Coutts
& Co.W C & Bank of England E C.Londn
Beale J. & D. (Misses), dress makers, Sea-
field house, Fox street
Beedie Susan (Miss), news agt. Dundee st
Bell James, grocer, Brown street
Black Charles, stone mason, William street
Black Helen (Mrs.), apartments, High st
Black John, stone mason & buildr.Guthrie st
Black William, butcher, Barry road
Blacklock Ralph P. flax & jute yarn mer-
chant, Catherine bank
Boath & Simpson, butchers. Dundee street
Bowling Club (John Melville, Bee. & treas)
Boyle Samuel, painter, Lower Kinloch st
Boyle Thomas, market gardnr. Dundee et
Boyle Thomas, slater, Dundee street
Brand Charles, golf ball & club maker, The
Links & Ferrier street
Brown George P. Kinloch Arms hotel
Brown Margaret (Miss), grocer, Queen st
Bruce James P. architect, Dalhousie street
Bruce Mary (Miss), Bruce's hotel, Sea beach
Bruce Scott (Miss), school, 3 Douglas place
Buchart Edward, manager, Dundee street
Buik Alexander, bookseller &c. & printer,
High street
Butter Mrs. apartments, 2 Clarkville
Caesar William, solicitor & burgh clerk,
Lochty; & at 84 Commercial st. Dundee
Caithness Jean(Miss),confectionr. Dundee st
Caledonia Golf Club (H. Hayes Watson, lion.
sec), The Links
Campsie Peter, engineer, Kirkton terrace
CantAlex.commercial traveller, McKenzie st
Carnoustie Coal & Lime Co. (Frank Watson,
sec), High street
Carnoustie Co-operative Association Limited
(Jas. Anderson, manager), grocery tailors
& drapers &c. High street & Brown st
Carnoustie & District Liberal Association
(Alexander Simpson, sec), Fern bank,
Collier street
Carnoustie Equitable Co-operative Associa-
tion Limited (William D. Joine^manager),
grocers, bakers & ironmongers
Carnoustie Golf Club (Andrew Ramsay,
hon. sec)
Carnoustie Ladies Golf Club (Mrs. G. C.
Dickson, hon. sec), The Links
Carinoustie Mercantile Golf Club (Walter
R. Hewitt, sec), The Links
Carnoustie Municipal Buildings (James
Gellatly, caretaker), High street
Carnoustie Young Men's Christian Associa-
tion (William Hall, sec), High street
Carrie Jas. dairyman, Novan bank,Philip st
Chalmers Annie (Miss), apartments, Marie
cottage, Arbroath road
Christie Donald, schoolmaster
Clark Andrew, market gardnr. Barry road
Clarkson Sophia (Mrs.), game dealer.High st
Conor James B. R. confectioner & baker,
High street
Crabbe Agnes (Miss), apartments, 1 Clark-
ville, Arbroath road
Crerar William, boot maker, Dundee street
Crighton Robert, blacksmith, Church st
Crowe David C. hair dresser. High strppt
dimming William, Panmure Arms P.H.
& livery stables
Cunningham Robert, architect to Dalhousie
estates, Kirkton terrace
Cunningham Thomas B. baker & confec-
tioner, High street & Dundee street
Daer Henry, confectioner, Dundee street
Dalhousie Estates Office (John Shiell, fac-
tor), High street
DalhnusipGolf Club (T. E. Suttie, hon.
sec). The Links
Dannnzio Antonio, confectioner, Kinloch st
Davis Frederick, insurance agent.Buller ter
Dewar Robert D. ironmonger (branch),
High street
Dewars James, grocer, Barry road
Dewars John.aparta.Casa Blanco .Kinloch st
Dick Elizabeth (Mrs.), apartments, Houston
lea, Maule street
Dick James B. grocer & spirit dlr. High st
Dickson George Cecil M.D., CM. surgeon
& medical officer of health, Dalhousie
villa, High street
Di Marco, confectioner, Park avenue
Dorward Isabel (Mrs.), apartsâ€ΕΎ Ireland st
Downie Sarah Ann (Mrs.), apartments,
Strawberry bank, Tay street
Duncan & Findlay, butchers, High street
Duncan Edwin, butcher, High street
Duncan James, boot & shoe maker, High st
Duncan Robert, apartments, 4 Balfour pi
Dnucan Walter, hair dresser, Dundee street
Dundas Alexander, saddler, Park avenue
Dye & Falconer, tailors, Dundee street
Edwards & Ramsay, ioiners, Ferrier street
Ellis James, painter, Dundee street
Fairweather Euphemia (Miss), tobacconist,
High street
Fairweather George Ireland, ironmonger,
grocer. High street
Ferrier William, tailor & clothier. High st
Fire Station (Alex. Hogg, supt.), Kinloch st
Fleming Richard P. Burgh surveyor &
sanitary inspector, Municipal buildings,
High street
Forbes George G. plasterer, Kinloch street
Forfar (1st) Volunteer Artillery (11 & 12
Companies) (John D. Fleming, captain)
Fox Charles A. grocer, Dundee street
Fox George, joiner, Dundee street
Fox George F. draper &c. High street
Fox John, golf instructor, Kinloch street
Fox Robert, boot maker, & news agent,
Barry road
Fraser Edwin, photographer. High street
Galbraith & Prain (Misses), dress makers &
milliners, High street
Gas Works (David M. Kydd, sec ; James
Wynne, manager)
Gib3on George, vegetable & fish preserver,
Lochty provision works
Gilbert James, cycle agent, Dundee street
Gillies Rachel (Miss), draper & dress maker,
Panmure terrace, Kinloch street
Gorrie Peter B. Green lane
Gourlav James, blacksmith, Kinloch street
Gray Jemima (Mrs.), apartmentsjreland st
Gray John.boot & shoe maker & bill poster,
Dundee street
Grieve William, chemist, Dundee street
Guild Agnes (Mrs.), tobacconist & news
agent, High street
Hampton Georgina & Mary Ann (Misses),
apartments, Strawberry bank, Tay street
Hampton Georgina (Miss), confectioner,
High street
Hanton Hugh, clerk to Barry parish
council & inspector of poor & registrar of
births, deaths & marriages for Barry
parish, Municipal offices
Heggie Andrew, watch maker.Queen street
Heggie John, dairyman, Barry road
Henderson Amelia (Miss), refreshment room
keeper, Dundee street
Henderson Charles, police sergeant, County
Police station, Dundee street
Henderson David Jones,chemist & druggist,
High street
Henderson Johann (Mrs.), apartments,
Queen street
Henry & Son, photographers. High street
Herald David A. cabinet maker & uphol-
sterer, High street
Hewitt Walter R. golf club manufacturer,
Lower Kinloch street & The Links
Hiffh Catherine (Miss), draper & milliner,
High street
High John C grocer & spirit dealer, & glass
& china dealer, High street
Hogg Alexander, slater, High street
Hosie Alexander, dairyman, Kinloch street
Hutchinson David, draper, High street
Johnson George, ironmongers, Dundee st
Johnston Joseph & Sons (Montrose), lessees
of salmon fisheries
Kerr John, commercial traveller, Green-
bank, Philip street
Kerr John, joiner, Bonnella street
Kerr William John, commercial traveller,
Collier street
Kidd Alexander E., M.B., CM.
High street
K'idd David, clerk & treasurer to school brd
Knowles James, carrier, Burnside street
Kyrld Mary J. G. CMiss), aparts.The Links
Latto William, fishmonger, Hi<rb street
Lawson Margaret (Mrs.), grocer. Kinloch st
Livingstone James, confectioner. High st
Lnw William it Co. grocers. Dundee street
Low Alexander, errocer, Dnndpe street
Low Jane C. (Miss), apartments, Lochty st
Lowson John P. M. postmaster, Dundee sc
McAndrew John, plumber &c & cycle
asrent, Dundee street
McGillivray Louson, laundry, Holyrood st

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