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Philp Andrew, commercial traveller, 1
Eeita bank, Hermitage road
Potter Alex, boot & shoe ma. 254 Brook st
Pringle Agnes G. (Miss), fancy goods dlr.
339 Brook street
Pow James, fishmonger, 99 Gray street
Beid William, confectioner, Fisher street
Roberts James, joiner, S6 King st
Roberts Mary (Mrs.), greengrcr. 80 King st
Robertson Alexander, broker, 206 King st
Robertson Alex, coach builder, 59 Port st
Robertson Alex, spirit dlr. 155 King street
Robertson James, builder, Struan place,
Camphill road
Robertson Jane (Mrs.), shpkpr. 10G King st
Robertson Man- (Mrs.), fancy repository,
69 Gray street
"Rodger John A. photographic artist, 266
Brook street
Royal Bank of Scotland (branch) (George
B. Watt, agent), Brook street; draw on
London office, 123 Bishopserate street
within E C, Coutts & Co. WC & Bank
of England E C, London
Savings Bank (branch')', 84 Port st. (open
sat. 6 to 7.30 p.m.); head office, Dundee
Setaleselman Jane (Miss), draper, Port st
Scofield Charles, hair dresser, 272 Brook st
Scott Alexander, gehl. dealer, S5 King st
Scott James, builder, Brook street
Scott Robert, spirit dealer. Queen street
Shaw Jas. boot & shoe dealer, 232 Brook st
Sherriffs George, apartments, Drummond
place, Castle street-
Shiress Jane & Isobel (Misses), ladies'
school, Gartlands, West Ferry
Sim Peter, fishmonger, 170 Brook street
Simpson James & Sons, nurserymen, Gow-
rie, Panmure & Yiewbank nurseries
Simpson Jas. livery stable kpr. 112 Gray st
Sinclair Ann (Miss), genl. drpr. 186 King st
Skinner Win. chemist & druggist, 55Gray st
Smart Elizabeth ('Mrs.), laundry, Drum-
mond place, Castle street
Smith & Co. plumbers, Castle street
Smeaton William, postmaster, Brook st
Smith, Hood & Co. Limited, coal mer-
chants. 296 Brook street
Smith Charles, toy & hardware dealer, 33
& 35 Gray street
Smith Jessie (Mrs.), apartments. 10 New-
ington terrace, Esplanade
Smith William, Jolly's btl. 51 Gray street
Soutar George, poulterer & game' dealer,
227 Brook street
Spalding & Forbes (Misses), dress makers,
Westfield road
Stark Walter, baker. 62 Gray street
Stephen James, blacksmith, Brook street
Stevenson Bros, dye workers, 161 Brook st
Stewart Duncan, carrier. Brook street
Stewart Janet (Miss), mkt. grdnr. Reres rd
Stewart Margt. (Mrs.), baker, 125 King st
Stiven John, ship master, 16 Louise ter-
race, West Ferry
Storrar William M. saddler, 250 Brook st
Strachan George, grocer & spirit dealer,
Brook street "**
Sturrock John Fredk. M.B., C.M., L.R.C.P.
&S.Edin. surgeon, medical officer of
health for the burgh, surgeon to the
police, parochial medical officer for
Monikie & medical officer & public vac-
cinator for Murroes, Arima, Brook street
Sutherland John, boot & shoe dealer, 58
Gray street
Suttie Brothers, joiners, Union street
Suttie J. & P. joiners & bldrs.WestBrook st
BUDDONNESS, see Barry.
CARESTON is a small parish about 2
miles by 1£, situated between the parishes
of Brechin and Tannadice, 4 miles south-
west of Brechin town, on the north bank of
the South Esk; it is hounded on the north
and north-west by Menmuir and Pearn
parishes respectively, and is in the poor
combination and small debt court district of
Brechin. There is a station in the village
on the Brechin and Forfar section of the
Caledonian railway. The land is com-
posed of beautiful and well cultivated braes.
sloping to the south. The castle of Cares-
ton, erected in the 13th or 14th century,
and now the property and residence of
William Shaw Adamson esq. J.P. was
formerly one of the residences of the Earls
of Crawford : above the mantelpiece, in
what is called the old drawing room, are
the, royal arms of Scotland, under which
is an inscription. William Shaw Adamson
esq. J.P. is the sole landowner. The area
of the parish comprises 2,085 acres ; rate-
able value, £2,475; the population in 1891
was 193, and in 1901, 221.
Post Office; Andrew Gardiner, sub-post-
master. Letters rpceived thromrh
Brechin, delivered at 11.25 a.m. & dls-
Suttie Margaret (Miss), laundress, Marine
cottage, Castle street
Suttie Marion (Miss), confetnr. 50 Gray st
Symington Andrew, commercial traveller,
Magdalen villa, Whinney brae
Taylor Brothers, coal merchants, 132 Gray
street; & at Dundee
Taylor James, confectioner, 213 King st
Taylor Robert, fishmonger & greengrocer,
76 Grav street
Taylor W*alter, spirit dlr. Ship, Fisher st
Thomson Isabella (Mrs.), schoolmistress,
Bella place, Brook street
Thomson Mary (Mrs.), apartments, Castle
cottage, Castle street
Tooher David, apartments, Buddon cottage,
' Panmure street
Travers James, shopkeeper, Fisher street
Turnbull James, boot maker, Queen street
Waddell Forbes, nyanager, Gas works,
Brook street
Wallace William, baker, 43 Gray street
Watson A. & E. painters & paperhangers,
66 Fort street
Watson David, fruiterer, 554 Brook street
Watson & Shield, bleachers, Panmuretield
bleach works ; & Dundee
Watson Eliza J. (Miss), tobecst. 98 Gray st
Watt George B. agent (Royal Bank of Scot-
land), 288 Brook street
Watt Mary (Mrs.), laundress, 134 King st
Webster Charles, grocer, 152 King street
Webster David S. draper, 210 Brook street
Webster James M. draper, 174 Brook street
Webster Thomas, shopkeeper, Bath street
Webster William, painter, Brook street
Wemyss John Watson M.D.Edin., F.R.C.S.
Edin. surgeon, Westbourne house, Cam-
perdown street
Westwood John R. coal mer.44&4GGray st
Whitton David, agent, North of Scotland
Bank Limited, Gray street
Whitton S. (Miss), shopkpr. St. Vincent st
Whyte James S. hatter, hosier & glover,
96 Gray street
Will Elizabeth (Mrs.), draper, Brook street
Wilson Brothers, grocers & spirit dealers,
65 Gray street
Wilson William, dairyman, Camphill road
Winning Douglas, burgh surveyor & sani-
tary inspector, Brook street
Young Men's Christian Association (W. D.
McDougall, sec), Brook street
Young Women's Christian Association (Miss
TJrquhart, hon. sec), 126 Gray street
Young James, commercial traveller,
Brochtie place, King street
Yule Eiiphemia (Miss), dress ma. Queen st
Zaure Antonio, fried fish dlr. 198 King st
Zucconi Christanti, confectioner, 31 & 77
Gray street
Adamson Rev. Thomas N. (Established),
Cedarbank, Panmure terrace
Adamson Robert, Roseville, Abercromby st
Baird Edward, 1 Invermark terrace
Balbirnie Miss, Langlands, Gordon street
Baxter Allen, 6 Collingwood street
Bell Alexander, The Cottage, Bridge st
Blair John, 1 Collingwood street
Bremner James, Marshall pi. Balmossie st
Caldwell John Alexander, Rock villa, Dal-
housie road
Campbell Archibald, 4 Stewart terrace,
Dalhousie road
Carmichael Mrs. 2 Stewart ter.Dalhousie rd
patched at 5.15 p.m. Postal Orders are
issued & paid here. Brechin, 4 miles
distant, is the nearest money order office
it Menmuir the nearest telegraph office
for delivery, but the station is the nearest
for collection of telegrams
Parish Council, Harry M. Rodgers, clerk
Inspector of Poor & Collector of Rates &
Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages,
Harry M. Rodgers, School house, Careston
Established Church, Rev. Donald M'Millan
A School Board of five members was formed
in 1873 ; James Craig, clerk, Brechin
School, Harry M. Rodgers, master
Railway Station (Caledonian), William M.
Laird, master & goods agent
Adamson William Shaw J.P. Careston castle
M'Millan Rev. Donald M.A. (Established
Church), The Manse
Laird William M. station master & goods agt
Milne John, grocer
Petrle Samuel, blacksmith
Rodgers Harry Mcintosh, registrar of
births, deaths & marriages, inspector of
poor & collector of rates, clerk to parish
council & schoolmaster
Craik David, 1 Victoria ter. Dalhousie rd
Craise Rev. George Philp (Bapt.).Erigmore
Dakers Miss, 7 Dalhousie ter.Dalhousie nd.
Deas John, 6 Invermark terrace
Deas James, Seaview cottage, Bridge st'
Dickie Wm. Cambustay, Dalhousie road
Feathers James, Rowans,- Bridge street
Godfrey Clement Tom, Corona, Montague st-
Godfrey Mrs. Erigmore
Goodwin William, 2 Collingwood street
Gregory Mrs. 4 Dalhousie terrace
Gregory Mrs. 5 Stewart ter. Dalhousie rdi 1
Hall Mrs. 5 Stewart ter. Dalhousie road'
Johnston Alexander.Yiew bank, Montague sb:
Kinnear James, Beach cot. Balmossie st
Lawrence Mrs. 3 Dalhousie terrace
Linn Miss, 3 Collingwood street
Little James J. 4 Collingwood street
Loney Alison C. 6 Stewart ter.Dalhousie rd-
Lorimer Mrs. Kerington crescent
Lowson Thos. C. Illauga, Dalhousie road;'
McFarlane James, 3 Victoria terrace
M'Kinnon James, Langlands cot.Gordon st
MacLaren John, Kerington terrace
MacLaren John Turnbull, 4 Invermark ter-
McPherson Robert, Rowanlea, Panmure ter-
Marshall Mrs. Marshall pi. Balmossie street
Miller Charles C. Kerington crescent
Moir Mrs. Ashlea, Bridge street
Paton John G. The Wild, Panmure terrace-
Peacock Mrs. Riverview, Dalhousie road
Peter William Mackenzie, Netherton ; .
Hamilton street
Pollock Jn. Nevada cot. Dalhousie road 1
Rae Alex. S. Heathbank, Panmure terrace
Rea James, The Gorse, Panmure terrace
Reid Miss, Marshall pi. Balmossie streefi
Ritchie David, Kerington crescent
Sinclair John, Hope cot. Collingwood st.
Steven Robert, 2 Invermark terrace
Taylor John S. 5 Invermark terrace
Thobaven John, 6 Collingwood terrace
Tyrie Alex. Seaside cottage, Bridge street
Tyrie John M. Seaside cot. Bridge street'
Wallace Miss, 3 Ivermark terrace
Watson John, Sunnybank cot. Bridge st
White David, 9 Dalhousie terrace
Armstrong John, grocer, 1 Dalhousie ter-
race, Dalhousie road
Batchelor Fras. Jas. G. frmr.Strathmore sir
Cemetery (William Simpson, superinten-
dent), Strathmore street
Convalescent Home in connection with the-
Dundee Royal Infirmary (John F. Stur-
rock, medical officer; Miss Bowman, ma-
tron; D. Gordon Stewart, sec), Strath-
more street; TN 1216
Coutts James, station master, Guthrie ter
Forbes Susan (Miss), dress maker, 3'
Stewart terrace, Dalhousie road
Lawrence Jessie (Mrs.), apartments, 3 Dal-
housie terrace, Dalhousie road
McNeill Jane (Mrs.), apartments, 2 Dal-
housie terrace, Dalhousie road
Milne Alexander, market gardener, Daisy-
cottage, Hamilton street
St. Margaret's Cottage Orphanage (Miss-
M. Ramsay, matron ; R. C. Thomson,,
treasurer), Abercromby street
Scott Charles, grocer, Dalhousie road
Simpson William, supt. Barnhill cemetery,
Strathmore street
White William, market gardnr.l Stewart ter
White William, commercial traveller, 6
Dalhousie terrace, Dalhousie road
Wyllie David, mkt. gardnr. Hamilton st,
Adamson William Shaw, Home farm
Grant James, Craigend
Johnston John, Balnabraich
Lawrie Thomas & Gavin, Hillhead
McLaren John, Nether Careston
Paterson George, Waterston
Petrie William S. (reps, of), Peathill
CARMYLLIE is a -parish 3 miles from?
north to south by 5 in breadth, and bounded
bv parts of eight parishes, viz. : Panhride,
Monikie, Guthrie, Dunnichen, Kirkden,,
Inverkeilor, St. Vigeans and Arbirlot. The'
parish of Carmyllie includes the villages
of Redford and Greystone, the former of :
which i« about 5 miles south from Friocs-
heim and abiut 7 west from Arbroath,
having a "station on the Dundee and Ar-
broath joint railway, and being in the-
Arbroath small debt court district. The-
river Elliot runs through the* parish, ancC
the surface is hilly with a fairly productive-'
soil, and near are some large quarries of
paving stone. A cattle fair is held on the'
last Tuesday in April. The Earl of Dal-
housie K.T., P.C. Col. Thomas Heathcote-
Ouchterlony J.P. of Guynd, and William
B. Dicksie esq. of Covonsyth, are the prin-
cipal landowners. The area compri^ev
7,552 acres; rateable value, £6,138"; the

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