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694 ARBEOATii.
Sherriffs George, clerk, 28 Nolt Loan road Stewart Mary Ann (Miss), dress maker,
Sherritt Margaret (Mrs.), shopkeeper, G5
Lady loan
Sholbred Mrs. householder, 31 Glover st
SievewrightThomas,old iron dlr.l7Lordburn
Sievwright John, boot & shoe dealer, 21
Graves end
Sievwright Eachael (Miss), draper, 28 Mill-
gate loan
Sim Isabella (Miss), dining rooms, 28 to
30 Millgate
Sinie George, dentist (attendances, tues-
day &, friday, from Dundee), 88 Keptie st
Simpson Stuart, shopkeeper, 39 Lordburn
Singer & Booth, boot makers, 39 Com-
merce street
Singer Manufacturing Co. sewing machine
makers (Jsph. K. Nevcsoine, manager), 136
High street
Skea Charles, cart owner, 15 Hannah street
Skea David, rag dealer, 13 Barn green
Skea Isabella (Miss), draper, 49 Millgt.Ioan
Skea James, carting contractor, Dickfield st
Skey George, shopkeeper, 32 Lady loan
S!eith James Alexander, tobacco pipe
maker, 64 Guthrie port
Slimman & Eobinson, lath splitters, Lady-
bridge street; & Dundee
Small David Mann L.D.S., E.C.S.Eng.
dentist, 32 Victoria street
Smart Alexander, boot repairer, 13 St.
Vigeans road
Smart Charles Bamsay, teacher of music,
14 Hill place
Smart James Alex, hairdrssr. 5 Allan st
Smart Jane (Miss), dress & mantle maker,
76 Keptie street
Smart John Boy, engineer, Nolt Loan road
Smart Wm. wheelwright, Auchmithie road
Smith Bros, tailors & outfitters, 9 Keptie st
Smith, Hood & Co. coal merchants. Spink
street & Chalmers street; TN 17
Smith J. & J. (Perth), grain merchants,
East Grimsby
Smith J. S. & Sons, ironmongers & seed
merchants, 124 High street & 17 & 19
Grave? end
Smith Alexander, boot & shoe maker & sec.
for Boot & Shoe Society, Arbroath dis>
trict, 7 Barn green
Smith Alex, insurance agent, 21 Lordburn
Smith Alexander, shopkpr.42 Hamilton grn
Smith Alexander, White Hart,
hotel & posting establish-
ment, 163 High street; T.N. 26
Smith Andw. cnfctnr. & fruitr. 10 Keptie st
Smith Andrew K. grcr. 21 St. Vigeans rd
Smith David, manager, 41 Millgateloan
Smith David, news agent, 5 Lordburn
Smith Edward, boot & shoe dlr.34 Cairnie st
Smith George, horse hirer & livery stable
keeper, 279 High street
Smith Is,nbella(Mrs.),cnfctnr.20Guthrie porl
Smith James, fruiterer, 37 "West port
Smith James, rope maker, West Links ;
res. 16 West Mary street
Smith Margaret (Miss), shopkpr. 10 Ann st
Smith Peter C, C.E. burgh surveyor & in-
spector of weights & measures, Police
chambers. Market place ; res. 16 Nolt
Loan road
Smith Bobert, cork cutter, 53 Market gate
Smith Eobert S.soIicitorfEitchie & Smith),
14 Millgate; res. 37 West Newgate street
Smith William, ship owner, 24 Victoria st
Smith William, shopkeeper, 5 West New-
gate street
Soutar Alexander M. joiner, 27 North
G-rim-by; res. 25 East Abbey street
Soutar Carnegie, baker & confectioner, 122
High street
Soutar James, draper, 108 High street
Soutar James, hatter & hosier, 104 High st
Souter John, chimney sweep, 18 Green st
Spankie Peter, shipping agent, ship brkr.
& acting vice-consul for Germany, Sweden
& Norway, 3 Shore
Spark Ell^n (Miss), dress ma. 6 Eossie st
Spence Thomas, boot repairer, 41 . East
Abbey street
Spink James, lath splitter, 65 Market gate
Spink Stephen, machinist, Garden street;
res. 51 High street
Sprunt David, cabinet ma. &c. 3 Bridge st
Stamp Office (William K. Macdonald, sub-
' distributor). Town house
Stephen J. & J. (Misses), milliners, 271
High street; res. 4 Carnegie street
Stevens Violet (Miss), dress maker, 35
Kinnaird street
Stevenson Brothers (Dundee), dyers &
laundry proprietors, 8 Brothock bridge
Stevenson .Tames, grocer & wine & spirit
dealer, 53 Ladv loan
Stewart Alex. Winton, dentist (attendance
Sundays), 191 High street
Stewart John, registrar of births, deaths &
marriages, Letham Mill ho. St. Vigeans
Stewart John, tailor, Newgate street
Stewart Mary Ann (Mrs.), Aquatic Bar
P.H. 53 Lady Bridge street
Newgate street
Stewart William, general draper,203 High st
Stewart Wm. kpr. of the abbey, Abbey grn
Stewart William, supt. Dal© Cottage In-
dustrial School, Brechin road
Stewart William, tobacconist, Brothock bdg
Stewart Wm. Low, Ship P.H. 15 Lady loan
Storrer Andrew Paterson, butcher, 78 High
street; res. 116 High street
Strachan Alex. & Son, tailors & clothiers,
128 High street
Strachan & Farquhar (Misses), milliners &
dress makers, 177 High street
Strachan Eobert & Sons, tailors & clothiers,
58 High street
Strachan, Wallace & Whyte, wholesale
grocers & wine & spirit merchants, Tower
nook & 290 High street
Strachan Alexander N. grocer (Strachan,
Wallace & Whyte), Hillend road
Strachan Fredk. traveller, 4 Alexandra p]
Strachan Lawrence, china &c. dlr.5Keptie st
Strachan Walter, fruiterer, 185 High street
Strachan William B. bookseller, book-
binder & news agent, 255 High street
Stuart Alexander, teacher of shorthand, 48
High street
Stuart Jas. Commercial inn,13 Old Shore hd
Stuart Eobert, inspector for Arbroath &.
St. Vigeans Parish Council & collector of
police rates; res. 19 Dalhousie place
Stubbs' Trade Protection Society (Miln &
Dalgarno, solicitors), 15 Hill street
Sullivan Eleanor (Mrs.), nurse, 47 Lady
Bridge street
Suter William, joint agent British Linen
Bank, Nolt Loan road
Sutherland Helen (Miss), confectioner, 74
Market gate
Sutherland William, joiner & undertaker
Eeform street & 10 Lillie's wynd
Suttie Alexander, slater, 16 Hannah street
Suttie Elizabeth (Mrs.), midwife, 29 West
Abbey street
Suttie John, blacksmith & ironmonger, 41
& 43 West Abbey st. ; res. 4 Hayswell rd
Swankie Thomas, shopkeeper, 12 High st
Swanson Walter, fishing tackle maker &c.
192 High street
Sweden & Norway Consulate (Peter Span-
kie, acting vice-consul), 3 Shore
Swirle3 Alexander & Son, tanners, curriers
& leather merchants, 10 Pnnderlaw street
Symon Archibald A. architect (Carver &
Symon), Lochland cottage
Tarry Mill Co. twine spinners, Tarry
mill, St. Vigeans
Taylor Alex, butcher & game dlr. 196High st
Taylor Andrew, plumber, 14 Guthrie port
Taylor David Scott, photographer, 7
G-owan street;
Taylor Henry, insurance supt. 146 High st
Taylor Isabella (Miss), milliner, 8 Hume st
Taylor Margaret (Miss), shpkpr. 76 Loch-
land street
Taylor Eobert M. managing director, Towei
Bank house, James street
Thom A. & Co. clothes dirs. 29 Lordburn
Thomson George Entherford & Son, auc
tioneers, cabinet makers &c. 39 to 43
Market gate & Brothock house
Thomson Malcolm C. & Co. (Glasgow), flax
spinners & sail cloth mnfrs. Ward mill
Thomson Alex, tailor & clothier, 2 Kirk sq
Thomson Alexander M. accountant & share
broker, Abbey lodge, Abbey street
Thomson David, tailor, 100 High street
Thomson Edward, clerk, 16 Dalhousie place
Thomson Geo. reporter, 16 Hill End. rd
Thomson George Eutherford, auctioneer (G.
E. Thomson & Son), 16 Hill place
Thomson Henry, cycle dlr. 17 Guthrie prt
Thomson James A. ironmonger & seeds-
man, 48 High street
Thomson John, grocer & wine & spirit
dealer, 10 Fergus street
Thomson John, ironmonger & seedsman.
103 High street
Thomson Jn. tailor & clothr. HI Ladvbridge st
Thornton Dvd. drpr. & clothr. 261 High st
Ting Tong Tea Co. tea dlrs. 16 Keptie st
Tosh David, hardware &c. dlr. 31 West port
Tosh William, boot retailer, 43 High st
Tough James Carnegy, Exchange P.H. 14
Market place
Tounsley Hugh, furniture broker & meta 1
merchant, 23 South Grimsby
Traill Jessie (Mrs.), apartmnts. 45 High s;
Treviotdale David, tailor, 8 Abbot street
Turnbull James, grocer & wine & spirit
dealer, 35 High street
Tyler H. P. boot & shoe ma. 215 High st
Valentine Margaret (Miss), dress maker, »
Dishlandtown street
Victoria Hall (Adam Oliver, sec), James si
Walker Ada Mary (Miss), teacher of
music, 8 Garden street
Walker David, butcher, 1 Eossie street
Walker David Young, btchr.l Millgate loan
Wallace Alexander, flax & flax yarn mer-
chant, rag, metal & waste paper merchant,
14 Panmure street & china de-tier, 244
High street & lO* Millgate loan
Wallace Alexander S. ( M.E.C.V.S. veterin-
ary surgeon, 40 Hill road
Wallace David Alex, drapr. 15 West port
Wallace George Eae, grocer (Strachan,
Wallace & Whyte), 6 West Abbey street
Wannan William Alexander L.E.C.P.,
L.E.C.S.Edin. surgeon, 51 Market gate
Waterworks (John E. Smart, manager &
engineer), Nolt Loan road
Watson Frank & Andrew, grocers & wine
& spirit dealers, 52 Cairnie street
Watson Alexander, tobacconist, 91 High st
Watson John, clerk, 19 Ann street
Watson Mary (Miss), midwife, 13S High st
Watson William, pawnbrkr. 3 & 5 James st
Watt James, gardener to Mrs. Corsar, 3
Gayfield, Millgate loan
Watt'James, reporter " Dundee Advertiser,''
4 Nolt Loan road
Watt M. B. (Miss), artists*
materials, fancy goods &
stationery, 9 Westport
\Vatt Mary (Miss), confctnr. 34 Commerce st
Webster Brothers & Co. flax spinners, Stan-
ley mills
Webster Francis & Sons, flax spinners &
manufacturers, 10 Millgate; T N 16
Webster & Littlejohn, solicitors & notaries,
33 Commerce street
Webster William & Co. bleachers, Ward-
mill, Bleachlield
Webster Francis, flax spinner (Francis
Webster & Sons), Ashbrook
Webster William W. flax spinner (Francis
Webster & Sons), Denley
Weights & Measure Office (Burgh) (Peter
C. Smith, inspector), Police chambers
Weir Charles, hair dresser, 63 Market gate
Weir James, shipwright & mast maker, Old
Shore Head ; res. 46 Market gate
Welsh James, shoe ma. 56i Keptie street
Westwater Henry, bakar, 3 Elgin place
Westwater Lizzie (Miss), confectioner, 4
Kirk square
White Wm. Alma P.H. 35 & 37 Panmure st
White William, Lochnagar P.H. 5 Ccm-
. merce street
Whiteley Frederick, teacher of music,
Eosedene, Keptie road
Whitton Betsy & Jane (Misses), general
drapers, 221* High street
Whitton James, confectioner, 27 Lady
Bridge street
Whyte David W.Stag P.H. 5 & 7 West port
Whyte Jas. Sampson, chemist, 57 Guthrie
port; res. 31 Hayswell road
Whyte Wm. tailor *& clothr. 65 Keptie st
Wilkie Margaret (Miss), laundry (Hutchin-
son & Wilkie), Hamilton green
Wilkie Mary (Mrs.), shopkpr. Market gate
Will Isabella (.Miss), news agent & fancy
repository, 59 Barn green
Williamson W. teacher of dancing, 1 Car-
negie street
Willocks Jas. watch maker &c. 105 High st
Wilson & Cunningham, sail cloth manufac-
turers. Dens road
Wilson David T. emigration agent, 99
High street
Wilson David Thomas, cabinet maker, up-
holsterer & undertaker &c. 99 High st
Wilson John, manufacturer ( Wilson & Cun-
ningham), Eotomahana, Viewfield road
Wilson John, Plough & Harrow P.H. 3
Fisher acre
Winton James, confectioner, 63 Guthrie
port & 18 Commerce street
Wishert Agnes (Mrs.),shkpr.54 St. Mary st
Wishart Alexander, chief engineer, 28 Dal-
housie p'.ace
Wishart John T. wine & spirit dealer, 5
Pnnderlaw street
Wordie & Co. carting agents (Thomas
Ee:d, agent), Station yard
Wylie David, shopkeeper, 43 Lordburn
Wyllie David, manager, 27 Hayswell road
Wyllie Jn. Eennie, chimney swpr.33Applegt
Wyllie William S. monumental mason, For-
far road
Yeaman Jane (Mrs.), shopkeeper, D-Oss
Mill wynd
Young: David & Sons, cart-
wrights & joiners, 16 South
Young Men's Christian Association (Joseph
Molfatt, sec), 75 High street
YouiiEr Women's Christian Association (Miss
H. ~A. Hampton, sec), 54 High street
Young Alexander C. manager Gas works,
Ponderlaw street
Young Jane (Miss), shopkeeper, 13i Dish-
land Town street
Young Mary (Miss), school teacher, 30
Nolt Loan road

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