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Moore Charles, butcher & cycle dealer, 62
Keptie street
Morgan James, grocer & wine & spirit
dealer, 29 Lillies wynd
Morrison James, land steward to the Hon.
Frederick John Bruce, Seaton
Muckart John & Son, potato & vegetable
preservers, St. Vigeans works
Muckart David, potato preserver (John
Muckart & Son), Tarry Burn house, St.
Muir Thomas, Son & Patton Limited, coal
merchants (Robert Davidson, agent"), 39
Helen street & 69 West Grimsby; T N 4
Murray William & Son, hide & tallow fac-
tors, Shambles, North Grimsby
Murray Mary Ann (Mrs.), grocer & wine &
spirit dealer, 82 Cairnie street
Museum Society (Wm. Alexander, presi-
dent; John C. Dewar, sec), GG High st
Myles & Robb, tailors, 41£ Millgate loan
Myles Charles Young, tailor & clothier, 112
High st. & 21 James st. ; res. Wellbank
Myles George, bookseller & news agent &c.
220 High street & 100 Keptie street
Myles William Scott, artist, Brothock
bridge ; res. 2 Walker place
Nairn Mrs. Mary Ann, confectioner, 12
Academy street
Napier Alexander, broker, 49 West Abbey st
Napier David Smith, agent for the Boyal
Liver Friendly Society, 14 Millgate
National Bank of Scotland Limited (The)
(Clark & Oliver, joint agents), Brothock
Bank house; draw on London office, 37
Nicholas lane EC, Bank of England E C,
Glvn, Mills, Currie & Co. Union Bank
of London & Coutts & Co
National Telephone Co. Limited (David S.
Napier, clerk in charge), 14 Millgate
Naysmith Andrew, chemist, 154 High street
& 1 Sidney street
Neave Mary Jane (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 36
Lochland street
Neisch George, boot repairer, 26 Jamie-
son street
Ness Thomas, baker & cnfctnr. 114 High st
Netherward Spinning & Weaving Co. flax
spinners & manufacturers, Netherward
works, Guthrie port: T N 10
New Club (Alexander J.Gordon, chairman;
David Littlejohn, sec. : Norman Ander-
son, club steward), Guildhall, High street
Newgate Bowling Green(Andw. Bennet,eec)
Nichol David, ship master, 3 View-field rd
Nicol Alexander & Co. flax spinners &
manufacturers, Chalmers 1 Street works;
TN 23 '
Nicol Catherine (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 67
Sidney street
Nicol David Hay, hardware dlr. 189 High st
Nicol George Doig, manufacturer (Alex.
Nicol & Co.). Monkbarns
Nicol Walter, brass founder, Guthrie port
Nicoll James, butcher, 24 Keptie street
Nicoll John, traffic agent for Caledonian &
L. & N. Wstrn. Bail way Co. 33 Cairnie st
Nicoll Mary Fox (Mrs.), grocer & wine &
spirit dealer, 40 Ladybridge street
North of Scotland Bnnk Limited (Miln &
Balgarno, agents), High street; draw on
Union of London & Smiths Bank & Bar-
clay & Co. Lim
Northern Agricultural Co. manure merchants
(J. & J. Smith, agents). Ea^t Grimsby
Norway & Sweden Consulate (Peter Span
kie, acting vice-consul), 3 Shore
Ogg William A. & Co. sail cloth manu-
facturers, Abbot Power loom works,
Abbot street
Ogg Margaret (Miss), confctnr.63 Keptie st
Ogg William A.manufaeturer(WilIiamA.Ogg
& Co.), Bona Vista, Keptie road
Ogg William S. hair dresser, 1 Hamilton grn
Ogilvie Alexander, boot ma. East Mary so
Ogilvie John, bookseller & stationer, 8 West
port; res. 21 Glover street
Oliver Adam, solicitor & joint agent to
National Bank of Scotland (Clark &
Oliver), 26 Eosemount
Oram Agnes Moir (Mrs.), Crown P.H. 35
West Abbey street
Orr Ann (Mrs.), fishmonger & poulterer &
fish curer, 5 West Grimsby
Palmer John, boot repairer, 47 Leonard st
Parsons Thomas William, teacher of music,
54 Addison place' '
Paterson, Sons & Co. pianoforte warehouse
(branch), 129 High street
Paterson Henry, assistant registrar of
births, deaths & marriages for Arbroath
district, 17 Carnegie street
Paterson James Anderson, potato merchant;
1 Shore; res. 29 Ponderlaw street
Paterson Jas. S. ship brkr. & owner, IShore
Paterson Janet(Mrs.).confr,16West Grimsby
.'Paton William, " shopkeeper, 32 Cairnie st
Patterson Alex, plasterer, 15 Millgate loan
Patterson Jane (Mrs.), wine & spirit vaults,
20 Millgate
Pattullo Alexander, butcher, 48 Cairnie st
Pattullo David, ironmonger & china dealer,
39 Guthrie port
Pearl Life Assurance Co. (Wm. Carr,supt.),
176 High street
Pearson James Fairlie, grocer & wine &
spirit dealer, 8 &, 12 Kirk square
Pearson John Allan, carting contractor,
Lady loan
Penn Lydia (Miss), draper, Lochland street
People's Journal Office (branch) (Jn. Long
& Co. publishers), 25 West port; TN 3
Pert David, shopkeeper, 47 Lady Bridge st
Peter Catherine B. (Mrs.), grocer & wine
& spirit dealer, 19^ Bossie street
Peters Alexander, blacksmith, Letham grnge
Petrie David, harbour master, 110 High st
Petrie Edward, grocer, 10 West port
Petrie George, grocer & wine & spirit dlr.
66 Keptie street; res. 15 Victoria street
Petrie James, blacksmith, 11 Gravesend
Petrie James, ship master, 30 Addison pi
Petrie Jas. town officer & keeper of town ho
Petrie John, boot repairer, Lady Bridge st
Petrie John, insurance superintendent
(Befuge), 211 High street
Petrie Peter, shopkeeper, 33 West Abbey st
Petrie Wilhemina (Miss), dress maker, 28
Ann street
Philharmonic Society (T. W. Parsons,
Philip Andrew, supt. Prudential Insurance
Co. Ltd. (district office), 2 Brothock
bridge; res. Seafield, Seaton road
Pirie David, watch maker, 262 High st
Pirie John, boot & shoe maker, 286 High st
Pitcairn Maria (Mrs.), news agent, 45
Guthrie port
Pozzole Michele, confectioner. Market gate
Procter Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 77Keptie st
Public Building Co. Limited (George G
Dalgarno, sec), 1 Hill street
Public Hall (Abner Joiner. kpr.").64High st
Public Weigh House (Bichard Procter,
lessee), East Grimsby
Pyott George, grocer & wine & spirit mer-
chant, 44 Green street
Pyott James G. grocer & wine & spirit
dealer, 54 Guthrie port; res. Greenbank,
Lillie's wynd
Pyott William, grocer & wine & spirit dlr.
40 Guthrie port; res. Strachan street
Rae Alex. Panmure Arms P.H. 12 Pan-
mure street
Baitt & McLaren (Mrs.),grocers,60 Helen st
Raitt George S. K. boot & shoe maker, 15
Panmure street
Ramsay Chas. & Son, reed mas. Lindsay st
Ramsay & Gordon, stone masons, Fergus sq
Ramsay Allan, boot & shoe ma. 65 St.Mary s't
Ramsay Charles, reed maker (Charles Ram-
say & Son), 43 Cairnie street
Ramsay John, blacksmith, 80 Keptie street
Ramsay Margaret (Mrs.), confr. 188 High st
Ramsay Margery (Miss), milliner & dress
maker, 17 Hill place
Rattray John, baker, 31 West Grimsby
Rayne George, plumber, Guthrie port
Rayne John, plumber & gasfitter, 11 & 13
West Abbey street
Reichelt Henry, gut merchant, 1
High street
Beid Alexander & Sons, tobacco manufae
tucers, 214 High street
Beid & Lorimer, solicitors, 25 Market place
Beid Alexander, builder & stone & monu-
mental mason, Lordburn
Reid Charles, blacksmith & ship's smith,
Old Shire head
Reid George, agent for Royal Bank of Scot-
land, 71 High street
Reid George, tobacco manufacturer (Alex.
Reid & Sons), 216 High street
Remati Peter.confectioner (Dora & Remati)
Renny Margarefc(Miss), dress ma.46Rossie st
Penny Samuel, ship owner, Jock's lodge
Renton Thomas, com. trav. 6 Nolt Loan rd
Ritchie Edward Johnston, solicitor (firm,
Ritchie & Smith); res. Cliffburn, St.
River Plate Fresh Meat Co. butchers, 212
High street
Robb Brothers, mineral water manufac-
turers, Lordburn
Robb Alex, tailor (Myles & Robb)
Robb Robert, butcher, 67 Millgate loan
Robbie David, cycle agent, Brothock bridge
Bobbie David, grocer & wine & spirit dlr,
89 Keptie street
Robbie John, cycle maker, Brothock bridge
Boberts Charles, grocer, 46 High street
Robertson Alexander Wood, plumber & gas-
fitter, 15 North Grimsby
Robertson David Doig, grocer & wine
spirit dealer, 2 Park street
Robertson Hugh, Brothock Bar P.H.
Brothock bridge
Bobertson Jane (Mrs.), dress maker, 198
High street
Bobertson Juhn, chemist & druggist, 19
West port
Robertson James, joiner, 24 Millgate '
Robertson William, solicitor & notary, Town
house, High street; res. Berea cottage,
Keptie road
Robinson James, goods agent to the Dundee
&. Arbroath Joint Railway Co. 20 Addi-
son place
Robinson John, cutler & tool dealer, 27
Guthrie port
Rodgers John, keeper Sheriff court, Com-
merce street
Rodgers Nella M. A. (Miss), milliner, 40
Keptie street
Rollo William J. agent for the Commercial
Bank of Scotland Limited (branch), 119
High street
Ross Charlotte (Mrs.) , wine & spirit
vaults, 16 Robert street
Ross Fergus, chimney sweeper, Maule st
Boss George, shopkeeper, 11 Lordburn
Ross James, lath splitter, 42 Applegate
Roy Adam & Sons, painters & paper-
hangers, Market place & coal merchants,
South Grimsby
Rnv John, painter (Adam Roy & Sons),
60 Nolt Loan road
Royal Bank of Scotland (branch) (George
Reid, agent), 71 High street; draw on
London office, 123 Bishopsgate st. within
E C, Bank of England E C & Coutts &
Co. W C, London
Royal Hotel (William Kerrison, proprietor),
131 High street
Boyle William, 12 Addison place
Russell John M.D, surgeon, 9 Hill terrace
Rust Bobt. supt. of cemetery, Forfar road
Ruxton David, confectioner, 46.J Lady loan
Ruxton George, butcher, 53 Lochland st
Ruxton Isabel F. (Miss), Waverley Tem-
perance hotel, Catherine street
Ruxton James, chemist, 59 Keptie street
Ruxton Mary Ann (Mrs.), draper & hosier,
63 Helen street
Ruxton William, hair dresser, 200 High st
Salmond Agnes (Mrs.), apartments, 16
Ponderlaw street
Salmond George, confectioner & baker, 199
High street
Samson James (Montrose) (John Stewart,
agent), potato merchant, 10 Shore
Samson William, grocer &. wine &. spirit
dealer, 26 High street
Sandeman David Davidson, yarn & paper
stock merchant, 8 & 10 Bog lane; res.
Cairnie bank, Forfar road
Savege Thomson, painter & paperhanger,
257 High street
Scbollav Margaret R. (Miss), fruiterer,
256a, High street
Scott Bros. & Co. flax merchants,Convent st
Scott Alexander, joiner, 11 St. Mary st;
res. 53 Keptie street
Scott Alexander (Mrs.), market gardener,
North Tarry, St. Vigeans
Scott Andrew, grocer & spirit dealer, 195
High street
Scott David Jeffrey, prlass
merchant & glazier &c.
Brothock bridge
Scott Elizabeth (Miss), confectioner, 26
Millgate loan
Scott Ernest, painter & paperhanger, 6
Millgate loan
Scott James, architect & surveyor, 9 Vic-
toria street
Scott James, grocer & spirit dealer, 8
Guthrie port
Scott James Cooper, flax merchant, see
Scott Bros. & Co
Scott John, clerk, 16 East Grimsby
Scott Mrs. householder, 18 Dalhousie place
Scott Robert, architect & surveyor, 81
High street; res. 35 Hayswell road
Scrimgeour James & Co. canvas manufac-
turers, Dens works
Seaton Henry George, collector of poor
rates for Arbroath & St. Vigeans, HiU
street ; res. 33 Hayswell road
Selby F. & J. tailors & clothiers,
123 High street
Selby John, tailor (F. & J. Selby), Farnell,
Shand Mary (Mrs.),shopkeeper,61 Barn grn
ShanksAlcxander&Son Limited,
engineers, lawn mower
makers & machinists & iron
& cast malleable -founders,
Dens iron works; & Bush Lane
House, Bush Lane, Cannon
street, London E C
Shanks James J.P. engineer (Alexander
Shanks & Son Limited), Alexandra place
Shepherd Betsy (Mrs.),shpkpr.2oErnest st
Shepherd David, ship chandler, 16 High st
Shepherd James, builder, Arratt street
Shepherd Robert, grocer & wine & spirit
dealer, 43 East Abbey street
Shepherd William, iron founder, Lindsay
street; res. 5 Cairnie street
Shepherd William L. cashier, Carnegie st

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