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Batehelor David G. butcher, 27 West port
Batche'.or Walter K. cattle dealer, Mayfield
cottage, Seaton road
Beatt Andrew, tobacconist, 19 Keptie street
Beattie James, grocer, 45 West Newgate st
Beattie John T. D. Burns P.H. 33 & 35
Belford Isabella (Miss), china & glass dlr.
10 Hamilton green
Belgian Consular Agency (William G-argili,
6 Shore, agent)
Bell Enoch, boot & shoe ma. 6 Lillies wynd
Bell Isabel (Mrs.), fruiterer, 254 High street
Bell James (ilrs.), grocer & wine & spirit
dealer. 12 Millgate loan
Bennet & Smith, slctrs.fc notaries, 93High st
Bonnet Andrew, solicitor &
notary (Bennet & Smith), agent
for Glasgow & West of Scotland Guar-
dian Society for the Protection of Trade;
election agent for Montrose District of
Burghs; agent for Scottish Widows',
Commercial Union. &. other Insurance
Cos. 93 High street
Bennet Rbt, B. draughtsman, 11 Addison pi
BennettAndrew D. market grdnr.St.Vigeans
Bennett Frdk. Wm.M.ehemist, 238 High st
Beveridge Joseph, butcher, Fergus street
Black Georgina (Miss), dress maker,
Fishers acre
Black James, 18 John street
Black John B. C. beer ret.29We.IS"ewgate st
Black Bollo S., F.S.I.A. accountant, 93
High street; res. 42 Lochland street
Bloch Harris A. tobacconist, 2&4Guthrie prt
Bloch Harrr, confectioner, 10 Bridge street
Boath David & Wm. cycle agents & black-
smiths, 35 Guthrie port
Boath Ann (Mrs.), draper & confectioner,
78 Market gate
Boath Robert, cart ownr. Hose bank, Bog la
Boath William, butcher, 34 Guthrie port
Boath William, confectnr. 7 West Abbey st
Boath Wm. Salmon, bookseller & fancy
repository, 10 Brothock bridge
Booth Alexander, grocer & wine & spirit
dealer, 87 Lochland street
Booth James S. boot maker (Singer &
Booth Thomas, music seller & _dealer m
musical instruments, 7 Hill street
Booth William, laundry. 7 Hannah street
Booth William, tobacconist, 109 High street
Bouick David, news agent & stationer, 57
Keptie street
Bowie Wm. miller, Letham mill, St.Vigeans
Bowman David, antique furniture dealer,
9 West Grimsby
Bowman James, draper & milliner & sub-
postmaster, 36 Guthrie port
Boyd George, boot & 6hoe dlr. 41 Lochland st
Bovle Wm. & Andrw. fruitrs. 13 Millgate
Boyle Alex. Gordon, refreshment house,
12 Applegate
Boyle Wm. fruitr. & seedsman, 31 Market pi
Boyne Elizabeth (Mrs.), draper, 50J High st
Brand William, slater & slate merchant,
30 Dishlandtown street
Bremnar Anna(Miss).mllnr.38 Commerce st
Bremnar John, printer & bookbinder, 3b
Commerce street; res. 13 John street
Briirgs Wm. & Sons Ltd. chemical mfrs
British Linen Co. Bank (branch) (J. M.
McBain & William Soutar, ioint agents),
Brothock bridge ; draw on London office,
Threadneed'.e street E C & Bank of Eng-
land EC, London
Brodie & Salmond, printers & publishers
Brothock bridge .
Brodie Jolin, publisher (Brodie & Salmond)
12 Brothock bridge
Brodie William, cooper, 8 Allan street
Brown Annie W. (Mrs.), grocer & wme &
spirit dealer, 3J Brothock bridge
Brown David, shopkeeper, 75 Lochland st
Brown James, carting agent for North
British Railway Co. 57 Market gate &
Station yard
Brown Patrick, clerk, 10 Dalhousie place
Brown Robert, grocer & ' wine & spirit
dealer. 1 Keptie street .;.'",
Brown William, ship master. Tiewneld rd
Buchan David Donaldson, chemist, Broth-
ock bridge
Buchanan Charles, carting contractor.Elliot
Buick James, shopkeeper, 45 Green street
Buick John, confectioner, 4 High street
Buick John, potato mer. Dickfleld street
Buick Margaret Stewart (Mrs.), shopkeeper
16 Leonard street
Buick Mary Ann(Mrs.),shopkpr.lGFergus sq
Buick William, rag, waste & china dealer,
II North Grimsby
Buncle T. & Co. proprietors 1 & publishers of
the " Arbroath Guide," Market place
Burgh Surveyor's Office (Peter C. Smith,
surveyor), Poiice chambers
Burn David Henry, chemist & druggist, 12
Keptie street ; res. 4 Albert street
Burnett David, cart-wright, Dickfield street
Butchart Georgina (Miss), shopkpr. 6High si
Butcher John, insurance agent, 39 Bossie st
Byars Christian (Mrs.),draper(David Bvars),
"151 High street
Byars David, draper & millnr. 151 High st
Cables James, Portland cement merchant,
East Grimsby
Calder Bros, builders & pavement mers. 82
Keptie street & Balgavies
Calder David Dempster, builder (Calder
Bros.), Ingleside, Elliot place
Calder David Ramsay, builder (Calder
Bros.), Ing'.eside. Elliot place
Calder Joseph, builder (Calder Bros.), 31
Cairnie street
Callaway Fk. inland revenue off. 15^ West prt
Calloway Amelia (Hiss), milliner, 130
High street
Calvert William, shopkeeper, 24 Market gte
Campbell & Co. music sellers, news agents
6 stationers, 21 Commerce street
Campbell James, schoolmaster, 36 Hill st
Carcary Wm. blacksmith, 7 West Mill wynd
Cargill David, fish curer & dlr. 15 Keptie st
Cargill Jane (Mrs.), fish curer, Seagate
Cargill Jessie (Mrs.), grocer &.c. 1 Wallace st
Cargill William, collector of shore dues &
consular agent for Belgium, 6 Shore; res.
34 Jamieson street
Carnegie Chas. Win. manager, 42 Brechin rd
Carnecie John, station mstr. Elliot Junctn
Carnegie John C. fancy repository, 147
High street
Carnegie Margaret (Mrs.), eating house,
7 Hamilton green
Carr William, supt. Pearl Life Assurance
Co. 176 High street
Carrie & Peter (Misses), milliners & mantle
makers, 246 High street
Carrie & Son, dairymen, Emil bank, Elliot
Carrie Alexander, grccer & wine & spirit
dealer, 13 Spink street
Carrie David, chimney swpr. 3 Lordburn
Carrie Elizabeth (Mrs.), grocer & beer
retailer, 4 Jamieson street
Carver & Symon, architects &
surveyors, Brothock bridge
Cavin William & John, gla?s & china dlrs
brokers & horse hirers, 21 Applegate
Cemeteries (Western), Forfar road & (East-
ern) Montrose road (Bobert Bust, supt)
Cemetery (Andrew D. Bennett, keeper), St
Chalmers Josiah. manufacturer (Anderson
& Chalmers), West Newton house
Chapel D. & W. solicitors & notaries, 70
High street
Chapel David, solicitor '& notary (D, & W.
Chapel), & treasurer to the Harbour Trus-
tees of Arbroath, 7 ( J High street; res.
Chapel William, solicitor & registrar of
births, deaths & marriages, 70 High
street; res. Berrvfauld
Christie David, clerk. 32 Jamieson street
Christie David, hair dresser, IS West port
Christie Jas. insurance agt. Carnegie street
Christie J ames, janitor to High School,
High School lodge
Christie Peter, blacksmith, Lillies wynd
Christie Bachael (Mrs.), game dealer &
greengrocer, Hieh street
Cliristison Gertrude (Mrs..), grocer & spirit
dealer, 20 Ann street
Clark & Oliver, solicitors & notaries &
agents to National Bank of Scotland,
Brothock Bank house
Clark Elizabeth (Mrs.)- shopkeeper & lodg.
ing house, 3 South Grimsby
Clark John It. W. solicitor (Clark & Oliver),
& notarv public. West bank, Millgate loan
Clydesdale Bank Limited (branch) (W. &
W. H. Alexander, joint agts.), 62 High
street; draw on London office, 30 Lom-
bard street E C
Clvne Bobert, lirhthouse kpr. Lady loan
Coast Guard Station (Thomas Keightley,
boatman in charge), 11 Shore
Collier James, confectnr. 491 Militate loan
Colvtlle Samuel, plumber.Herron&Colville)
Commercial Bank of Scotland Hm. (branch)
(Wm. J. Kollo, agent), 110 High street ;
draw on London office, 62 Lombard st
E C & Coutts & Co. W C, London
Convalescent Home (Miss Ellen Bodger,
matron), Jenny swells
Cook David & Sons.plumbers &C.219 High st
Cooper & Co. tea dealers, 207 High street
Cooper Halliburton (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 7
Coppola Paolo, refreshment rooms, 230
High street & 01 Keptie street
Corn Exchange (W. K. Macdonald, sec),
16 Market place
Corsar Brothers, flax spinners & manufac-
turers, Applegate works & Brothock mill
Corsar Charles, manufacturer (David Cor-
sar & Sons), Boseby
Corsar David J. P. manufacturer (Corsar
Brothers), The Elms
Corsar David & Sons, -flax
spinners & manufacturers &
bleachers ; works, Nursery &
Almeriectose mills, Spring:
Garden factory & WaulkmilS
breach field, St. Vigeans; depot,
Liverpool; & agencies at London, Cardiff,.
Newcastle - on - Tyne, Glasgow, Leith,..
Dublin & Belfast ; pay day, friday ; T A
" CORSAR, Arbroath " ; N T 87
Corsar David, jun. manufacturer (David;
Corsar & Sons-), Cairniehill
Corstorphine Harry, schoolmaster, 18 Vic-
toria street
Cosans Elizabeth (Miss), confectioner, 2&
Fergus street
Courie Betsy (Miss), ladies' underclothing,
20 Lordburn
Coutts Margt. (Mrs.), shopkpr. Russell st
Cowan William, Ship P.H. 10 Market gate
Cowie James A. grocer & wine & spirit
dealer, 103 High street
Cox James, schoolmaster, School house,
St. Vigeans
Crabb Thomas, blacksmith, Dickfield street
Craddouk John V. postmaster, Hill street.
Craig James Balfour, china, glass &c. dlr;.
37 Millgate & 4 West Grimsby
Craig Thomas, joiner, Elliot
Craig William, cabinet maker, 25 .Tames st
Crammond Peter, shoe maker, 83 Keptie st
Cramond William, spirit dealer, 31 Crosse
Mill wynd
Crawford Hugh, manager, Neville street
Crighton Mrs. householder, 20 Carnegie st
Croall Christina (Miss), teacher of music,.
13 Shore
Crockatt David (Mrs.), Victoria P.H.Cathe-
rine street
Crockett Christina (Miss), shopkeeper, 13
St. Marv street
Crockett William, Star P.H. & spirit dlr.
132 High street
Cromarty William, china &c. dealer, IS
Lillie's wynd
Crowe Geo. hair dresser, 10 Brothock brdg;
Cruickshank Jane S. (Mrs.), dress maker,.
25 Hamilton green
Cumming James, sail cloth manufacturer
(Balfour & Cumming"). Green bank
Cunningham J. & J. (Dundee), oil cake?
merchants (stores), 10 North Grimsby
Currie Margaret S. (Miss), schoolmistress,.
9 Bank street
Custom House (Bobert Graham, collector),.
65 Ladybridge street
Cuthbert David, boot ma. 50 Millgate loan
Cuthbsrt James, ironmonger & iron & seed!
merchant, 8 to 12 Commerce street; res.
Dagostino M. & A. confetnrs. 144 High st
Dalgarno George G. solicitor (Miln &, Dal-
garno), View bank, Springfield terrace
Dalcarno George G-. solicitor & notary
(Miln & Dalgarno) & sec. to the Arbroath
Public Buildings Co. Limited & agent for
Stubbs Trade Protection Society & John
Kemp & Co. sec. to Arbroath Savings
Bank & sec. to Auchmithie harbour trus-
tees; res. View bank. Sprinefield ter
Dall Ann (Mrs."), ponfertinner. 56 Sirlnev st
Dallachie John C. ship master, 24 Dal-
housie place
Daly John D. insur. agent, 46 Fergus sq
Dargie Alex. C. painter, 4 Dish'andtown st
Davidson Alice & Annie (Misses), tobac-
conists, 142 High street
Davidson Alexander, boot & shoe maker,
34 Barn green
Davidson Alex, M. schoolmstr. 14 Elliott st
Davidson John, tea & coffee dealer, 18 Brot-
hock bridge
Davidson Mary (Mrs), shopkpr. 04Keptie st
Davidson Robert, shopkeeper, 47 Helen st
Davidson Thomas, spirit vaults, 2Howard st
Davidson Thomas B. wine & spirit vaults,
17 Cairnie street
Davie Alexander, dentist, Brothock bridge
Davie George, hatter & hosier, 23 Com-
merce street
Davis Margt. (Mrs.), shopkpr. 3 Sidney st

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