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free revenue being- divided into annuities of
£40 each, among deserving- persons residing
in the parishes of Arbroath and St.Vigeans;
and Arrott's Mortification, bequeathed by
the late Dr. James Arrott, of Dundee, and
being 1 a capital sum amounting to about
£6,000, the free revenue of -which is
annually distributed in annuities of about
£6 each.
The land ha the neighbourhood of
Arbroath slopes gradually upwards from the
shore ; the surrounding country is agricul-
tural and for the most part very fertile, the
soil, though varied, being excellently adap-
ted for all the different grain and" green
crops usually grown in Scotland. About a
mile north-east the coast becomes very bold,
rocky and perpendicular", and comprises a
number of caves and arches perforated by
the action of the waves ; these are a great
attraction to visitors, having been rendered
famous by Sir Walter Scott in his " Anti-
quary." Near the harbour at Lady Loan is
a signal tower for communication with the
Bell (or Inch Cape) Bock, which rises from
the German Ocean, about 12 miles in a
south-easterly direction from Arbroath. Of
this rock, and the tradition attached to it,
a most entertaining account will be found in
Chambers' " Gazetteer," and other works.
.On "the rock" is a lighthouse, the first
etone of which was laid in July, 1808, and
the beacon first loomed over the deep on the
1st of February, 1811 : at the lighthouse
there are a principal lightkeeper and three
assistants : at the signal tower, on shore,
'each keeper has apartments for his family;
the tower is about 80 feet in height and is
furnished with an excellent telescope.
Signals are arranged with the persons at the
lighthouse on the rock by the lightkeeper on
shore daily at nine in the morning, weather
permitting : communication is by steamer
from Granton. Hospitaliield, the mansion
of the late Patrick Allan Fraser esq,
H.B.S.A. is now a school of art, and has
for its object the art education of*a limited
number of young men who have insufficient
means of their own, and who intend to
make art a profession. Students who show
sufficient promise are permitted to study
at the college without payment for tuition,
and receive board or lodging for a period
not exceeding 4 years from the date of
their admission : the building contains
many art treasures, and is open to the
public once a week during the summer
months ; it -was the Monkbarns of the
""Antiquary." The trustees of the late
Patrick Allan Fraser esq. of Hospitalfield,
and the representatives of John Jamieson
esq. of Denfield, are the principal land-
owners of Arbroath parish; and Mis. Fitz-
roy Fletcher, of Letham Grange, Sir
Leonard Lyell bart. of Kinnordy, the Hon.
Frederick John Bruce, of Seaton, John
Duncan esq. of Parkhill, F. F. Macdonald
esq. of Lochlands, and Sir Reginald H. A.
Ogilvy bart. of Baldovan, for St. Vigeans.
The area of the burgh is 1,006 acres; rate-
able value (parliamentary and royal),
£04,937; the population in 1891 was 22.9S7
and in 1901 was 22,546 in the parlia-
mentary, royal and municipal burgh; the
population of the wards (exclusive of ship-
ping) in 1901 was: Abbey, 4,873; Guthrie
Port, 4,093; High Street, 3,652; Keptie,
2.583; Lochlands, 3,775; Millgate, 3,399;
the area of the united parish of Arbroath
and St. Vigeans, including the burgh, is
12,752 acres: the rateable value, £20,605;
railways, £2,163, with a population of
â– 2,279.
The number of electors on the parlia
mentary register in 1903 was 3,405.
St. Vigeans is a parish, 8 miies from east
to west by 4 in depth, lying north of that
of Arbroath, with which, by an Order dated
28 May, 1895, it is incorporated for admini,
trative purposes, and contains the villages
of St. Vigeans, Auchmithie, and Marywell
and half the town of Arbroath ; it 13
bounded on the north and north-east by the
parish of Inverkeilor and south-west by
Oarmyllie, and is in the poor combination
and small debt court district of Arbroath.
The Arbroath railway station is in this
parish. The Established church here dates
icrom the 12th century. The name by which
this parish is now known is that of a
famous hermit who had his chapel and
hermitage at the Grange of Conan, near to
which was a baronial castle, named Gory,
• or Gregory. From "Whiting Ness, and as
far as Auchmithie, the coast is very rugged
and precipitous (gradually rising to Dick-
montlaw Hill, 250 feet above the sea
level) and contains a number of caves and
arched rocks, some of which may be
passed through in boats and others oil
foot; these form a great attraction, and
are much visited. The stream of the
Brofchock flows through the parish and
passes through the town of Arbroath,
entering the sea at its harbour. Mary-
well is a small village in this parish.
The population in 1901 of the ecclesiastical
parishes of Arbroath and St. Vigeans is
3,971 and 1,215 respectively, and the fol-
lowing quoad sacra parishes have been
formed out of the parishes of Arbroath
and St. Vigeans : Ladyloan, population
4.634; Abbev, 5,663; Inverbrothock, 4,976 ;
St. Margarets, 3,353 ; Colliston, 549, and
Auchmithie, 389. Letham Grange, in the
parish of St. Vigeans, the residence of
Mrs. Fletcher, is a large mansion in the
Grecian style, situated about 3 mile3 north
from Arbroath.
Post, M. O., T. M. O., E. D. & P. P.,
S. B. & A. & I. O. Hill street; John V.
Craddock, postmaster
Deliveries, 7 & S a.m. 3.50 & 7.40 p.m.;
dispatches, London, England & Foreign,
6.45 a.m. 1.45, 3.45, 5^45, 6.15 & 8.30
p.m.; Edinburgh, G.45 &11.15 a.m. 2.15,
4.30, 6.15 & 8.30 p.m.; Glasgow & Ire-
land, 6 45 & 11.15 a.m. 1.45, 3.45, 6.15
& 8.30 p.m. ; Per^h & Inverness, 6.45
a.m. 1.45. 3.45. 5.45 & 8.30 p.m. ; Dundee
& Fife, 6.45 & 11.15 a.m. 2.15. 4.30, 6.15
& 8.30 p.m. ; Aberdeen, Montrose &
Brechin, G.45 & 11.30 a.m. 3.45, 6.15 &
8.30 p.m.; Forfar, 1.45, 3.45, 5.45 & 8.30
p.m.; Auchmithie, Carmyllie, Chapelton,
Bonnington & Inverkeilor 6.45 a.m.
Friockheim, 6.45 a.m. & 3.45 p.m. ; Sun-
day, Aberdeen & the north, 8.45 a.m.;
all places 4.30 p.m
Letters to callers on sunday from 12.15 to
1.15, but no delivery. Office opened from
9 to 10 a.m. for telegraph business
Town Sub-Post & M. O. O., S. B. & A. &
I. Offices:—
36 Guthrie Port, James Bowman, sub-
postmaster: dispatches at 5.45 & 10.30
a.m. 1, 3, 5 & 7.40 p.m
20a, Keptie street, James R. Aitken, pub-
postmaster; dispatches at 5.45 it 10.30
a.m. 1, 3, 5 & 7.40 p.m. At this office
telegrams can be handed in only & tele-
graph money orders are issued & not
50 Cairnie street, Mrs. Elizabeth Gauldie,
sub-postmistress : dispatches at 5.45 &
10.30 a.m. 1, 3, 5 & 7.40 p.m
Town House, High street.
Provost, Colin Grant
Bailies. "William Alexander, Robert Melvin
& John Duncan
Councillors, George Rutherford Thomson,
James McWattie, Alex. Bobertson, Jas.
Henderson, Alex. Smith, Alex. M. Dun-
das, David D. Sandeman, James B.
Aitken, Andrew Lorimer, Samuel Fair-
weather, David Thornton & Francis
Dean of Guild, David Bobbie
Treasurer, Bobert Forbes
Town Clerk. William Kid Macdonald
Justice of Peace Clerk. David Littlejohn
Medical Officer of Health, James Keith
Anderson M.D
Burgh Survevor & Assessor. P. C. Smith
Procurator Fiscal, Duncan M'Neill
Town Chamberlain, "Wm. Fyfe Mackintosh
Police Bates Collector, Bobert Stuart
Chief Constable & Inspector of Nuisances,
Duncan M'Neill
Town Officers, James Petri* & Jn. Bodgers
Inspector of "Weights & Measures, P. C.
Secretary, William K. Macdonald
Treasurer, David Chapel
Secretary, William K. Macdonald
Harbour Master, David Petrie; TN 5
Collector of Dues, David Petrie
Commerce street.
Small Debt, Debts Recovery & Ordinary
Court held every Wednesday at 11 o'clock.
Sheriff, Henry Johnston K.C
Sheriff Substitute, Bremner P. Lee
Hon. SherifE Substitutes, William K. Mac-
donald & Alex. D. Anderson
Sheriff Clerk Depute & Auditor of Court,
James* Duncan
Bar Officer, John Rodgers
SherifE Officer, David Kinnear
Germany, Norway & Sweden, Peter Spankie
(acting), 3 Shore
Inland Revenue Office for Legacy & Income
Tax Duties, Property Tax & Estate
Duties, Town house, High street, Wm.
K. Macdonald, collector
Inland Revenue Office, West Newgate street,
Frederick Callaway & William G. Mor-
ley, officers
For the parishes of Arbroath & St.Vigeans.
Robert Stuart, inspector
Henry George Seaton, collector
For Arbroath, William Chapel, High st. ;
assistant, Henry Paterson
For St. Vigeans, John Stewart, Letham
Mill house, St. Vigeans
High common.
Hon. Seo. William K. Macdonald
Hon. Treasurer, William John Rollo
Consulting Medical Officer, James A. De-
war M.D
Surgeons, Jas. Keith Anderson M.D. David
Laing M.D. William J. Dewar M.B., CM.
& J. D. Gilruth M.B
High common.
Surgeon, James K. Anderson M.D
Jenny swells.
Matron, Miss Ellen Rodger
Brechin road.
Governor, Andrew Minto
Matron, Mrs. S. E. Minto
Medical Officer, James A. Dewar M.D
Chaplain, Rev. George Kydd Cuthbert
Arbroath & District Isolation Hospital, on
the Forfar road, for infectious diseases
Burgh Surveyor's Office, Police chambers,
Peter C. Smith, surveyor
Cemetery (Western), Forfar road, Robert
Rust, superintendent
Cemetery (Eastern), Montrose road, Robert
Rust, superintendent
Cemetery, St. Vigeans, Andrew D. Bennett,
Bank Street Hall (Andrew Lorimer,prop.),
Bank street
Coast Guard Station, 11 Shore, Thomaa
Keightley, boatman in charge
Corn Exchange, Market place, William K.
Macdonald, sec
Custom House, 65 Ladybridge street, Koberfc
Graham, collector
Fire Station, Gravesend, 'Roland Farquhar,
fire master ; T N 7
Guildhall, 00 High street, Norman Ander-
son, guildry officer
Justice of Peace Court, Commerce street,
David Littlejohn, clerk to justices
Life Boat, East Grimsby, Norman McBain,
Market Hall, Market pi. Jn. Rodgers, kpr
Masonic Halls. Panmure (No. 299), 19 Hill
street; St. Thomas's (No. 40), Park st.
& St. Vigeans (No. 101) at the White
Hart hotel
Patent Slip, The Harbour
Pilot Office, Shore, David Petrie, pilot mstr
Police Office, Market place,Duncan M'Neill,
chief constable; T N 7
Police Rates Office, Parish Council build-
ings, Hill street; Robert Stuart, collectr
Public Hall, 64 High st. Abner Joiner, kpr
Public Free Library & Reading Room, John
Hosie, librarian, Hill terrace
Rocket Life Saving Apparatus (Board of
Trade), East Grimsby
Signal Tower (Bell Rock), Lady loan,
Robert Chyne, principal keeper
Stamp Office, Town house, William K. Mac-
donald, sub-distributor
Town Clerk's Office, Town house, William.
K. Macdonald, town clerk
Town House, High street, J. Petrie, keeper
Victoria Hall, James st. Adam Oliver, eeo
Waterworks, Nolt Loan road, John R.
Smart, manager & engineer
Weights & Measures Office (Burgh), Police
chambers, Peter C. Smith, inspector

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