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Anderson Archibald, spirit dealer & public
house keeper
Bain John, grocer & general dealer
Brown John, tailor
Douglas Spence, blacksmith
Duncan Ann L. (Mrs.), confectioner
Keay David, tailor & sub-postmaster
Latto John, spirit dealer & public house kpr
Niven William, butcher
Strathkinness Co-operative Society Limited
Taylor Robert, boot & shoe maker
Taylor Robert, nurseryman,
Thorn Andrew, joiner
Young William, blacksmith
Yule John, grocer & general dealer
STRATHMIGLO is a burgh of barony
and a parish in the north-western portion
of the county, 2 miles south-west of Auch-
termuchty, 3" north-west from Falkland and
S north-west from Kinross, with a station
on the Mawcarse and Ladybank section of
Che North British railway. The parish ex-
tends 4 miles from north to south by 4 in
'breadth, and is bounded north by parts of
Abernethy and Arngask, west and south-
west by Kinross-shire, south-east by Falk-
land and north-east by Auchtermuchty ; it
lis in the small debt court district of Auch-
itermuchty. The burgh consists of two
portions,, Cashfeus and Strathmiglo, and
3ms two principal streets, with several
diverging lanes. The Town house stands
near the centre of the principal street; it
has a square tower, with a balustraded
roarapet, the whole being surmounted by a
.spire nearly 80 feet high. On the front of
ihe tower is a stone sun-dial, now much
-defaced ; and above this are the arms of the
house of Burleigh. By a charter granted
in 1G00 the detached portions of Feus
were erected into a burgh of barony,
and this grant was confirmed by
-James VI. in 1605, but the nomination
of bailies and admittance of burgesses was
•vested in the person of the superior. On
the opposite side of the Miglo is- the village
of the Fpus of Cash, and between the old
(town and this village is a level meadow
•called Town green, intersected by the Miglo
*md belonging to the burgh. The principal
trade is the manufacture of linen, and there
is ! also a large bleach work?. A fair is
held at Strathmielo on the last Friday in
June. Lord Edward Ninian Crichton-
&tuarb, of Falkland, Charles McGill Crich-
fcon esq. of Lathrisk, Wm. B. Skene esq.
X>.L., J. P. of Pitlour House, and Col. Hugh
Annesley Cheape, of Wellfield, are the
principal landowners. The area of the
rDarish comprises 9,162 acres ; rateable
value, £12,697; the population in 1891 was
l,75:i, and in 1901, 1,618, including 960
in the burgh.
Gateside is a village in the parish of
Strathmiglo, distant 2 miles west from the
â– Tillage, with a station on the Mawcarse
find Ladybank section of the North British
â– railway, and contains a United Free church
and a board school.
iPost, T. & M. 0. 0., T. M. O. & S. B.
Strathmiglo; James Peggie, postmaster.
j'Raihrar Sub-OHice. Letters should have
R.S.O. "Fifeshire added.) Deliveries, 9
a.m. & 6.15 p.m.; dispatches, 7.13 a.m.
& 4.28 & 7.45 p.m
£?ost Office. G-ateside ; Mrs. Isabella Gra-
ham, sub-postmistress. (Railwav Sub-
Office. Letters should have R.S.O. Fife-
shire added.) Deliveries, 9 a.m. & 6.20
p.m. ; dispatches, 7 a.m. & 4 p.m. Pos-
tal Orders are issued & paid here. The
..nearest money order & telegraph office
is at Strathmiglo, 2 miles distant
"Chairman. George Knox
Clerk, James Peggie
Begistrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages &
inspector of Poor, James Peggie
Collector of Poor Rate, Andrew Allan
Cemetery, John Elder, cnpfHntendent
Police Station, Robert Clydesdale, constable
Town Hall, Richard Allison, keener
Shepherd's Hall, John Crichton, keeper
Established Church, Rev. Jas. Rankin M.A
North United Free Church, Rev. John
United Free, Gateside, Rev. James Law-
son M.A
Chairman, Robert Dick Thorn J.P
Clerk, James Peggie
Board Schools: —
Strathmiglo, for 354 chil dren ; avera ge
attendance, 198 ; George Braid, master
Gateside, for 107 children; average at-
tendance, 90 ; George Wm. Duff, master
On the Fife & Kinross branch of the North
British line.
Station, Strathmiglo, John Brown, station
Station, Gateside, Peter Jamieson, station
Anderson Norman William M.D. High st
Cheape L'ol. Hugh Annesley, of Wellfield
Kilgour Rev. James
Mclnnis Peter, Mansfield
Munro Rev. John, North United Free
Church manse
Rankin Rev. James M.A. (Established
Church), The Manse
Roberts Mrs. Pitgorno
Sheriff Misses, Gorno errove
Skene William Baillie D.L., J.P. Pitlour ho
Thomson John, Cash Feus
Thomson William, Millfield
Troup Francis, Edenside
Early closing day, Thursday.
Allan Andrew, collector of poor rates
Allison Rtichard, confectioner & stationer,
High street
Anderson Norman William M.D.Aberdeen,
surgeon, parochial medical officer, certi-
fying factory surgeon & district medical
officer for Edinburgh & Leith Parish
Council, High street
Arthur Jessie D. (Miss), grocer &c. High st
Bank of Scotland (sub-branch) (Archibald
Wa'.ker, agt.), open Wednesdays & fridays
Bell William, Railway tavern
Eeveridge James (Mrs.), upholsterer
Biyth William, baker
Braid George, schoolmaster
Brown John, station master
Buehan Peter, builder, Cash fens
Buchanan Thomas, gas manager
Cemetery (John Elder, superintendent)
Christie Jas. saw mills oj umber merchant,
East mill
Christie Matthew, timber merchant & saw-
mill owner
Coal Society, coal dealers (Matthew Sharp,
Dry burgh Andrew, slater & plasterer
Duncan John, High street
Eadie Thoa. grocer & ironmonger, High st
Eadie Matthew, joiner
Elder John, cemetery superintendent
Elder Robert, draper, High street
Esplin John, Stnitheden hotel
Farmer David, blacksmith, High street
Ford William, P. house furnisher, High st
Gas Works (Thomas Buchanan, manager)
Guild James, spirit dlr. (Royal), High st
Henderson William, butcher. High street
Herd Henry, wright & joiner
Herd William, wright & joiner
Hogg Andrew T. boot .& shoe mkr. High st
Knox George, tailor & draper & insurance
agen* (Northern), High street
Lister John, builder & mason, Back" dykes •'
Mackenzie T. Y. & Co. watch makers,
jewellers & cycle agents, High street
Maxwell J. & G. wrights & joiners
Miller Robert., builder, Cash fens
Morrison Janet (Miss), dress maker, Russell
Page Jas. grocer & spirit dealer, Cash feu3
Peggie James, inspector of poor, registrar
of births, deaths & marriages. Insurance
agent & clerk to school board & parish
council & postmaster
Rafter ty James, painter & paperhanger
Reid John, blacksmith, High street
Reid Robert, china & glass dealer, High st
Robb James, slater & plasterer
Robertson David, tailor &. draper, High st
Robertson John, manager of bleach works .
Robertson William C. grocer, Cash feus
Shepherd's Hall (John Crichton, keeper) -
Shields John & Co. Ltd. bleachers
Skinner Henry, tailor, draper & dress ma
Smith Geo. baker & confectioner. High st
Strathden Bowling Club (James Peggie,sec)
Strathmiglo & District Horticultural & Or-
nithological Society (Alex. Sharp, sec)
Thomson John, grocer & spirit dlr. High st â– 
Thomson Wm. & Son, linen manufacturers
Thomson Alex. N. linen manufacturer;
T A " Ant"
Town hall (Richard Allison, keeper)
Walker Archibald, solicitor
Watson George, tobacconist, High street
Wishart Ann (Mrs.), draper, dress maker
& milliner
Wishart Maggie (Miss), grocer & confec-
tioner, Cash feus
Wishart John,, hand loom linen manufactr
Wyles Andrew, boot & shoe mkr. High st
Allan Andrew, Raecruick
Amos Walter, Drumdreel
Bed William, Lappie
Calder James, Corston mill
Cheape Col. Hugh, Wellfield & Pitgorno
Christie James, East mill
Constable James Peter, Leden, Urquhart
Dow Jame3 Walter, Carmore, by Glenfarg
Dykes David, Kincraigie
Fleming George, Easter Upper Urquhart
Forbes John, Bannaty mill
Gilroy George, Wester Upper Urquhart
Guild Malcolm, Balcanquhal
Kinnaird Henry, Corinzion
Leburn Patrick M. G. Upper Pitlochie
Lyall Mrs. Robert, Bannaty
Maxwell James, Barronton
Oliphant Francis, New inn
fhJ.ip Thomas, Wester Cash
Rattray John, Laceston
Rutherford James, Nochnarie
Storrer George, Wester Nether Urquhart
Thorn Robert D., J.P. Nether Pitlochie, by
Tod David, Gospetrv. by Milnathort
Tod James, Easter Cash
Wallace David, Easter Nether Urquhart
Wilkie John M. *> estbank
Bruce James W. S. Edenshead house
Grant John A. Wellfield
Lawson Rev. Jame3 M.A., United Free
Church, Edenshead manse
Leburn Patrick M. G. Gateside house
Nichol Mrs
Allan John, spirit dealer, Edenshead Arm3
Duff Georire William, schoolmaster
Gateside Mill Co. shuttle makers & bobbin
Graham Isabella (Mrs.), grocer & post office
Hav Matthew, farm bailiff to Col. Hugh A.
Cheape (of Wellfield)
Jamieson Peter, station master
Tusker Thomas, blacksmith
Watson Daniel, joiner
TAYPORT, known originally as South
Ferry, then successively Ferry of Scots-
craig and Ferry-port-on-Craig (a name now
confined to the parish in which the town is
â– situated), is a seaport town and police burgh
and was made such in the year 1887,
and is governed by a provost, two bailies and
six commissioners. Many houses and villas
have been erected on the slopes of tfie Tay,
commanding ti fine prospect of the opposite
shore; it has become to some extent a
residential suburb of Dundee, and is
situated on the Firth of Tay, opposite to
Broughty "Ferry, at about a mile distance
by water, 11 miles north-by-east from
Cupar, and 5 south-east from Dundee; it
has a station on the St. Andrews,
Leuchars and Tayport section of the North
British railway, and is connected by a
branch with the Tay bridge. For facilitat-
ing the , shipping of goods, the railway
company have constructed a dock and a
pier, which can he approached by
steamers at certain times of the tides.
There are two factories here for the spinnins
of yarns and the manufacture of linen and
jute goods, also a foundry, engine works,
and an extensive timber yard and works,
which provide employment for many of the
inhabitants. The North of Scotland Bank -
Limited has a branch here. The salmon
fishery, which is co-extensive with the
coast line of the parish, is actively pursued
during the season, the fish being mostly
sent to the London markets; mussel dredg-
ing is also carried on extensively in the

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