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666 newburgh".
McKinlay George, blacksmith, Shore road
McKinlay James, clerk to the landward
committee, clerk & inspector of poor &
collector of rates to the Pariah Council
McLaren James, grocer, 128 High street
McLaren Joseph, coal mer. Railway station
McLaren Robert, greengrocer, 179 High st
McLean Alex, househldr. Mount Pleasant
McMillan John M.B., C.M.Edin. surgeon,
Tay grove
Masonio Hall (Xindores Lodge of Free-
ihasons, Nb. 106) (Charles Batchelor,
treas. ; Sergt. Wm. Black, sec), High st
Melville Henrv, dairvman & cowkeeper,
224 High street
Menzies Margaret (Mrs.),grocer,231 High st
Millar Alison (Miss), dress ma.143 High st
Mitchell Thomas, tailor, 4 High street
Mollison Lizzie & Nellie (Misses), 99 High st
Moodie John, spirit dealer, Station road
Morgan R. & G. drapers, 64 High street
Morgan David H. agent for the Life AssO'
ciation of Scotland, 64 High street
Morris Jas. dairyman & cowkpr. The Butts
Nairn Robert, manager, Mount Pleasant
Ness "William, grocer, 100 High street
Newburgh & District Co-operative Society
Lim. (Johnstone Morris, sec), 128 High st
Newburgh & Mount Pleasant Baking So-
ciety Ltd. 76 High street
Niven Thomas M.B., C.M., J.P. surgeon,
medical officer of health for Newburgh,
parochial medical officer for Newburgh,
Abdie, . Abernethy, Creich, - Dunbog &
Plisk & certifying factory surgeon, 42
High street
Norrie Edward 6c Son, slaters, 164 High st
Oliphant Ann (Miss"), confectr. 30 High st
Paterson Alexander, plumber & gashtter,
166 High street
Patton James W. town's officer, 60 High st
Pinker.ton & Sneddon, solicitors & notaries,
110 High street; & at Perth -
Pitkethly Jas. C. & Co. drapers,67 High st
Public Hall (Peter Anderson, sec), High st
Rennie Richard Gavin, burgh treasurer &
spirit dealer (Ship tavern), 78 High st.
& fruit grower, Dalgowan
Robertson Alexander (trustees of), quarry
owner. Mount Pleasant
Robertson Janet (Mrs.), grngrcr,121High st
Rodger Francis, householder, Shore road
Rodger Joseph (Mrs.), grocer, 58 High st
Ross John & David S. builders & stone
masons, 217 High street
Savings Bank (Peter Anderson, actuary &
cashier; Wm. Patton, sec), 177 High st
Sime Alexander, saddler <x cycle maker &
billiard room proprietor, 9 & 14 High at
Simpson W. & A. drapers, 154 High street
Simpson David P. draper, 88 High street
Simpson Peter, linen manufctr. 98 High st
Simpson William, agent for the Commercial
Union Assurance Co. Ltd. 154 Hieh st
Sives- Jn. grocer & spirit dealer,174 High st
NEWPORT, a handsome village and a
police burgh, in the civil parish of Forgan
and quoad sacra parish formed from For-
gan, stretching along the Firth of Tay, is
picturesquely situated, directly opposite to
Dundee, and about 2 miles north there-
from, and 3 south-west from Tayport, the
ground sloping upwards to a considerable
height from the river Tay. Many villas
have been erected here ; and as there is
constant communication with Dundee by
railway since the opening of the Tay
Bridge, and also by the steamers which ply
hourly, and the climate being salubrious
and comparatively mild, it has now become
a popular suburb of Dundee. The south
â– end of the Tay Bridge is at Wormit, about
a mile to the west of Newport. There is a
station on the North British railway at
East Newport for goods and passengers,
and one at West Newport for passengers
' only. Newport was made a burgh in No-
vember, 1887, and is governed by a
frovost, two bailies and six commissioners.
t possesses five churches, and a public
hall, erected at a cost of £4,000. The area
of the burgh is 306; rateable value,
£30,468. Population in 1891, 2,700, and in
1901 was burgh, 3,976, and ecclesiastical
parish, 2,063.
Wormit (now incorporated' with New-
port) is pleasantly and conveniently
situated for Dundee business men; there
is a station here on the North British line,
and many villas overlooking the river have
been erected since the opening of the Tay
Bridge. There is an Established Church
and a United Free Church. The popula-
tion in 1901 was 876.
Post, T., M. O.. T. M. O., E. D. &
P. P-, S. B. & A. A I. 0. Newport;
Smith David, police conBtable, Town hall
SLaddon John, grocer, 30 High atreet
SneddonAndrew M.(Pinkerton & Sneddon),
solicitor & town clerk, 110 High atreet
Speed James P. painter & picture frame
maker. 29 High atreet
Spence Thomas, butcher, 103 High street
Spiers David, land steward for Edmund de
la Paterson Balfour-Hay esq. Mugdrum
Storer Thomas, grocer & spirit dealer,
shipping agent for Allan & Union Castle
lines & insurance agent
Suttie .Tas.baker & confectioner,22D High st
Tayside (The) Floorcloth Co. Limited, floor-
cloth & linoleum manufacturers (Thomas
S. Greig, managing director); TA
"Floorcloth, Newburgh"
Taylor Robert & Co. linen manufacturers,
Tay works, Shore
Taylor Robert, ship owner, Tayside house
Tyrie Alex.engnr. & millwright, West shore
Tyrie Wm. cycle agt. & repairer.Clinton st
Walker Francis, manager, 3 Station road
Walker Peter, chimney swpr. Mt. Pleasant
Wallace Thomas, joiner <& wright &c.
Shore road
Wemyss Jas. grocer & spirit dlr.108 High st
White Henry, tallow chandler, 26 High st
Wilkie Geo. market gardnr. 5 & 7 High st
Wilkie Jane (Mrs.), grocer, 122 High street
Williamson Alexander, confectioner & res-
taurant, 134 High street
Williamson Euphemia (Mrs.), dairy keeper
241 High street
Wilson Thomas, registrar of births, deaths
& marriages & session clerk, 114 High st
Wilson Wm. draper o; tailor <Sb agent for the
Scottish & National Insurance Co. 115
High street
Wilson William, traveller, 34 High street
Wilson William, saddler, 104 High street
Wilson William Douglas, stationer & tobac-
conist, 153 High street
Wishart Jane M. (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 212
High street
Wood James W. (Mrs.), bookseller, sta-
tioner & printer, 70 High street
Wyllie B. & Co. butchers, 65 High street
Young James; baker & confetnr. 1 High 6t
Zuceoni Luigi, confectioner, 13!) High st
Beckett David, West shore
Brown Robert, Wester Lumbennie
Fenton Andrew, Bank farm
Ford Michael P. Easter Colzie
Reekie David & John, Ninewells
Bobb William (reps, of), Lindores abbey
Rowat Robert, Easter Lumbennie
Thomson George, Lochmill
NEWBXTKN is a parish, on the north-east
coast of Largo Bay, its kirktown being two
miles north-east from Largo, 5 from Leven,
and 10 south-by-west from St. Andrews.
Alexander M. Anderson, postmaster.
(Letters should have R.S.O. Fifeshire
added to them.) Deliveries, 6.50 & 9.30
a.m. & 3.40 & 6.40 p.m.; dispafches,
6.20 & 11.20 a.m. & 1.40, 4.20 & 8.5
p.m. ; sundav at 10.20 a.m
Post, T. & M.' O. 0.; S, B. & A. ,t I. O.
Wormit; Mrs. Ann Dundas, sub-post-
mistress. Letters through Dundee, de-
livered 6.45 & 9.50 a.m. A 5.35 p.m.;
dispatch, 7.15 a.m. & 1.30, 4.45 &
8.15 p.m
Blyth Hall buildings, Scott st. Newport.
Provost, Thomas Roger
First Bailie, James Young
Second Bailie, William Robertson
Commissioners, six
Clerk, John Scrimgeour
Town Chamberlain & Collector, Frederick
G. Kemp •
Medical Officer of Health, John Stewart
Sanitary Inspector, William Walker
Blyth Memorial Public Hall, J. Dunae,
hall keeper
Police Station, King street, Laurence
Anderson,' sergeant
Public Library, Newport, Geo, Murdoch,
Wormit Waterworks, Alex. G. Strachan,
Established Churches: —
Newport (St. Thomas'), Rev. Thomas
Fraser D.D
Wormit, Rev. Robert Constable Mitchell
The parish, which extends 3 miles from north
to south by 1§ breadth, is in the small debt
court district of Leven, and is bounded
north and west by Largo, east by Elie and
Kilconquhar, and south by the Bay of
Largo. The nearest railway station is at
Largo on the Thornton, Anstruther and St.
Andrews section of the North British rail-
way. Three-fourths of the land is under
cultivation, and the inhabitants are depend-
ant on agriculture for employment. Col. J.
Anstruther-Thomson V.D. of Charleton,
Colinsburgh, and W. Baird esq. of Elie,
are the principal landowners. The area
comprises 3,046 acres; rateable value,
£4,319. The population in 1891 wa3 322,
and in 1901, 292.
Letters through Lower Largo R.S.O
Chairman, James Murray
Clerk, F. R. Lumsden
Medical Orficer, William Stuart Palm M.B.,
CM. Upper Largo
Inspector of Poor & Collector of Rates &
Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages,
Frederick R. Lumsden
Established Church, Rev. George Geikle,
Chairman, Col. J. Anstruther-Thomson
Clerk, F. R. Lumsden
School, Frederick It. Lumsden, master
Anstruther Mrs. Zaida May, Balchrystie
(letters through Colinsburgh R.S.O)
Baxter John Henrv J.P. Gilston (letters
through Colinsburgh R.S.O)
Fortune George R. Rosebank
Geikie Rev. George (Established)
Jeffrey Miss N. Lahill honse
Rintoul Mrs. Lahill house
Lumsden Frederick R. registrar of births,
deaths & marriages, inspector of poor &
collector of rates & clerk to school board
& Parish Council
Ness James,, joiner & cartwright
Sime Andrew, boot & shoe maker
Sime John, builder & mason
B.in.l J. & R. Dumlarnie
Cunningham William, Wester Newburn
Graham James, Lahill Mains
Milne David, Monturpie
Murray James, Lahill Craig
Pryde William, Catherle
Reid George, Wester Coates
Robertson J. & J. Newburn farm
Sime Mrs. Rachel, BroomhaU
Struthers John & Thomas, Coates
United Free Churches: —
Newport, Rev. Frederick J. Roe M.A
Newport, Rev. James S- Scotland
Wormit, Rev. John A. Tweedie
Episcopal Church (St. Mary's), Newport,
Rev. Samuel Baggaley Hodson
Congregational, Newport, Rev. Wm. Wood
Roman Catholic, Newport, Rev. Patrick J.
Board, Newport, built in 1878, for 400 chil-
dren ; John Fergusson, master
Wormit, David Allison M.A. master
On the Dundee, Newport & Tayport section
of the North British line.
Station, East Newport, James Duncan,
station master
Station, West Newport, Thomas Allan,
station master
Station, Wormit, John Lawson, stn. master
By Bteamer from Dundee every three-
quarters of an hour from 6 a.m. to 11.15
p.m. & to Dundee from 6.30 a.m. to 11.35
p.m. ; Sundays, 8 times from 9 a.m. to
8.30 p.m
The letters E & W denote East & West
Adie Miss, Fuschia cottage, W
Agnew Hillary, 16 Norwood terrace, E
Aitken James, 2 Woodbine terrace
Aitken Miss, 5 Norwood terrace, E
Alexander Siegmund, St. Phillan's, E
Allan Thomas, Holly cottage, W

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