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Patterson J. G-. & Miller C. A. 253 High Bt
Thomson James Rowan C. A. 214 High st
Turnhnll Arthur, 17 Rose street
Wallace William Dunn, 51 High street
Whyte David, 242 High street
Agent — Coal.
Brown James, Sinclairtown station
Agents — Coininission.
Anderson William, Montgomery street
Brown David, Craigower, Carlyle road
Curror Peter, 26 Douglas street
Galloway P. J. 4 Murray place, Milton road
Thorn James, 7 G-ow crescent
Williamson William & Son, 20 Rose street
Agent — Emigration.
Burt James^ 184 &, 18G High street
Agents — Forwarding.
Mutter, Howcy & Co. (to North British Rail-
way Co.), Railway station
Reid John, 10 High street
Reid John (for Mutter, Howey & Co. car-
riers). Railway station
Ross John (to North Eastern Railway
Co.), 2 Douglas street
Ale & Stout Bottlers.
Jenkinsou W. &, J. 25 Thistle street
'Dewar Mrs. Janet, 36 David street
Inglis Mrs. David, 1!I7 High street
Jackson Miss Mary, 33 Hill street
Johnson Miss Maria, 40 Dunnikier road
Kelly Mrs. Elizabeth, 76 Balfour street
Main Mrs. Maria, 50 Dunnikier road
Mathewson Miss Christina, 8 Whytehouse
' mansions, High street
Moves Mrs. Rachel, 29 Dunnikier road
Noonan Mrs. Elizabeth, 45a, High Btreet
Page Miss, 8 Lina street
Smith Mrs. Janet, 7 Harley terrace
Walker Miss Catherine, 12" Balfour street
Hunter Robert, 36 James grove
Paxton Richard H. 18 Kirk wynd
Rough John, 9 & 11 Nicol street
Birrell William, 200 High street
Dow William, 259 High street
Hunter Robert, 36 James grove
Murray John, St. Brycedale chambers,
Hunter street
Smith David Forbes A.R.I.B.A. 210 High st
Swanston John D. 242 High street
Williamson William, 220 High street
Artificial Teeth Makers.
B,eld Alexander D. 13 Whytehouse man-
sions, High street
Artists' Colorman.
Blewes David, 110 High street
IKenny Joseph, 49 Market street
Rough Johu, 9 & 11 Nicol street
Baby Linen Warehouse.
Mult Miss Withelmina. 80b, High street
Pearson Miss Helen, 83 Balsusney road
Bacon & Ham Curers.
Fifeshire Curing & Bacon Co. 40 Links st
Alexander Mrs. Christina, 301 Links st
Alexander Alexander, 113 Links street &
36 Harcourt road
Archibald W. Main, 3 Links street
Beveridge Robert, 311 High street
Brock George. 241 High street
Child Joseph, 38 St. Clair street, Sin-
< 'hisholm J:jmes, 405 High street
Dick William. 83 High street
Galloway Alexander,- 216 Links street
Gallowav Mrs. Mary, 222 St. Clair street,
Grinton David. 230 Rosslyn st. Gallatown
Ounn David, 70 Mid street, Pathhead
Hunter Lawrence, 117 Commercial street,
T " ; dd John & Alex. 161 Rosslyn st.Gallatwn
Kininmonth David, 143 High street
Links New Bread Society, Milton road &
Bethelfield place-, High street
Liinks Old Bread Societv, 104 Links street
Low William & Co. 251 High street
. '-Cathie William. 175 High street
McFarlane Duncan, 87 Mid st. Pathhead
MeGilWary Thomas, 61 Dunnikier road
M^Glashan Prank, 67 Eosslyn street,
Morrison James, 144 & 146 High street
Pillans Andrew R. 58 Links street
Rae Charles, 153 Commercial st. Pathhead
Robertson David, 63, 65 & 67 Commercial
street, Pathhead
Salmond R. & J. 344 High street
Seath James, 343 High street
Stewart John, 73 Dunnikier road
Strang Thos. 104 Mid street, Pathhead
Thorn Charles, 385 High street
Trotter James, 293a. Links street
Wilkie William, 174 High st. ; & at Dysart
Bank of Scotland (branch) (Wm. Young,
agent; Alexander Campbell, accountant),
226 High street; head office, Edinburgh;
dra.v on London office, 19 Bishopsgate st.
within E C, Coutts & Co. W C, & Bank
of England E C, London
British Linen Co. Bank (branch) (William
M. Dow, agent ; P. R. Gilbert, sub-
ngent), 114 High street; head office,
Edinburgh ; draw on London office,
Threadneedle street E C, & Bank of
England E C, London
Clydesdale Bank Limited (William L.
Macindoe, agent), 170 High st. ; draw
on London office, 30 Lombard street E C
Commercial Bank of Scotland Limited
(branches) (John -Sutherland, agpnt ;
Robert Hamilton, accountant), 152 High
street & (John McCrea, agent ; Robert
Kay, accountant.) 50 St. Clair street, Path-
head ; heid office, Edinburgh; draw on
London office, 62 Lombard street E C &
Coutts & Co. W C, i>nc!on
National Bank of Scotland Lira, (branches)
(James M. Brewster, agent), 191 High
street & (George Blair, "agent), 120 Mid
street, Pathhead ; head office, Edin-
burgh ; draw on London office, 37 Nicho-
las lane E C, Bank of England E C,
Glyn, Mills, Currie & Co. E C, Coutts &
Co. W C & Union Bank of London Lim.
E C, London
North of Scotland Bank Limited (branch)
(Beveridge & Aitken, joint agents; Jn.
Milne Stephen, accountant), 218 High
street; draw on Union Bank of London
Limited E C & Barclay & Co. Limited
E C, London
Royal Bank of Scotland (branch) (John
Young, agent), 223 High street; draw
on London office. 123 Bishopsgate street
within E C, Coutts & Co. W C & Bank of
England E C, London
Savings Bank (Alexander Davidson, hon.
treasurer; William Williamson, actuary;
Alexander Campbell, auditor), Kirk
wynd ; open Saturday afternoon 1.30 to
3 & 6.30 to 8.30 p.m"; tuesday & thurs
day evenings, 6.30 to 8 ; branches at
Pathhead & Links street, open friday
evening 7 to S
Union Bank of Scotland Limited (branch)
(Edward G. C. Welsh, agent ; John
Doctor .Robb, accountant), 135 High st. ;
head offices, Glasgow & Edinburgh ;
draw on London office, 62 Cornhill E C &
Bank of England E C, London
Basket Maker.
Dowie Walter, 140 High street
Bedding Manufacturers.
Wright James & Co. 66 High street
Berlin Wool Repositories.
Grant Misses Margaret & Mary, 124 High st
Kininmonth Misses C. & E. 151 High street
Bicycle & Tricycle Makers &
See Cycle Makers & Agents.
Bill Posters.
Fifeshire Billposting Co. 18 Cowan street
Billiard Rooms.
Kilpatriok James, 21 Rose street
Bird & Animal Preserver.
Skinner John, 9 Whyte's causeway
Birmingham & Sheffield Ware-
Dove James & Thomas A. 246 High street
Marked thus a are Farriers.
Anderson William, 37 Bridgeton
Barnet & Morton, 192 & 194 High street
Brownlee Alexander, 2 Carlyle road
Crawford David, 2 Yiewforth street, Sin-
Cumming John, Malcolm's wynd
Davie James Watson, 55 Hill street
Dempster George, 71 Nether st Pathhead
Gourlay William, Mitchell street
Grubb James, 367 High street
Hay Andrew, Temple hall, Abbotshall
aLow Alex. & Sons., Rosslyn st. Gallatown
Low Alexander, Overton road, Sinclairtown
Lumsden Alexander, Burleigh street
Mnckie Andrew, 98 Nicol street
Masterton Henry, March st. Sinclairtown.
Moyes James, Balwearie mill
Kitchie Frank, Sands road
Thomson Brothers, 236 & 238 High street &
40 & 42 Commercial street, Pathhead
Turnbull Robert, Chapel
Whitton William, 36 St. Clair street, Sin-
Balfour Alexander & Co. 17 Rose street;
works, Markinch
Davidson Alexander, Tyrie bleach works
Heggie & Livingstone, 2 Links street; works,,
Beath, Bleachfields, Cowdenbeath
Honeyman David S. Denburn bleach works
Blouse Manufacturer.
Irvine Peter, 210 High street
Boiler Coverer.
M'Intyre John, Den road
Boiler Makers.
Bryce John, 23 Dunnikier road
Douglas & Grant, Dunnikier foundry
Steel (The) Pipe Co. Lim. (vertical &
cornish), Dunnikier road
Burt James, 184 & 1S6 High street
Turner Joseph, 36 Hill street
Burt James, 184 & 186 High street
Davidson John &â–  Son, 111 High street
Fergus William, 222 High street
Henderson George (secondhand), 39High st
Menzies John & Co. Railway station
Robertson M. &. E. 10 Links street
Young J. & D. 132 High street
Boot & Shoe Makers.
Alexander & Co. 195 High street
Blaik George, 82 Alexander street
Brodie Hugh, 99 Links street
Buchanan Andrew & Son, 178 High street
Burgess Charles, 74 Dunnikier road
Burgess Charles, jun. 1 Glebe park
Calder Joseph, 221 St. Clair street, Sin-
Collier Simm Limited, 201 High street
Davidson Charles, 133 Commercial street,
Pathhead & 50a, Balsusney road
Davidson James, 208 Rosslyn st. Gallatown
Dick Mrs. Jane. 87 High street
Dundee Equitable Boot Depot, 46 & 245
High street
Grav Colin, 16 Institution st. Sinclairtown
Gray William C. 38 Links street
Henderson George, 112 High street & 120
Commercial street, Pathhead
Higgins James (repairer), 126 Rosslyn et.
Hutchison James, 12 Charlotte street
Liddle William, 214 St. Clair street, Sin-
M'Govern Owen, 11 Links street
Mackie Robert, 449 High street
Marshall James, 249 & 314 High street &
47 Balsusney road
Myles Andrew, 5 Loughborough road,
Nicholson Miss Margaret, 322 Links street
Pavne William, 27 Kirk wvnd
Peters W. Main, 242 Links street
Simpson Robert, 65 Rosslyn st. Gallatown
& 142 St. Clair street, Sinclairtown
Smith Thomas, 178 Links street
Soutar James & Co. 277 High street
Stead & Simpson Lim. 169 High street
Strachan Alex. Kirkcaldy Boot factory
Thomson William & Co. 109 Commercial
st. & 3 & 5 Cross street, Dysart R.S.O. ;
& Pathhead
Thomson John, 48 St. Clair st. Sinclairtwn
Veitch Thomas, 194 St. Clair street
Walker Wm. The Cross, Mid st. Pathhead
Wilkie John & Miss Isabella, 90 Mid st.
Wright George, 84a, Rosslyn st. Gallatown
Wright William, 34 Kirk wynd
Young James, 23 Dunnikier road
Boot & Shoe Manufacturers.
Lennie William, 161 & 163 High street
Strachan Alexander, Kirkcaldy boot factory

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