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Sanderson David, tobacconist, 2 Milton rd
Sang- W. D. <& Lockhart, civil
engineers, 28 Whyte's cause-
way ; T N 1 4
Sang Edmund, nurseryman &c. (E. Sang A
Sons), Gowan Lee, Whytehouse avenue
Sang William B. civil engineer (W. B.
Sang & Lockhart), 23 Whyte's causeway
Saunders A Hunter, grocers, 13 Milton road
6 Eethelfleld place
Saunders Janet (Mrs.), shpkpr. 292 High st
Saunders Peter, butcher, 275 Links street
Saunders Thomas, draper, 147 High street
Saunders Thomas, manager to theKirkcaldy,
Leith & Glasgow Steam Packet Co. Lim.
High street ; res. 19 Dunnikier road
Scott Jas. & Son, grocers Ac. 103 High st
Scott Thomas & Co. builders A joiners,
Factory road, Pathhend
Scott Al'eander, butcher, 269 Links street
Scott Bessie (Mrs.), grocer, 299 Links street
Scott Christopher R., LL.D. head master
High school, 1 Eennochy terrace
Scott George (Mrs.), househldr. 7 Maria st
Scott George, manager, 15 Church street,
Scott Isabella (Miss), news agent, 183 Com-
mercial street, Pathhead
Scott James, builder, 25 Ava street
Scott James, grocer (James Scott & Son),
64 Victoria road
Scott John, grocer A spirit dealer,55 High st
Scott John C. hatter A hosier, 205 High
street; res. 32 Victoria road
Scott John W. grocer (James Scott A Son),
9 Bavid street
Scott Marjorie (Miss), dress ma. 349 High st
Scott Mary (Mrs.), hsehldr. SO Balsusney rd
Seath George, householder, 42 Bouglas st
Seath George, householder, 11 John street
Seath James, baker, 343 High street
Selvester John Thomas, drill instructor to
Volunteers, Hill st. ; res. 28 Mitchell st
Semple Bavid, householder, 49 Loughboro'
road, Sinclairtown
Sharp Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 90 Nether
street, Pathhead •
Sharp James, china & glass dealer, 136a,
High street
Sheppard Jas. greengrocer, 95 Links street
Shields John, cart hirer, 5 Commercial
street, Pathhead
Shields Matthew, shopkeeper, 110 Links st
Shiels Bavid, shopkeeper, 116 Links street
Shiels Harry, tailor, b8 Links street
Simond Alexander L. ladles' &
gents' tailor, 104- High street
Simpson George &. Co. timber
merchants & saw millers,
Overton road Sawing mills,
Pathhead; TK49
Simpson Alexander, grocer & spirit A
provision dealer, 127^ Commercial street,
Simpson Andrew, painter & decorator, 261
High street; res. 1 Oswald's wynd '
Simpson Bavid, householder. 47 Octavia st
Simpson David, joiner, 248 High street A
works, March street, Sinclairtown A
Sands road ; res. 88 High street
Simpson Elizabeth (Miss), dress maker, 7
Nicol street
Simpson George, joiner, Coal wynd
Simpson Janet (Mrs.), ehopkpr. 25 Links st
Simpson Robert, boot maker, 65 Kossiyn
street, Gallatown A 142 St. Clair street,
Simpson Robert, traveller, 9 Bandon aven.
Simpson William, confectioner, 90 St. Clair
street, Sinclairtown
Sinclair Archibald, butcher, 151 Commer-
cial street, Pathhead
Sinclair George, park eupt. Beveridge park
Sinclair Peter, manasrer. 25 Lady Helen at
Singer (The) Manufacturing Co. sewing
machine manufacturers, 77 High street
Skinner John (Mrs.), milliner, i Bank st.
Skinner John, taxidermist, 9 Why te' s
Skinner Robert, joiner, 50 Loughborough
road, Sinclairtown
Skinner Thomas, draper, 14 Rosslyn street,
Gallatown; res. Windmill road
Slaughter Houses (Bavid Chalmers, eupt,),
Cowan street
Smart Francis Andrew, hsehldr.16 Cowan st
Smart Mrs. householder, 3 Murray place,
Milton road
Smart Walter, householder, 9 Bouglas st
Smith Qeorgre & Sons, builders
A contractors, Dunnikier rd. :
Smith Adam, spirit dealer. 1 High street
Smith Alex, grocer &c. 85 Mid st. Pathhead
Smith Bessie Wilkie (Mrs.), dress maker,
7 Rosebery terrace
Smith Bavid, householder, 40 Douglas st
Smith Bavid Forbes A.R.T.B.A. architect
A surveyor, 210 High street; res. Forth
bank, Gallatown
Smith Bavid Y. builder Ac. (George Smith
A Sons), 4 Meldrum road
Smith George, quarry master, Southerton;
res. Invertiel bank, Bridgeton
Smith Jame3, builder Ac. (George Smith
& Sons), 2 Meldrum road
Smith James, grocer A spirit merchant, 91
A 93 Commercial street, Pathhead
Smith James, hsehldr. 44 Balsusney road
Smith James, householder, 7 Windmill road
Smith Janet (Mrs.), aparts. 7 Harley ter
Smith Janet (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 33 Mid
street, Pathhead
Smith John, joiner A cabinet maker, Mel-
drum road & Thistle Btreet; TN 126;
res. Oakbank, Harcourt road
Smith John, supt, British Workman's A
General Assurance Co. Ltd. 36 West
Smeaton street
Smith John M.A., M.B., C.M.Edln.,
L.R.C.P.Lond., M.R.C.S.Eng. surgeon,
Bryce hall, Kirk wynd
Smith Robert, carting contractor, Millie
place, Pathhead
Smith Thomas, boot maker, 178 Links street
Smith Thos. electrical engnr. 123 Links st
Smith Thomas, manager, 121 Bunnikier rd
Smith Thomas, sub-inspector of schools for
Fifeshire, Swan road
Smith William S. grocer A spirit dealer,
146 St. Clair street, Sinclairtown
Seddon Margaret (Miss), draper, 69 Nether
street, Pathhead
Sneddon Margaret (Mrs.), grocer A spirit
dealer, 83 Nether street, Pathhead
Soave Gicomantonio, confectioner, 159 A
463 High street
Somerville James, commercial traveller, 13
Townsend place
Soutar James A Co. boot & shoe makers,
277 High street
Soutar Peter, grocer & spirit dealer, Chapel
Spears Matthew, cabinet manu-
facturer & upholsterer, whole-
sale & retail, 98 High street; &
2 to 16 Rose street
Spears Thomas, cashier, 39 Lady Helen st
Speedie Mangus, draper 63 A 67, A house
furnisher 78, 80 & 82, Nether at. Pathhead
Speedie Peter, tohacconist, 136 High street
Spence Peter M. hair dresser. 27 Kirk wynd
Spencer John, househldr. Abbotshall road
Spittal Charlotte (Mrs.), grocer 4 spirit
dealer, 250 Links street
Standard Property Investment Co. (Alex-
ander Thomson, agent), 236 High street
Stark Bavid, slater, 2G Whytehouse man-
sions. High street
Stark Robt. rope manufacturer, 155 High Bt
Stark Robert, spirit dlr. 326 A 328 Links Bt
Stavert Walter, optician, 47 High street
Stead A Simpson Lim. boot warehouse, 169
High street
Steedman James, rag merchant A china
dealer, 21 Commercial street, Pathhead
Steel (The; Pipe Co. Lim. manu-
facturers of water & gas pipes,
tubes, tanks ike. & boiler
makers, Dunnikier road ; T A
" Aquilentup. Kirkcaldy " ; T N* 9-5
Stephenson James, tuilor Ac. 31 High at. ;
res. 7 Bouglas street
Stevenson Bros. (Bundee), dyers A cleaners,
64 High street
Stevenson Bavid, farmer & dairyman,
Stewart Charles & Co. tobacco,
snuff & cigarette manufac-
turers, 319 High street
Stewart A Mitchell, grocers, 276 High st
Stewart Andrew, Feuara' Arms, 68 Com-
mercial street, Pathhead ; res. 52 Lough-
borough road, Sinclairtown
Stewart Andrew, tobacco manufacturer (.C.
Stewart A Co.), Woodbine cot.Wemysa fld
Stewart Charles, chemist, 231 High street;
TN 90; res. 45 Townsend place
Stewart Elizabeth (Mrs.j, dress maker, 42
Dunnikier road
Stewart George, hosier, 15 High street
Siewart Isaac L. painter Ac. 359 High st. ;
res. 45a, High street
Stewart Janet (Miss), confectioner, A post
office, 80 Alexandra street
Stewart Janet (Mrs.), househldr. 3 Lina Bt
Stewart John, baker, 73 Bunnikier road
Stewart Mary (Miss), laundress, 31 Mel-
drum road
Stewart Thomas, householder, 32 Bouglas st
Stewart William, grocer (Stewart A Mit-
chell), 65 Balfour street
Stocks Robert &c Co. linen manu-
facturers &c. Links st. ; T A
" TICKS, Kirkcaldy ; " London office,
4. Trump street E C ; Man-
chester, No. 17 Piccadilly
Stewart Wm. tweed manufacturer (McLaren
A Stewart), 347 High street
Stocks Robert, linen manufacturer (Robert
Stocks A Co.), Osborne house, West
Fergus place
Stonham Jeannie (Mrs.), hsehldr.5 Munro st
Storrar David, chemist &c< 22ft
Hlgfh street; TN 6; & 10
Rosebery terrace; T N 51
Storrar Mary (Mrs.), householder, 63 Alex-
andra street
Storrar Nicol, warehouseman, 45 Aitken st-
Storrier John, houcehldr. 26 Balsusney rd
Strachan A Livingston, proprietors A pub-
lishers of the " Fife Free Press " A th&
"Kirkcaldy Times," A letterpress print-
ers, Kirk wynd
Strachan Alexander, boot A shoe manufac-
turer Ac. Kirkcaldy boot factory ; T A.
"Alexander Strachan, Kirkcaldy''; re«.
3 Sands road
Strachan James, butcher, 70 Eosslyn «t. ;.
res. 24 Bandon avenue, G-allatown
Strachan James, journalist (Strachan & Liv-
ingetonV 7 Church street. Sinclairtown
Strang Thomas, baker, 104 Mid st.Pathhead
Struthers James M.R.C.V.S. veterinary sur-
geon, Talbert place, Bunnikier road
Sturrock William, hair dresser, 108 St
Clair street, Sinclairtown
Subscription Library (Arthur Turnbull,
librarian; 125 High street
Sutherland John, agent to the Commercial
Bank of Scotland, 152 High street
Sutherland William Black, teacher of music,
190 High street
Suttie Henry, tailor Ac. 146 Commercial'
street, Pathhead
Suttie William, tailor, 184 High street
Swan, Mackle A Co. linen drapers A manu-
facturers, 34 A 36 High street
Swan Alexander, efig merchant, 1 Bell wynd'
Swan Christina (Miss), refreshment rooms.
Station road
Swan G-eorge (Mre.), householder, West
Albert road
Swan Thomas, draper(Swan, Mackle A Co.),.
Annfield, Milton road
Swanston John B. architect, 242 High st. H
res. Sunny brae, Milton road
Swiuton Wm. W. shipmstr. 94 Bunnikier rd
Syme William, inspector of works, Fallo-
don crescent
Tait A Jeffryes, painters A house deco-
rators, 36 Townsend place
Tnit Bavid, painter (.Tait A Jeffryes),
80 Nicol street
Taylor A. A G. photographers, Church lane-
Taylor Thos. A Sons.photogrphr*.481High st
Taylor Margaret (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 89'
Mid street, Pathhead
Taylor Richard C. butcher, 350 High street
A 89 Bunnikier road; res. 165 Balsus-
ney road
Taylor Thomas, traveller, Loughborough rd.
Taylor William, butcher, 77 Bunnikier rd
Telfer Wm. (Mrs.), househldr. 8 Bavid st
Templeman Bavid, manager,181Balsusney rd
Templeman Ebenezer, dairy, Eosslyn" st..
Templeman Thomas, plumber, 7 Charlotte
Btreet; res. 10 G-lasswork street
Thain William, spirit dealer, 52 High st. ;
reg. Balfour place
Thorn Charles, baker, 385 High street
Thorn James, commission agent,7 Gow crei
Thompson Ellen (Mrs.), householder, 20-
Nether street, Pathhead
Thompson John, householder, Craigrothie,.
Beveridge road
Thompson Thomas L. traveller, Swan road
Thomson Brothers, ironmongers Ac. 236 &
238 High street A 40 A 42 Commercial
street, Pathhead; T N 55
Thomson R. A Co. drapers, Oswald's wynd.
Thomson William A Co. boot makers, 109
Commercial street, Pathhead
Thomson Alexander.solicitor A notary, 236^
High street
Thomson Charles (Mrs.), householder^
15 Montgomery street
Thomson David, ironmonger Ac. (Thomson.
Brothers), Thnmsonville, Whytehouse av
Thomson Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper^
47 Market street
Thomson Hope Pitcairn, householder,.
48 High street
Thomson James, householder, 15 Ava st
Thomson James, solicitor, 51 High street
Thomson Jame3 Bowan C.A. chartered
accountant, 214 High street; res. Rubis-
law, Whytehouse avenue
Thomson Jessie (Mrs.), householder, 2 Lady
Helen street
Thomson John, boot maker, 48 St. Clair
street, Sinclairtown
Thomson John, warehouseman, Inzievar cot-
tage, Nether street, Pathhead

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