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Crichton Robert, clerk, Beveridge road
Croall James, inland revenue officer, 16
David street
Crombie James, honsehldr.7 Montgomery st
â– Crombie Robert, dairy, 117 St. Clair at.
â– Crosbie Thomas, bank teller, 17 Sang road
Cruickshank Alexander, manager, 5 Har-
ley terrace
Cumming George, grocer & provision dlr.
16 Balsusney road; res. 13 Montgomery st
Curaming Jn. blacksmith, Malcolm's wynd
Cunningham J. & J. Lim. (Leith), oil cake
iic. merchants (Charles Cairns, agent),
Cowan street
Cunningham Thomas, grocer & spirit dealer,
York place, G-allatown
Currie A. & Son, wholeesale wine
& spirit merchants. & agents for
Cameron Bridge & other distilleries, 431
High street : T N 87
Currie & Cant, slaters, 97 Dunnikier road
â– Currie David, hair dresser & tobacconist,
80a, & 259b, High st. ; res. 80 High st
Currie Robert, tobacconist & news agent,
& sub-post office, 2a, Octavia street
Currie Robert L. teacher of dancing, 50
Balsusney road
Curror Alexander Lesslie M.B., CM. sur-
geon, & medical officer & public vacci-
nator for Kirkcaldy, Abbotshall & Auch-
tertool, Newton house, Nicol street
•Curror Peter, commsn. agt. 26 Douglas st
Cusin Dora (Mrs.), householder, 4 Maria st
"Custom House (James A. Cassie, officer in
charge), 489 High street
Daily Nathaniel, fruiterer, 113 St. Clair
street, Sinclairtown
Dalsleish James Johnstone, fishmonger, 30
High street
Dall John, bookkeeper, 18 Aitken street,
Daly Peter, old metal mer. Volunteer grn
Danish Butter Co. provision dealers, 255
High street
Danish Consulate (Alexander Hutchison,
vice-consul), Braehead
Darling Alexander, plumber, 163 Commer-
cial street, Pathhead
Davidson John & Son' booksellers, printers,
stationers & news agents, 111 High street
. Davidson Alex, bleachr. Tyrie Bleach wrka
Davidson Alexander, chimney sweep, 9a,
Nicol street
Davidson Charles, boot & shoe maker, 133
Commercial street, Pathhead & 50a, Bal-
susney road
Davidson James, boot maker & ironmonger,
208 Rosslyn street, Gallatown
TJavidson John, bookseller (J. Davidson &
Son), Whytehouse avenue
Davidson Mrs. householder, Munro street
Davidson Wm, shopkeeper, 66 Links street
Davie James Watson, blacksmith, 55 Hill
street; res. 4 Douglas street
Davie John, watch maker, 198 High street;
res. 10 Douglas street
Davie Mrs. householder, 119 Dunnikier rd
"Davis Miss, householder, 24 Douglas street
Dawson Robert, draper, 117 High street;
res. 1 George street
Deas & Hood, music & musical instrument
sellers, 263 High street
Deas David, househldr. 9 Montgomery st
Deas James, spirit dealer, 33 High street;
res. Munro street
Dempster George, blacksmith & machinist,
71 Nether street, Pathhead
Denholm William F. master of works, 123
Dunnikier road
Dewar Daniel Gilbert, eupt. of cemetery,
Bennochy road
Dewar James, park ranger, Beveridge park
Dewar Janet (Mrs.), aparts. 36 David street
Dewar Janet (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 127 Mid
street, Pathhead
Dewar Wm.W.draper & clothier,19 Links st
Dick Christian (Mrs.), grocer & spirit dlr.
85 Links street
Dick Jane (Mrs.), boot maker, 87 High st. ;
res. 59 Alexandra street
Dick William, baker, 83 High street; res.
11 Whytehouse mansions
Dickie John Law, watch maker,8 High st. ;
res. Jamesville, Ava street
Dickson Rt. carting contrctr. 132 Links st
Dingwall John, grocer & spirit dealer, 76
Aether street, Pathhead
Dingwall Watson, manager, lOMontgomery st
Dingwall William, old iron & machinery
merchant, Harbourhead; res. 18 Mitchell st
Dishart David, draper &c. 86 & 90 High
street; res. 89 High street
Dobson Margaret (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 32
Nether street, Pathhead
Dndds Jeanie (Miss), dress mkr. Hill street
Dodds John, householder, 6 Matthew street
Dods Alexander, shopkeeper, 389 High st
Doig John, rope manufacturer, 28 Ramsay
road & Pratt street
Doig John W. general dealer, 88 Rosslyn
street, Gallatown
Donaldson Ebenezer, sheriff officer, Sheriff
Court buildings, Whyte's causeway
Donaldson George, road surveyor, Kirkcaldy
dist. 20 Bandon avenue, Gallatown
Dorward Charles, householder, Viewforth,
Ha r ley terrace
Dougal Robert, plumber (Blyth & Dougal) ;
Viewforth street, Sinclairtown
Dougall George, plumber &c. 129 Commer-
cial street, Pathhead
Dougall Leonard, grocer & spirit dealer,
40 High street
Douglas & Grant, engineers
millwrights, machine makers
& iron & brass -founders, Dun-
nikier foundry; T A "DOUGLAS
Kirkcaldy." TN 105
Douglas Mary (Mrs.), hshldr. 26 David st
Douglas Robert, Lothrie aerated
water manufactory, Wemyss-
field & at Ladybank
Dove James & Thomas A. fancy dealers,
246 High street
Dow Thomas & Son, solicitors, 114 & 116
High street; T N 66
Dow Henry, carrier, 281 Links street
Dow William, architect & civil engineer, 259
High street; res. 8 West Albert road
Dow William, market gardener,283Links st
Dow William M. solicitor, agent for British
Linen Co.'s Bank (Thomas Dow & Son),
& town clerk of Kinghorn, clerk to
Kirkcaldy & Dysart (landward) school
boards, clerk to the Kirkcaldy harbour
commissioners & sec. & treasurer to Dy-
sart Gas Light Co. Limited & to the
Whytehouse Estate Co. Limited, 114 &
116 High street
Dowds, Ann Maria (Mrs.), hair dresser &
tobacconist, 171 High street
Dowds Ellen (Miss), fruitr. 257a, High st
Dowie & Sons Limited, builders
& repairers of carriages, vans,
& lorries, & motor car repairers,
Townsend carriage works
Dowie Isabella (Miss), schoolmistress,
30 Oswald's wynd
Dowie Walter, basket maker, 140 High st
Downie Grace (Miss), ladies' outfitter, 13
High street
Downie Mrs. householder, Novar crescent
Drummond David, tailor, 11 Kirk wynd;
res. 46 Balsusney road
Drummond James, manager, 1 John street
Drummond John, saw maker, Bell Inn wynd
Dryburgh Archibald, teacher of music,
4 High street
Dryburgh John, grocer &e. 61 Rosslyn st. ;
res. 15 Bandon avenue, Gallatown
Dryburgh Thomas, grocer &
spirit dealer, 102 High street
Dryburgh William, grocer & spirit dealer,
31 Links st. ; res. Dorset ho. Milton rd
Duffus. James, householder, 14 Matthew st
Dunbar Jean (Mrs.), hshldr. 82 Balsusney rd
Duncan Francis & Son, whole-
sale & rctaaS cabinet makers
& upholsterers, 29 & 31 Maria
Duncan Alexander, linen dresser, 29 Ladj
Helen street
Duncan Ann (Miss), fruiterer, 81 Mid street,
Duncan Barbara (Miss), china & glass dlr,
159 Commercial street, Pathhead
Duncan George, solicitor, 200 High st. ;
res. Kinghorn
Duncan James W. manufacturing stationer
& printer, 282 & 284 High street; res.
Athollbank, Lady Helen street
Duncan Joanna (Mrs.), fried fish dealer,
467 High street
Duncan John, tailor & clothier, 95 High st, ;
res. Clan Roy cottage, Lady Helen st
Duncan William, photographer 17, & sta-
tioner &c. 19, High street
Dundas James B. I. householder, Munro
cottage, Alexandra street
Dundee Equitable Boot Depot, 46 & 245
High street
Dunn Robert, chief engineer, Ava street
Dunnikier Curling Club (Wm. R.Pethevam,
hon. sec. & treasurer), Dunnikier road
Dunnikier Reading Room (Hendry Geddes,
chairman), Dunnikier row
East of Scotland Union of Naturalists So-
cieties (founded 1884) (William Young,
hon. sec), Fair view, Milton road
Easton John, plasterer &
granolithic pavior, 16 LIna
street, Balsusney road
Economic Drapery Stores,
drapers, milliners & dress
makers, 240 High street
Edgar Archibald, clerk, 6 Lina street
Elder David, cart contractor, School wynd
Elder John, Westfield dairy. Mill street
Elder James, cabinet 74 Commercial street,
Elder Matthew, dairyman. Hendry road
Erskine William, householder, 5 John street
Ettles William & Co. grocers, 333 High sfc
Ewan Alexander, greengrocer, 12 High st
Fair Geo. dairyman, Southerton, Abbotshall
Feichley William, manager (Fifeshire Cur-
ing & Bacon Co.), 38 St. Clair place
Fergus William, bookseller & stationer, 222
High street ; res. 6 Harley terrace
Ferguson Adam, tailor, 11 Balsusney road
Ferguson George, cabinet maker (A. H.
M'Intosh & Co.), Alexandra house, Vic-
toria road
Ferguson Robert, stationer & tobacconist,
55 Harcourt road
Ferguson Robert B. N. photographer, 23
Salisbury street
Fernie Adam, market gardener, 183 Rosslyn
street, Gallatown
Fernie M. (Miss), milliner, 131 High street
Fernie Marion (Mrs.), householder, Strath-
lomond, Abbotshall road
Fife Forge Co. iron & steel forgers, Fife
forge, Overton road; T N. 16
Fife Free Press (Strachan & Livingston,
proprietors), Kirk wynd
Fife Linoleum & Floor Cloth Co. Limited
(The) (W. R. Miller, sec), 23 Commer-
cial street, Pathhead
Fifeshire Advertiser office (L. Macbean, pro-
prietor), 130 High street
Fifeshire Billposting Co. 18 Cowan street
Fifeshire Curing & Bacon Co. bacon & ham
curers (William Feichley, manager), 40
Links street
Findlay Matthew, schlmstr. 115 Victoria rd
Finlay J.H. & Co. Ltd. tobaenst. Railway etn
Fire Engine Houses (Thomas B. Rough,
captain), Cowan street & Overton road,
Fleming, Reid & Co. Lim. (Greenock),
worsted spinners & hosiery manufactrs.
50a, High street
Foote John, grocer, 28 Mid st. Pathhead
Forbes John, yarn agent, 9 Gow crescent
Ford Geo. tailor, 68 Rosslyn st. Gallatown
Foreman John S. assistant inspector of poor
& collector of rates for Kirkcaldy & Dy-
eart Parish Council, 7 Oswald's wynd;
res. 2 Bennochy terrace
Forker Robert, Seafield tavern, Bridgeton
Forrest James Graham, jobbing gardener,
156 High street
Forrester Andrew & Son, chemists, 142c,
St. Clair street, Sinclairtown
Forsyth Michael, spirit dealer, 2 St. Clair
street, Sinclairtown
Forsyth Robert, hsehldr. 131 Dunnikier rd
Forth & Clyde Roperie Co. rope & twina
manufacturers; TN 71; TA "Rope,
Kirkcaldy. ' ' See advertisement
Frame Robert, jun. traveller, Novar crea
Frame Robt. Park, househldr. Munro st
Francis O. Francis, burgh electrical engi-
.neer & manager of tramways, Victoria rd
Fraser Alexander & Sens, brick
&. -fire clay goods manufac-
turers & quarry masters, Den
<& Gallatown brick works; of-
fice, Nairn street, Pathhead
Fraser Alexander, fire clay goods manufac-
turer (Alexander Fraser & Sons), Com-
mercial street, Pathhead
Fraser Alexander, jun. stone &
brick builder &. contractor, 185
Commercial st. Pathhead ; T A
" Fkaskr, Contractor, Kirkcaldy " : TN 122
Fraser John, fire clay goods manufacturer
(Alexander Fraser & Sons), Dunnikier rd
Fraser William, fire clay goods manufactr.
(Alexander Fraser & 'Sons), 25 Nairn st.
Freeman John Alfred, teacher of music, 86
Alexandra street
Fulton Janet (Miss), servants' registry
office, 13 Tolbooth street
Fyfe George T- fishmonger, 4 High street
Fyfe James, news agent & picture frame
maker, 3 & 4 Nicol street
Fyfe Lily (Miss), draper, 91 Dunnikier rd
Gallatown Rowling Club (John Dryburgh,
sec), Randon avenue, Gallatown
Gallatown Co-operative Society Lim. grocers
& drapers &c. 40 & 42 Rosslyn street,
Galloway Alexander, baker, 216 Links st
Galloway John, tobacco manufacturer, 193
High street
Galloway Mary (Mrs.), baker, 222 St. Clair
street, Sinclairtown; rea. 249 St. Clair st
Galloway Patrick J. commission agent, 4
Murray place, Milton road & sheriff clerk
depute & auditor of court, Sheriff Court
buildings, Whyte's causeway
Garden William, draper, 337 High street
Gardiner Hannah (Mrs.), householder, 18
High street

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