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Elackstock William S. schoolmaster, 50'
Towns end place
Blaik George, boot & shoe maker, 82
Alexandra street
Blair George, agent National Bank of Scot-
land Lim. Pathhead, 118 Mid street-
Blake John, saddler, 78 Balsusney road;
res. Fallodon crescent
Blewes Alexander It. hsehldr. 30 James grn
Blewes David, painter&decorator, 110 High st
Blomfield Thomas, butcher, 63 Overton rd.
Sinclair town
Blyth A. & Co. linen manufacturers, Park
road, Sinclairtown; T N 15
Blyth & Dougal, plumbers. Institution st.
Blvcli Andrew, draper, 125 Commercial st.
Blyth Andrew, linen manufacturer (A.
Blyth & Co.), Blythswood, Loughborough
road, Sinclairtown
Blyth James, plumber (Blyth & Dougal), 3
Institution street, Sinclairtown
Blyth Joan (Miss), milliner, 23 Links st
BlVth John, linen manufacturer (A. Blyth
&, Co.), Forth villa, Loughborough road,
Blvth Mrs. householder, 1 Harley terrace
Blyth Robert, solicitor, 86 St. Clair street,
Blyth Thomas G. stationer & tobacconist,
62 High street; res. Ava street
Blvth Thomas William, commercial travel-
ler, 20 Balsusney road
Blyth William, manager, 36 David street
Blyth William, station master, Railway sta-
tion; res. Fallodon crescent
Boag George L. ironmonger, 46a, High st. ;
res. Ava street
Boak H. & W. tanners, curriers &c. 471
High street
Boak Henry, tanner &c. (H. & W. Boak),
471 High street
Boak William, tanner &c. (H. & W. Boak)
417 High street
Bogie J. J. & A. (Misses),milliners & dresB
makers, 264 High st. & 41 Townsend pi
Bogie & Nicoll, joiners & undertakers, 52
Glebe park
Eogie David, cashier, West Albert road
Bogie David, joiner (Bogie & Nicoll), 26
East Albert road
Bogie James, hatter & hosier, 234 High st. ;
res. Swan road
Bonar David, engineer (Douglas & Grant),
Victoria gardens
Bowers Alice (Miss), temperance hotel, 242
High street
Braid Andrew.nurseryman &c. 259a, High st
Braid Andrew,upholsterer,31 Lady Helen st
Braid Francis, burgh sanitary inspector, 1
Munro street
Brand Isabella!, Mrs.), hsehldr.lll Victoria rd
Brewster James M. agent for the National
Bank of Scotland Lim. (branch), 191
High street
Briggs Thomas, manager, 21 Loughborough
road, Sinclairtown
British Linen Company Bank (branch)
(Wm. M. Dow, agent; David George,
sub-agent), 114 High street; draw on
London office, Threadneedle street E C &
Bank of England E C, London
Brock George, baker & confectioner, 241
High street; res. 3 Gow crescent
Brodie & Cooper, cabinet makers, 1 Whyte's
Brodie Hugh, boot maker, 99 Links street
Brodie John, cabinet maker (Brodie &
Cooper), 35 Whytehouse mansions
Brodie John (Mrs.), householder, 4
Montgomery street
Brodie Bobert, householder, 43 Loughboro*
road, Sinclairtown
Brown Alexander, butcher, 177a, -St. Clair
street, Sinclairtown
Brown Alex, househldr. 14 Balsusney road
Brown Annie Lindsay (Miss), fruiterer, 187
High street
Brown David, commission agent,Craigower,
Carlyle road
Brown David, househldr. Upper David st
Brown George, trvllr. 32 Lady Helen street
Brown George Meldxum, grocer, 15 Alex-
andra street
Brown James, builder, Pottery st.Gallatown
Brown James, coal dealer, Sinclairtown
station, Sinclairtown
Brown Janet (Miss), shpkpr. 148 Links st
Brown Janet (Mrs.), hsehldr. 247 High st
Brown Mary (Mrs.), shopkpr. 75 Links st
Brown Robert, draper & milliner,70 High st
Brown Robert B. householder, Clovelly,
Abbotshall road
Brown Thomas, greengrcr. 34 Harcourt rd
Brown Thomas B. engineer, millwright,
machine maker & brass founder, Tiel
engine works; res. 44 High street
Brown William L. fancy repository, 64b,
High street
Brown William, builder, Whyte Melville rd
Brownlee Alexander, blacksmith & farrier,
2 Carlyle road
Bruce Isabel (Miss), schoolmistress, 19
Dysart road
Erunton Mrs. hsehldr. 47 Lady Helen street
Bryce Andrew, ironfounder (John Bryce),
Dunnikier road
Bryce John, boiler maker, ironfounder &
engineer, 28 Dunnikier road; TN 109
Bryce John, jun. househldr.46 Dunnikier rd
Brvson Robert, jun. electrical engineer,
130 High street
Buchan Andrew, householder, 11 Douglas st
Buchan Jessie S. (Miss), hatter &c. 72
High street
Buchanan Andrew & Son, boot makers, 178
High street
Buchanan Andrew, boot maker (Andrew
Buchanan & Son), 32 David street
Buchanan Andrew, supt. People's Club &
Institute, 3 Glasswork street
Buchanan James, householder, Park view,
Ava street
Buchanan John, boot maker (Andrew Bu-
chanan & Son), 7 David street
Buist Lawrence & Sons, earthenware manu-
facturers, Sinclairtown pottery, Oswald
road, Gallatown
Buist Lawrence, earthenware manufacturer
(Lawrence Buist & Sons), 19 Aitken st.
Buist Peter, clerk, 10 Loughborough road,
Buist Wm. news agt. 91 Mid st. Pathhead
Burgess Charles, boot ma. 74 Dunnikier rd
Burgess Charles, jun. boot & shoe maker,
1 Glebe park
Burgess William, spirit dealer (Pathtvrn.),
7 Mid street ; res. Lea cottage, Commer-
cial street, Pathhead
Burgh Police Offices (David Gatherum,
chief constable), Burgh Police buildings,
St. Brycedale avenue & Junction road,
Sinclairtown ; T N 20
Burgh Tramways (Francis 0. Francis,
manager), Victoria road
Burleigh Street Hall (George Halley, fac-
tor), Burieigh street
Burnet James, builder, 41 Loughborough
road, Sinclairtown
Burnett G. & Co. photographers, Hunter st
Burnett George, grocer, 93 Dunnikier road
Burnett George, photographer (G. Burnett
& Co.), 15 Sang place
Burns David, grocer. 345 High street & 91
Links st. ; res. 43 Lady Helen street
Burns Isabella (Miss), dress maker, 154
Links street
Burns William, grocer & spirit dealer, 42
Dunnikier road; res. 4 West Albert road
Burt Alex. C. tea dealr. 13 Lady Helen st
Burt James, bookseSEer & sta-
tioner, 184 & 186 High street;
TN 6x; res. 184 High street
Burt John, householder, 22 Loughborough
road, Sinclairtown
Burt Robert, clerk, G Patterson street, Sin
Byrne P. hsehldr. St. Joseph's Novar cres
Cairns Helen (Mrs.), greengrcr. 15 Nicol st
Cairns Mrs. householder, 26 Townsend pi
Cavins Thomas Dryburgh, Forth Bar P.H.
31 Rose street
Calder Joseph, boot maker, 221 St. Clair
street, Sinclairtown
Cameron Alexander, draper, 230 Links et
Cameron William C.E., M.E. civil engineer,
13 Sang road
Campbell James & Sons, china dealers, 85
High street; linen waste, rag &c. mer-
chants, Cowan street
Campbell Alexander, accountant, Bank of
Scotland, 226 High street; res. 62 Vic-
toria road
Campbell Colin, photographer, 133 High
street; res. 7 Whytehouse mansions
Campbell David L. rag <£c. merchant (Jas.
Campbell & Sons), 30 Lady Helen street
Campbell Helen (Miss), milliner,7b,High st
Campbell Isabella (Mrs.), butcher, 150 Mid
street, Pathhead
Campbell James, rag &c. merchant (Jas.
Campbell & Sons), 30 Lady Helen street
Cargill John, draughtsman, 102 Dunnikier rd
Carmichael Andrew, joiner &c. 167 Com-
mercial street, Pathhead
Carnegie Miss, householder, 51 Townsend pi
Carruthers John, manager of George hotel,
162 High street
Carson & Co. butchers, 163 Balsusney road
Carson Euphemia (Mrs.), householder, 14
Sang road
Carson Margt. (Mrs.), hsehldr. 20 Lina st
Cascarino George, fried fish dealer, 122
Commercial street, Pathhead
Cassie James A. custom house officer, 489
High street
Cemetery (Daniel Gilbert Dewar, supt.),
Eennochy road
Chalmers & Ormiston, pianoforte ware-
house, 3 Whyte's causeway
Chalmers Christian W. (Miss), dress maker,
33 St. Clair street, Sinclairtown
Chalmers David, superintendent slaughter
houses, Cowan st. ; res. 32 Rose street
Chalmers Peter Allan, grocer, 164 St. Clair
street, Sinclairtown & 161 Balsusney road
Chapman Wm. shipmaster, 3 George street
Charity Organisation Society (branch) (Geo-
Gourlay, hon. sec), 27 Kirk wynd
Child Joseph, baker, 38 St. Clair street,
Chisho!m James, baker. 405 High street
Christie &. Dick, builders, Swan road
Christie Jas. householder, 14 Lina street
Chriscie John, schoolmaster, Smeaton rd.
Christie William, butcher, 212 High street;
res. Swan road
Chrystal Alexander, householder, 21 Ban-
don avenue, Gallatown
Clark T. S. & Sons, drapers, 78 High street
Ciark Alexander, coal merchant, 14 Har-
court road
Clark George, travelling showman, Car-
lyle road
Clark Isabella (Mrs.), shopkeeper, IS
Nairn street, Pathhead
Clark James F. manager, Bennochy cot-
tage, Abbotshall road
Clark John, coal merchant, Bennochv road
Clark John, draper (T. S. Clark & Sons),
10 Whitehouse mansions, High street
Clark William, assist, factor, Raith estate
office, Raith
Clarke Peter M. grocer & spirit dealer, 19&
High street; res. 48 David street
Glephane David, joiner, Cloanden place;
res. 1 Fallodon crescent
Clow Henry, householder, 10 Lina street
Clow William T. bank accountant, 81
Dunnikier road
Clydesdale Bank Limited (William L.
Macindoe, agent), 170 High street; draw
on London office, 30 Lombard street E
Cohn Morrison, confectioner, 76a, Rosslyn
street, Gallatown
Collector of Rates Office (hurgh, water &
other rates) (Wemyss E. M. Maxwell,
collector), 8 Tolbooth 6treet
Collier Simon Limited, boot warehouse, 201
High street
Colville John, secretary to Co-operative
Society. 104 Nether street, Pathhead
Colville Peter, manager, 12 Loughborough
road, Sinclairtown
CommercialBank of ScotlandLim. (branches)
(John Sutherland, agent; Robert Hamil-
ton, accountant"), 152 High street: West
End branch, 14 Links street (John Suther-
land, agent; Wesley White, accountant) ;
Dunnikier road branch (John Sutherland,
agent ; Wm. T. Clow, accountant) ; Path-
head branch, 50 St. Clair street (John
McCrea, agent ; Robert Kay, account-
ant) ; draw on London office, 62 Lombard
street E C & Coutts & Co. W 0, London
Condie Jessie (Miss), smallware dealer, 320
Links street
Conlan Mrs. householder, 38 Douglas street
Constable Alexander, watch & clock maker,
177 High street
Cook Thomas, commercial traveller, Whyte-
house avenue
Cooper, White & Co. tea dealers, Hunter st
Cooper & Co. grocers. 75 High street
Cooper George Frederick, householder, 27
Sang road
Cooper Harrison, teacher of music &
organist, St. Brycedale church, Sang rd
Cooper James, foreman, Munro street
Cooper William Henry, cabinet maker
(Brodie & Cooper), Maria street
Corn Exchange (Mrs. Isabella Kay, kpr.),
Cowan street
Cornfoot James, ship owner, 45 Lough-
borough road, Sinclairtown
Corporation Tramways (0. Francis Francis,
manager; James Fisher, traffic supt.).
Tramways depot, Oswald road
Corrie John, assistant master High school,
2 Rosebery terrace
Cottage Hospital (William L. Macindoe,
sec. ; Miss Helen Gemmett, matron),
Nether street, Pathhead ; T N 1
Cousin George, shopkeeper, 61 Overton rd.
Cousland Robert, dairyman, 204 Links st
Cowan Thomas, dairyman, 16 Pottery st.
Cowie Mercer (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 238
Rosslyn street, Gallatown
Cox William, insurance agt. 20 Harcourt rd
Cramb John, printer, 203 High street
Crawford David, blacksmith, 2 Viewforth
street, Sinclairtown
Crichton Hugh, fishmonger, 50 Links street
Crichton William M.B., CM. physician &
1 surgeon, 60 Dunnikier road

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