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The number of electors on the parlia-
mentary register in 1903 was 263.
Post, T. & M. 0. 0. & S. B. 27 High st. ;
Thomas Henderson, postmaster. (Bail-
way Sub-Office. Letters should have
B.S.O. Fifeshire added.) Deliveries, 8.30
a.m. & 3.20 p.m. ; Sundays, 9.25 a.m.
Dispatches, north, 6.55 a.m. & 4 p.m. ;
south, 7.55 a.m. & 2.45, 4.20, 5.40 & 7.30
p.m.; Sundays, 7.20 & 8.50 p.m
Town Hall.
Provost, John Sim
Bailies, James Jones & William Paxton
Councillors, six
Treasurer, Thomas Hutton
Town Clerk, William M. Dow
Chamberlain, James Wyllie
Burgh Assessor, P. Sulley, Cupar-Fife
Medical Officer of Health, James Welsh
M.D., F.B.C.S.Edin
Inspector of Weights & Measures, David
Bobertson, Cupar-Fife
Town Officer & Keeper of Town House,
Bichard Bobertson
Abden (for 130 Inmates).
Governor, David Mitchell
Matron, Mrs. Christina Mitchell
Chaplain, Bev. Edward Allan Murray
Surgeon, James Welsh M.D., F.B.C.S.Edin
Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages,
John Hepburn
Battery (District Establishment R.A.),
Kinghorn Ness, Sergeant E. A. Erskine,
in charge
1st Fifeshire Boyal Garrison Artillery (Vol-
unteers) (No. 11 Co.); head quarters, St.
Leonard's place; Capt. & Hon. Major,
John Spencer ; Hon. Assistant-Surgeon
James Welsh M.D. medical officer; Ser-
geant B. D. Evans B.A. drill instructor
Cemetery, Burntisland road, William Nicol,
Fife Constabulary Office, Park place,
John Mclnnes, constable
Golf Park, Kinghorn, James Williamson,
Telephone Call Office, James Wyllie, 54
High street
Established Church, Bev. William J. Dobie ;
11.15 a.m. & 2 p.m
United Free Churches: —
Bruce street, Bev. Alexander Mitchell; 2
& 6.30 p.m
Rossland place, Bev. John W. Thomson;
11 a.m. & 2 p.m
Office, 54 High street.
Chairman, James Welsh F.B.C.S., J.P
Clerk & Treasurer, James Wyllie
Board School, for 654 children; average
attendance, 364; Wm. Mann, head master
On the North British line.
Station, High street, James Newlands,
station master
To Kirkcaldy & Burntisland, James Brun-
ton, from High street, every tues. & fri
(Marked thus * receive their letters
through Kirkcaldy.)
Barclay Mrs. 1 Pettycur road
Barker Richard, 2 Rock villas
Bolan Thomas, Garstane, Darney terrace
Boswell Claud Patrick, Boimuto
Bruce Arthur Muir, Hayfield
Burgoyne Capt. Boderick, Abden villa
Carstairs Miss, St. Mary's
Currie John, Seafield
Darney Mrs. Braehead
Dobie Rev. William J. (Established Church)
Glassmount house
•Drysdale Mrs. Kirlie house
Duncan George
Erskine Miss, Marine villa
Forker Mrs. Pettycur road
Grant John, Kilcrooke
Henderson John, Moir cottage, Darney ter
Hepburn Andrew, 66 High street
Hepburn John, 64 High street
Hepburn Thomas, Helen bank, Pettycur rd
Hutchison Mrs. Gallowgate
Jones James, Seacliff
Kirkwood Hy. Bruce, Belf or d ho. Pettycur rd
Mclvor Arnott, Linnhead
McPherson Mrs. Bosemount, Darney terrace
Mann William, School house
Menzies Archibald, St. Margaret's
Mitchell Rev. Alexander, U. F. C. manse
Munro Alexander, Pettycur lodge
Paul Mrs. Pettycur road
Ramsay Mrs. Pettycur road
Kusseli Robert M. Park place
Scott George, Cloverneuk, Pettycur road
Sinclair James, Greenbrae, Pettycur road
Smith Miss, Rossland bank
Swan Miss, Anchorage
Thomson Rev.John W. (U. F. C.),Town end
Veitch Christopher, Abden villa
Wallace Hohert, Craigoer, 6 Pettycur road
Welsh Jas.M.D.,J.P. Bowbutts,Ladyburn pi
*Whyte George, North Pitteadie
Early closing day, Wednesday.
Arnott David, baker, Cuinzie neuk
Barrie W. & J. grocers & spirit dealers,
42 High street
Binnie William, golf ball & club maker
Bowie Agnes (Mrs.), Pettycur temperance
British Linen Co. Bank (branch) (William
M. Dow, agent), 54 High street; draw
on London office, Threadneedle street E C
& Bank of England E C, London
Cairns Catherine (Miss), confctnr.l3High st
Campbell Alexander (Kinghorn hotel),
spirit dealer
Cemetery (William Nicol, sexton), Burnt-
island road
Clement Marv (Miss), restaurant keeper,
79 High street
Cousland James, dairyman, Eastgate
Cruickshank James, hair dresser, 62 High st
#Davie James, blacksmith, Kilrie gates
De Marco Louis, shopkeeper, 10 High street
Dick Alexander, painter, 36 High street
Donaldson &, Forrester, glass bottle makers
Drysdale William, baker & confectioner, 24
High street
Duncan John, spirit dealer & public house
keeper, 8 Nethergate
Dunlop Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper,61 High st
Fisher Janet (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Nethergt
Fisher Thomas, The Ship P.H. spirit dealer,
1 Bruce street
Forker Geo. spirit dlr. (Crown), 45 High st
Frame Wm. cycle maker, 16 North Overgt
Fraser Ann (Mrs.), draper, 26 Hign street
Gas Works (John Sim, manager), Nethergate
Gray Robert, dairyman, Barclay road
Gray Robert, market gardener, Glamis road
Greig Robert, greengrocer, 9 High street
Hay James, boot & shoe ma. 64 High street
Hay William, boot & shoe maker,30 High st
Heigh Thomas, boot maker, 1 Cuinzie neuk
Henderson Thomas, postmaster, draper,
news agent & stationer, 27 High street
Hepburn A. & J. wholesale grocers, corn
& flour merchants & spirit dealers, & in-
surance agents to North British & Mer-
cantile, 22 High street
Hepburn John, registrar of births, deaths
& marriages, 64 High street
Hunter Helen (Mrs.), grocer & spirit dealer,
3 High street
Hutchison James, shopkeeper, Nethergate
Hutchinson Hy. ironmonger, 51 High st
Hutton Thos. ercr.&spirit dlr.Nth.Overgate
Jones James, butcher, 25 High street
Kinghorn Golf Club (Wm.Mann,sec.& treas)
Lochtie Thomas & James, blacksmiths &
dairymen, 8 High street
McLean Moltke, chemist, see Peebles &
McLean, 53 High street
McPherson Mary F. A. (Mrs.), grocer, 18
High street
Massarella Saverio, shopkeeper, 58 High st
Masterton David, tailor, 50 High street
Mercer Helen (Mrs.), grocer & spirit dlr.
37 High street
Muir William, painter, 21a, High street
Murray Andrew, shopkpr. St. Leonard's pi
Nicol James, baker, n St. Leonard's place
Nicol Thomas, grocer & spirit dealer, &
agent for Life Association of Scotland, 4
High street
Niven William, butcher, 39 High street
Oswald Jas. joiner & builder, & insurance
agent (Caledonian), Glamis road
Oswald Wm. joiner & builder, & insur. agt
to London & Lancashire, 8 High street
Patents Manufacturing Compy.
(The), wood flour manufacturers. wash-
ing machine & mangle makers, grinding
mills & dairy utensil manufacturers,
Euphemia works ,
Paul John H. hair dresser & tobacconist, 23
High street
Paxton Mary (Mrs.), greengrocer,52 High st
Paxton Wm. grocer & spirit dlr. 56 High st
Peebles & McLean, chemists, 53 High st
Pistor Elizabeth (Mrs.), temperance hotel,,
Rockingham, Darney terrace
Robertson Janet (Mrs.), draper, 34 High st
Robertson Rd. grocer & spirit dlr.43High st
Robertson William, draper, 75 High street
Scott of Kinghorn Limited, shipbuilders,.
iron founders, engineers & boiler makers
Sim Jn. manager Gas Works, Nethergate
Syme Geo. & Son, dairymen, NorthOvergat©
Thompson Andrew, confctnr.41 High street
•Watt Alexander, joiner, Kilrie
Welsh James J. P., M.D., F.R.C.S.Edin. sur-
geon, medical officer for the burgh, paro-
chial medical officer, surgeon to the Com-
bination Poorhouse & certifying factory
surgeon, Bowbutts house
Wyllie James, inspector of poor, collector of
rates, insurance agent & clerk to school
board, 54 High 6treet
Wyiie Thomas, news agent, 71 High street
Young William, dairyman, Craigencalt
*Aitken George Lewis, Boglily
Banks Edward, Abden
♦Banks Jas. sen. Bankhead &■ Piteadie
Banks James, jun. Grangehill
*Birrell Alexander & Sons.Tyrie &Invertiel
^Drysdale William (exors. of), Kilrie
Gillespie John, Langloch & Stonyhill
Howie Richard, Grange
LeslieAlexander.Drinkbetween & Barchory
Mclvor Arnott, Linnhead & Pit Rinnie
Watt Andrew, Easter & Wester Balbarton.
Wilkie Peter, Wester Balbairdie
Wright Andrew, North Glassmount
Young William, Craigencalt
KINGLASSIE is a parish and village,,
the latter 3 miles south from Leslie, 4^
north-east from Lochgelly, and 3 north
from Cardenden station on the Dunfermlin&
and Thornton Junction section of the North
British railway; there is also a station at
Leslie on a branch line from Markinch.
The parish, which is in the small debt
court district of Kirkcaldy, and extends 5
miles from east to west by a width of 2 to
4 miles, is* bounded north by Leslie and
Portmoak, west by Auchterderran, south
by Dy^art, and east by Markinch. It is
watered by the Lochty and the Ore, tribu-
tary strennn of the Leven. The inhabi-
tants are chiefly employed in mining. A
Public Hall was erected in 1896, at a cost
of £3,000, hy the late Mr. Alexander Mit-
chell, of Re'dwelis. A fair is entitled to
be held on third Wednesday in May, anc?
on the Thursday before Michaelmas (o.s).
Rodger Sinclair Aytoun esq. is the prin-
cipal landowner. The area comprises 8,415-
acres; rateable value, £10,000; the popula-
tion in 1891 was, 1,372, and in 19C1, l,478 r
including 520 in the village
Post Office, Mrs. Agnes Yule, postmistress.
Letters arrive through Cardenden R.S.O-
Delivery, 10 a.m. ; dispatch, 3 p.m.
Postal Orders are issued and paid here.
Leslie is the nearest money order office,
& telegraph office at Cardenden station...
3 miles distant
Clerk, Inspector of Poor & Collector of
Rates, Robert Small, Lochgelly
Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages,
John Fernie, Kinglassie
Inchdairnle Curling Club, Wm. Spears, sec
Established Church, Bev. John Fraser
United Free Church, Rev. George C_
Dalziel B.D
Chairman, Rev. John Fraser J.P
Clerk, Robert Small, Lochgelly
Board School, for 240 children; average
attendance, 129; Wm. Spears, master
(Marked thus * receive their letters
through Kirkcaldy).
Arnot William, Strathruddie
Chalmers Mrs. Inchdairnif 1
Dalziel Bev. George C, B.D. (United Frea
Fraser Rev. John J.P. (Established)
Spears William, School house
Cook James, saddler
Dow John, spirit dealer
Fernie John, registrar of births, deaths &
marriages & joiner
Henderson Jas. gamekpr.to Mrs. Chalmers
Inchdairnie Curling Club (William Spears,
treasurer & sec)
^McDonald John, timber dealer, Cluny brdg

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