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Queensferry, forms the Stirling parliamen-
tary district, constituted in 1708, and re-
turning one member. So early as the days
of David I. Inverkeithing was a royal resi-
dence, and received a charter of confirm-
ation in the reign of William the Lion,
confirming charters of earlier but unknown
dates; a number of intervening charters
were confirmed by one from James VI., in
1598. The government is vested in a pro-
vost, or sheriff, two bailies, a dean of guild,
and a treasurer, elected by the councillors.
The trade of the burgh consists of fire-clay
works, paper mills, tanning, rope making
and shipbuilding; connected with the latter
branch is a patent slip, of great use in
repairing vessels. Freestone and whin-
stone are abundant in this neighbourhood,
and of excellent quality, and considerable
quantities of each are annually exported.
The harbour is capacious, and the bay is
noted as a place of security in all winds.
The private harbour of East Ness affords
additional accommodation, and has about
18 feet of water at spring tides. The town
-consists chiefly of two streets, which are
Mghted by gas ; the town house comprises a
gaol and apartments for the courts. A
> branch of the Clydesdale Bank Limited, is
established here. There are many remains
of antiquity, some of which are coeval with
the earliest periods of Scottish history.
Among these is the " Inns," or old Palace,
which is said to have been the residence of
Annabella Drummond, Queen of Robert
III., who died at Inverkeithing. This Queen
is supposed to have presented the burgh
with its cross, on the occasion of the mar-
riage of her son, the Duke of Rothesay, with
the daughter of the Earl of Douglas, in
1398 : the top of the cross is adorned with
shields charged with the royal arms of that
Queen and the Earl of Douglas. On the
island of Inchgarvie, just below the Forth
bridge, are the ruins of a castle partially
destroyed during Cromwell's campaign.
There is a church of the Establishment,
an Episcopal church and two United Free
churches. The parish church contains a
beautiful font, said to have been the gift
of Queen Annabella, and discovered in
180G, when the church was undergoing a
series of repairs. There is a large public
school under the School Board. A fair is
held on the first Friday in August. The
Earl of Elgin E.G., G.C.S.I., G-.C.I.E.,
U.C.Y.O., B.C. the Marquess of Linlith-
gow K.T., G-.C.M.G-., P.C. and the trustees
uf the late Hon. Hew A. D. H. Haldane-
Duncan-Mercer-Henderson, of Fordell (d.
1900), are the principal landowners. The
area comprises 4,027 acres; rateable value
of the burgh in 1903, £23,497; landward,
£40,908; the population of the parish in
1891 was 2,943. and in 1901, 3,468, includ-
ing 1,965 in the burgh. The population
of the ecclesiastical parish in 1901 was
The number of electors on the parlia-
mentary register in 1903 was 307.
Hillend, James Town and Rosyth are ham-
lets in the parish of Inverkeithing. At the
latter place are the ruins of the old castle of
Kosyth, the celebrated residence of Mar-
garet, spouse of Malcolm Canmore, and sub-
-iequently of the Stuart family. The rock on
which it stands is connected with the main-
land by a causeway, and a atone slab, placed
In the wall over what appears to have been
the principal entrance, bears the date
1561. In Sir Walter Scott's novel of " The
Abbot," this castle is alluded to, and tra-
dition points it out as being the birthplace
3f the wife of Oliver Cromwell. It is now
the property of the Marquess of Linlith-
gow, whose noble mansion stands on the
.opposite shore.
North Queensferry, in the parish of Inver-
keithing, is 2 miles south from Inverkeith-
ing, and is well known to travellers as the
port and point of land opposite to Queens-
ferry (or South Queensferry), in Linlithgow-
shire, and a steamer passes between the two
several times daily. The Forth bridge, for
carrying tha North British railway over the
Firth of Forth, forms a connection at this
place. It was opened by His Majesty Edw.
VII. then Prince of Wales, on the 4th of
March, 1390, the cost of its erection being
about £3,000,000. Two of the spans of
this gigantic undertaking are 1,710 feet
in length, and have a height of 150 feet
above high water at spring tides. There
are two other spans of 680 feet, fifteen of
168 feet, four of 57 feet and three of 25
feet each : the total length with the via-
duct approaches is a mile and a half (for
full particulars see. Queensferry, Linlithgow-
shire). By its erection the direct journey
north can be taken without break as for-
merly, when passengers had to cross the
Forth by ferry from Granton to Burntisland.
A short distance to the west of the village
is the anchorage ground, resorted to by ves-
sels in stress of weather or contrary winds,
called " 'Saint Margaret's Hope," the site
of the proposed Forth Naval base. The
Admiralty have (1903) acquired consider-
able land and the preliminary work is
shortly to be commenced. Here is a sta-
tion of the coast-guard, and a fishing
ground for a kind of sprat, of which
quantities are taken. There are large
whinstone quarries, employing a number
of men. Population in 1901, 594.
Post, T., M. O., T. M. O., E. D. & P. P.,
S. B. & A. & I O. High street, Inver-
keithing (Railway Sub-Office. Letters
should have R.S.O. Fifeshire added to
them) ; Miss Agnes Pringle, post-
mistress. Deliveries, 8 a.m. & 2.30 &
6.30 p.m.; dispatches, north, 6.15 a.m.;
south, 11 a.m. & 3, 6 & 7.40 p.m.; sun-
day, 5.30 p.m
Post, T., M. O., T. M. O., E. D. & P. P.,
S. B. & A. & I. O. North Queensferry.
(Railway Sub-Office. Letters should
have R.S.O. Fifeshire added to them.)
Mrs. Fanny Young, sub-postmistress.
Deliveries, 8 a.m. & 5.30 p.m. ; dis-
patches, north, 6.50 a.m.; south, 11 a.m.
& 3.15 & 6.5 p.m. ; Sunday, 5.30 p.m
Sub-Post & T. O. Hillend; John Half-
pennv, sub-postmaster. Letters received
through Inverkeithing R.S.O. Deli-
veries, 9 a.m. & 3.45 p.m. ; dispatches,
9.15 a.m. & 3.40 p.m. ; sunday, 10.45
a.m. Postal orders are issued and paid
here. Inverkeithing is the nearest
money order office
Municipal offices, Town hall, Town Hall st.
Provost, James Sim
Bailies, William Cunningham & John
Councillors, eight
Treasurer, Alexander Arnot
Town Clerk, John R. Menzies
Procurator Fiscal, Robert Baxter
Dean of Guild, Joseph Watson
Clerk & Treasurer to School Board, Robert
Burgh Assessor, A. E. Goodwin, Dunferm-
Police Treasurer & Collector, Burgh Sur-
veyor, Inspector of Weights & Measures,
Sanitary Inspector & Town's Officer, John
Stamp Office, High street, Miss Agnes
Pringle, sub -distributor
Harbour Master & Collector of Dues for
Inverkeithing, William Walls
Coast Guard Station, North Queensferry,
James Martin, officer in charge
Collector & Inspector of Poor, Robert Tel'
ford, High street, Inverkeithing
Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages for
the parish of Inverkeithing, Robert N.
War drop
Constabulary Stations, High st. William
Balsillie, constable & North Queensferry,
William Cameron, constable
Cemetery, Inverkeithing, Robert Telford,
clerk & treasurer
Music Hall, Inverkeithing, Thomas Mor-
rin, keeper
First Fifeshire Royal Garrison Artillery
(Volunteers) (No. 4 Company), Drill hall
High street, Inverkeithing; Captain
Thomas Strachan ; Drill Instructor, Wm.
Established Church. Inverkeithing, Rev.
William Stephen B.D
United Free Churches: —
North Queensferrv, Rev. Alexander S.
Wilson M.A
Inverkeithing, Rev.Peter Cowie BryceM.A
Episcopal Church
Chairman. Alexander Brunton
Clerk & Treasurer, Robert Baxter
Officer, Robert Simmons
Board Schools: —
Inverkeithing, David M. Scott, master
North Queensferry, John M. Cu thill, mstr
A. board school for Dalgetty is situated at
the eastern part of Hillend
On the North British line.
Station, Inverkeithing, Matthew S. Strang,
station master
Station, North Queensferry, Alexander A.
Bryce, station master
Inverkeithin g.
Angus Miss, Poplars
Arnot John M. The Old Manse
Arnot Mrs. Viewforth
Auld James, Chapel place
Ballingall Miss, Belle Vue
Bryce Rev. Peter Cowie M.A., U. F.Manse
Elder Mrs. Keith bank
Hay Andrew
Hay John, Roseville
Hay Miss, Moffat cottage
McDonald Lewis
M'Donald Mrs. Alma street
Menzies John R. King street
Philp William M.B. Rosebery house
Ross The Misses, Preston crescent
Smith James Thrift J.P. Duloch
Stephen Rev. William B.D. (Estab.), The
Walker Rev. D. Merrick (Baptist), Burn-
bank villa
Earfly closing day, Wednesday.
Anderson H. A. Foresters' Arms P.H.
Harbour place
Arnot Alexander, grocer, wine & spirit
dealer, ironmonger & seedsman, High st
Baxter Robert, burgh fiscal, clerk to the
school board & sec. to the Gas Company
Blyth William, butcher, High street
Brown Maggie (Miss), shopkpr. Hill street
Bunting Henry, shopkeeper, High street
Caldwell & Co. paper makers; T A " Cald-
well, Inverkeithing " ; T N 801 Dun-
Campbell Elizabeth & Lillie (Missea), heck-
sellers & stationers, High street
Cant Jessie (Miss), tobccnst. Church street
Carr Thomas, Masonic Arms P.H.Heriot st
Cemetery (Robert Telford, clerk & treas)
Clydesdale (The) Bank Limited (branch)
(James D. Wyllie, agent); A. Arbuckle,
accountant), High street; draw on Lon-
don office, 30 Lombard street E C
Cook William, builder
Crow Daniel, cartwright, High street
Cunningham William, boot maker &; glass &
china dealer,, High street
Dunfermline Co-operative Society Limited
(branch), High street
Fair John, plumber, High street
First Fifeshire Royal Garrison Artillery
(Volunteers) (No. 4 Company) (Captain
Thomas Strachan ; drill instructor, Wm.
Thornton), Drill hall, High street
Fraser Alex, grocer & spirit dealer, High st
Gardner Robert, chemist & drggst. High st
Gas Works (Robert Baxter, sec), King st
Gibson John, joiner, Hope street
Gibson William, fruiterer, High street
Haddow Robert, grocer & spirit dealer,
High street
Hamilton Isabella (Miss), shpkpr. High st
Hardie Alexander, saddler, High street
Hay James & Co. tanners, leather mer-
chants & belting manufacturers, King st. ;
& at Edinburgh
Hay James, Artillery Volunteers' Arms P.H.
High street
Henderson William, baker, High street
Home William, boot maker, Bank street .
Hughes F. A. & Co. quarry owners, Ferry
Hutton Hugh, baker, Church street
Hutton William, grocer & spirit dealer,
High street
Laird Donald, horse hirer, High street
Livingston Chas. hairdresser, Townhall sz
Livingston John, collector, burgh sur-
veyor, inspector of weights & measures,
sanitary inspector & town's officer
McCulloch William, master mariner
McDonald Lewis, quarry master, Preston
Hill quarry
McLean John, Queen's hotel, Church st
MoNair John, draper, High street
Macrae John, tailor & grocer, King street
Malcolm Jas. White, Royal hotel, High st
Marshall Annie (Miss), refreshment rms.
Station road
Menzies John R. solicitor & town olerk,
Townhall street
Mercer Jas. grocer & spirit dlr. King st
Moodie Agnes (Mrs.), shopkpr. High sc
Morrison Duncan, joiner, Harbour place
Muir Joseph, boot maker, High street
Music Hall (Thomas Morrin, keeper)
Niven Alex. & Andrew, butchers, Bank st
Oswald Jane (Mrs.), glass & china dealer,
High street

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