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Miller Robert, joiner
Nets Catherine (Mrs.), Temperance hotel,
New Provision Co. (James Robertson, sec.),
grocers & general dealers
Page Alexander, spirit dealer
Page William, builder, contractor & mason
Peggie Walter, slater & plasterer
Reekie Jessie (Miss), grocer & spirit d!r
Reekie Davina (Miss), postmistress & statnr
Reid David, boot maker
Reid Lawrence, registrar of births, deaths
& marriages, inspector of poor & burgh
P.css Thomas, painter
Scott David, cemetery keeper
Sheriff John, clerk & treasurer to the
school board
Sutherland Alexander, accountant British
Linen Co. Bank
Sutherland Thomas, tailor & clothier
Swan Archibald, china & glass dealer
Town Hail, Falkland (George Baxter, town
o nicer)
Venters Andrew, grocer & spirit dealer
Volunteer Drill Hall (Sergeant-Instructor
Robert McDougal, keeper)
Williamson Thomas, saddler
Walker Janet R. (Mrs.), refreshment rooms
Weepers James, spirit dealer
Anderson Robert, Little Freuchie
Arnot Thomas, Newton of Lathrisk
Bonthrone Alexander, Newton of Falkland
Bruce Robert M. Freuchie lands
Collier William, Upper Downs
Douglas Alexander, Falkland
Dryburgh David & Son, Freuchie mill
Dun George, Woodmill
Duncan William & Henry.Kilgowrie Knowe
Duncan William, Falkland
Pindlay Nicol N. Westfield
Fleming John, Balreavie
Garland John, Myreside
Hoy Robert, Hanging Myre
Lawson John, Falkland wood
Maxwell George, Nether Drums
Maxwell John, Tempi in
Meiklejohn William, Glen Newton
Morgan George B. Nochray
Morgan Mrs. John, Kilgour
Scott Adam, Myreside
Scott Hugh & Son, West Conland
Strang Robert, Pitillock
Thorn James, Channel hall
Thomson Henry, Easter Glaslie
Tod William & John, Freuchie lands
Fraser Rev. Chas. M.A. (Estab. Church)
Lowe Rev. Geo.B.D., U.Free Church Manse
Lumsden John L. Eden Valley villa
Rymer David, Meadow side
Adamson George, boot & shoe maker
Aitken Archibald, joiner
Alexander William, grocer & general dlr
Archibald David, grocer & general dealer
Bisset John, beer retailer
Blyth Thomas, draper
Braid David, blacksmith, Bridge-end
Braid Thomas, blacksmith.
British Jjinen Co. Bank, sub-branch (to
Falkland), open wed. ; draw on London
office, Threadneed!* street & Bank of
England E C
Bryce John, draper & milliner
Christie David, baker & confectioner
Christie Julia (Miss), draper
Dryburgh David & Son, millers
Equitable Co-operative Society Limited
(William Allan, sec), grocers &c
Finlay Alexander, grocer & general dealer
Grant Andw. coal mer.Falkland Road statn
Grant William, cattle dealer
Grassick Margaret (Mrs.), draper
Grieve Robert, joiner
Tnglis David, coal mer.Falkland Road statn
Lindsav William, cattle dealer
Lumsden Walter & Son, linen manufac-
turers, Eden Valley works; T A " Lums-
den, Freuchie "
Lumsden Memorial Hall (David Rymer,sec)
Lumsden James, grocer & spirit dealer
Mackie Alexander, grocer & spirit dealer
Marshall David, butcher
Middleton Jane (Mrs.), Lomond hotel
New Co-operative Society (Arthur Burt,
manager), grocers & general dealers
Reading Room (Allan Mill, sec)
Reid David, tailor
Senior John, stationer, Post office
Srrachan Alexander, boot & shoe manufctr
Subscription Library (John Nelson, sec)
Swan Robert, boot & shoe maker
Thorn Andrew (reps, of), timber mer-
chants, Channel hall
Veitch John, spirit dealer
Newton of Falkland.
Bonthrone Alexander, Newton house
Spence George, Bank house
Archibald Alexander, grocer, Post office
Birrell Keir, grocer & spirit dealer
Bonthrone Alexander, brewer, maltster &
spirit dealer
Meiklejohn William, brewer & maltster,
Glen Newton brewery
FLiISKL is a parish on the south shore of
the Tay, its kirktown being 9 miles west
from Newport and 6 east from Newburgh
station on the North British railway; it
is bounded on the west and south by Dun-
bog, south-east by Creich and east by
Balmerino, and is in the small debt court
district of Newburgh. The land is almost
wholly arable. There are several salmon
fishing stations along the banks of the Tay.
At the west end of the parish are the ex-
tensive ruins of Ballinbreich, once the seat
of the Earls of Rothes, some of whom are
interred in the parish churchyard. The
Marquess of Zetland K.T., P.C. and James
Carnegie esq. of Aytoun Hill, Newbury
are the principal landowners. The area
comprises 2,697 acres ; rateable value,
£3,440; the population in 1891 was 248,
and in 1901, 232, civil and 195 ecclesias-
Glenduckie is a hamlet in this parish.
Letters should, be addressed Newburgh,
Fife. The nearest post, money order.
telegraph office & savings bank is at
Chairman, John Mitchell J.P
Clerk, David M. Dingwall, School house
Inspector of Poor & Collector of Rates &
Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages,
David M. Dingwall
Heritors' Clerk, Thomas Neilson
Established Church, Flisk, Rev. George
Johnstone M.A
United Free Church, Brnnton, for Flisk &
Creich, Rev. Patrick S. Mackintosh M.A
Chairman, John Mitchell J.P
Clerk & Treasurer, David M. Dingwall
Board School, David M. Dingwall, master
Cay Miss, Glenduckie house
Johnstone Rev. George M.A. The Manse
Mitchell John J.P. Flisk Millan
Anderson David, blacksmith, Bank side
Dingwall David M. schoolmaster, clerk to
parish council, clerk & treasurer to Flisk
school board, inspector of poor & collector
of rates & registrar of births, deaths &
Neilson Thomas, heritors' clerk & forester
to the Marquis of Zetland
Sharp Margaret (Mrs.), grocer, Glenduckie
Berwick Andrew, Pittauchope by Cupar
Blyth James, farmer, Logie
Cairns John, Ballinbreich
Kellock Edwin, East Flisk
Mitchell John J.P. Flisk Millan
Rintoul Thomas, Balhelvie
FOBGAN parish extends for about 5
miles in length and about 2£ in breadth,
along the south bank of the Firth of Tay,
exactly opposite the town of Dundee. It
is bounded by Ferry-Port-on-Craig on the
east, Balmerino on the west and Leuchars
and KHmauy on the south, and is in the
small debt court district of Coupar. It
contains the town of Newport, which has
two stations (East and West Newport) on
the North British railway. A little north
of Wormit station, also in this parish, is
the Tay railway bridge, connecting the
southern lines with Dundee. The parish
church of Forgan is nearly two miles in-
land, being 10 miles north-east from Cupar
and the same distance north-west from St.
Andrews. The landward part of the
parish is richly wooded and well culti-
vated. The mansion house of St. Fort,
in this parish, is occupied by Ro£~ert B.
Sharp esq. and about 1 mile west from
Newport is the small harbour of Wood-
haven, off which the industrial ship
'* Mars " is moored. The area comprises
4,983 acres; rateable value £37,456; the
population in 1891 was 3,763, and in 1901,
4,720, being burgh, 2,869, landward, 1,436,
including training ship " Mars," 415.
Letters for Forgan should be addressed 1
*' Newport, Filestore "
Names for Woodhaven are included with
Blyth Hall buildings, Scott st. Newport-
Chairman, James Husband
Clerk, Inspector & Collector & Registrar
of Births, Deaths & Marriages, Frederick
G. Kemp, Blyth Hall buildings, Scott
street, Newport
Cemetery, Frederick G. Kemp, Blyth Hail
buildings, Newport, clerk ; Donald
McGregor, superintendent
Established Church, Rev. Thomaa Munn
Industrial Training "Ship, " Mars " (off
Woodhavt-n), supported by Government
grant & voluntary contributions ; insti-
tuted in 1869 for boys from 12 to 16;
average number, 400. President, Sir
William O. Dalgleish bart. ; Alexander
Mackay, sec. ; Lieut. Augustus L. Scott,
capt.-supt. ; John Stewart, surgeon;
Henry Spry, chief officer; R. F. Thomas
& J. Stables, teachers; 18 instructors
Chairman, George Rolls
Clerk &, Treasurer, James Allison
Board School, John Cameron, masteE-
Justice Thomas, KnockhiCl
Munn Rev. Thomas (Estab.), The Manse-
Sharp Robert B. St. Foot
Comerton House (Home for Poor Children,
Miss M. A. Sturrock, matron)
Fearn Thomas, blacksmith
Forgan Cemetery (F. G. Kemp, clerk ;
Donald McGregor, supt)
Horsburgh James, coal mer. St. Fort
Kinley James, blacksmith
Pearson Ann (Mrs.), dairy keeper
Arnott Davii, Wester Friartown
Arthur Robert, Causewayhead
Ballingall Mrs. Newton
Dudgeon William D. Easter Friartown.
Gray James, Nether Kirkton
Hay William, Wormit
Henderson J. & C. Vickers ford.
Hill William, Northfields
Kay Alexander, Flass
Mathewson Oliver, Craig Haad.
Rhind Henry, Woodhaven
Smith Thomas, Inverdovat
FREUCHIE, see Falkland:
GALLATOWN, see Kirkcaldy.
GATESIDE, see Stratiimiglo.
GAULDRT. see Balmerixo.
GUARD BRIDGE, see Leuchar.
HALBEATE, see Duxfermline^
INCH-COLM, see Aberdour.
INCHKEITH, see KingiiorNv
INNER LEVEN, see Wemyss. '
INVERTIEL, see Kirkcaldy.
INVERKEITHING is a burgh and.
parish and seaport on the north shore of th-ft
Firth of Forth, in the poor combination and
small debt court district of Dpnfermline.
The town is a royal and parliamentary
burgh, with a station on the main line of the
North British railway, the Forth railwav
bridge terminating at North Queensferry in
this parish. The burgh is 11 miles north-
west from Edinburgh, 13 south-west from
Kirkcaldy and 4 south-east from Dunferm-
line, and occupies a slight hill sloping np
from the north-west side of Inverkeithine;
Bay, commanding an extensive view of the
south side of the Forth. The parish ex-
tends 6 miles from north to south by 6 miles
broad ; the outlying portion having been
transferred by Boundary Order 67 to Dun-
fermline, by which it is bounded on the
north-west and on the north-east by
Dalgetty. Thi3 burgh, together with Stir-
ling, Culross, Dunfermline and South
SCOT. â–  40*

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