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governed by a provost, two bailies and six
-councillors. The chief industry here is the
manufacture of golf clubs and balls ; but
many of the inhabitants obtain a living by
the letting of furnished houses through the
summer. The National Bank of Scotland
Limited and the Clydesdale Bank Limited
have branches at Elie. Earlsferry con-
sists principally of one main street and
commodious residences facing the shore,
and enjoys with Eiie a high reputation as
a seaside resort; the beach is very fine
and sandy, bathing and golfing being the
especial attraction. The area is 47 acres ;
value of the burgh is £3,102 gross rental;
population in 1891, 304, and in 1901, 317.
Letters received through Elie R. S. 0-
Pifeshire, which is the nearest money
order & telegraph office
Town Hall, High street.
Provost, John Mackie
Bailies, Eobert McRuvie & Alex. Welsh
Councillors, six
Burgh Treasurer, James Davidson
Burgh Assessor, Philip Sulley
Town Clerk, H. M. Ketchen
Medical Officer of Health, Thomas Goodall
Nasmyth M.D., CM., D.Sc., D.P.H.
Cupar Fife
Collector of Kates, James Lawson
Town Officer. Charles Robertson
"Chairman, William Jamieson
Clerk, Eobert Crombie
Inspector of Poor, Eobert Crombie, Park
place, Elie
Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages,
E. Crombie, Elie
Town Hall, Alexander Welsh, sec
On the East of Fife branch of the North
British line.
Station, Elie
Blyth Howard, The Cliff
Brown John, Sea Beach
•Campbell Mrs. Rockview
Duff Mrs. Earlsneuk & St. Helen's W
Ferguson Mrs. Sandhurst
Foster Norman, Gable house
Glover Thomas C. rt J. P. Earlsferry houae
Henry Miss. Chapelgreen house
Johnston Thomas W. E. Old Manse
Keddie Mrs. Inglesfield
Kindler Miss, St. George's lodge
McRuvie Robert, Kirkmay
Marrable Graham, St. Helen's E
Morris Misses, Earlscross
Outhwaite Mrs. Craigsforth
Robertson Andrew, Roseberie
Roger James, Catherine bank
Scott Mrs. David. Macduff house
Stuart Mrs. Eocklands
Swan Mrs. Marine villa
Thomson Mrs. Westborough
Waddell Mrs. James, Ea-rlslea
Wenzel Ludwig, St. Alban's
^Winter Miss, The Dea
Buchanan Donald, butcher
Cumming Robert, grocer & spirit dealer
Earlsferry & Elie Golf Club (James David-
son & George A. Clark, joint sees.), The
Forrester George & Son, golf implement
makers, Links place
Greig David B. & Sons, painters
& paperhangers, High street
Greig's McDuff Cycle & Motor Depots,
High street
Herd Margaret & Christina (Misses), news
agents & stationers
Keddie James, coal merchant
Kinnear Elizabeth (Mrs.), milliner
Leslie William, fishmonger, High street
Levack George, painter & paperhanger
Mackie James, coal merchant & horse
hirer, The Links
McBorie Wm. Golf tavern, The Links
McRuvie Robert, grocer & spirit dealer
Methven Agne3 (Miss), draper & fancy re-
pository dealer, High street
Methven James (Mrs.), grocer, spirit &
hardware dealer, High street
Morris J. & Sons, bakers & confectioners,
High street
Morlcloth Society (George A. Clark, sec)
Neill William, tailor, High street
Scott A. H. golf implement ma.The Links
Scott Alexander (Mrs.), Greengrocer
Smith Thomas, joiner, The Links
Thistle Golf Club (James Forrester, sec)
Town Hall (Alexander Welsh, sec),
High street
ELIE is a parish and police burgb and
seaport, with a station on the Thornton
junction, Anstruther and St. Andrews sec-
tion of the North British railway. The
parish of Elie. which extends 3£ miles along
the north shore of the Firth of Forth by
about 1£ inland, and is in the Anstruther
small debt court district; in 1892, under the
provisions of the *' Locel Government Act,
1890," it was added to the royal burgh of
Earlsferry, of which town Elie is really
a suburb ; the parish boundaries are
St. Monance on the east, Kilconquhar
on the north and Newbarn on the
west. The burgh is situated on the
north-east part of Elie bay, 14 miles
south-east from St. Andrews, 32 north-
east from Edinburgh and 5 east from
Largo, and is governed by a provost, two
bailies and s'x councillors. There is a
small well-sheltered harbour but no docks.
The trade of the district consists in the ex-
port of potatoes. The National Bank of
Scotland Limited and the Clydesdale Bank
Limited have each a branch here. There
are golfing links and a good beach, and
Elie is a summer resort in conjunction
with Earlsferry. In one of the streets
near the sea are some substantial ancient
residences, evidently once the habitation
of families of distinction. At the lower
end of the parish, close to the sea coast,
is the hill of Kincraig, which rises to a
height of 200ft. above the level of the sea,
and its rocky slopes contain several large
caves. Elie House, the residence of
William Baird esq. D.L., J.P. is a fine
mansion of stone standing in good grounds.
William Baird esq. of Elie House, Dame
Malcolm, of Balbeddie and Grange, and
Miss Gourlay are the principal landowners.
The area comprises 2,020 acres; rateable
value for the burgh, £7,844, and land
wards, £3,545 ; population of the parish
in 1881, 670; and in 1901, 1,142, including
687 in the police burgh of Elie, and 317
in Earlsferry burgh
Post, T., M. O., T. M. 0., E. D. & P. P.,
S. B. & A. & I. 0. William Ovenston,
postmaster. (Railway Sub-Office. Let-
ters should have R.S.O. Fifeshire added
to them.) — Deliveries, 7 & 9.15 a.m. &
7.15 p.m.; dispatches, 5.30 & 11.10 a.m.
& 3.30, 6.40 & (Saturdays only) 9.10 p.m
Williamsburgh and Liberty are small
hnmlets 1 in the parish and form part of the
police burgh.
Offices, 18 Bant street.
Provost, Robert Don
Bailies, William Ovenstone & James Gay
Commissioners, six
Town Clerk, H. M. Ketchen
Medical Officer of Health, Thomas Goodall
Nasmyth M.D., CM., D.Sc.D.P.H.Cupar
Burgh Treasurer, George A. Clark
Burgh Assessor, Philip Sulley, Cupar
Sanitary Inspector, Henderson Elliott, An-
Collector of Rates, George A. Clark
Town Officer, Henry Dalrympl^
Clerk, Eobert Crombie
Inspector of Poor, Eobert Crombie
Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages
Eobert Crombie
Harbour Office, William Macintosh, harbour
Coast Guard Station & Life Saving Appa-
ratus, William Eodgers, chief officer
Police Station, William Balfour, officer
Granary Stores, Wm. Macintosh, keeper
Subscription Library, Randeillor st. (David
Affleck, librarian)
Established Church, Eev. Robt. H. Dunlop
United Free Church, Eev. J. Harry Miller
On the East of Fife branch of the North
British line.
Passenger & Goods Station, John Philp,
station master
Chairman, William Baird J.P
Clerk, H. M. Ketchen
Elie school, Robert Crombie, master
Williamsburgh school, James Davidson,
ELIE. 625
Baird William D.L., J.P. Elie house
Bell John, Seafield bank
Berwick John, Liberty
Blues Mrs. Andrew, Sunnvside
Brown Miss. St. Mary's, South street
Curstairs Miss, 2 South street
Chapman Miss, The Terrace
Chapman Mrs. Links place
Coventry James, Fairleigh
Cumming Mrs. Toft
Currie Mrs
Dunlop Rev. Robert H. (Estnb.),The Manse
Ferguson Robert M., LL.D. The Cottage
Foggo John, Park place
Fortune Miss, Sunfcer ville
Foster Mrs. Russell bank, South street
Fowler Misses, Marion villa
Gray Miss,- Kingscroffc
Greenfield William S. Kirkbrae
Hillhouse Rev. James., Park place
Horsburgh Miss, Lynnwood
Jamieson William, Sauchur house, High st
Kean Rev. James, Henderson house
Kennedy Mrs. Hypericum
Ketchen Henry M. Bank street
If 'Dowall Archibald, Park place
M'Ruvie Misses. Rockchffe
Miller Rev. J. Harry (U.F)
Milligan Mrs. Beechwood, Park place
Moncreiff Mrs. Scott, The Castle
Moon John W. Lochbuxn,, High street
Morgan Major-General James Peattie R.A.
The Elms, Park place
Neil Mrs. The Terrace
Paterson Mrs. Eosemay, High street
Paterson Robert Roy, St. Margaret's
Patterson Charles Orr, South street
Pentland-Smith Archibald Lumsdaine M.A.,
B.Sc.St. Ands., M. B., C.M.Edin. Park pi
Pullar Rufus D. The Park
Ross John J.P. St. Ronan'a & Palmyra
Russell Mrs. Elie lodge
Sanderson Mrs. Mount Stuart
Sandford Major Charles H. St. Ford
Shepherd Alexander, Bergerville
Sloman Herbert M.R.C.S. Surrey house
Smith Henry W. Amphion house
Smith Mrs. Park place
Spence Mrs. Ravenswood
Tweedio Misses, Bank street
Wood Miss, Wynd house
Wood Mrs. The Terrace
Early closing day, Wednesday, 2 p.m.
Allan Robert P. carting contractor, High st
Bain John L. painter, paper-
hanger &c. 21 High street
Barr James, slater, Park place
Bell Alexander, coal merchant & glass &
china dealer, Fountain road
Bell John, potato merchant, Seafield bank
Bell Thomas,carting contractor,Fountain rd
Bonner Thomas W. grocer,
spirit dealer & wine agent,
Rankeillor street
Boytcr Robert, cabinet maker, High street-
Braid William, restaurant
keeper & spirit dealer, baker
& confectioner, High street
3ruce David, Yictoria hotel, High street
Buchanan Donald, butcher
Clydesdale (The) Bank Limited (Alexander
McArthur Cook & William Jamieson,
joint agents), High street; hear office,
St. Vincent place, G-lasgow ; London
office, 30 Lombard street E C
Cook David & Alexander, solicitors, High st
Cook Wm. boot & shoe maker, Park place
Crombie Robert, registrar of births, deaths
& marriages & inspector of poor & clerk
to Parish Council
Currie Isabella (Miss). spirit dealer. Toft row
Currie John, architect & surveyor, Higli st.
& Park place
Dewar Robert, grocer & spirit dealer &
ironmonger, Bank street
Don Robert, boot & shoe maker, Bank st
Dowie William, joiner, 2 Fountain road
Elder Rt.Victoria hotel posting establshmnt
Elie Golf Club (H. M. Ketchen, sec)
Elie Hotel Co. Limited, Marine
Elie Tennis Club (George A. Clark, sec)
Fairweather William, dairyman, 37 High st
Forgan Helen (Mrs.), glass & china dlr.
Park place
Garland D. & Sons, joiners & undertakers,
Park place
Garrett William, seedsman, Pountain road
Gas Works (H. M. Ketchen. sec)
Gay Jas. photographer, High st
Gilchrist David M. bookseller &c. & news
agent, Bank street
Given David, greengrocer, Bank street
Given Bobert, coal merchant, High street
SCOT. 40

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