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Hutton (George) & WatBon, plumben, 16
Queen Anne street
Hutton David, draper, 36 Bridge street
Hutton David, shopkeeper, Hill Btreet
Hutton William, accountant Bank of Scot-
land, Abbey Park place
Hutton William, grocer, Both well street
Imrie Win. David, solicitor. Abbey Park pi
IngiiB James & Son, plumbers, 68 High st
Inglis & Co. linen manufacturers, Castle
Blair & Victoria works ; T N 731 ; T A
" Inglis, Dunfermline "
Inglis Charles, dyer (Drummond & Inglis),
Ashlea. Grieve street
Inglis George, Royal hotel, 83 High street ;
TN 723; T A " Eoyal "
Inkster John James, draper, 67 High st
Inland Bevenue Office (Owen T. Kierans,
officer), Carnegie street
Ireland & Co. ironmongers, 14 Bridge st
Irvine John Henderson, salesman, Gilmore
cottage, Grant's Bank street
Izatt Rt.grocer & spirit dlr. 10 Reform at
Jamieson John & Co. clothiers, 125 High Bt
Johnson Fdk.draper & grocer, 45iMoodie at
Johnson Margaret (Mxb.), shopkeeper, 14
Pittencrieff street
JohnstonGeo.grocer&spirit dlr.22Appln crea
Kay & Sampson, ironmongers, 7 Douglas st
Kay George, coach builder, 9 Nth. Inglis st
Keiller Jeanie A. (Miss), principal, Com-
mercial Training Institution & Type-
writing office, 66 New row
Keiller John D. accountant to the Clydea-
dale Bank Limited, High street
KeirHelen (Miss),greengrcr.34 East Port st
Keir John, dairyman, 30 Pittencrieff street
Keir Thomas, painter, 22 Chalmers street
Kellv Francis, shopkeeper, 37 Bumblingwell
Kelly Peter, Blater, 66 Campbell Gtreet
Kelt .lames Alex, dentist, 4 Bridge street
Kenny Thomas J. auctioneer & cabinet
maker, 9 & 11 Guildhall street
Ker A. Rutherford, damask de-
signer. 23 Bruce street
Ker Wm. L. rnanfrng. chemist, Forth Bt
Ker Wm. L. Commercial hotel, Douglas at
Kerr David, Masonic Arms P.H. 1 & i
Cross wynd
Kierana Owen T. inland revenue officer,
Carnegie street
Kilgour David, joiner & cartwright, St.
Leonard's place
Kilgour Jane (Miss), dining rooms, 39
North Inglis street
Kinghorn John, joiner (Mitchell & King-
horn), 26 Priory lane
Kingsford Arthur, hair dresser <fc tobacco-
nist, 4 Guildhall street
Kininmonth Catherine (Miss), baby linen
&o. dealer, 8 Chalmers street
Kirk Isabella (Miss), draper, 127 Camp-
bell Btreet
Kirk JameB, shopkeeper, 54 Woodhead st
Kniffht Kt. & Son, vet. surgns. 31 Maygate
Lambert Andrew, Blater, James street
Lamberton Jas. cabinet maker, 43 & 45
Bridge street
La-vary John, grocer, 31 Campbell street
Laweon's Ltd. drapers (James Rodger,
agent), 126 High street
Learmond Andrew R.hosier &C.115 High at
Lee John Charles Nairne M.B., CM. sur-
geon, Viewfield terrace
Leitch Matthew,, grocer & spirit dealer, 1
Albany street
Leith Jane (MrB.), refreshment rooms, 2
East Port street
Lennox Adam, boot maker, 118 High street
Lessells James, smith, loom & machine
mtr. 41, & grocer & spirit dlr. 61, Bruoe it
Lessels George, jacquard machine maker,
Grants Bank street
Liddell Wm. C. commercial sta-
tioner & publisher of Cfark's
Time Table, 11 Higrh street
Lightfoot David, clerk, Eildon bank
Lightowler James, butcher, 7 Bonnar street
Lindsay John, grocer, 14 Bothwell place
Lipton Limited, grocers & provision dlrs.
8 High street
T.'ptfir David. Pitfirrane Arms P.H. CrosBird
Littlejohn John, coal merchant, 36 East
Port street
Livingston Chas. E. seedsman, 127 High at
Lochhead Fire Clay Co. manfrs.
of white enamelled baths,
sinks, wash tubs, bricks, lava-
tories, closets & urinals ; also
sewerage pipes. statuary
vases &c. T.A. ''Lochhead,
Dunfermline"; T.N. 764 Dun-
Logan Henry, Bruce tavern, 14 Bruce street
London & Newcastle Tea Co. tea dealers,
7 High street
Louden John, grocer & spirit dealer, 3
Moodie street
Lounie Alexander, hair dresser.lll New rw
Low William & Co. grocers,, 2 Bridge street
Low David, coal agent, Station yard
Lowe Alexander, glass mer. & plumber,
24 &. 26 Maygate
McAdam Thos. factory mgr. Albany street
McBean Lachlan, printer & publisher, 3
Chalmers street
Macbeth James Currie, solicitor & notary,
High atreet
McCallum Jeanie & Mary (Misses), ser-
vants' regiatrv, 41 Chalmers street
McClelland John & Co. grocers &c.Maygate
McCulloch William, butcher,8 Woodhead 6t
McCunn John, consul to the United States
of America, Abbey Park place
McDonald, Fraser & Co. Lim. auctioneers
& cattle salesmen, Auction mart, South
Inglis street
McDonald David, musical instrument dlr.
3 Abbot street
McEwan Alexander, grocer, Loch Fltty
McGhie John, baby linen warehouse, 129
High street
Macgillivray George, refreshment rooms 63,
& confectioner 65, High street
McGregor Alexander, fruiterer & confec-
tioner, 13 Gibb street
MacGregor Alistair James M.D., CM. sur-
geon, 1 Abbey Park place
McGregor Robert, butcher, 72 High street
McGregor Robert, plasterer, Grant's Bnk.st
McGregor William B. designer,
1 Foundry street
Mcintosh Andrew,markt. grdnr. Crossford
M'Intosh John C. sheriff clerk depute,
County buildings; res. Grieve street
Macintyre Alex, photographer, 12 Bonnar st
Mclntyre John, auctioneer & furniture dlr.
35 & 37 Queen Anne street
Mclntyre John B. St. Margaret's hotel, St.
Margaret street
Mclsaac John, furrier, 137 High street
McKechnie Duncan, Standard tavern, 8 &.
10 Guildhall street
Mackenzie David C.E. district road sur-
veyor & master of works, Fife County
Council, County buildingB
Mnckie William * G. photographer, North
Station road
McKillop Jamee, yarn agent, High Beve-
ridge well
McLaren W. & J. & Co. drapers, 26, 28 &
30 Bridge street
McLaren Wm. monumental msn. Cemetery rd
McLean David, fruiterer,, & Woodhead st
McLeod Peter, solicitor (firm, Pearson &
McLeod), Guildhall street
McLeod Thomas, hair dresBer & tobacco-
nist, 15 Gibb street
McLeod William, iron founder,, Blackburn
foundry, Whitemyre
McPherson Graham, salesman, Briery hill,
Park terrace
Main Robert, draper, 16 Bath street
Malco'm Andrew, solicitor,33 Queen Anne st
Malcolm William, cabinet maker & uphol-
sterer, 7, 9 & 11 Woodhead street
Malloch Christine (MisB), dreBB maker, 13
Bridge street
Maloco Angelo, confectioner, 130 High at
Manet ark William, carting contractor, West
Nethertown street
Marshall J. & G. bleachers, Clay Acres
works, Foundry street & Headwell ; T N
704 ; T A " Marshall, Dunfermline '
Marshall Agnes (Miss).,dress ma. 50 New row
Marshall David, boot maker, 61 Queen Anne st
Marshall James, factory Manager, Park ter
Marshall Robert, painter (Don & Marshall)
20 Queen Anne atreet
Martin Squadron Sergt. -Major Henry, drill
instructor, Fife & Forfar Imperial Yeo-
manry, Priory lane
Masonic Hall (Thomas Smith, see), Maygt
Mathewson James & Son, manufacturers,
Bothwell works ; T N 768
Mavpole Dairy Co. Ltd. provision dealers,
101 High street
Meikle John T. inspector of poor, collector
of rates & clerk to the Parish Council,
Town house, Bridge street
Metcalf Moses, district supt. Pearl Life As-
surance Co. Damside street
Miles Henry, joiner, 15 Woodhead street
Millar John, plumber, 15 Reform street
Millar William, bookseller & stationer, 138
High Btreet; res. Broomfield terrace
Miller Iaa (Miss), milliner, 117 New row
Miller Thomas, draper,see Watson & Miller
Mitchell & Kinghorn, joiners, Buchanan st
Mitchell Alexander, joiner, 32 Maygate
Mitchell Alexander, Northern tavern, 58
North IngiiB street
Mitchell John, confectioner, 2 Grieve street
Mitchell Thomas, fruiterer & confectioner,
55 High Btreet
Moodie David, shopkeeper, Mid Beve-
ridge well
Morris James F.F.P. & S.Glas. surgeon, &
medical officer of health to the borough,
parish medical officer & public vaccina-
tor & surgeon to the workhouse, Clunie
house, Park avenue
Mitchell Melville, blacksmith, 13 New row-
Morris John, boot maker, 13 West Nether-
town street
Morris John, shopkeeper, Maitland street!
Morris Thomas, draper, 212 Baldridgebura
Morton Alexander & Son, timber mer-
chants, Bumblingwell ; T N 791
Morton J. & A. fancy repository,80 High at
Moyes Robert, baker & confectioner, 18-
Guildhall street & 16 Woodhead street
Moyes William, toy dealer & berlin wool &
fancy repository, 141 High street
Muir & Gillan, plumbers & gasfitters, 9
Douglas street
Muiir Catherine(Mrs.), grocer & spirit dealer,
lGit Baldridgeburn
Muir John, grocer & wine & spirit dealer,
22 Queen Anne Btreet
Muir Kate (Miss), draper, 25 New row
Muirhead Andrew, architect & surveyor.
Abbey Park place
Mullan James, pawnbroker, 9 Bonnar street
& North Chapel street
Munro John K. photographer. 1 East Port si
Murie Geo. & Son, outfitters, 26 High st
Mutter, Howey & Co. railway carrierSjQueea
Anne street
National Bank of Scotland Limit ed(branch)
(William Beveridge & William Beveridge,
jun. agents), Guildhall street; draw on
London office, 37 Nicholas lane EC;
Bank of England E C ; Glyn, Mills, Cur-
rie & Co. EC; Coutts & Co. WC &
Union Bank of London Lim. E C, London
National Society for the Prevention of
Cruelty to Children (Andrew S. Cunning-
ham, local sec), Abbot street
National Telephone Co. Lim. 116 High st
New Club (James Macmaster, treasurer^
78 High Btreet
Nicol Alexander & William, blacksmiths,.
21 Queen Anne street
Nicol Ann (Mrs.), fruiterer, 1 Guildhall st
Nirnl Christian (Mrs.), Station tavern, 33
South Inglia street
Nicol Robert, hosier & outfitter, 66 High st
Nimmo John & Son Limited, colliery pro-
prietors, Rosebank collieries ; T N 732
North of Scotland Bank Limited (branch)
(Andrew Burt, agent; Lewis A. Park,
accountant). Queen Anne street ; draw-
on Union Bank of London Limited E C
Nnrval James, photographer & dealer in
photographic apparatus, 123 New row
Ogilvie David, hair dresser, 16 Douglas st
Oswald Walter, boot maker, 108 High Btreet
Paterson P. & Co. commission agents,
colliery furnishers & roueh
diamond merchants, 9 High
street ; T.A. " P. Paterson " ; T.N. 8'20
Paterson James, accountant, 3 Abbey
Park place
Paterson James, glass & china dealer, 68
Moodie street
Paterson James, Lyne tavern, 6 Nethertown
Broad street
Paton Isabella (Miss), milliner, 28 Chal-
mers street
Pearson & McLeod, Bolicitors, Guildhall st
Pearson Andrew M. solicitor & notary
(Pearson & McLeod), Guildhall street
Peebles Alexander, librarian, St. Margaret st;
Penman David, card cutter, Woodhead sfe
Penman John, grocer, 1 James' place
Penman John, shopkeeper, Viewfield place
Percy Henry, Hrocer, Crossford
Petrie Agnes (Mrs.),shopkeeper,30 Bruce Bt
Philp David & Son, tailors, Gardener st
Philp Henry & James, builders & sawing;
mills, Campbell street
Philp George, grocer & spirit dealer, 6S
Canmore street
Philp James, joiner, Mill street
Philp Janet (Miss), baby linen warehoosay
21 Bothwell place
Philp Robert, horse hirer, 38 James street
Phoenix Foundry Co. (John Simpson, sole-
partner), engineers & iron founders ;-
Pitblado Janet A. (Mrs.), Royal Ofek P.B.
Randolph street
Poole William, tailor, 8 Bonnar street
Pooley Henry & Son Limited, weighing-
machine makers, North Station road
Porter Henry Hutchison, East Port hotels
East Port street
Porter Martin H. Railway tavern, 1 North-
Inglis street
Potter & Christie, ironmongers, 10 Gibb str
Public Park (John Davidson, keeper)
Punier David, boot maker, 20 Bath street
Purdie James, fishmonger, see Stewart 6r.
Rae Gilbert, aerated water manufacturer,.
Baldridge works
Ramsay Henry & John, plasterers, 20 South
Inglis street
Ramsay William, joiner & cabinet maker,
113 New row
Rankine Andrew & Son, butchers, 1 Bruce-
field street

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