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Stevenson Rev. Robert M.A. (Established),
The Manse, Gibb street
Stevenson James R. Vie\vi;orth villa, Rose tt
Stewart Ralph \V., J.P. Abbey Park place
Stewart Thomas, Glengyle, Abbey Park pi
Storar David, Piirk avenue
Street Thomas T. Woningworth
Sturrock Peter Sturrock B.A. Canmore st
Swinton William. Woodlea, Albany street
Taylor Robert. The Tower, Viewfield
Tod John,Linburne cottage, Grant's Bank st
Tuke Alan M.B., C.M. 12 Comely Park pi
Walker Henry Archer, 8 Comely park
Walker Miss, 9 Comely Park place
Walker Robert Emery J.P. Transylow
Wallace Robert W., J.P. Hawthorn bank
Walls James. Mill street
Walls Mrs. Linden cottage, Grieve street
Watt David, Viewfield terrace
Watt James, Broomfield terrace
Webster Rev. James Moir B.D. (Estab-
lished), Golf drum street
Webster Arthur, Blythwuod, Grieve street
Weir John J.P. Victoria street
Westwood William. Albany cot. Albany st
Wilson Mrs. 17 Gibb street
Teo George C. View Bank villa
Early closing day, Wednesday, 1 p.m.
Abbie Peter C. baker, 50 Chalmers street
A damson James R. designer, Clifton house
Rose street
Adamson Mary (Miss), grocer, 71 Moodie st
Adamson William, tailor, 113 New row
Addison Thomas, butcher, 145 High street
Adie Andrew, ironmonger, 26 Chalmers st
Aitken Alexander, dairyman, Woodmill st
Aitken Hannah (Mrs.), grocer, 69 Priory la
Aitken Henry C. stationer & tobacconist,
71 Priory lane
Aitken J. "(Miss), fruiterer, Bonnar street
Alexander James & Thomas Ltd. manufac-
turers, Canmore works; T A " Alex-
anders, Dunfermline "
Alexander Hugh, painter, 15 Maygate
Alford John Charles, inspector of weights
& measures & assist, sanitary inspector,
Queen Anne street
Allan Andrew, baker, 91 High street
Allan Andrew, draper, 10 Maygate
Allan James, fruiterer, 6 Chalmers street
Allan John, grocer & spirit dealer, 1 Camp-
bell street
Alston James, wholesale grocer & spirit
dealer, 13 Pilmuir street
Anderson & Dowee, joiners, Carnegie street
Anderson James & Son, tailors & clothiers,
87 Woodmill street-
Anderson Andrew, watch maker, 14 Chal-
mers street
Anderson Isabella (Mrs.), mineral water
manufacturer &c. Pittencrieti street
Anderson James, baker, 50 Moodie street
Anderson James, confectioner & restaura-
teur, 23 Bridge street
Anderson John, spirit dealer, 5 Guildhall st
Anderson Lawrence, hair dresser & tobac-
conist, 9 Reform street
Anderson Thomas 11. grocer & spirit dealer,
1 Pilmuir street
Archibald James, coach builder, Priory lane
Arneil William, hair dresser & tobacconist,
10 Bonnar street
Arnot David, grocer & spirit dlr. 1 Reid st
Bain Andrew, Auld Toll Inn, St. Leo-
nard's place
Bain Bruce, wood turner, see Harrower &
Bain John, boot maker, 5 Cross wynd
Baird John Spear, lime burner, Roscobie
lime works
Ball William, 'insurance agent, National
bunk, Guildhall street
Ballantine Agnes C. (Miss), fishmonger &
fruiterer, 22 Abbot street
Balmain Peter, boot maker, 7 Carnegie st
Bank of Scotland (branch) (John William
McKerreli Brown, agent), Abbey _ Park
place; draw on London office., 19 Bishops-
gate street within EC; Coutts & Co.
W C & Bank of England E C, London
Barclay Joseph David M.R.C-V.S. veterinary
Burgeon, 45 Downieville crescent
Barclay Martin, district supt. Prudential
Assurance Co. L:m. 11 Chalmers street
Bardner John, town officer, Town house
Baxter Alexander, spirit dealer, Miles mark
Baxter John, shopkeeper, Market street
Bell Andrew Lees M.D., CM., D.P.H.Edin
& Glas., F.R.I. P.H.Lond. surgeon, Can
more Btreet
Bell Andrew W. burgh engineer & surveyor
. & superintendent of water works, & sani-
tary inspector & inspector of lighting &
cleansing, Town house, Kirkgate
Bennett Alexander & Son, engineers & mill-
wrights. Foundry street
Bennett David, grocer & spirit dealer, 59
Mill street
Bennett David, gro. & spirit dlr. 102 High st
Bennett Thomas, grocer & spirit dealer, 58
Baldridge burn
Bennett William, governor of police cells,
Cemetery road
Bernstein Jacob, wardrobe dlr. 13 Bruce st
Berturelli Domenico, confectioner, 35 Chal-
mers street
Beveridge Erskine & Co. Limited, linen
manufacturers, St. Leonard's works ; TN
726; T A "Beveridge, Dunfermline"
Beveridge John & Co. slaters & plasterers,
16 Cross wynd
Beveridge W. & W. solicitors & notaries,
Guildhall street
Beveridge James, reporter, Victoria street
Beveridge John C cabinet maker & uphol-
sterer, 23 Chalmers street
Beveridge William, fishmonger, 41 Queen
Anne street
Beveridge Wm. schoolmaster, Viewfield pi
Beveridge William, solicitor & notary &
clerk to the iustices (W. & W. Beveridge),
Guildhall street
Beveridge William, jun. solicitor & notary
& sec. to the Conservative Association
for West Fife (W. & W. Beveridge),
Guildhall street
Bigham Samuel, superintendent of ceme-
terv, Town green
Birrell Catherine (Miss), grocer & spirit
dealer, 53 Bruce street
Birse James, dentist, 59 High street
Black Georce, draper, 24 Bridge street
Black Robert & Son, bleachers, Touch
bteachfield ; T N" 738
Blaik Elizabeth (Miss), refreshment rooms,
Mill street & North Station road
Blair Thomas & Son, solicitors & notaries,
9 Viewfield place
Blair Alexander, designer, 11 Bruce street
Blair David, draper, 9 Cross wynd
Blair David Deas, solicitor & notary &
clerk & treas. to the Parish School board
(Thomas Blair & Son), 9 Viewfield place
Blair James, hair dresser, 34 Chalmers st
Blair John, saddler, 35 Bridge street
Blair Thomas, hair dresser, Cross wynd
Blyth Robert, grocer & spirit dealer, 9 &
11 South Inglis street
Boag David & Son , stationers & watch
makers &c. 12 Reid street
Bond Hall, Carnegie street
Bonded Stores (Bruce & Glen, proprietors),
Carneeie street
Bonnar Jas. & Sons, ironmongers, 41 High st
Bonnar James McW, teacher of
music, Buchanan street
Bonnar Peter, newsagent, 3 Woodhoad st
Roswell John, boot maker. 46 & 48 High st
Bowie Alex, market gardener, Crossford
Bowie David, butcher, SINethertown, Broad st
Bowie Robert, draper, 2 Bothwell place
Brimer Andrew, tailor & clthr.2Randolph st
British Linen Co. Bank (branch) (Thomas
Hi'.l, agent), High st. ; draw on London
office, Tareadneedle street E C & Bank
of England E C, London
Brough Robert, joiner, Grieve street
Brown D. & Co. dyers & cleaners, Westfield,
Grieve street ; T N 719
Brown David, grocer. 78 Woodhead street
Brown Elizabeth (Miss), dress maker, 12
High street
Brown George, auctioneer, Bruce street
Brown James, commission agent, 9 East
Port street
Brown John William McKerreli, agent,
Bank of Scotland, Abbey Park place
Bruce & Glen, wine merchants & italian
warehousemen, 26 Queen Anne street;
bonded warehouse, Carnegie street
Bruce George, chief constable of the burgh,
Town house, Kirkgate
Bruce James, italian warehouseman (Bruce
& Glen). 18 Queen Anne street
Buncle Thomas A. & Co. rope & twine
manufacturers, Holyrood place
Runtine Hugh, cashier, Transy place
Burgh Court, Town house, Kirkgate
Burgh Police Office (George Bruce, chief
constable), Town house, Kirkgate
Burnett G. & Co. photographers, North
Inglis street
Burnett John M. baker, 21 Gibb street
Burt Andrew, solicitor & notary, agent to
North of Scotland Bank, Ltd. & sec. &
law agent to the Fifeshire Property In>
vestment Building Society, law> agent to
the Dunfermline Building Co. Limited, &
burgh chamberlain & treasurer to Corpora-
tion Water Works, & registrar Corpora-
tion Stock, 30 Queen Anne street
Burton Robert, upholsterer, Queen Anne st
Butler John Davis, tailor, 51 Baldridgeburn
Cafe (Tlrel Co. dining rooms, 30 High st
Cain Jessie (Mrs.), china dealer, 31 Chal-
mers street
Camberg Charles, confectioner, Guildhall 6t
Callam James, coal dealer, Nethertown
goods station, Elgin street
Cameron John, shopkeeper, 72 Pilmuir st
Campbell Annie & Janet (Misses), confec-
tioners, 11 Randolph street
Campbell & Easson, coal dealers, Station yrd
Campbell Jessie o; Isabella (Misses), dress-
makers, Edgar street
Campbell Nancy D. & W. (Misses), dress-
makers, 21 Bruce street
Campbell Alison (Mrs.), grocer & spirit
dealer, 4 Golfdrum street!
Campbell A. teacher of music, 12 Maygate
Campbell Duncan,, bookseller & stationer,
19 & 21 Chalmers street
Campbell James, hair dresser & tobacconist,
5 Golfdrum street
Campbell James S. Park tavern, 4 & 6
Appin crescent
Campbell William, Red Lion tavern, Bum-
Carnegie Baths (Thomas Langston, supt.),.
Bath street
Carnegie Free Library (Alexander Peebles,
librarian). Abbot street
Carnegie James, shopkeeper 70 Golfdrum st
Carpenter Andrew, grocer & spirit dealer,
59 Chalmers street
Carroll B. Hobson, Mus. Doc. organist &
choir master Dunfermline abbey ; res.
70 Dewar street
Carry William W. Union Com-
mercial hotel, Queen Anne st.
6 South Inglis street
Carter Ernest, piano tuner, 25 Damside st
Cassells Margaret (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 30-
Woodhead street
Cemetery (Samuel Bigham, superintendent;
John T. Meikle. clerkV Grants Bank st
Chalmers David, hosiery knitter, 16 East
Port street
Christie Jas. baker & confectnr. 40 High st
Christie John, ironmonger, see Potter &
Christie Thomas, butcher, 27 High street
Christie William, cashier, Venture Fair pi
City Arms Hotel (( largest &
leading hotel in Dunfermline
& West of Five* <C. Tavernier,
mgr.), Bridge st. ; T.N. 715
Clark William & Son, printers, stationers &
proprietors & publishers of the " Dun-
fermline Journal" & the 'Dunfermline
Express " ; works, Guildhall street &
Music Hall lane; TN 711
Clark John, colliery manager, Elgin cottage
Clark John M. bookseller & stationer, 2
Reform street
Clark Thomas, watch maker,13 High street
Clark William, assist supt. Prudential As-
surance Co. Lim. Couston street
Clydesdale Bank Ltd. CJames Currfe Mac-
beth, agt. ; John D. Keiller, accountant),
High street
Coltness Iron Co. Limited (Gilbert S.
Morrison, manager), East Grange
Colvi'.l Archibald, linen manufacturer, 14 St.
Margaret street: res. 13 Bride* street
Commercial Bank of Scotland Limited*
(branch) (Samuel Davidson, agent; Wm.
J. Duncan, accountant), Abbot street ;
draw on London office, 62 Lombard street,
E C & Coutts & Co. Vv C, London
Commercial Training!nstitutiorr
& Typewriting Office, G6 New
row ; shorthand, typewriting
bookkcepin g, arithmetic,
handwriting, commercial Eng-
lish &c. ; principal, J. A. Koitfer
Condie Janet(Miss),,confectioner,43 New row
Connell Peter M. solicitor & joint sec. &
treasurer to Dunfermline Cottage Hospi-
tal (Ross & Connell), 147 High street
Cook Geo. Thistle tavern,165 Baldridge burn-
Cook John, draper, Ashburton house,.
Couston street
Cook Maggie (Miss), confetnr. 2 Gardener sS
Cooper & Co. grocers & provision dealers,
111 & 113 High street
~ountv Police Office (Arthur, Webster, in-
spector), County buildings, high street
Cousin John, painter ^ decorator, -1 Kirkgt
Cousin Robert, designer, 31 Damside street
Cowan Christopher, Old Abbey tavern, St.
Catherine's wynd
Craig James C. baker & confectioner, 133
High street
Crawford Alexander, glass & china dealer,
East Port street
Crawford George, joiner, 52 PittencriefC st
Crawford John, reporter, Maitland street
Crescent Linen Co. linen merchants, 52
Queen Anne street
Crossley Henry, grocer & spirit dealer, 7
Chalmers street
Crown Hall (Edward Danks, proprietor),
Woodhead street
Cuming Richard, agent for the Royal Liver
Friendly Society, 2$ Chalmers street
Cuthbert James, Bath tavern, 22 Bath street

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