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614 cupar-jfifj:.
Ross Alexander, grocer & spirit dealer, 76
Boss Donald, baker & cnfctr. 42 Bonnygate
Boyal Bank of Scotland (branch) ("William
Thomson, agent; William Galloway, ac-
countant), St Catherine street; head
office, Edinburgh; draw on London office,
123 Bishopsgate street within E C; Bank
of England E C & Coutts & Co. "W" C,
Royal Hotel (Peter A. Hitt, lessee), St.
Catherine street
Russell Andrew, coal mer. Railway station
St. Andrew's Citizen (John & Geo. Innes,
proprietors & publishers ; published fri-
day), 8 Bonnygato
Seath & Laing;, drapers, silk
mercers, dress makers & mil-
liners, 3 Cross prate & 4
Simpson Thomas, blacksmith & farrier,
East Burnside
Simpson ffm. carrier. Westfield avenue
Sinclair David, spirit dealer (Burnside),
East Burnside
Singer Manufacturing Co. sewing macliine
manufacturers, 61 Crossgate
Sloan Jane (Mrs.), news agt. 5 Westport
Small Matthew, boot & shoe maker, 18
Lady wynd
Smith David, general dealer, 67 Bonnygate
Smith John Brown, postmaster, Crossgate
Smith Thomas, livery stable keeper, East
Smith Thomas, slater, 3 Kirkwynd
Smith William, shopkeeper, 100 Bonnygate
Smith William, threshing machine owner,
Garling cottage, South road
Sneddon William M.B., CM. physician &
, surgeon & certifying factory surgeon, 58
Soutar David, boot & shoe ma. 62 Crossgate
Soutar David, librarian, Duncan Institute,
Speedie Brothers, auctioneers & live stock
salesmen, 26 Crossgate, Cupar-Fife
Stark James, builder,^ Cupar Muir
Stenhouse D. M. linen manufacturer,
Stratheden linen works
Stewart Alexander, plumber,
gasfitter & sanitary en-
grlneer, 5 2 Crossgate
Stewart Alexander, commercial traveller,
Dunira, Millbank
Stewart. Andrew, fruiterer, 37 Bonnygate
Stewart George, blacksmith. Bridgend
Stewart G. Martin, agent Clydesdale Bank
Limited, & agent for the Caledonian In-
surance Co. & the Law Accident Insur-
ance Society, St. Catherine street
Stewart Robert, station master & agent for
the Railway Passengers' Insurance. Co.
Railway station .
Stone Nicholas, dyer & clnr.Lebanon works
Storrar David C.E, architect & surveyor, 3
St. Catherine street
StruMi David B.A. head master Castle
Hill school, North Union street
Stuart William M. photographer, South brdg
Sulley Philip, surveyor of taxes,78 Crossgt
Swinton & Christopher, coach
builders, Eden place
Swinton David, painter &c. 15 Millgate
Symons John, florist & nurseryman, West-
field road
Tasker John Kerr, solicitor(Brakenridge &
Tasker), clerk of the peace for the burgh
& sec. to the Solicitors' Society, 34
Taylor & Anderson, solicitors, 54 Crossgate
Taylor Adam, butcher & game dealer,
10 Bonnygate
Taylor David, butcher, 14 Lady wynd
Taylor Margaret (Mrs.), confectioner 23,
& baby linen warehouse 27, Lady wynd
Thomson Robert & Co. drapers,
tailors, umbrella makers &
furniture warehousemen, 60
to 64 Bonnygate & Balmerino furniture
Thomson George, manager, St. Margarets,
North Union street
Thomson John, grocer & spirit dealer, 22
St. Catherine street
Thomson Robert, boot & shoe ma. Well st
Thomson R. Dott, ironmonger, 1 & 2 Cross;
res. 4 Millgate
Thomson William, agent Royal Bank of Scot-
land, Royal Bank house, St. Catherine sfc
Tontine" Hotel (J. Hepburn,
manager), St. Catherine street
Town Hall, St. Catherine street
TurnbuU Adam Robert M.B., CM. medical
superintendent Fife & Kinross District
Lunatic Asylum
Union Street Hall (J. & G. Innes, proprie-
tors). South Union street
Vine Henry, squadron-sergt. -major, Fife &
Forfar Imperial Yeomanry, St. Cathe-
rine street
Yogel Gustav, sausage skin manufacturer,
15 Provost wynd
Walker Alex. M. saddler, 68 Crossgate
Walker John, baker, 128 Bonnygate
Walker William, grocer &. spirit dealer, 8 St.
Catherine street
Wallace John & Snns (Glasgow), agricultu-
ral implement makers, Railway road
Walton Ebenezer, cycle maker &
dealer & agent for the Rover,
Swift & Ariel cycles, 16 Bonny-
Waters Betsy (Mrs.), fishmonger, 120
Watson Alexander, tailor, 108 Bonnygate
Watson David D. corn factor, 9 St, Cathe-
rine street
Watson Jemima (Miss), dress maker, 12
Watt James, Sun inn, 1 The Cross
Watt William, eeedsman & nurseryman,
Eden Side seed warehouses & Middle-
field ; & branch. 24 St. John st. Perth
Welch James A. & Son. auctioneers & ap-
praisers, 132 Bonnygate
Welch Andrew, grocer & spirit dealer, 5
Welch Charles, auctioneer &c. (James A.
Welch & Son), 132 Bonnygate
Welch James A. sen. auctioneer &c. (Jas.
A. Welch ti: Son), collector of poor rates,
clerk to parish council, inspector of poor
& registrar of births, deaths & mar-
riages for the parish of Cupar, 132 Bon>-
Welch James A. jun. solicitor & notary
public, 2ll Crossgate
Welch Thomas, boot & shoe ma. 65 Crossgate
West Jsph. hair dresser, 27 Bonnygate
Westwood Alexander & Sou, printers, sta-
tioners, paper rulers, booksellers, book-
binders & news agents, 20 Crossgate^
T N 1006
Westwood Alexander, jun. publisher &c~
(A. Westwood & Son), 20 Crossgate
White George, town officer, billet "master &
sanitary inspector, Town hall, St Cathe-
rine street
Yi nite R. (Mrs.), temperance hotel, 25-
Whitelaw Alexander, chemist, 3 The Cross-
Wiikie Thomas, hair dresser, 26 Bonnygate-
Wilkie William, joiner, Pitbladdo
Wilkinson William D. grocer & spirit dealer,
64 Crossgate
Will Alexander, coach builder (Cleghorn.
& Will) ; res. 17 Kirkgate
Williamson & Son, grocers & wine mer-
chants, 15 Crossgate
Williamson James, inland revenue officer,.
78 Crossgate
Williamson Margt. (Miss), grocer, 1 Short la
Williamson William John, grocer &c. (Wil-
liamson & Son). 15 Crossgate
Wilson & Co. aerated water manufacturers,
Burnside ; & at St. Andrews
Wilson Boswell, butcher & poulterer, 5$
Wilson Dvd. Westport tavern, 130 Bonnygt
Wilson Gavin L. draper & clothr.4 Crossgt
Wilson Margaret (Mrs.), servants' registry-
office, Westfield road
Wilson Thomas, baker, 1 & 3 Bonnygate-
Wishart James, toy & fancy repository, 43
& 45 Crossgate
Wright Robert, inspector of police, 69
Young & Ross, hair dressers. 12 Lady wynd
Young Men's Christian Association (Charley
Edmonds, treasurer ; David G. Meckie,.
sec), Duncan institute, Crossgate
Bell Robert, Westfield
Bogie William, New mill
Brown J. L. G-illesfauld
Craig Robert, Beechgrove
Dykes David, Tarvit Home farm
Ferguson David, Foxton
Fleming David. Prestonhall
Laing David, Balass
Mitchell Robert, Westwood
Redpath Robert, Sprindield East
Richardson William, Pittencrieff
Robertson John, Barony
Rodger J. & T. Ferryfie'.d
Rol!o William, Russell mains, Springfield?
Smith Mungo, Whitehill
Smith Andrew, Hilltarvit
Speed Thomas, Kirkgate
Speedie Brothers, Horselaw -
Walker Thomas, Kilmaron
Walker Mrs. David, Easter Bakarvie
Wallace Henrv Peter, Tailabout
Watt William,' Middlefield
JDAIRSIK is a parish and village, the
latter being 3 miles north-east from Cupar,
with a statlion on the Thornton, Ladybank
and Dundee section of the North British
railway. The parish extends 2£ miles from
north to south by 2 miles in breadth, and
Is bounded on the north by Leuchars Logfie,
and on the south by Kemback, east by
Leuchars, and west by Cupar, and is in the
email debt court district of Cupar. The
river Eden, which skirts the parish, is
crossed by a good brlidge of three arches,
supposed to have been erected by John
Spoferiswood, archbishop of St. Andrew's
1615-61, who was the proprietor of the
Dairsie estate. The church was erected in
1626 by the same archbishop, at the time
when he designed to establish Episcopacy
in Scotland. At Dairsie Castle, now a
ruin, a parliament was convened in the
year 1335. The Pitcairn Institute, Library
and Recreation Rooms, opened in 1897,
were built and furnished at a cost of about
£900. The late Mrs. Pitcairn, of Pitculls,
left the interest of £2,000 to be expended
annually in part in the purchase of books,
and in the maintenance of the recreation
park. James Cheape esq. of Strathtyrum,
is the principal landowner. The area com-
prises 2,555 acres; rateable value, £4,905;
population in 1891, C06, and 1901, 464.
•Post, T., M. O., T. M. O., E. D. & P. P.
O., S. B. & I. & A. O.; Edward Smith,
postmaster. (Railway Sub-Office. Letters
should have R, S. O. Fif eshire added.)
Delivery, 8.40 a.m.; dispatch, 1.10 &
Chairman, William Bogie
Clerk. William Skinner Seath
Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages &
Inspector of Poor & Collector of Rates,
William Skinner Seath, School house
Established Church, Rev. David Graham
Webster B.D
United Free Church, Rev. John Murray
M.A. clerk
School Board, Rev. John Murray M.A.
clerk, School house
Board School, William Skinner Seath, mstr
On the Edinburgh & Dundee branch of
North British line.
Station, William Collins, station master
Bogie William. New mill
Campbell John, Foodie house
Campbell Walter Graham, Woodend house
Christie Francis W. Dairsie Mains
Duncan Robert, Craigfoodie house
Garland Mrs. Woodville
Kirkhope Mrs
Meldrum John J. P. Pittormie
Murray Rev. John M.A. (United Free
Webster Rev. David Graham B.D. (Estab)
Bond John, earthenware dealer
Ferguson John, boot & shoe maker
Gray John, landowner, Damslide of Foodie
Henderson Andrew, coal merchant
Henderson James, blacksmith
Johnston WUliamLow.grocer & general d!r
Bamsay Janet (Miss), grocer & general dlr
Redpath William, grocer
Seath William Skinner, clerk to parish
council & heritors' registrar, inspector of
poor & sessions clerk
Shepherd Alexander, blacksmith, Foodieasb
Simpson James, miller, Dron mill
Skinner Mary (Mrs.), grocer & general dhr
Skinner Robert & William, joiners
Smith Edward, postmaster
Sneddon William, Plough P.H
Wallace Thomas, rope & twine maker,
Ly.dox mill
Wann Janet (Mrs.), grocer, Foodieush
Watson Edward D. miller, New mill
White Catherine (Mrs.), grocer & gen. dlir
Bell David, Todrall
Berwick William, Plittormie
Bogie William, Newmill
Cheape James. Fingask
Christie Francis W. Dairsie Ma'.ns
Davidson Peter, Easter Craigfoodie
Duncan Robert, Craigfoodie
Meldrum John, Pittormie
Robertson John, Lydox mill
DALGETTY is a parish in the-
parliamentary division of West Fife and!
the poor combination and small debt court
district of Dunfermline, about 1J miles from
Inverkelithing station on the Edinburgh,
Thornton and Ladybank section of the
North British railway; it extends 5 miles
from north to south,: by from 1 to 3. broad.

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