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Dundee Advertiser (branch office) (Alex-
ander Westwood & Son, ag-ents; daily),
20 Crossgite
Dundee Courier & Weekly News (D. F.
Espiin, reporter) ; branch, office, 55 Cross
street: T N 1O0G
Dundee Equitable Boot Depot, boot & shoe
makers, 32 Crossgate
Edmond D. & J. glaziers & glass mer-
chants, 84 Bonnygate
Edmond Charles C. glazier & glass mer-
chant, 57 Bonnygate
Edmond Robert, baker & confectioner, 17
Edmonston Andrew, decorator & paper-
ihanger. 49 Bonnygate
Edward Robert, painter, 114 Bonnygate
Elder Agnes (Miss), baker & confectioner,
25 St. Catherine street
Ellis David, artists' colorman & picture
framer,, 26 Provost wynd
Evening Telegraph, Alex. Westwood & Son,
agents, 20 Crossgate
IFaichney James Robert, boot maker, 39
Gfoirweather Elizabeth (Mrs.), spirit dealer
<The Restaurant), 9 St. Catherine street
Farmer Jas. Smith, solicitor, 86 Bonnygate
Ferns James M.bank accountant,Bishopgate
Fife Brick & Tile Co. Limited, Cupar Muir
Fife Herald & Journal (John & George
Innes, proprietors & publishers; published
Wednesday), 8 Bonnygate
Fife & Kinross District Lunatic Asylum
(Adam Robert Turnbull M.B., CM. medi-
cal supt. ; William Corsar Anderson M.B.,
CM. & Frederick R.Bremner L.R.C.P.as-
sistant physicians; David Osborne, clerk
to the board; James Paul, house steward)
Fife News (John & George Innes, proprie-
tors & publishers; published friday), 8
Finlay "Robert & Son, builders & contrac-
tors, Angus place & quarry owners,
Cupar Muir
Finlayson J. W. reporter, 15 Castlefield
Porrest George, South Road tavern, 10
South road
Forrester Andrew & Son, chemists &
druggists, 24 Crossgate
Forrester James, boot maker, Bridgend
IForrester John, joiner, Bridgend
Fox M. L. collector of income tax for Fife &
Kinross & distributor of stamps, 78
Eraser Thomas, grocer & spirit dealer, 8
SFrew Robert, travelling drpr. 1 Barony pi
Fyfe A. & Son, plumbers, cycle makers,
gasfitters & tinsmiths, 16 Crossgate
•Galloway Jas.clothier & hatter,2 Crossgate
-Galloway William, bank accountant, Hazel
bank. 'Westfield road
Gardiner David Hugh, grocer, 24 South
Union street
Gas Works (James McPherson, manager)
>Gibson Robert, furniture broker,9 Short la
<xibson Thomas, grocer & beer retailer,
24 Castlefield
â– Gilmour John, stationer, 94 Bonnygate
Gold William, supt. Cemetery
â– Goodfellow Alexander, baker & confectioner.
50 Crossgate
Gordon D. & Son, photographers, Kirk wynd
Gray John & Co. boot & shoe makers, 66
Grosset James E., LL.B. solicitor (Drum-
mond, Johnstone & Grnsset), 18 Cross-
gate; res. National Bank house
Harris William, joiner & under-
taker, cabinet maker & up-
holsterer, Station road
'Henderson Robert, Cupar Arms P.H. East
Herdman Isabella' (Mrs.), grcr. 42 Kirkgate
Mitt Peter A. lessee, Royal hotel
& livery stable proprietor, Royal Hotel
stables. St. Catherine street
Hogben The Misses, boarding school for
•young ladies, Bonville
Honeyman John & Co. linen manufacturers.,
South Bridge works
Honeyman Alexander, saddler, 1
Gresagate; res. Danskin villa, East road
.Honeyman William, linen manufacturer (Jn.
Honeyman & Co.), Craigmore
{Hood <£; Robertson Limited, wholesale &
retail ironmongers, agricultural imple-
ment merchants, cycle agents, oil mer-
chants, tmplate workers & gasfitters,
31 Crossgate & cabinet makers, decora-
tors &c. 44 Crossgate; TN 1,002; TA
" Hood Robertson, Cupar "
Hood J. & Son, watch makers & jewellers,
19 Crossgate
Hood & Walker, ironmongers & agricultural
implement dealers, 9 to 13 Crossgate
Hood James, watch maker &c (Hood J.
& SoaX 18 G
Houston David, engineer &
ironfounder, Hillside foundry,
Burnside; res. Hillside cottage
Houston William, coal merchant & contrac-
tor, Edenaide; res. Westfield avenue
Howie William, tinplate wrkr. 66 Crossgate
Hunter Charles, superintendent & depute
chief constable, County buildings, St.
Catherine street; res. 19 Well street
Hutchison Robert & Co. maltsters, Barony
Hutton George, glass & china dealer, 19 St.
Catherine street
Innes John & George, printers, booksellers
& stationers, proprietors & publishers of
the Fife Herald & Journal, St. Andrew's
Citizen & the Fife News, 8 Bonnygate
Innes George, stationer (John & George
Innes), 75 Bonnygate
Ivory Isabella (Miss), grocer & beer re-
tailer, 9 Front Lebanon
Jamieson Jn.& Co.tailors,2 St. Catherine st
Jamieson Annie (Miss), greengrocer, 1
West port
Johnstone David H, grocer &c. (Cowper os
Johnstone), 7 Crossgate
Johnstone James, dairyman, Skinner's steps
Kelly Thomas, grocer & spirit dealer, 103
Ker Isabella & Mary (The Misses), berlin
wool & fancy repository, 40 Crossgate
Kiddie Andrew B. grocer & spirit dealer,
13 Bonnygate
Kinnear John Smith, grocer & spirit dlr.
East Burnside
Kirkaldy John Y. burgh surveyor & water
inspector, Town hall, St. Catherine street
Kydd Minnie (Mrs.), butcher, 20 Lady wynd
Laird W. P. & Sinclair, nurserymen & seeds^
men, 7 St. Catherine street
Leadbetter Brothers & Co. linen manufac-
turers, Lebanon works; & at Dundee;
T A " Leadbetter, Cupar "
Lees David, commercl. trav. Westpark cot
Lees David, grocer & spirit dealer, 17
Provost wynd
Liberal Association of the Eastern Division
of Fife (W. T. Ketchen W.S. sec); office,
22 Crossgate
Linton James, Walker inn, 4 The Cross
Loutit Joseph, tailor & clothier, 53 Bonnygt
Low David, upholsterer & bed-
ding manufacturer, Bal-
mcrino place
Low Jessie (Miss), grocer & spirit dealer,
18 Kirkgate
Low Margt. (Miss), dress ma. 51 Crossgate
Lumsden David, plumber & gasfitter,
63 Crossgate
Lumsden James S. cycle agent & dealer, 22
Lady wynd
Lumsden Janet (Mrs.), grocer & beer re-
tailer, Cupar muir
Lumsden Thomas, cabinet maker & up-
holsterer, 21 Crossgate
McArthur George W. Station hotel
McBryde M. & A. (Misses), fruiterers, 14
McCombe Anne (Mrs.), shopkpr.63 Bonnygt
MDonald John M.B., CM. surgeon, Mara-
thon house, Bonnygate
McDowall David Arnot, baker, 80 Bonnygate
Mackie James, blacksmith, Millgate
Maokie John, saddler, 6 Crossgate
Mcintosh & Sons, slaters & plasterers,
Bobber wynd
MacphaiD John, grocer & spirit dealer, 52
McPherson James, manager Gas works,
Masonic Hall (Henry Adamson, sec), 74
Bonnygate •
Meldrum D. M. & Co. india rubber goods &
umbrella makers, Cross ; & at Dundee
Milne Robert & Son, carting:
agents for N. B. Railway Co.
6 Millgrate & Station
Milne Robert M.R.C.V.S. veterinary sur-
geon, 6 Millgate
Mitchell A. & C. (Misses), dress makers,
28a, Crossgate
Mitchell R. & J. brewers, maltsters & beer
bottlers, 3 Bonnygate
Montague Squad. -Sergt. -Major Horace, drill
instructor, A Squadron, Fifeshire & For-
farshire Imperial Yeomanry
Moore John, spirit dealer, 71 Crossgate
Morris James, superintendent to the Pru-
dential Insurance Co. Westfield road
Muckersie George, commercial traveller,
Kembray, Millbank
Muckersie William, joiner & cabinet maker,
128 Bonnygate
Muir Thomas, Son & Patton Limited, coal
merchants (John Carstairs, agent), Rail-
way station
Nasmyth Thomas Goodall M.D.,C.M.,D.Sc.,
D.P.H. medical officer of health for
the counties of Fife & Clackmannan &.
burghs of Anstruther Easter & Wester,
Auchtermuchty, Culross, Earlsferry &
Kilrenny, St. Michael's
National Bank of Scotland Limited (branch)
(James E. Grosset, agent; Alexander
Angus, sub-agent), 18 Crossgate; head
office, Edinburgh ; draw on London office,
37 Nicholas lane E C; Bank of England.
E C; Glyn, Mills, Currie & Co. E C*.
Coutts & Co. W C & Union Bank of
London Limited E C, London
Niven James, joiner & cabinet maker, 14
Lady wynd
Ogilvie Geo. grocer & spirit dlr.12 South rd
Osborne David, solicitor & notary public
(Pagan & Osborne), & county & district
treasurer, clerk & treasurer for the Dis-
trict Board of Lunacy for Fife & Kinross,
collector of county assessments, hon. sec.
to Fife Hunt & agent Lancashire Insur-
ance Co. Limited & Alliance Assurance
Co. 12 St. Catherine street
Osier Mary Ann (Mrs.), tobacconist & news-
agent, South bridge
Pagan & Osborne, solicitors, agents Edin-
burgh Life Assurance Co. Scottish County
Mercantile Insurance Co. Limited & Scot-
tish Union & National Insurance Co.
Limited & hon. sees, to the Fife Fox
Hounds, 12 St. Catherine street
Pagan Robert Osborne W.S. (Pagan & Os-
borne), Justice of Peace clerk for the
county of Fife, 12 St. Catherine street
Paterson James, tailor, 6 Lady wynd
Patrick William D. solicitor, clerk
to licutcnacy, clerk to county
council, clerk to the county
committee on Secondary Edu-
cation & clerk to Cupar parish
school board, agint for the Royal,
Norwich Union <fc Standard Insurance
Cos. County buildings, St. Catherine street
Paul James, house steward, Fife & Kin-
ross asylum
Peattie Helen (Miss), grocer, 129 Bonnygt
Peattie John, tailor, 49 Kirkgate
People's Journal (A. Westwood & Son,
publishers; published sat.), 20 Cross-
gate; TN 1006
Petrie George, tailor, 4 Cros3
Petrie John, grocer & spirit dealer, 31
Lady wynd
Pillans Lawrence, joiner &
cabinet maker, Bobber wynd
Porter Alexander, clothier, 7 Lady wynd
Pratt James, engineer, ma-
chinist & blacksmith, Bobber
Pratt Robert, butcher, 8 Crossgate
Purvis Alex. M. draper, 12 Bonnygate
Ramsay Alexander, builder & monumental
mason, 14 Railway place
Ramsay James Mitchell, bone manure
manufacturer, Eden mill
Randall John, painter &c. 96 Bonnygate
Rattray James, grocer & spirit dealer, 13
Lady wynd
Rea James & Sons, grocers & spirit dealers,
44 Bonnygate
Redpath Ann (Miss), laundress, 8 Dry-
Reid J. & M. drapers & dress makers,
56 Bonnygate
Reid & Son, grocers & wine & spirit dealers,
31 Bonnygate
Reid Robert M.R.C.V.S. veterinary surgeon,
5 Millgate
Reid William M.A schoolmaster,Gowan park
Riding School & Gymnasium (Seret. -Major
Henry Vine, riding master & instructor)
Ritch Donald, tailor, 67 Crossgate
Ritchie Alex, boot maker, 118 Bonnygate
Ritchie Alexander, butcher, East Burnside
Ritchie Catharine (Mrs.), laundry, 19 Pro-
vost wynd
River Plate Fresh Meat Co. Limited, 88
Robb Alexander, dairyman, North Union st
Roberts James, Cross Keys, 5 Bonnygate
Robertson R. & G. B. watch makers & jew-
ellers, 35 Bonnygate
Robertson Daniel, tailor, 48 Bonnygate
Robertson George B. inspector of weights
6 measures, 33 Bonnygate
Eobertson John.boot & shoe ma.22Bonnygate
Robertson John, grocer. 10 Crossgate
Robertson John A. dentist, 34 Bonnygate
Robertson R. Hallcy, accountant Clydesdale
Bank Limited, 57 Crossgate
Robertson William, Albert hotel, & livery
stables, Bonnygate
Rodger J. & T. miller3, Cupar mills
Rodger David, fancy repos. 19 Lady wynd
Rollo David M. solicitor, clerk
to Kilmany & Logie Parish
Councils & School Boards &
heritors, actuary of Cupar Savings
Bank & sec. to St. Andrew's Burgh
Liberal Association, 67 Crossgate
Ro=e William, china & glass dealer.Bridgend

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