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Brown "William, spirit dealer, 81 High at
-Buchan & Duncan, engineers & shipwrights
Cairns Isabella Galloway (Mrs.), general
dealer, 44 Durie street
Cairns James, ironmonger, Dock place
.Cairns John, shipping & coal agent
Campbell Jame3, spirit dealer, 100 High st
Carnie Thomas, pilot, 7 East High street
Caskie James M.B., C.M. surgeon, High st
Cece Angelo, ice cream vendor, 24 High st
Clark John, refreshment rooms,8 Wemyss pi
Clifton Thomas, baker, 9 Station road
Commercial Bank of Scotland Limited (sub-
branch to Leven) (David Nicoll & Thos,
Clark Munro, joint agents) ; open daily
from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. ; sat. 10 a.m. till
12 noon; draw on London office, 62 Lom-
bard street E C & Coutt3 & Co. W C,
"'â– Condie Robert, draper, 41 High street
Cowie Christina (Mrs.), tobacconist, 30
Main street
Orighton Andrew, butcher, East High street
Dalrymple James, boot maker, 48 High st
Davidson Andrew, tlr. & clothier, 5 Dock pi
Dewar David, shipping & coal agent
Disher John, fishmonger, 38 Commercial st
Dundonald Coal Co. (shipping port for)
Dunnikier Coal Co. (shipping port for)
Earl of Rosslyn's Collieries Ltd. (shipping
port for)
Fife Coal Co. Ltd. (shipping port for)
Fisher Henry, cab proprietor, High street
Fisher James, bookseller & news agent,
High street & furniture broker, Durie st
Fisher John, householder, Mount view
Forrett B. Thomson, dairyman, 7 Eack st
Forsyth Marion S. (Miss), milliner, Sta-
tion road
Fraser Daniel Alexander, grocer & spirit
dealer, 20 AVest High street
Fyhn J. H. ship chandler, Main street
Fyhn Peter M. marine store dealer, East
High street
•Galloway Alex, boot maker, 45 High st
G-jertsen & Bruce, ship chandlers, 72Main st
Gordon J. & Son, carting contractors
Gordon James, hair dresser & music seller,
102 High street
Greig William & Sons, drapers & clothiers,
Main street
Greig William, jun. watch maker & opti-
cian, Commercial street
Hastie Robert, baker, 18 High street
'Hill George, draper, Main street
Hogg Andrew, chemist, Dock place
Hughes Robert F. chemist, High street
Hunter Alexander, insurance agent, 46
Durie street
Hunter J. & A. milliners, 142 High street
Hunter William, blacksmith, 22 High st
Janetta C. & B. ice cream vendors, 16
Main street
Kenn John, butcher, 32 Main street
Kenny Euphemia Aitken (Misa), stationer,
26 Station load
Ketchen William T. notary & clerk to the
Leitch Andrew, painter, 84 High street
Leslie Elizabeth (Mrs.), midwife, 9 Com.'
mercial street
Lindsay & Co. butchers, 66 Main street
Lindsay Charles, spirit dlr. Wemyss hotel
Logie Jas. ironmngr. & joiner, 62 High st
Low William & Co. grocers & provision
dealers, High street
McKelvie Gavin, contractor, Seaview cot
McKenzie Kenneth, tailor, 9 Back street
Mactaggart & Co. shipping & coal agents
Marr George, carting contractor, Brae
Masterton George, tailor, 6 Main street
Melville William, ship chandler, Dock pi
Methil Co-operative Society & Hall
Methil (The) Engineering Co. Ltd. engi-
neers & ship repairers
Mitchell William, vice-consul, Danish
Ne33 Henry & Co. Ltd. coal masters (ship-
ping port for)
Nicol May -(Miss), restaurant, 36 Com-
mercial street
Nicol William, plumber & ironmonger, 106
High street
Nimmo John & Son Ltd. coal masters
(shipping norc for)
Oakley (The) Main Collieries Ltd. (ship-
ping port for)
Ohlsen S. H. & Co. ship brokers
& shipping agents; TN 955
Paterson George, pilot, Thistle bank
Paterson William, pilot, Trinity cot
Peruzzi Hector, fish restaurant, 16 High st
Philp David, spirit dealer, Dock place
Porteous David, boot maker, 24 Main st
Portecus Robert, boot maker, Main street
Proudfoot David, pilot, St. Agnes cot
Ramage Daniel, butcher, 4 Main street
Renstrom A. L. vice-consul (Dutch, Ger-
man, Swedish & Norwegian)
Renstrom Sigvert, shipping agent (S. H.
Ohlsen & Co.); res. Braehead cot
Robb David, solicitor & notary public
Robertson Robert & Son, bakers, 68 Main st
Rolland J. C. painter, 7 Wemyss place
Rose Donald, joiner, Norton villa
Shaw Neil, greengrocer, East High street
Shepherd Alexander, contractor, Brae
Staig Duncan M. & Son, cycle agts.Main st
Stanners James Finlay, grocer, 10 Main at
Stein David, spirit dealer, Ship tavern,
Main street
Stewart Adam, spirit dealer, 2 West High st
St'orrar John, boot maker, 43 High street
Summers David, watch maker & hair
dresser, 313 High street
Suttie James, joiner, 1 Station road
Suttie Robert, spirit dealer, Durie street
Taylor Joseph, collector at Dock office;
res. Highfield
Taylor Matthew, ship broker &c. Dock pi
Thomson John, householder, Anchorlea
Thomson William, draper, 30 High street
Thomson William, grocer & hardware dlr.
High street
Turnbull Agnes Drummond (Mrs.), general
dealer, Durie street
Vettraine Philip, ice cream vendor, West
High street
Wemyss Coal Co. Ltd. brick works (&
shipping port for coal)
Whyte David, grocer & spirit dealer, 11
Commercial street
Wilson Robert, tailor & clothier, Dock pi
Young & Co. tailors, High street
Inner Leven.
Cochran Rev. Henry William, Manse
Eellock William, Brycedale
Brown Thomas Crichton, spirit dlr.High st
Crighton Andrew, butcher.
Cunningham Margaret (Mrs.), ice cream
vendor, High street
Ferguson J. & J. hosiery manufacturers, 45
High street
Ferguson James, hosiery manufacturer (J.
& J. Ferguson) ; res. Trinidad villa
Gibb R. & D. salt manufacturers
Johnston James, carting contractor
Kinnear Henry, spirit dealer, Auld Hoose,
High street
Lawrence Andrew, grocer & provision dlr.
101 High street
Lawrence Edward, grocer, 107 High street
Lawson David (Mrs.), hsehldr. Winton cot
Lawson Edwin H. grocer, 107 High street
Rintoul Ann (Mrs.), grocer & spirit dealer
Sharp John, news agent, 73 High street
Warrender Wm. general dealer, 44 High st
Is a royal and parliamentary burgh, seaport
and parish, with a station on the North
British railway, situated on the north shore
of the Firth of Forth, 8 miles by ferry
or 20J D 7 rfl ri north-by-west from Edin
burgh, 16 south-east from Kinross, 6 south-
west from Kirkcaldy and 3 east from
Aberdour. The parish, originally a portion
of Kinghorn, is 3 miles square and consists
of the Bin and Dunearn ranges of hills,
with the High Bents on the east side of the
town, extending into Kinghorn parish :
eome portions of the hills contain fine
specimens of basaltic columns ; they are ir-
ruptive through limestone and sandstone
strata. It is in the poor combination and
sir all debt court district of Kirkcaldy,
and is bounded east and north by Kinghorn
and west by Aberdour. Burntisland was
•originally a burgh of regality under the
Abbot of Dunfermline; in the year 1541
it was purchased from him by James V.
and ereoted into a burgh royal, confirmed
by Janies VI. in 1587 and renewed by
Charles I. in 1632. It is governed by a
provost, two bailies and nine councillors,
â– and together with Kirkcaldy, Dysart and
Kinghorn forms the Kirkcaldy parliamen-
tary district, constituted in 1708 and re-
turns one member. The town council are
the police commissioners and the local
authority, and four members of the town
council with four representatives from the
N. B. Railway Co. constitute the harbour
commissioners; there is also a parish coun-
cil : the municipal, police and parliamen-
tary boundaries have been made identical
foy an Act obtained in 1876, and the burgh
forms part of the Kirkcaldy parliamentary
district ; the same powers have been
granted to the magistrates as are at present
possessed by the sheriff! and justices of
peace under the Merchant Shipping Act.
1854; this admits of the administration of
justice in nautical cases being conducted
in the town instead of in Kirkcaldy as
previously. There are police and bailie
courts, the sheriff and small debt courts
ior the burgh being held weekly at Kirk-
caldy. The present gasworks are the
property of the burgh, and managed by the
members of the town council. Weekly
markets are not held here, the nearest being
Thornton on Mondays and Dunfermline on
Tuesdays, but there is an annual fair on the
third Friday in July. Burntisland is now
the head quarters of the custom house busi-
ness for the district, which embraces the Une
of coast from Aberdour to Anstruther.
Burntisland was a place of great trade,
particularly with Holland, but from 1603
its trade declined till 1848, when the open-
ing of the Fife railway imparted an im-
petus to the export trade in coal and pig
iron. The West dock, built by Mr. Walter
Scott, of Newcastle-on-Tyne, from plans by
Messrs. T. Meik and Sons C.E. comprises
an area of 5£ acres, and cost about
£100,000, including railway connections
and hydraulic loading machinery; the
depth of water in the dock is 22ft. 9in.
at high water of spring tides and 19ft.
Sin. at neap tides; the width of entrance
is 39ft. The East dock was constructed
at a total cost of about £390,000, by Sir
John Jackson, contractor, of Westminster,
from plans bv Messrs. T. Meik and Sons
C.E. and Robert Henderson C.E. and
was completed in 1901 ; the area is 12^
acres; the depth of water, 28ft. 6in. at
high water of spring tides, and 25ft. 6in.
at neap tides, and the width of entrance
SOft. There is still a metropolitan ferry
here, and the North British Railway Co.
keep a steamer p'ying at stated intervals
between Burntisland and Grant on ; the
number of vessel?, steamers &c. outwards
was in 1902, 1,151. The railway from
Burntisland westward to the Forth bridge.
opened in March 1S90. and constructed at
a co3t of over £140,000, has developed a
picturesque district some 8 miles in ex-
tent; the line enters Burntisland by a
lone viaduct, which passes at the bottom
of High street and crosses Harbour place,
reaching the main line east of the present
terminus. A direct line to the coalfields
by Auchtertool is now completed. The
herring curing trade, which used to be |
very flourishing, is extinct, although
Burntisland is still a fishing station for
the Firth fishery.
The railway locomotive works, situated
between the Lammerlaws and the old town,
employ 300 men. The sandstone quarries
at Grange and Newbiggin give out exten-
sive supplies of stone for buildings in the
neighbourhood: both quarries have railway
connections and sidings of their own, near
Starleyburn. The limestone mine belong-
ing to the Carron Co. at Starleyburn, is
now in working and placed in connection
with the railway. At Grange, about a
mile from the town is a distillery, belong-
ing to Messrs. Young and Co. Limited.
There are branches here of the National
and Commercial Banks of Scotland
Limited. The music hall, built by the
late Joseph Toung, of Dunearn, and pre-
sented to the town by his trustees, will
hold 400, and is frequently used for lec-
tures, concerts and public meetings. A
golf course of 18 holes has been formed
by the Burntisland Golf Co. Limited, and
a club house erected on the grounds.
There are three tennis courts and a bowl-
ing green. The only object of antiquity
connected with Burntisland is Rossend
Castle, built in 1119, by the abbots of
Dunfermline ; it occupies a very pictur- â– 
esque situation, and has a fine square
keep : it was the residence of Cromwell
during the occupation of Burntisland by
his troops, and was a favourite resting
place of Queen Mary; Rossend is now the
property of James Shepherd esq. who takes
a creat interest in antiquarian researches.
The Established church, bearing the date
1592 over its entrance, is probably the
oldest building in the town; its style re-
sembles that of the North Church, Amster-
dam, the Dutch having a great deal of in-
tercourse with Burntisland at that date.
The galleries, adorned with antique carv-
ing, were erected in 1613, and formerly
occupied by the Guilds, whose badges and
insignia in some cases ornament the front,
and there is a state seat for the magis-
trates. It was w'thin these walls that
James VI. met the General Assembly of the

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