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; buckhaven, methil &.\
inner leven. j
Lassodie Co-operative Society Lim. grocer?
& spirit dealers (Alexander Herd, mangr)
Smith Alexander, Lassodie tavern
Spowart Thomas & Co. Limited, colliery
proprietors, Lassodie, Elgin & Wellwood
collieries; T N 733; T A "Spowart,
Lassodie "
BLAIRADAM. see Cleish, Kixross-
BBIG-HTON, see Cupar-Fife.
BRUNTON, see Cueich.
INNEB LEVEN now form a united
pol ice burgh, and a small town, village
and hamlet, in the parish of Wemyss, and
afford a good shipping station for coal
export and a shelter for fishing, Buck-
liaven having a harbour and Methil a new
dock with appliances for loading colliers ;
they are situated on the north shore of the
Firth of Forth, 2 miles south of Leven and
7 north-east of Kirkcaldy; the burgh is
governed by a provost, two bailies and
six councillors. An office for the Burgh
Police Commission was built in 1902 in
College street, Buckhaven. Methil is a
quoad-sacra parish. The dock of Methil,
opened 5th May, 1887, was built by Ran-
dolph Gordon Erskine Wemyss esq. of
Wemyss Castle, but is the property of the
North British Railway Co. and in 1902,
1,759,041 tons of coal were shipped and
69,607 tons of merchandise, consisting
chiefly of pitwood, sawn wood, esparto,
flax and hemp were imported. The number
of vessels which entered the docks during
the year 1902 were 1,291 steam ships and
235 sailing ships, with a total tonnage of
827,783 tons. The dock has an area of 1J
acres, with width at entrance of 50 feet,
and a depth of water at ordinary spring
tides of 23 feet, and at neaps of 19 feet; it
is fitted with three of Sir William Arm-
strong & Co.'s hydraulic hoists, each cap-
able of loading a vessel with 2.500 tons of
coal in 24 hours ; there are also hydraulic
cranes for working other import and export
goods. The dock is connected with the
main railway system of Fifeshire, and is in
direct communication with all the Fife col-
lieries, and is lighted by electricity. A new
dock has been constructed, at a cost of
£200,000, the area being 7 acres. The
manufacture of fishing nets is carried on
at Buckhaven. There are stations at
Methil and Buckhaven, on the branch line
of the North British railway from Thornton
Junction. The populations in 1891 were —
Buckhaven, 4,006; Methil, 1,662 and
Inner Leven 579, and in 1901, 4,522, 2,686
and 792 respectively; area of burgh, 225
acres; rateable value, £22,786.
Post, T., M. O., T. M. O., E. D. & P. P.
O., S. B. & A. & I. O. Buckhaven (Rail-
way Sub-Office. Letters should have
R.S.O. Fifeshire added to them); Miss
Margaret Thomson, postmistress. De-
liveries, 8.30 a.m. & 6.30 p.m. ; dis-
patches, 7 a.m. 12 noon & 4.30 p.m
Post, T., M. O., T. M. O., E. D. & P. P.
O., S. B. & A. & I. O. Methil (Railway
Sub-Office. Letters should have R.S.O.
Fifeshire added to them); Mrs. Isabella
Steven, postmistress. Deliveries, 8.30
a.m. & 3.40 &. 6.40 p.m.; dispatches, 6.45
& 11.50 a.m. & 4.30 (except Saturdays) &
6.30 p.m. (Nov.-Mav), 7.20 p.m. (June-
Oct.) & 3.40 p.m. sat
Letters for Inner Leven should be addressed
" Methil R.S.O "
Harbour Office. Buckhaven, Bernard Thom-
son, harbour master
Police Station, James Sparks, sergeant, &
3 constables
Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages,
Buckhaven, David M. Pryde
Established Churches : —
Methil, Rev. Thomas Muir B.D. ; 11.15
a.m. & 2.15 p.m
Buckhaven, Rev. James S. Barrowman
M.A. ; 11.15 a.m. & 2.15 p.m
United Free Churches: —
Methil, Rev. Robert Francis; 11.30 a.m. &
2.15 p.m
St. Andrew's, Buckhaven, Rev. William
St. David's, Buckhaven, Rev. William
Dunlop M.A
Muiredge, Buckhaven, Rev. David R.
Hume M.A
Inner Leven, Rev.Henry William Cochran
Public School.Buckhaven, James Ross M.A.
Public School, Methil, William Ness, mast
On the Thornton & Methil line.
Station, Methil, Robt. Morris, statn. mastr
Station, Buckhaven, Samuel S. Eider, sta-
tion master
Aitken John M.D
Barrowman Rev. James Storry M.A. (Estb)
Bonthron W. T
Bowman Archibald J.P
Brown David, Ingleside
Cairns Mrs
Dawson John Maxwell M.B
Dunlop Rev. William M.A. (St. David's
United Free)
Francis Rev. Robert (Methil United Free)
M'G-hie Rev. William, St. Andrew's United
Free Church manse
Patrick Alexander
Pryde David M., J.P. Gray house
Shand Mrs. Oowanlea
Thomson Miss, Temple Hall
Early closing day, Thursday.
Provost, William Greig
Junior Magistrates, William Kinnear & John
Councillors, six
Clerk, W. T. Ketchen
Medical Officer of Health, John Aitken
M.D., CM., D.P.H
Collector, David Robb
Inspector, William Ireland
Vice-Consuls>: —
Danish. William Mitchell
Dutch, German, Swedish & Norwegian.
A. L. Renstrom
Custom House, Methil, Michael Kenny,
clerk in charge; James Hmchisson &
John MacLean, preventive officers & 6
Dock Office, Methil, William C. Wood, har-
bour master; Joseph Taylor, collector
Adamson Alexander, grocers' manager, Oak-
ley bank
Aitken John M.D., CM., D.P.H. surgeon
& physician, parochial medical officer for
Wemyss, medical officer of health for
the burghs of Buckhaven, Ladybank &
Lochelly & certifying factory surgeon
Anderson John, spirit dealer
Baird J. & J. drapers
Baird Mungo, joiner &c
Bell John, householder, Bellvue
Beveridge Annie Johnston (Miss), refresh-
ment rooms
Beveridge Henry, hair dresser & tobac-
conist, Randolph street
Beveridge Tiiomas, spirit dealer, The Anchor
Bowman & Co. coal masters & brick makers;
T N 960
Brand William, watch maker
Brown David, saw mill owner & joiner
Brown Thomas, householder, Oakley bank
Commercial Bank of Scotland Lim. (.branch)
(David Nicoll & Thomas Clark Munro,
joint agents); open daily from 10 a.m.
to 3 p.m. ; sat. 10 to 12 a.m. ; draw on
London office, 62 Lombard street E C &
Coutts & Co. W C, London
Co-operative Society Limited
Crerar James C insurance agent (to Royal
& Scottish Boat), also agent to Royal
Bank (branch)
Dawson John Maxwell M.B., CM. physi-
cian & surgeon & chemist
Dawson William, grocer & spirit dealer
Demarco Andrew,ice cream dlr.Randolph st
Douglas Matthew William, manager
Drummond J. iMrs.), midwife, 129 Ran-
dolph street
Dryburgh James, cashier, Muiredge
Dunsire Robert, butcher
Eadie John, grocer & spirit dealer
Eason Robert, fish restaurant
Elder Alexander, blacksmith
Fowler Samuel, greengrocer
Galloway James, plumber & tinsmith
Gamba Edward, ice cream vendor, Ran-
dolph street
Gillespie Alexander, baker
Gillespie William, baker
Gordon Catherine (Mrs.) (trustees of), Ran-
dolph notel, & spirit dealer
Graham George (Mrs.), butcher
Henderson John, boot maker, Randolph st
Hutchison Mary (Miss), grocer
Ireland William, burgh surveyor
Keir James, grocer & spirit dealer, Ran*
dolph street
Kerr John, baker, Randolph street
Kilpatrick Alexander, spirit dealer
Kinnear Isabella (Mrs.), householder
West wynd
Kinnear James, boot & shoe maker
Kinnear William, hsehldr. Brown street!
Lawrie William, grocer
Lawson Isabella (Mrs.), cowkeeper
Leitch Andrew, painter
McDonald James, baker
Maclaren Robert, grocer & general dealer
Main Helen (Mrs.), confectioner
Mitchell Janet (Mrs.), spirit dealer
Moore Francis, boot maker
Nicol William, plumber & ironmonger
Nimmo Henry, grocer & spirit dealer
Pattison Margaret R. (Miss), milliner Jfe
dress maker
Peter Andrew, blacksmith
Porteous David, boot maker
Pryde David M. draper, insurance agent &
registrar of births, deaths & marriages
Rodger John, tailor
Ross James, schoolmaster
Royal Bank of Scotland (sub-branch>
(James C Crerar.agent ; Robert GoodalL.
accountant); open daily from 10 to 4;
Saturday 10 to 12) ; draw on London
office, 123 Bishopsgato street wHh'u E C :
Coutts & Co. W C & Bank of England*
E O. London
Scott John, greengrocer
Seath T. & Sons, butchers, Randolph stree-ft
Simpson Andrew, hair dresser & tobacenstr
Simpson John, grocer & spirit dealer
Simpson William (Mrs.), ironmonger
Spittal John, grocer, Randolph street
Stein James, spirit dealer
Stein William, posting establishment
Stevens James, glass & china dealer &
Stevens James, spirit dealer, Seaview inra
Stobie John & Thomas, plasterers
Stuart J. & W. net manufacturers
Stuart Robert, baker
Suttie Isabella &. Jemima (Misses), house-
holders, 55 Randolph street
Thomson Alexander & John, cabinet mas=
Thomson & Co. clothiers & drapers
Thomson Bernard, harbour master
Thomson David, boot & shoe maker
Thomson James, booksaller, news agent <$
Thomson James W. draper, milliner, hair
dresser & tobacconist, Randolph house
Thomson Janet (Mrs.), spirit dealer
Thomson Robert, clerk, 24 Church street
Thomson Thomas, joiner & undertaker
Thomson William, net manufacturer
Warrender Margt. (Mrs.), glass & china dlr
Warrender William, fancy goods dealer &
news agent
Wilson David & Son, grocers, Randolph st
Wilson James M. hair dresser
Wood David M. tailor
Cairns John
Caskie James M.B., CM
Greig William, Rose villa
Ketchen William T. Aberhill
Mitchell William, Beechwood
Moodie Capt. George, The Anchorage
Muir Rev. Thomas M.A., B.D. (Estab>
Renstrom A. L. The Brae
Russell David, Laurel bank
Adamson John, grocer & spirit dealer,Brae>
Anderson Christina (Miss), dress maker,.
1 Commercial street
Anderson Mary (Miss), china & glass dlr.
12 Main street
Andersen Soran, marine store dealer, 10>
Wemyss place •*
Annan Andrew, grocer, East High street
Avon (The) Cycle Co. (Robt. McKee, mgr.) r
40 Commercial street
Bains Margaret (Miss), gen. dlr.46 High st
Ballingall Alex, grocer & spirit dlr. Main st
Ballingall Peter & Son, Grocers, general
dealers & ironmongers, 16 Commercial st
Ballingall Peter.grocer & general dealer.also-
sp'rit dealers, 25 Commercial street
Ballingall Thomas, jobbing master, Main st
Barnetson & Thomson, shipping agents,, 3t
Wemyss place
Barnetson A. & E. fruiterers. Main street
Birnie Thos. hair dresser, 42 Commercial st
Bisset Robina (Miss), ladies' outfitter, 68
High street
Black Isabella (Mrs.), general dealer, 6
Wemyss place
Broceini Albert, fish restaurant, High st
Brown Bros. furniture dlrs.66 & 70 High st
Brown George, baker, 18 High street

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