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Duff Miss A. J. Wharton, Orton house
Dunbar -Dunbar Rev. John Archibald M.A.
Glen of Rothes & Sea Park, Forres
Grant Jam.23, New street
Grant Major .Tames M.B., J.P. Glen Grant
Grant Mrs. The Villa
Jenkins Rev. Wm. Falconer M.A. The Manse
M" William John, 37 New street
McDonald William, Burnside Btreet
Marshall Robert, Dundurcas
Mitchell-Gill Andrew John C.S., J.F.
Morrow Robert, Ben Newe
Ross Angus Alexander J.F. Green street
Smitli James
Stuart James, Garbity (letters through
Orton Station R.S.O. Morayshire)
Rutor James, The Collie
Walker James Grieve, Seafield square
Early closing day, Wednesday.
Allan .lampf, grocer, 12 High street
AUardes William M.B. & C.M.Aberd- sur-
geon & medical officer to the Parish
Council, & medical officer of health for
the burgh. Ashville
Anderson Bros, blacksmiths, 11 Seafield sq
Bremner Charles, wright, 5 Green street
Brown Alexander, wright, New street
Brydon John, insurance agent (Law ; life)
land steward for Seafield estate & burgh
surveyor, Seafield square
Burgesa James, agent (Prudential, Scottish
Provident & County ; fire) & Town &
County Bank Lim. (branch), Seafield sq
Caledonian Banking Co. Limited (branch)
(Robert Dick & A. A. Ross, agents),
High street; draw on Bank of Scotland,
London E C
Cameron Alexander, saddler, 8 High street
Craigie James, grocer, High street
Cruickshank Robert, notary public, procura-
tor fiscal, clerk to school board & in-
surance agent, High street
©umming James, mgr. Glen Grant distillery
Gumming William, miller, wood merchant
& saw mill owner, Mill of Rothes
Gumming William S. inland revenue officer,
Craig lyn
Curling Club (A. A. Ross, sec)
Davidson William, jeweller, New st
Dean William A. wright, Q-arbity (letters
through Orton Station R.S.O. Morayshire)
Dick Robert, writer, bank & insurance
agent, High street
Farquhar John, baker, 11 New street
Farquhar William, grocer & draper. Inch-
bury (letters through Orton Station R.S.O.
Forbes Chas. manager, Glen Spey distillery
Forsyth John, ironmonger, grocer & general
dealer, in Hjgh street
Eraser Adam, stone mason, 14 Green street
Gilbey W. & A. limited, diatillers,GlenSpey
Glen Elgin Glenlivet Distillery (William
Simpson, manager)
Gordon Alexander, draper, milliner & house
furnisher, 35 High street
parish, which is in Morayshire poor com
bination and small debt court district of
Elgin, comprehends what were originally
two (St Andrew's and Lhanbryd), the for-
mer including Linkwood and Barmucklty ;
the latter lay to the east of St. Andrew's
and comprehended the land* of Coxton,
Pittenseir &c. The parish church is about
2 miles south-east of Elgin. Lhanbryd is
a village about 3 miles east of Elgin, in
the parish of St. Andrew's Lhanbryd, and
has a good inn, saw mill, a few well-
stored shops, schools &c. Population, 204
in 1901, and inhabited houses, 74. There
are stations here on the Keith and Elgin
section of the Highland railway and Great
North of Scotland railway. The country is
flat and well cultivated, and is noted for
geological specimens. The Duke of Fife
K.T., G.C.V.O. the Dowager Countess of
Seafield and Capt. G. B. Dunbar-Brander,
of Pilgaveny House, are the principal land-
owners. The area of the parish comprises
9,11)7 acres; rateable value, landward,
£435; burghal lElgin), £8,245; the popu-
lation in 1901 was 1,243, of which 34 are
in Elgin burgh.
Post & T. 0. Lhanbryd; Alex. Johnston,
sub-postmaster. Letters arrive from El-
gin, 11.10 a.m. (for callers only) & 12.45
p.m. ; dispatches, 7.55 a.m. & 7.35 p.m. ;
Sundays, arrival,. 4.30 p.m. Postal Orders
are issued & paid here. Elgin is the
nearest money order office
St. Andrew's.
Chairman, Alexander Stephen, Coxton
Gordon James Lyall, Seafield Arms hotel,
New street
Gordon Robert A. & Co. coal &
manure merchants & insurance agents
(City of Glasgow; life) (William
McDonald, manager), Rail way stn
Grant J. & J. distillers (Jainos
Cumming, manager), Qten
Grant Olenlivet distillery
Grant "William & Son, wood merchants &
saw mill owners. Greens of Rothes
Grant Andrew, blacksmith, 16 Seafield sq
Grant James, Victoria Bar P.M
1 Seafield square
Grant Jn. station master & sub-postmaster,
Orton (letter? through Fochabers)
Grant Louisa (Mrs.), grocer &â–  spirit dlr.
2 Burnside street
Grant Robert, wright, Orton (letters through
Green Alexander, grocer & spirit dealer, 16
New street
Harthill Isabella (Miss), shopkpr.59 New st
Highland (The) Distilleries Co. Limited,
distillers, Glen Rothes
Inkson William M. butcher & game dealer,
18 High street
Jack Ja&r chemist & druggist,
stationer &. bookseller, 39 & 41
High street
James William (Mrs.), grocer & draper,
Orton (letters through Fochabers)
Kemp Roderick, distiller, Macallan distil-
lery, by Rothes
Lawn Tennis Club (A. A. Ross, president;
Adam J. Sharp & J. Wright, sees)
Library & Reading Room (James Simpson,
sec.), High street
M'Adain Alexander, tailor, clothier A auc-
tioneer, 38 New street
McArthur Charles, manager for Robert
Willison, Green street
M'Conachie James, registrar of births &
deaths, 31 Burnside street
McHardy John, station master
Macdonald James, butcher, 28 New street
Macdonald Joseph, draper, 34 New street
Margach William, tailor, 10 High street
M'Dongall Alexander.inland revenue officer,
Glen Grant distillery
M'Millan Jn. china, glass &c. dlr. 2 New st
AT William John & Co. bakers, 39 New st
M'William John, grocer, 35 & 37 New street
Masonic Hall (Mrs. Roy, caretaker), High st
Milne James, sanitary inspector for the
Mitchell William, station m aster, Dan dole ith
Munchin Charles E. inland revenue officer,
Glen Rothes distillery
Mutual Improvement '& Literary Associa-
tion (James Simpson, sec)
North of Scotland Bank Limited (branch)
(James Grieve Walker, agent), Seafield
square ; draw on Union of London &
Smiths Bank Limited E C & Barclay &
Co. Limited E C, London
Police Station, William Baron, constable
in charge
Reid David, grocer, draper & general mer-
chant, 57 High street
Inspector & Clerk to the Pariah Council,
George Petrie Pitairlie
Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages,
St, Andrew's, Rev. Robert Stephen M.A
Cemetery, Donald Noble, sexton
3rd (Morayshire) Volunteer Battalion. Sea-
forth Highlanders (G. Co.), Oapt. William
Rose Black
Established Church, Rev. John R. Duncan
M.A. ; service, 12 noon
Board Schools-: —
St. Andrew's Lhanbryd, for 208 children;
average attendance, 133 ; Rev. Robert
Stephen, master
Cranloch, for 100 children: average attend-
ance, 56 ; William T. Melvin, master
Station. Lhanbryd, Jn. Stevenson, stn. mastr
Station, Calcots,James Anderson, statn.mast
Duncan Rev. John R., M.A. (Established),
The Manse
Johnston Col. Charles, Lesmardie
Johnstone Leonard C. Linksfield
Haes Alexander
Petrie George J.P. Pitairlie
Stephen Rev. Robert M.A. School house
Taylor William J.P
Anderson James, station master, Calcots
Bain Andrew, blacksmith
Campbell James, boot &c. maker
Reid Fife, grocer, draper & general mer-
chant, 88 New street)
Reid Robert, tailor & clothier, 23 High st
Riach Joseph & Sons, boot & shoe makers,
43 New street
Riddoch William, boot & shoe maker, Orton
(letters through Fochabers)
Robb James & Archibald, carpenters
Ross Alex. & Co. tailors & clothiers, 9
Burnside street
Rothes Town Hall Co. Limited (Alexander
Taylor, sec), Seafield square
Ross Harry, blacksmith, Garbity (letters
through Orton Station R.S.O. Morayshire)
Ross John, Station hotel, New street
Scott John, boot & shoe dealer,
14 High street
Seafield Arms Hoftel (James
Lyall Gordon, proprletor),New st
Seafield Estate Office (John Brydon, land
steward), Seafield square
Sharp Adam J. agent (North British & Mer-
cantile), Seafield square
Simpson John, stone mason, 94 High street
Simpson William, manager Glen Elgin-Glen-
livet distillery, New street
Smith John, wood merchant & saw milL
owner, Greens of Rothes
Spevburn-Glenlivet Distillery Co. Limited
(John Hopkins & Co. London & Glasgow)
Stewart James, painter, 26 High street
Stuart Robert D. clerk to Parish Council &
inspector of poor
Taylor William (Mrs.), butcher, 24 High st
Town & County Bank Limited (branch)
(James Burgess, agent), Seafield square;
draw on London Joint Stock Bank Lim.
London E O
Walker William, drill instructor to D Co.
3rd V. B. Seaforth Highlanders
Williams John F. inland revenue officer,
Glen Spey distillery
Willison Robert, coppersmith (branch),
Green street; & at Alloa
Wright Alexander, wright, 17 New street
Younie Jao.& Co. china, gLass&c. dlr. HHigh st
Younie George, grocer & draper, 17 High st
Baxter F. & F. J. Dandaleith
Bremner William, Ackenwav
Calder John, bailiff to A. J. Mitchell-Gill
esq. Sauchen bush
Gordon Mrs. William, Crofts & Greens
Grant Alexander, Longcrook
Grant Charles, Drumbain
Grant James & Peter, Blackball
Hossack Miss Helen, Bruntlands
Hossack Peter, Kirkhill
McGill Mitchell, Lesliefield
Machie Jamea, Whiterigs
Marshall Robert, Dandurcas
Murray Alexander, Burn of Rothes
Roy David, Ardcanny
Scott Mrs. James, St. Mary's
Shiach George, Barluck
Stewart George. Courock
Stuart James, Garbity
Sutor James, Collie
Whyte James, Mains of Orton
Cemetery (Donald Noble, sexton)
Cobban Alexander, carpenter
Forsyth James, millwright
Mackenzie Alexander, millwright
McWilliams James, boot & shoe dealer
Macpherson George,, grocer
Macqueen James, coal dealer & butcher
Melvin William T. schoolmaster & session)
clerk, Cranloch
Miller George, carpenter
Petrie Geo. inspector of poor &c. Pitairlie
Proctor John, saw mill owner
Ross William, tailor & shopkeeper
Simpson & Johnston, clothiers, & sub-poslj
Smith Alexander, tailor
Stephen Rev. Robt. M.A. registrar of births,
deaths & marriages & schoolmaster
Stevenson John, station master
Taylor James, Fife Arms hotel. & grocer
Thomson Mary (Mrs.), infants' school
Tough James, saw mill proprietor
Williamson Alexander, tailor
Baddon William, Gordonsward
Black James (trustees of), Sheriffstn-rt
Bruce George, Woodside
Cleland JameB, Caxtoa tower
Cleland John, Woodside
Duncan Alexander, Hatton
Edwards George, Templand
Gill Alexander, Bogton
Grant John, Tyockside <fe Reokitlane
Grigor Mrs. Margaret & Alex! TiendlancJ
Grigor James, Cntts
Harold Robert, Sandyhiliock
Hossack John & .lames, Wanlkmift
Johnstone Leonard C

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