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Suding Jane (Mrs.), grocer
Tocher William, manager of the Puke of
Richmond's salmon fishing
Town Hall (James H. Glennie, clerk)
Water Works (John. Thomson, manager)
Watson John, carpenter
Watt J. & J. photographers
Watt George, baker
West George, sail maker
West Mary (Mrs.), fishmonger
Wilson Jane (.Miss), grocer, Clifton road
Wilson John, draper
Wood Wm. jun. fish carer & boat builder
Wood William, boat builder & fish curer
Yea don James D. bookseller &c. ; & at
Youngson William J. grocer
Adam Alexander, Kinneddar
Adam John J.P.. CO. Coulardbank
Fraser William. Weaterfnld'!
McCu'.loch Alexander, Ardivot
Robertson George, Sunbank
Wellwood Rev. John M.A. (Established).
The Manse
Maodona'd John M.A. schoolmaster
M'Kessack George Ross, salmon fishery,
Adam Alexander, Kinneddar
Adam John J. P. Coulardbank
Anderson Adam, Little Drainie
Cant William, Plewland
Cattell James,' SmitMeld
Cattell John A. Newlands
Davidson James, Easter greens
Duncan William. Wester greens
Praser Louis, Covesea
Fraser William, Wester folds
French John, Hamlets
French John, Glebe
McBeth James, Wester Oakenhead
M'Culloch Alexander, Ardivot
M'KesBack Charles, Muirton
M'Lennan John, Kaysbriggs
Mustard William & John, Easter Covesea
Mustard William, jun. Silverhill
Rattray Peter &â–  James, Balormie
Russell John, Covesea
Sinclair James, Greens
Smith James McLachlan, Wester Covesea
Smith Samuel M'Call, Snempston
Wildgoose James, Lochside
RAFFORD is a parish lying to the south
and east of Forres parish and north-west of
Dallas; it i* very irregular In Fhape, 6
miles from north, to south and 5 across
vt its broadest part ; in the Morayshire
poor combination and Forres small debt
court district. The river Findhorn runs
aoross the south-west corner of the parish,
Forres, on the Highland railway, 3 miles
north of the parish church. Is the nearest
station. The district is' hilly, but has no
lofty eminences. There are Established
aud United Free Churches. A market for
cattle is held on the second Wednesday in
November. The Earl of Moray, Ainslie
Douglas Ainslie esq. of Delgaty Castle,
Turriff, Sir William G. Gordon-Cumming
bart. of Altyre, Forres, and the trustees of
the late Robert Tulloch esq. of Burgie, are
the principal landowners. The area of the
parish comprises 12,456 acres; rateable
value, £7,700; population in 1901, 934.
Post & T. 0. connected by telephone with
Forres ; Mrs. Ann Walker, sub-post-
mistress. Letters are received through
Forres. Delivery, 1.15 p.m.; dispatch,
8.20 a.m. Postal Orders are issued &.
paid here. The nearest money order
office is at ForreB, 3 miles distant
Seven Members.
Chairman, Sir Wm.G. Gordon-Cnmming bart
Medical Officer, Petrie Hay M.D. Forres
Registrar of Births. Deaths & Marriages,
Alexander M Gillivray, Rafford
Inspector of Poor & Collector of Rates,
John Stuart M.A. Rafford
Established Church, Rev Robert Smith
M.A. ; servfice, 12.15 p.m
United Free Church, Rev. Charles E.
Taylor; service, 12.15 p.m
Public Schools: —
Rafford, for 120 children ; average attend-
ance, 84; John Stuart M.A. master; Miss
Mary Hay, mistress
Burgle, Mrs. Ann Jeffrey
Ha!f Davoch, for 60 children; avernge at-
tendance, 45; Miss Clark, mistress
Smith Rev. Rt. M.A. (Estab. , l. The Manse
Taylor Rev. Chas. E. (United Free Church),
Anderson James, blacksmith, Scotsburn
Anderson William, carpenter &
wheel wrljerht, Scotsburn
Currie Geo.miller&grain mer.Marcat^sie mill
Fraser Alexander &. Co. Limited, Glenburgie
Frazer Alexander, blacksmith, New mill
Harper Andrew, inland reveuue officer, Glen-
burgie distillery
Hay Robert, blacksmith, Altyre
Hood William, innkeeper (Fyfe Arms)
Jamie Jane (Mrs.), grocer, Granary moor
Jeans William, carpenter, Granary moor
M'Gillivray Alexander, registrar of births,
deaths & marriages
Masson James, blackmiith
Murrav John, stone mason
Russell George, blacksmith, Granary moor
Stuart John M.A. inspector of poor, collec-
tor of rates & schoolmaster
Wilson Alexander, boot maker
Anderson William, Mains of Burgie
Cant Alexander, Tarras
Cant Mrs. William, Wester Laurence town
Clarke Donald, Blervie castle
Falconer John, Marcaasie
Forbes John, Feruielea
Frarser Francis, Thorp
Laing Isabella & John, Blaokhillock ofi
McBain John, Easter Tulloch
M'Gillivray Alexander, Sourbank
M'Gillivray George, Blocklocb
M'Gillivray A. John, Shogle
MoRitchie Colin. Rlervir house
Masson David, Rafford farm
Mavor George, Cluny
Ogilvie Mrs. May, Easter Laurencetown
ROSEISLE, see Burohkad.
ROTHES is a police burgh, and alBo a
parish within the Morayshire poor com-
bination and Elgin small debt court
district; it is bounded on the south by
Knockundo, on the north by Elgin, Biruie,
St. Andrew's and Spevmouth, and on
the east by the river Spey ; it U 9 miles in
length by an average breadth of 3. The
town, which was formed Into a police
burgh in 1884, is about 60 miles west-
oorth-wesb from Aberdeen and 10 south
from Elgin, situated near the western bank
of the Spev. into which the Rothes burn
runs. The Great North of Scotland railway
lias stations at Rothes town and Danda-
leith, and tha Highland Railway Company
one at Orton, in the eastern part of the
parish. There is an Established parish
church, and a United Free church, rebuilt
in 1900, at a cost of £2,150. Adjoining is
a lecture hall holding 250 peopTe. A town
hall was erected in 1900 at an estimated
cost of £2.200. Castle Hill was presented
to the town in 1897 by the Dowager Goun-
tesB of Seafield as a recreation ground, in
commemoration of the Diamond Jubilee of
Her late Majesty Queen Victoria. There
are distilleries in the town, the chief of
which are the Glen Grant Glenlivet Dis-
tillery, established in 1840, Glen Rothes,
Glen Spey and Speyburn-Glenlivet and the
Macallan Distillery is also in the neigh-
bourhood. Auohinrbath is the residence of
Andrew John Mitchell-GUI esq. C.S., J.P.
The Dowager Countess of Seafield, of Castle
Grant, Grantown, and Colonel James Duff
as curator benis for MisB A. J. Wharton
Duff, and the Rev. John Archibald Dunbar-
Dunbar M.A. of Sea Park, Forres, are the
principal landowners. The area of the
parish comprises 19,816 acres; rateable
value, landward, £7,400; burghal, £6,824;
the population in 1801 was 2,263, and in
1901, 2,361. The area of the burgh is 672
acres; population in 11101, 1,621; inhabited
houses, 370. There is a fair for harvest
feeing the third Thursday in July.
Post, T.. M. O., T. M. O., E. D. & P. P.
O., S. B. & A. & I. O. Seafield square,
Rothes (Railway Sub-Office. Letters
should be addressed R.S.O. Morayshire);
Miss Elsie Dow, postmistress. Deliveries,
8 & 10.35 a.m. & 6.45 p.m. ; dispatches,
7.15, 7.50, 9.35 a.m. & 2.50 & 6.15 p.m.
There is no sunday post. Telegraph office
open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ; sunday,
from 9 to 10 a.m
Poet & T. 0. Orton Railway station (Hall-
way Sub-Office. Letters should be ad-
dressed R.S.O. Morayshire); John Grant,
sub-postmaster. Dispatch to Elgin, 8
p.m. Postal Orders are issued & paid
here. The nearest money order office is
at Rothes, 4 miles distant
Post Office, Orton; William Furquha^ sub-
postmaster. Letters through Fochabers.
Dispatch to Fochabers, 6.35 a.m. Postal
Orders are issued & paid here. The
nearest money order office is at Foch-
abers, 4 miles distant. Telegraph office
at the Orton Railway station, 2 mileB
Letters for Garbity & Inchbury should be
addressed Orton Station
Provost, William Camming
Bailies, Wm. M. Inkson & Alex. Gordon
Commissioners, six
Town Clerk, George A. Cumming
Treasurer, James Burgess, Town &. County
Medical Officer of Health, William Allardes
M.B., CM. Ashville
Surveyor, John Brydon, Seafield sq/iare
Sanitary Inspector, James Milne
Chairman, John Brvdon
Councillors, thirteen
Clerk, Robert D. Stnart
Auditor, Davidson Smith, Edinburgh
Medical Officer, William Allardes M.B.,C.M
Inspector of Poor, Robert D. Stuart
Registrar for Rothes, James M'Conachie,
31 Burnside street
Held when required.
Chief Magistrate, William Cumming
Magistrates, Wm.M.Imkson & Alex. Gordon
Procurator Fiscal, Robert I 'ruickshank
Clerk, George A, Cumming
Curling Club, A. A. Ross, sec
Lawn Tennis Club, A. A. Rose, president;
Adam J. Sharp & J. Wright, sees
Library & Reading Room, A. A. Ross, pre-
sident; James Simpson, sec. High street
Masonio Hall, Mrs. Roy. caretaker, High et
Mutual Improvement & Literary Associa-
tion, A. A. Ross, president; James Simp-
son, sec
Police Station, Land street, William Baron,
constable in charge
Seafield Estate Office. Seafield square, John
Brydon, land steward
3id (Morayshire) "Volunteer Battalion, Sea-
forth Highlanders (D Co.). Cant. John
Bryden; Sergeant William Walker, drill
Established Church, Rothes, Rev. William
Falconer Jenkins M.A. ; services, 11.15
a.m. & 6.15 p.m
United Free Church, Rothes, Rev. Charles
Chalmers-Cowie M.A. ; services, 11.15
a.m. & 6.15 p.m
Chairman, Alexander MacDougal
Clerk, Robert Cruick^hank
Treasurer, James Burgess
Board Schools 1 : —
Rothes, for 400 children ; overage attend-
ance, 361; T. Redpath Watson M.-A.
master ; Miss Glass, infants' mistress
Inchbury, Alexander A. Hunter M.A. mstr
On the Great North of Scotland line.
Station, Rothes, John McHardy, statn.mast
Station, Dandaleith, William Mitchell, sta-
tion master
Ou the Highland line.
Station, Orton, John Grant, station master
Allardes William M.B. Ashville
Barrow William, Orchard cottage
Brydon John, Seafield square
Burgess James, Town & County Bank,
Seafield square
Cowie Rev. Charles Chalmers M.A. (United
Free Church), Manse
Cumming William S. Craig lyn
Dick Rt. J.P. Caledonian Bank ho.High st

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