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See St. Andrew's Lhanbrvd.
LOSSIEMOUTH, which is com
of the districts of B ran der burgh, Lossie-
mouth, Seatown and Stotfield. and War-
created a burgh in 1890 under the Lindsay
Act, is in the parish of Drainie, 5 miler
north from Elgin, situated on the banks 01
the Lossie. at its influx into the Mora)
Firth, in the Morayshire poor combination
and the small debt court district of Elgin;
it has a station on the Great North of Scot-
land railway(Elgin and Lossiemouth branch),
and is the seaport for Elgin, and a resort
for sea-bathers. Many residents in Elgin
and elsewhere have erected houses here
which they occupy during the summer
months. The harbour was opened in 1830,
and has since been improved, at a cost of
£20,000, so as to render it a safe and com-
modious haven for shipping. In 1891 a
grant of £20,000 was obtained from the
Government for deepening the harbour to
admit vessels of larger tonnage. The
improvement of the uarbour, and the
facilities of railway communication which
this place has now enjoyed for eevera'.
years, have given a stimulus to trade which
has rendered it one of the most important
seaports north- of Aberdeen. The Estab-
lished church of St. Geradine is a fine
building with a square tower : there is
also a United Free church, erected, at a
cost of £2,400, in place of one destroyeo
by fire; it is in the Early English style :
with an octagonal tower and spire, which
serve as a landmark to mariners. The
Town Hall, erected at a cost of about
£1,100, was opened 2 Feb. 1885, by Sir
George Macpherson Grant, of Ballindal
loch, and Mrs. Dunbar -Brander, of Pit'
gaveny ; a Public Library is now (1903)
in course of erection.
DRAINIE is a parish on the shore of
the North Sea, bounded east by Urquhart
parish, west by Duffus* and south by iNew
Spynie ; it isi 5 mile* from east to west, by
3£ from north to south, and is nearly devoid
of hills. The parish church is 2 miles south-
west of Lossiemouth. The golf links here
rank amongst the finest on the Norch-East
Sir William Gordon Gordon-Cumming
bart. of Altyre, Forres, and Capt. J. B.
Dunbar-Brander, of Pitgaveny House, are
the principal landowners. The area of the
parish of Drainie comprises 6,948 acres;
rateable value, landward £4,381; burghal
£9,229; the population in 1891 was 3,922.
The area of Lossiemouth is 421 acres ; the
population in 1891, 3,486 and in 1901, 3,904.
Post, T., M. O., T. M. O., E. D. & P. P.
O., S. B. & A. & I. O.Lossiemouth (Rail-
waySub-Office. Letters should haveB.S.O.
Morayshire added) ; Robert Sim, post-
master. Deliveries, S.30 a.m. 12 noon &
5.35 p.m.; dispatches, 8.10 a.m. & 1.57,
5.15 & 7.45 p.m. ; sunday, 8.45 a.m.
. Telegraph office open from 8 am. to 8
" pirn.; sunday for one hour, 9 to 10 a.m
TOWN COUNCIL. Town hall.
Provost, James E. Peterkin
Bailies, George Watt & J. H. Norris
Commissioners', nine
Clerk & Treasurer, James H. Glennie
Medical Officer of Health, James A.Stephen
M.A., M.B. 9 North street, Elgin
Sanitary Inspector & Borough Surveyor,
John Wittet, Elgin
Inspector & Collector, Jas. Hay, 32 High s'
Registrar of Births.. Death.* & Marriages
Lossiemouth, James Hay
Medical Officer, Thomas Brander M.B..C.M
let Banff Royal Garrison Artillery (Volun
teers) (No. 8 Co.), Capt. A. Fleming;
Rev. J. Wellwood, acting chaplain
Baths, Lossiemouth, Robert Wright
Bowling Club, Lossiemouth, Robert
William Christie, sec
Coastguard Station, Lossiemouth, Jame-
Bingham, chief officer
Lighthouse Keeper, Robert Agnew
Covesea Lighthouse, Drainie
Elsin & Lossiemouth Harbour Co. ; harbour
Lossiemouth : James Allan, clerk i"'
treasurer ; John Dean, harbour mastei
& collector of shore dues
Golf Club (Moray), Lossiemouth, A. F
Lifeboat Station, Lossiemouth, Willian
Stewart, coxswain
Morayshire Boat Club, Lossiemouth, Georgf
Smith, sec
Police Station, John McKnockister.sergeant
Water Works, Lossiemouth, John Thom-
son, manager
E~*ab'ished Churches: —
Drainie, Rev. John Wellwood M.A
St. Geradine Established, Lossiemouth,
Rev. Norman Macleod; services, 11 a.m.
& 6 p.m
United Free Churches, Lossiemouth, Rev.
James William Robertson M.A. ; ser-
vices, 11 a.m. & 6 p.m.; Lossiemouth,
Rev. Matthew Leishman ; services, 11
a.m. & 5 p.m
Baptist, Rev. John Teomans ; services, 11
a.m. & 5 p.m
Clerk &. Treasurer, James H. Glennie
Board Schools : —
Lossiemouth, for 1,100 children; average
attendance, 700; Archibald Fleming M.A.
head master; Miss Sophie Sellar, infants'
Drainie, for 120 children ; average attend-
ance, G5 ; John Macdonald, master
Great North of Scotland railway.
Station, Lossiemouth, Robert Duncan, sta-
tion master
Anderson Misses, Sea view
Arthur Mrs. Bay view, Stotfield
Brander Thomas M.B., CM
Bruce Mrs. Mount Pleasant
Cameron Mrs. Stotfield
Campbell Mrs. Laurel bank
Cook Archibald George, Kelburn
Cook Miss, Barra cottage
Cook Mrs. View mount
Cormack Robert, Mayfield
Cormack William
Coull Capt. Alexander
Coull Capt. Benjamin, Rock cottage
Cowie Alexander J.P
Cummings John, East cliff, Stotfield
Drvslale Mrs. Nekton cottage
Duff Miss, Stotfield
Falconer James. The Craig, Stotfield
Glennie James H. Sea view
Gray William, Greenside cottage, Stotfield
Hair John J.P. Skerry cliff
Hay Alexander, Sea holme
Hay Charles Alexander J.P. The Bank
Innes Mrs. Charlesville, Stotfield
Jeans Alexander G. Woodland villa
Johnston Edward, The Camp, Stotfield
Keith Mrs. Briars cottage, Stotfield
Kintrea Alexander, Whinnie bank, Stotfield
Leishman Rev. Matthew, U. F. Manse
McDonald Mrs. The Square
McGregor Miss, Mary villa
McKenzie Capt. Charles M. Park lands
Mackenzie James, Willow bank, Stotfield
Macleod Rev. Norman (Established)
Milne James, Ehna cottage, Stotfield
Morrison Miss, View bank, Stotfield
Mustard Miss, Rock cottage
Nome James 1 H. Bayview, High street
Paterson Mrs. Tighnibruich
Reid The Misses, Coral cottage
Richie James
Robertson Rev. James William M.A.,
U. F. C. Manse
Sellar Miss, Braeriech
Shnolbraid Miss. Lossie house
Singer Mrs. The Deanry
Smith George, Victoria ' villa
Smith Mrs. Mauritius cottage
Stewart Hugh, The Retreat, Stotfield
Thome Mrs. Dunconusg
Watts Miss, Clifton
Wiseman John, The Anchorage, Stotfield
Yeomans Rev. John (Baptist)
Early closing day, Wednesday, 2 p.m.
Allan John, blacksmith
Allan William, chemist
Alexander John R. grocer
Anderson J. & M. boot makers
Anderson Alexander, butcher
Anderson Robert, baker
Arbuthnot William, tailor
Bank of Scotland (branch) (Charles A.
Hav, agent) ; draw on London office, 19
Bis'hopsgate street within E C; Coutts
& Co. W C & Bank of England E C,
Barclay & Fleming, boot & shoe dealers
Baths (Robert Wright)
Bingham James, chief boatman, Coast
Guard station
Black James, Harbour hotel
Bowling Club (William Christie, sec)
Brander Robert, meal dealer
Brander Thomas M.B. & C.M.Aberd. sur-
geon, medical officer to the Parish Coun-
cil of Drainie, Admiralty surgeon & agt.
& certifying factory surgeon, Brandei - -
Browne Alexander, boot & shoe warehouse
Cameron Alex. Railway & Steamboat hotel
Christie James & Son (John Peterkin,
agent), coal dealers; office, 8 North st.
Christie William, Stotfield hotel
Cowper & Smith, lessees of salmon fishings
Cormack William, rope & twine manufactr
Cormack William, sail maker & ship"s
Coull Alexander, ship owner
Coull Benj. ship owner & master mariner
Cowie John, fish curers
Cumming James, grocer & baker
Dean Jessie (Mrs.), grocer
Dean John, harbour master & collector of
shore dues
Denoon Isabella (Mrs.), grocer, Stotfield
Denoon James, draper
Dockar Isabella (Mrs.), shopkeeper
Duncan James, carpenter
Duncan James, tailor
Duncan Robert, station master
Edwards Alexander, grocer
Elgin & Losniemoutti Harbour Company
(John Dean, harbour master & collector
of shore dues) ; harbour, Lossiemouth
Farmer David, boot maker
Findlay William, fish curer
Fleming Archibald M.A. schoolmaster
Florence Thomas J. tailor
Forbes John M. schoolmaster
Forsyth John, carpenter
Garvock William, carpenter
Gault George (Mrs.), shopkeeper
Geddes & Keid, shopkeepers
Geddea James, watch maker
Glennie James Hay, solicitor, town clerk,
burgh treasurer ' &, collector of assess-
ments for Lossiemouth & clerk & treas.
to school board
Golf Club (Morav) (A. F. McDonald, seel
Hay Charles A.agt. of the Bank of Scotland
Hay James, accountant, inspector of poor
& registrar of births &c. for Drainie
parish, 32 High street
Hay Rebecca (Mrs.), grocer
Innes Isabella (Mrs.), Brander Arms
Johnston Bessie (Mrs.), restaurant,
Shetland wool depot & boot & shoe dlr
Ladds John, barking establish-
ment, IS High street
M'Beaih James, butcher
McDonald John, mail contractor
McGillivTav Kenneth, painter & decorator
Mcintosh Andrew, grocer & wine dealer
McLoud Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper
Mcpherson Isabella (Mrs.), shopkeeper
Mackenzie James, watch maker
Mackenzie Margaret (Mrs.), Lossie hotel
Mackie Peter, Plough inn, Clifton roaa
McLeod William, vintner, Mac*s bar
McQueen Robert, grain & manure agent
Main James, engineer
Mair Elizabeth <Miss>>. draper
Marine Hotel (Stotfield) Lim. (Miss M.
Burnside, manageress), Stotfield
Mather Thomas Brodie, Masonic Arms
Miller Elizabeth (Mrs.), Station
hotel „ .„
Moravshire Boat Club (George Smith, sec)
Muir'(Thomas) & Son & Patton Limited,
coal merchants
Morrison Thomas B. grocer
Neaves Charles, boot & shoe dealer
Oliphant Ellen (Miss), milliner
Peterkin J. C. & Co. rope & sail manufac-
turers & insurance, shipping & emigra-
tion agents
Peterkin James, block & ppar maker
Peterkin James, chemist
Pirie Alexander, butcher
Reid Kate (Miss), grocer & general denlpr
Ritchie William & Sons,carpntrs. & wnghts
Robertson Alexander, hair dresser
Shaw James, carpenter, Stotfield
Sim John, draper
Sim Robert, tailor & postmaster
Sim Robert J. cycle agent
Sinclair Jessie (Miss), grocer
Slater Brothers, boat builders
Smith & Campbell, fish salesmen
Smith Geo. & Son. growers- & ehip chandlrs
Smith George, commf.-sion agent & tisn
curer. ship broker & owner
Smith James, fish salesman
Smith Peter B. cabinet maker
Smi'h William, painter
Smith William, tailor
Souter Jane (Mrs.), grocer & spirit dealer
Souter James (Mrs.), shopkeeper
Stephen William, blacksmith
Stewart John, hair dresser
Stewart William, pilot, Cowie
Stewart William, pilot
Strachan Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper

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