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Secretary, John Grant, Boyal Bank
Medical Officer, John Grant M.D
Matron, Mrs. Helen Carmichael
Ian Charles Cottage Hospital, Grantown,
W. H. M. Barclay M.B., CM. medical
supt. ; Miss Jessie Eae, matron
Police Office, Grantown, James D. Win-
chester, sergeant-in-charge
Public Hall & Institute, D-ulnain bridge,
George Grant, sec
Stamp Office, The Square, Donald Mac-
dougall, sub-distributor
3rd (Morayshire) Volunteer Battalion, Sea-
forth Highlanders (K Co.). Capt. J.Grant
Smith ; Rev. John McGowan, acting
chaplain; Color-Sergt. Edward S. Rich-
mond, drill instructor
Quoad Sacra Parish Church, Gran town, Rev.
William L. Levack
St. Margaret's Episcopalian Church, Aber-
lour, Rev. Charles Jupp, rector
United Free Churches, Rev. Alexander
McDiarmid M.A., F.P.S. & Rev. Thomas
Baptist Chapel, Grantown, Rev. Jas. Ings
Grammar, Grantown, Roderick Maclennan
M.B., M.A. master
Achnarrow, Miss Margaret C. Stewart
Dulnain Bridge, William Stewart, master
Dava, Miss Jane Peace, mistress
On the Highland line.
Station, Grantown, Charles McDonald, sta-
tion master
On the Strathspey section of the Great
North 01 Scotland railway.
Station, Grantown, Peter Cruickshank, sta-
tion master
Conveyances from the three hotels at Gran-
town attend the arrival & departure of all
Anderson George, Gordon hall
Barolay William Hugh Mackenzie M.B.,
CM. The Square
Black Miss, The Hawthorns
Cumming Alexander J.P. Curr
Dunbar Miss, Dunaluinn
Ellis Rev. Thomas (.United Free Church)
Fraser Mrs. Wood park
Fraser James E. Beaufort
Gordon James, Strathallan house
Grant Capt. Geo. Macpherson J.P. Dilkusha
Grant Andrew Macpherson, Seafield lodge
Grant Donald J.P. Royal Bank
Grant James, Cherry grove
Grant John M.D. Reidhaven villa
Grant John JJ. Underwood
Grant Miss, Woodside cottage
Grant Mrs. Highlield
Grant Mrs. Lethendry lodge
'Grant Robert, Muchrach lodge
Hardy Mrs. Lvnemore villa
Harvey George M.A., J.P. Roseball
Holmes John, Ardconneii
Houston Capt. Cruickshank, Corner house
ftigs Rev. James (Baptist)
Lawson Lewis Gordon, The Square
Levack Rev. William L. (Established)
Maediarmid Rev. Alex. M.A. United Free
Church manse
Macdougall Donald J.P. Craggan house
Macdougall Mrs. Braemoray
Macintosh Miss, The Square
McKenzie William, Blyntyre house
Mackintosh James J.P. National Bank
Mackintosh Peter, Rosemount
Mackintosh Thomas J.P. Caledonian Bank
Maclennan Roderick M.B., M.A. Parkburn
McQueen Miss, Heath bank
Nicoll Miss, The Pines
Pagan Mrs. Creiglyn
Peace William G. The Square
Rolls Mrs. Holmhill
Seafield, Caroline Dowager Countess of,
Castle Grant
Sharp John Grant, Dunstaffnage
Sim Mrs. Westwood
Simpson Mrs. Waverley villa
Smith Donald, Fir hall
Smith John J.P. Inverallan house
Stewart Miss, The Knoll
Thomson John Grant, Heathfield
Anderson Andrew, plumber
Anderson George, cabinet
maker, ironmongery & house
"furniture warehouse
Barclay William Hugh Mackenzie M.B. &
CM.Edin. surgeon & parochial medical
officer & public vaccinator for Aber-
nethy & Kincardine, The Square
Beale & Pyper.cabint. mas. &c. & china dlrs
Brown Joseph, farm manager for the Dow-
ager Countess of Seafield, Home farm
Calder Donald, boot maker, Dulnain Bridge
Calder James, grocer & drape r,DulnainBrdg
Caledonian Banking Co. Limited (branch)
(Thomas Mackintosh, agent) ; draw on
Bank of Scotland, London E C
Cameron Donald, coal merchant, South st
Cameron Gregor, Japanese
Cameron Jas. tbccnst. & fishing tackle ma
Caronbell Malcolm, bank accountant, burgh
collector & treasurer, Parkburn
Campbell Mary (Miss), fishmonger
Carmichael John, painter
Carmichael Peter Grant, photographer
CaUanach Alexander S. hairdresser & to-
Cowie Isabella (Mrs.)* cycle
manufacturer & repairer
Cruickshank Margaret (Mrs.), refreshment
Cruikshank Peter & Son,
grocers &. game dealers
Cumming John, head gamekeeper to Dwgr.
Countess of Seafield
Dixon & Bain, painters &c
Dulnain Bridge Public Hall & Institute
(George Grant, sec), Dulnain bridge
Duncan John, baker & confectioner
Duncan William, chemist & registrar of
births, deaths & marriages
Forrester John, wright
Forsyth William M.A. solicitor & notary
public, town clerk, depute clerk of the
peace for Elginshire & Inverness-shire
Fraser Alexander W. watch maker
Fraser Daniel, tailor
Fraser Donald McDougall,
grocer & provision dealer
Fraser James, wright
Garrow & Fraser, slaters. The Square
GarrowJas.miller&saw mill owner, Milton ml
Gilbert James, inspector of works, Seafield
Estate offices, The Square
Gillies Alexander, butcher
Glass William & Son, tailors & drapers
Golf Club (Tliomas Macintosh, sec)
Gordon Lewis, fruiterer
Goulder William, butcher
Grant Alexander & Son, tailors
Grant Allan & Son, tailors, drapers, dress-
makers & milliners
Grant P. & J. horse hirers *fc Jobmasters
Grant Peter & Son, practical
boot makers
Grant A. C. evaafcer of Scotch
-fabrics by Royal Warrant to
His Majesty the King, ladies' &
gentlemen's tailoring a speci-
ality, Caledonian house
Grant Alexander, temperance hotel
Grant Andrew Macpherson
builder & contractor
Grant Arms Hotel tMiss E. Paton, mana
geress )
Grant Donald J.P. solicitor, factor & honor-
ary sheriff substitute for Inverness^shire
& Elginshire, Rxiyal Bank
Grant James, auctioneer, Dellifure
Grant James, jun. baker & coniectioner
Grant James, watch maker
Grant John M.D. & C.M.Aberd. surgeon,
medical officer to the Orphan Institution,
parochial medical officer & vaccinator
for Cromdale & assistant medical officer
of health for Abernethy & Duthi], Beid-
haven villa
Grant John J.P. solicitor & notary &
sheriff cierk depute for Inverness-shire
& Elginshire, Eoyal Bank
Grant Margaret C. (Mrs.), grocer & dealer
in wine, spirits & beer
Grant. Peter Brown, district inspector of
fishing, The Pines
Grant Robert, mason
Grant William, boot maker
Grantown Coal Co. (Francis Maobean, man-
ager), coal merchants
Grantown Savings Bank (George Harvey,
treas. ; Thomas Macintosh, actuary ; Dvd.
T. Samson, auditor); office at the Cale-
donian Bank
Grantown Supplement (Angus Stuart, pro-
prietor; Saturday, £d)
Greenstein Solomon, confectioner
Hastilow Geo Reginald, Palace
first-class family & commer-
cial hotel ; 'bus meets all
Hay James, plasterer & grocer
Ian Charles Cottage Hospital(William Hugh
Mackenzie Barclay M.B., CM. medical
Imray George, watch maker
Irvine John, draper
Kerr Jame* F. chemist
Laing Dona-d, blacksmith, Dulnain bridge
Lawson DonaldG.inspr. of poor, TheSquare
Lawson Lewis Gordon L.R.C.P. & S.Edin.
physician & surgeon, The Square
M'Bain Malcolm, tailor
Macbean Francis, wool & manure merchant,
& agent to Waterford Bone Mill & Manure
Co. & to Land Mortgage Bank of Victoria,
The Square
McCosk Frank, baker & confectioner
MDonald Mary (Mrs.), -grocer &. spirit dlr
Macdougall &"Co. drapers & ironmongers,
The Square
M'Gillivray Donald, boot maker
McGillivray Peter Donald, painter
M'Gregor Alexander, grocer &â–  draper, Dul-
nain Bridge
M'Gregor John, boot maker, The Square
McGregor William, saddler &c
M'Innes Daniel, cattle dealer
M'Intosb Donald, wright
Macintosh James, mason
Macintosh John, timber merchant & saw
mill owner, Tilntray
M'lntosh Lewis, boot maker & grocer
Mcintosh William, bank teller, National
Bank of Scotland Limited
M'lvor William, grocer & coal merchant
Mackay Alexander, butcher &
game dealer
McKenzie Alexander, tinplate worker
McKenzie John, plumber
M'Kenzie John, wright, Dellifure
Mackie Joseph Wm. inland revenue officer
Mackinnon Jennie (Miss), grocer, Strathspey
Railway station
Mackintosh Evan N. bank accountant, Cale-
donian Bank
Mackintosh Graham, supervisor of inland
revenue, The Square
Mackintosh Cath. (Miss), drees ma. West end
Mackintosh Thomas J.P. bank agent, Cale-
donian Bank
M'Lean Donald, blacksmith, Lower Derraid
McLennan James, tailor
M'Lennan John, miller, Craggan mill
Macpherson Bros, grocers & dealers in
wines, spirits & beer, The Square
Macpherson Angus, coach
builder & blacksmith
M'Queen Christina (Mrs.), grocer
Menzies John & Co. booksellers &c. High-
land railway station
Menzies Duncan, grocer & draper, Dulnain
Mitchell James, boot maker
Morrison John, baker
National Bank of Scotland Limited (branch)
(Jumps Mackintosh, agent); draw on
London office, 37 Nicholas lane E C;
Bank of England E C; Glyn, Mills.Currie
& Co. E C; Coutts & Co. W C & Union
of London & Smiths Bank Lim. E C,
1, -.:: Ion
National BiJjle Society of Scotland (Thomas
Macintosh, sec. & treasurer)
Orphan Institution (John Grant, sec. ; John
Grant M.D. medical officer; Mrs. Helen
Carmichael, matron)
Pence William G. solicitor, The Square
Philip John, Strathspey hotel
Pvper Henry, cabinet ma. see Beale & Pyper
Reid William Morris, cycle repairer
Richmond Color-Sergt. Edward S. drill
instructor of K Co. 3rd (Morayshire)
Vol. Batt. Seaforth Highlanders
Rimmington Alfred, grocer
Boss Charles, joiner
Ross John, boot maker
Ross John, wright, Dulnain Bridge
Roval Bank of Scotland (branch) (Donald &
John Grant, local agents) ; draw on
London office, 123 Bishopsgate street
within E C; Bank of England E O &
Coutts & Co. W C, London
Samson David T. estate clerk, Seaforth
Scott. Alexander, butcher
Sinclair George H. grocer &
general merchant
Smith Alexander, baker. The Square
Smith Donald, plumber
Smith John, blacksmith
Smith John J.P. factor, Seafield Estate
offices. The Square
Stamp Office (Donald Macdougall, sub-dis-
tributor), The Square
Strachan David, grocer fit
dealer in wine, spirits & beer
Strathspey (The) Curling Club (Thomas
Mackintosh, sec. & treasurer)
Strathspey Farmers'' Club (Donald G. Law-
son, sec)
Strathspey Public Assembly & Agricultural
Hall Co. Limited (Francis Macbean, sec)
Stuart Angus, bookseller, punter &c
Purtees William L. grocer & baker
Tayler George, cycle maker
Templeton Alexander, wright)

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