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Maekie William M.A., M.D. 13 North street
Mackintosh Lachlin, Moray place
Mackintosh Miss, Moray place
M'Lean George A., J.P" Westfield
MaclJenan John, Moray street
Maclennan John M.A. Academy
M'Leod John (H.M. Inspector of Schools),
Mamaluin, 10 Reidhaven street
McMurchie Duncan, 2D Seafield street
McNaughton Peter, Moorend, Hay Btreet
Macpherson Rev. "Robert B.D. (Established).
The Manse
McPherson James, 2G South Guildry street
Macpherson Roger Bolls, Abbots road
Institution road
McRae Daniel, 7 Rose avenue
McWilliams Mrs. Southficld cot. Moss st
Mair John E. 23 Academy street
Manson Alexander, 23 Moray street
-Merson Mrs. Greyfriar's cottage, Abbey st
Miller Alexander, Tthanbank, Rose aven
Miller Miss, 16 North Guildry street
Milne George, Abbey street
Milne John, IS Abbey street
Milne William, Clan cottage, Mayne road
Moffat Rev. William B.D. (Established),
20 Reidhaven street
Moir The Misses, Aden villa, Hav street
Morgan Rev. John M.A., Ph.D. 34 Reid-
haven street
Morrison Mrs. The Pines, Fochabers road
Morrison John, TJriebank, Duff avenue
Morrison Misses, Seafield crescent
Mu'.hoUand Richard, Adair cot. Moray pi
Munro George, 6 South College street*
Munro Mts. Ardro&s, Moray street
Muuro Robert, 20 Culbard street
Munro William, The Bungalow, Rose aven
Murdoch Mrs. Forbes lodge, Moss street
Murphy Patrick D. Rose avenue
Mustard Donald, Duff avenue
Mustard Miss, Mayne road
Mutch Alexander, Earlston villa. Gordon st
Newlands Alexander, Pond park,NewElgin
Newlands Miss, Craig Neuke, Moray place
Ogilvie Miss, 39 South Guildry street
Ogitvie William, 41 South Guildry street
Park Mrs. Blythe cottage, Forteath street
Patterson John J.P. Maison Dieu villa
Peebles A. Mnnro, Cor-a-tinn, Seafield cres
Petcrkin Mrs. Rose place
Pickeman Mrs. Summerfield, Moray street
Pirie James, 15 Academy street
Pollard Mrs. Rose avenue
Pratt Robert, Fessieferne, Seafield cresceflt
Pratt William, Springston, Seafield crescent
Pringle Misses, 24 Hay street
Proctor Mrs. 56 Academy street
Rait Mrs. Dilkusha, Seafield street
Ramsay Alexander, Dalhousie, Mayne road
Ramsay William J.P. Longmorn
Reid James, Richmond lodge, Institution rd
Reid John, Myrtle villa, Hay street
Reid Mrs. Redhythe, 12 Reidhaven street
Riddoch Mrs. Torr hnus'e. Moss street
Ritchie Robert, 59 Moss street
Robb Mrs. Park place
Robb Mrs. Rose avenue
Robertson Mrs. 23 South Guildry street
Ross James, Rowan cottage, Queen street
Russell Alexander, Amberley, Mayne road
Russell Archihald, 9 Culbard street
Russell Mrs. 14 Queen street
Scott Rev. James M.A., LL.D, Heary cot-
tage, High street
Scott John, Rosemount, Mayne road
Scott Mrs. Annie cottage, High street
Scott William, Annie cottage. High street
Scott William, Avendale, Moray place
Sellar Miss, 13 Rose avenue
Se'.lar Miss E. D. Park house, Moray place
Sellar Mrs. View Park, Hay street"
Shiach David A. St. Brendans, Gordon tt
Shiach Mrs. St. Brendans, Gordon street
Shields Rev. John B.A. (Congregational),
31 Reidhaven street
Shipley John, Grant street
Shisch John, 50 Moss street
Sim Mrs. Gowan Brae, Moray street
Sievewright Alexander, Pausport road
Sim William, Seafield crescent
Sime James, The Pans
Simmers William, Rose place
Simon Miss, 46 South Guildry street
Skinner Daniel, Laurence ville, Queen st
Smith Alexander, Mayne road
Smith David T. 20 Academy street
Smith J. Grant, High street
Smith Mrs. Victoria villa, Station road
Smith William, 32 Academy street
Smith William J.P. Inverlocbty
Spall Mrs. Opoho, Moray place
Stephen James Alexander, 9 North street
Stephen Miss, 9 Queen street
Stephen William, 16 Hay street
Stewart Hugh, Royal Bank ho. High st
Stewart James, 17 Seafield street
Stewart John, Mayne read
Stewart Miss, Duff avenue
Stuart Mrs. 5 Seafield street
Sutherland G. Cairntoul, Duff avenue
Sutherland Mrs. 31 Lossie wynd
ELGIN, 571
Tait George, Seafield cottage, Reidhaven st
Taylor Alexander, Mair lodge, Hay street
Taylor John M.D. High street
Taylor Mrs. Rose avenue
Taylor William, Duff avenue
Thompson Robert, Polwaith, Rose avenue
Thomson Robert, Myrtle ibank, Seafield st
Tuke Rev. William Maget- (Episcopal),
Rectory, North street
Veifa-h Henry, 3 Culbard street
Walker David, 24 Institution road
Walker John, Viewforth, Academy street
Walker Miss, 19 Seafield street
Walker Mrs. 58 Academy street
Walker Robert, Rosefield, Hay street
Walker William, Deloraine, Institution rd
Warren George, Park lodge, South street
Watson Alex. R. Springlands, Institution rd
Watson James, 18 Hay street
Watson Jas. Walker M.B., CM. 14 North st
Watson Miss, 32 Hay street
Watson Miss, 23 Reidhaven street
Watson Miss, 72 South street
Watson William E.Glendure villa, Seafield Bt
Watt Miss, St. Leonards, Rose place
Watt Mrs. The Pines
Watt Mrs. Wm. Spey cottage, Seafield st
Webster James M.D., J.P. Belle Vue,
Station road
Webster James Gray, Eaton house
Webster Patrick Beaton, Wester, Pitten-
Webster William, Lossiebank
Whyte George, Brae Lossie
Wilken Alexander G. Duff avenue
Williamson James, Innee house
Wilson Very Rev. Canon George (R. C)
Wilson Charles D. The Cottage, West road
Wilson Mrt>. 11 Rose avenue
Winchester Miss, 6 South Guildry street
Winchester Mrs. Norham, 22 Reidhaven st
Wink John, Kew cottage, Institution road
Wiseman Edward, 3 Reidhaven street
Wittet John, 17a, Reidhaven street
Yeadon James D. 22 Hay street
576oi Francis B. St. Andrew's
Young Alexander, 37 Moray street
Young James, Colerain, Mayne road
Young John J.P. Braenead, Mayne road
Young Mrs. Brae Lossie
Young Robert, Brentwood, Moray street
Young Robert, Myrtle bank, Seafield street
Young William C. Rotha, 4 Reidhaven st
Young Wm. Ferguson, 8 Nth. Guildry st
Youngson James, 87 High street
Early closing day, Wednesday, 2 p.m.
Aberdeen Heritable Security Investment Co. (Grigor & Young.
agents), 1 North street
Academv, Morav street. See previous page
Adam Charles M.A., M.D. & C.M.Aberd. surgeon, St. Giles,
High street
Adam WHIiarn, chemical manure & sheep dip
manufr. tar dcstiilcr, grain & coal merchant,
ship owner & shipping; agent &c. cLgrent -for
Lloyds ; head office, 12fi High street, Elgin; works & branch
office, Burghead R.S.O. Morayshire
Adams John, china, glass &c. dealer, 121 High street
Aitken Robert, hair dresser, 75 High street
Alexander Thomas Hood Wilson M.B. & Ch.B.Edin. physician <t
surgeon & visiting surgeon to Gray's hospital, North view,
North street
Allan & Black, solicitors & agents for the Town & County Bank,
Town & County Bank buildings
Allan James & Alexander, musical instrument
dealers &c. 23 South street
Allan Alexander, carpet shoe maker, 196 High street
Allan Alexander, professor of music & registrar of births, deaths
& marriages for Elgin, 23 South street & Academy street
Allan James, solicitor (Allan, & Black),Town & County Bank bldgs
Allan John, butcher, Commerce street
Anderson A. & Sons, boot makers, 140 High street
Anderson J. & Co. grocers & tea importers, 101 High street
Anderson J. & F. watch makers, 165 High street
Anderson & Wilson, fish dealers, New market
Anderson Alexander, tinplate worker, 46 High street
Anderson John, slater, Grove cottage
Anderson John, station master, G. N. S. railway
Anderson's Institution (Hugh Stewart, sec.), South. College street
Angus John, saddler, li)9 High street
Arcari Francis, confectioner, 30 Batchen street
Archibald James', .inspector for the National Society for the
Prevention of Cruelty to Children, Lossie wynd
Armstrong James, supt. of Prudential Insurance Co. Limited,
33 Abbey street
Arnot David, ironmonger, see William Law & Co
ftrnot Margaret (Mrs.), temperance hotel,185 High street
Asher James, draper, clothier & Scottish knit
tins: yarn merchant, 7 4 High street; res. 27
Academy street
Asher Mary (Mrs.), dining rooms, 77 High street
Austin Alexander, baker, 16 South street
Austin's Grand Hotel, family & commercial & restaurant, South st
Bain Alex, hair dresser, 26i High street
Bain George, slater, 24 South street
Bain John, tobacconist, 57 High street
Bank of Scotland (branch) (R. C. Cameron & E. D. Jameson,
agents), High street; draw on London office, 19 Bishopsgate
street within E C; Coutts & Co. W O & Bank of England
E C, London
Barclay Margaret (Miss), boarding house, 28 Hay street
Barron William, boot maker, 3 South College street
Baxter Thomas & Co. drapers, 102 High street
Baxter Clement M.R.C.V.S. veterinary surgeon, 49 Reidhaven st
Bennett James, brewer (A. & J. Young)
Beveridge Robert, commercial hotel. High street
Black William, fancy repository, 36 South street
Black William Rose, solicitor (Allan & Black), Town & County
Bank buildings; res. Hythehill
Boag Mary A. (Mrs.), fishmonger, Commerce street
Bourne John, supt. of British Workman's & General Insurance
Co. Limited, Moray place
Bowen Thomas, inland revenue officer, Hatton hill
Bowling Club (William Munro. sec.); Reidhaven street
Brander & Gall, agents for British Linen Co. Bank, 115 High st
Brander Mrs. ladies' nurse, 46 South street
Brannan David, West End inn, 311 High street
British Legal Life Limited (William Ramsay, supt.), Rockville
British Line? Co. Bank (branch) (Brander & Gall, agents), 115
High street; draw on London office, Threadneedle street E C &.
Bank of England E C, London
Brodie James, plasterer, Hall place; res. 10 South Guildry street
Brown Stuart Maitland, higrh school, South
bank, Academy street
Bruce Alexander, bank accountant, Greenbank, 26 Reidhaven st
Buchan Robertson, meal & flour dealer, 17 South street
Byers David, tailor, 7 South street
Caledonian Banking Co. Limited (branch) (William Grant, agent).
164 High street; draw on Bank of Scotland, London E C
Cameron & Jameson, solicitors, High street
Cameron Donald, supt. of police, 16 Greyfriars street
Cameron James Angus M.D., CM. & B.Sc.Edin. medical officer
of health for the counties of Banff, Nairn & Elgin, 51 High st
Cameron Janet (Mrs.), eating house, 7 Moss street
Cameron John, grocer, 31 Commerce street
Cameron Ralph C. solicitor (Cameron & Jameson), High street
Cameron Robert Innis, spirit broker. Ill High street
Campbell Donald Graham M.B., C.M.Edin. physician & surgeon,
30 North street
Campbell John, family grocer, 239 High street; res.
West lodge, West road
Campbell Thomas, baker, 15 South College street
Cassie Alexander (Mrs.), meal & flour dealer, 9 South street
Catto James, cabinet maker, 19 Batchen street
Catto Jessie (Mrs.), china & glass dealer, 13 Batchen lane

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