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Duffus. School Board and Parish Council
meetings are held here. There is a United
Free church. The population in 1801 was
New Duffus is a small village near the
parish church of Duffus, prettily situated,
and entirely agricultural. Hopeman, 2
miles distant, is the nearest railway station.
Eoseisle is a hamlet near Burghead, 6J
miles north-west of Elgin. Coltfield, about
li miles distant, is the nearest railway
station. Population returned with the
Post, T., M. 0., T. M. 0., E. D. & P. P.
O., S. B. & A. & I. 0. Burghead (Kail-
way Sub-Office. Letters should have
B.S.O. Morayshire added to them); John
Cumming, postmaster. Deliveries, 8.10
& 11.40 a.m. & 3.50 p.m. ; dispatches,
6.30 a.m. & 1, 2.30 & 4.10 p.m
Post. T., M. O., T. M. O., E. D. & P. P.
0., S. B. & A. & I. 0. Hopeman; Mrs.
Jane M'lntosh, postmistress. Letters
should have H.S.O. Morayshire added.
Deliveries, 8 & 11.45 a.m. : dispatches,
6.55 a.m. & 2.30 & i p.m.; Sunday, dis-
patched, 6.55 a.m
Post & T. 0. New Duffus; Bobert Boss,
sub -postmaster. Letters received through
Elgin. Delivery, 1 p.m.; dispatch, 7.50
a.m. Postal Orders are issued here &
paid. The nearest money order office is
at Hopeman, 2 miles distant
Provost, George Gordon
Bailies, John Graham & George Grant
Councillors, five
Treasurer, John Graham
Town Clerk, E. D. Jameson, High st. Elgin
Procurator Fiscal, D. S. Shiach, solicitor,
High street, Elgin
Medical Officer of Health, Alfred Morison
Saunders M.A., M.B., CM., D.P.H. Mill
seat, Hopeman
Members, thirteen
Clerk, Joseph S. George
Auditor, Davidson Smith, Edinburgh
Medical Officer, Alfred S. Saunders M.B..
Begistrar of Births, Deaths' & Marriages &
Inspector of Poor for Duffus, Joseph S.
George, Hopeman
Begistrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages
for Burghead, George Donald Gordon
Coast Guard Station, Burghead, A.
Butchart, officer
Custom House, Burghead, David Beaton,
Harbour Master's Office, Burghead, Alex.
Taylor, harbour master
Harbour Office, Burghead, John Graham,
collector of shore dues
Harbour Office; Hopeman, William David-
son, harbour master
Police Station, Burghead, Charles Mackie,
Police Station, Hopeman, Alex. T. Clark,
Public Hall, Caledonian Bankin;
prietors, Hopeman
Highland Royal Garrison Artillerv (Volun-
teers) (6th Company), Burghead, Lieut.
James D. Anderson; Sergeant Thomas
Keane, drill instructor
PLACES OF WORSHIP & their clergy.
Established Churches: —
Duffus, Rev. William Masson; 12 a.m
Burghead, Rev. Robert Woodside; 12 a.m.
& 6 p.m
United Free Churches: —
Burghead, Rev. Robert Niven; 12 a.m. &
6 p.m
Hopeman, Rev. George Casie; 11 a.m
Burghead, Rev. James Mann; 12 a.m. &
6 p.m
Mission Hall, New Duffus
Mission Boom, Cummingston
Chairman, Rev. Samuel McCall Smith
CROMDALE is an extensive parish in
the Strathspey district, and 4 miles north-
east of Grantown (which lies in the south of
this parish) is the village of Cromdale, where
is the parish church ; it is in the Nairn poor
combination and Grantown small debt court
district Two railwaya run through the
parish, the Highland to Forres and the
Great North of Scotland to Kothes and
J.lgin ; these have Btations at Grantown and
Cromdale respectively, and the latter rail-
Clerk & Treasurer, Joseph S. George
Hoard Schools: —
Burghead, James Bremner M.A. master
Duffus, James W. Corrigall M.A. master
Eoseisle, Miss Cooper, mistress
Hopeman, James Crawford M.A. master
On the Burghead & Hopeman branch of the
Highland line.
Station, Burghead, Hugh Munro, station
Station, Cummingston, Alexander McLen-
nan, station master
Station, Hopeman
Also a small stopping station at Coltfield.
Adam William J.P. Edenville
Allan Miss, Park street
Beaton David, 15 Station street
Bremner James, School house
Gordon George, 21 Granary street
Gordon George Donald
Graham John, Caledonian Bank house
Lawtie Mrs
Mann Rev. James, XT. F. Manse
Munro William, Old U. F. Manse
Morrison Alexander, Doorie cottage
Niven Rev. Robert, U.* F. Manse
Robertson Mrs. Cairndune
Woodside Rev. Rt. (Established),^ Manse
Adam William, chemical manure & sheep
dip manufacturer, tar distiller, grain &
coal merchant, ship owner's agent &c. ;
agent for Lloyds; chief office. High st.
Elgin; works & branch, Burghead
AndersdnAlexander & Sons, boot & shoe mas
Anderson Robert, butcher
Anderson William, Greenbrae quarry
Badden James, bill poster
Beaton David, officer of custom house
Butchart Alex, officer coast guard station
Caledonian Banking Co. LSmited (branch)
(John Graham, agent); draw on Bank of
Scotland, London E C
Campbell Robert, baker
Chapman John, Station hotel
Corbett William, grocer
Cumming John, grocer, &. post office
Davidson William, draper
Findlay William, boat builder
Geddes Geurge, Quarry owner, Clashock
Gordon George, grocer & ship chandler
Graham John, agent Caledonian.Lancashire,
& Life Association of Scotland & Cale-
donian Bank
Grant Alexander L. grocer, general dealer
& baker
Grant George, tailor & clothier
Grant George, carpenter
Henderson Jessie (Mrs.), Plough hotel
Jeffrey Annie (Miss), grocer & spirit dealer
Jenkins Alexander, baker & grocer
Jenkins Thomas, fish curer & cooper
Keane Thomas, sergeant drill instructor
6th Co. Highland Volunteer Artillery
Laing Eliza (Mrs.), grocer & spirit dealer
Mackessack George R. fish curer, cooper
& salmon fisher
Muir Thomas, Son & Patton Limited, coal
merchants, Harbour office
Munro Hugh, station master
Munro William M.B., CM. surgeon
Nicholson John, White Horse
Petrie James, carpenter & wright
Petrie Lewis, tailor
Robertson John, Royal Oak
Ross Alexander, fish curer & cooper
Ross Thomas, cooper
Sandison James W. grocer & ironmonger
Sandison William, 'blacksmith
Sinclair Williaim, Harbour inn
Taylor Alexander, harbour master
Dunbar Sir Archibald Hamilton bart. D.L.,
J.P. Duffus house
Gordon-Cumming Sir William Gordon bart.
Gordonstown house
Masson Rev. Wm. (Established), The Manse
Mortimer Edward J.P. Inverugie
Smith Samuel M'Call, Shempston
way also has one at Advie (which see).
In the village are Established and United
Free churches. At Balmenach, abou- a
mile from the village, is the old estab-
lished distillery of the Balmenach-Glen-
livet Distillery Co. Limited. The area of
the entire parish comprises 63,354 acres;
rateable value £20,400 (including Grantown
burgh); population in 1891 was 3,020, in
1001 was 3,222, of which 1,563 are in
Grautown-on-Spey burgh. The population
Mason John, carpenter, Cotinch
Smith William, blacksmith, Cotinch
Cant William, Burnside
Collie John, Roseisle & Bridgend
Duncan John, Philaxdale
Duncan William, Begrow
Fraser Louis Grant, Old Duffus
Gill George, Bank, Roseisle
Gill Mrs. Margaret, Inchkell
Gordon William, Weeteroldtown
Gray George, Crosslots
Gray John, Buthill
Hutcheson Alexander, Backlands of Roseisla
Hutcheson John, Standingstones
M'Kenzie George, Moss Yardri of Roseisle
McKimmie William, Williamston
Munro D. Easteroldtown
Murdoch James, Easterunthank
Mutch Alex. C. Ream
Nicoll John, Eastmains
Petrie David, Gilston
Reid George, Rothills
Scott Mrs. Alexander, Pecky Law
Smith Samuel McCall, Shempston
Stephen James (reps, of), Bank, Roseisle
Stephen John, East Bridgend
Tavlor John, Westerunthank
J.P. United
Cassie Rev. George
Church manse
George Joseph S
Saunders Alfred MorisonM.A.,M.B.Millseat
Bain John, grocer
Caledonian Banking Co. Lim. (branch )
(John Graham, agent); draw on Bank
of Scotland, London E C
Cameron Maria (Mrs.), Station inn
Davidson William, harbour master
Duncan George, cooper
Findlay John, boat builder
George Joseph S. clerk to parish council,
collector of rates, clerk <fc treasurer to
school board, inspector of poor & regis-
trar of births, deaths & marriages
Grant Duncan (Mrs.), innkeeper
Hitchcock Wnlliam, grocer
Ledtngham James, jun. fish curer & cooper
M'lntosh Jane (Mrs.), grocer &, general
dealer, & post office
M'lntosh Lachlan, grocer & bank & insur-
ance agent
MTntyre Wm. grocer,gen.dlr.&spirit dealer
M'Kenzie Jas. carriage propr. & spirit dlr
Main Daniel, boat builder
Masson Alexander (Mrs.), baker
Masson John, carpenter
Munro Robert, carpenter & wright
Norris John, baker
Public Hall, Caledonian Banking Co. pro-
Sandison John, blacksmith
Saunders Alfred Morison M.A., M.B.,
CM., D.P.H. surgeon &, medical officer
of health for the burgh, Millseat
Sellar Alexander, butcher
Slater William & Son, fish curers & coopers
Smith Margaret M. (Mrs.), grocer & general
dealer & spirit dealer
Sutherland John, boot & shoe maker
Town & County Bank (LachlanM'lntosh,agt)
Anderson J. & L. quarry owners
Fraser Ann (Miss), grocer A- general dlr
M'Knociuter John, grocer
Urquhart John (Mrs.), grocer
New Duffus.
Cowie William', grocer, general d eaier &
spirit dealer
McDonald James, tailor
Morris Jane (Mrs.), grocer
Reid Robert, carpenter
Ross Robert, grocer, & post office
Sim Robert, grocer & general dealer
Stephen Alex, blacksmith
Dunbar William, blacksmith
Fletcher John, grocer
Masson John, carpenter & wright
of Cromdale ecclesiastical parish in 1901
was 695.
Post, M. 0. & T. O., T. M. O.. 8. E. & A.
& I. 0. (Railway Sub-Office. Letters
should have R.S.O. Morayshire added);
Robert Grant, postmaster. Delivery, 11.50
a.m. <& 7.40 p.m. ; dispatches, 9.35 &
11.10 a.m. & 7 p.m
Chairman, John Smith, Grantown

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