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Stoddart John P. grocer & wine & spirit
Stratton J. W. & Co. quarry masters,
Ravelrigg quarry
Blair A. Aikman, Over Gogar house
Gibson-Craig Miss, Hermiston house
Robertson Robert A. Kirkland lodge
Alston John, dairyman, East Hermiston
Arnot James, dairyman
Ramage John, dairyman
Taylor William, joiner & wheelwright
Waddell Mary (Mrs.), grocer
DALKEITH is a parish, market town,
a burgh of barony and the head of a poor
combination, 6 miles south-east from Edin-
burgh, with a station on a branch from
the Waverley section of the North British
railway; there is also a station at Eskbank
on the same section. It occupies a dry and
exceedingly pleasant site, in a fertile dis-
trict, diversified with hill, dale and wood,
with the North and South Esk flowing
around it. This place gives the title of Earl
to the Douglas-Scott family, Dukes of Buc-
cleuch. The immediate locality abounds
â– with coal of excellent quality, which is
worked to a great extent. Messrs.
Henry Widnell & Stewart Limited, of the
Eskbank Carpet works, give occupation to
upwards of 300 hands. Midlothian is fa-
mous for the excellence of its oatmeal, and
Daikeith mills have long been identified
with its production. There is also Messrs.
Dawson's brush factory, Messrs. Hope's
brass and iron "works, Messrs. A. & W.
Douglas's corn mills and Messrs. M'Lennan
and Urquhart' s brewery. The town is
lighted with gas from works belonging to a
company, formed in 1827. An ample sup-
ply of excellent water was obtained in 1888,
within the burgh bounds by boring, the yield
amounting to 65,000 gallons every 24 hours.
The municipal body consists of a provost,
trwo baillies and nine members of council
.constituted under the Police Improvement
{Scotland) Act, -who have the power to
assess and regulate local taxes. A sheriff
â– court is held in the Foresters' Hall, for
â– cases under the Small Debt Act and Cer-
tain Debts Recovery Act, on the third
Thursday of every month (September ex
cepted), and a police court at the Police
toarracks, on the second and fourth Mon-
day of every month, and other days, as
cases may require. There are branchi
here of the Commercial Bank of Scotland
Limited, opened in 1810 ; the National
Bank of Scotland Limited, in 1825 ; the
Royal Bank of Scotland, in 1836; the Edin-
burgh and Glasgow Bank, merged in the
•Clydesdale Bank Limited, in 1858, has
also a branch here. In 1839 a National Se-
curity Savings Bank was established, and
there is also a Penny Bank. The Dalkeith
Union workhouse was erected in 1849, at a
cost of £4,058, for the poor of four parishes
hut there are now twelve parishes in com
bination. The building is available for 120
inmates. The Market Hall, a fine covered
'building, opened in 1854, is 172 feet long,
50 feet wide and 45 feet high, and was
-erected at a cost of nearly £4,000. The
corn market is held weekly on Thursdays.
SPairs are held annually on the first
Thursday after Rutherglen (in May),
for horses &c. oh the third Tuesday in
October for cattle &c. last Thursday in
February, first Thursday in April, and
second Thursday in October for hiring. A
newspaper, the " Dalkeith Advertiser," is
published here on Thursday. Dalkeith
House, the seat of His Grace the Duke of
Buccleuch K.G., K.T. the principal land-
owner, stands on the south bank of the Esk
adjoining the town and occupies the site
•of an ancient castle, long in the possession
of the family of Douglas, and afterwards
the frequent residence of the Regent Mor-
ton during the minority of James VI. when
it was commonly and significantly called
"" the lion's den." The present mansion,
erected by the Scott family, about the close
-of the 17th century, is a substantial man-
sion in the Classic style, consisting of a
centre with wings, the ornamental features
*being of the Corinthian order. The hall,
'the grand staircase, and the several suites
â– of apartments within are spacious, ele-
gantly furnished, and enriched by a valu-
able collection of paintings. George IV.
sojourned here ; and Her late Majesty,
Queen Victoria, likewise repeatedly hon-
oured the house with her presence. In
tlw present year (1903) His Majesty King
Edward VII. and Queen Alexandra occu-
pied Dalkeith House, during their State
visit to Scotland. The park contains about
800 Scottish, or 1,000 English acres, sur T
rounded by a stone wall ; it is adorned with
much fine timber, and traversed by the
streams of the two rivers Esk. The Town
Council have recently (1903) leased from
the Duke of Buccleuch about 10 acres of
land on the north side of the town, which
has been converted into a public park and
was opened in 1902.. The parish area is
2,321 acres; rateable value, £30,869; the
population in 1391 was 7,704, and in 1901,
7,297, including 6.753 in the town of Dal-
keith. Area of the burgh, 252 acres. The
population of the ecclesiastical parishes in
1901 was: East Church, 2,972; "West
Church, 4,243.
Post, T., M. O., T. M. O., E. D. & P. P.
O., S. B. & A. & I. O. Buccleuch street;
Miss Jane L. M'Pherson, postmistress.
Deliveries, 7.30 & 12.30 a.m. & 5 & 7.20
p.m. ; Sundav (to callers only), 9 to 10
a.m.; dispatches, 7.30, 9.25 & 11.35 a.m.
& 3, 5.10, 6.40, 8 & 9.30 p.m.; Sunday,
5.50 p.m
Town Sub-Post, T. & M. O. O. & S. B.
Eskbank; Fredk. Foreman, sub-post-
master. Dispatches, 7.40 & 11.50 a.m.
& 2.40, C.30 & 9 p.m
Provost, John Christie Chisholm
Baillies, James Dalgleish & Robert Brown
Members of Council, nine
Town Chamberlain, William Millar
Town Clerk & Clerk of Police Court, Thos.
Burgh Prosecutor, George Jack S.S.C
Collector, Walter J. Jones
Medical Officer of Health, Alexander
Ballantyne M.D., F.R.C.P.Edin
Burgh Surveyor, Inspector of Cleansing &
Lighting & Water Officer, Robert Dryden
Inspector of Lodging Houses & Nuisances,
Robert Dryden
Foresters' Hall, Buccleuch street.
Held on the third Thursday of every month
at 11 a.m. September excepte'd.
Sheriff, Andrew Rutherford
Sheriff; Clerk Depute, John C. Chisholm
Police Barracks, Newmills road; TN 10.
Dalkeith town.
John Forbes, inspector ; Martin Campbell,
sergeant & four constables
Dalkeith division.
John Forbes, inspector; with stations at
Newton Grange, Pathhead, Bonnyrigg,
Rosewell.Lasswade, Cousland & Whitehill
Police Barracks, Newmills road.
Held fortnightly on Monday at 10.30 a.m.
Burgh Prosecutor, George Jack S.S.C
Clerk to Court, Thomas Sturrock
Office, White Hart street.
Chairman, Mrs. A. J. Somerville
Inspector & Collector, Walter J. Jones
Medical Officer, Robert Lucas M.D
Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages,
Walter J. Jones, White Hart street
Chairman, Rev. J. C. Carrick B.D
Governor, George Robertson Hutton
Medical Officer, Alexander Ballantyne M.D
A, B & C Companies.
Capt. W. T. Urquhart, commanding de-
Captains, Capt. J. C. Fraser & Lieut. C.
E. Allison
Medical Officer, Surg. -Lieut. H. Ballantyne
Sergt. -Instructor, A. Law
Cemetery (Parish Council), William Kerr,
Corn Exchange, High street, Wm. Clarke,
Fire Engine Station, Robert Grant, supt
Foresters' Hall, Buccleuch street, James
Lindsay, manager
Conservative Association (Dalkeith dis-
trict), White Hart street, Earl of Dal-
keith, president; James Murdoch, sec
Dalkeith & District Liberal Unionist Asso-
ciation, George Jack S.S.C. hon. sec. &
Junior Conservative Association. The Earl
of Dalkeith, president; P. Bourhill, hon.
sec. & treasurer
Liberal Association Reading Room & Hall,
Tait street, James Gray, president; Rbt.
Handyside, sec
Scientific Association, Lewis Young, jun.
St. Andrew's Convent of Mercy, Eskbank
house, Mary Agnes Snow,mother superior
Established Churches: —
High street (Dalkeith parish),
West parish, Rev. Henry Farquhar M.A.,
United Free Church (St. John's), Buc-
cleuch street, Rev. Neil D. M'Lachlan
M.A., B.D
Buccleuch street, Rev. James Fraser
King's park, Rev.Andw. Hunter M.A..B.D
Episcopal Church (St. Mary's), Dalkeith
park, Rev. George Albert Cooke M.A.
St. John's col. Oxon
Roman Catholic (St. David's), Eskbank rd.
Rev. Joseph Head & Rev. F. F. Jerrard,
Congregational, High street, Rev. William
M. R. McAleese
Baptist, London road, Hector M'Lean
Evangelical Union, Croft street,
Weslevan, Westfield park, Eskbank, Rev.
T. Heppell
Mission Hall, Tait street, James Fleming,
Chairman, William Watson
Clerk & Treasurer, Thomas Sturrock
Chairman, James Archibald Steuart
Clerk & Treasurer, Charles B. Hutchison
Board Schools : —
King's Park, Patrick Marshall M.A. mstr
Burgh. West Glebe, Wm. E. Smith, mstr
High, High street, William Young, master
Whitehill, Joseph Simpson, master
Roman Catholic (St. David's), Eskbank
road, Sisters of Mercy, teachers
North British Railway.
On the Waverley line.
Railway Station, High street, Peter Donald-
son, station master
Railway Station, Eskbank, Alex. Thom-
son, station master
On the Beerles line.
Goods Station, Hardengreen, David Ken-
nedy, agent
To & from Edinburgh, coach four times a
To & from Path-head, mail cart twice daily
Conveyances also run to Path-head & Black-
shiels daily
Abernethy David, Park road, Eskbank
Ainsley Mrs. Anchrum road, Eskbank
Aitken Mrs. Harford house, Waverley road
Alison Mrs. Rosehill, Eskbank road
Alison Thomas J. P. Rosehill, Park road,
Allan Mrs. Richard, Tayville, Park road,
Ames Edward, Dalhousie road, Eskbank
Anderson David Alexander Pearson, West-
field house, Bonnyrigg road, Eskbank
Anderson Mrs. Hazel Bank house, New-
battle road, Eskbank
Anderson Mrs. 6 Lothian bank, Eskbank
Andrews William, Beechwood, Newbattle
road, Eskbank
Baldry Mrs. 163 High street
Ballantyne Alexander J.P., M.D. Ashton,
Eskbank road
Ballantyne Harold S. Ashton, Eskbank rd
Barclay Mrs. Melville villas, Newbattle
road, Eskbank
Barker Mrs. Woodbrae, Park road
Beatson Mrs. Red house, Eskbank
Bennett Geo. Wood, 10 Abbey rd. EskbaDk
Blyth Alexander, Eshiel house, Eskbank
Bowes Miss, Maryville, Dalhousie road,
Boyd Miss, 5 Lothian bank, Eskbank
Broomfield David, Laurel bank, Park road,
Bryson John, Woodstock, Park rd. Eskbank
Buccleuch & Queensberrv the Duke of
K.G., K.T., P.C. Dalkeith house & Mon-
tagu house, Whitehall & Carlton & St.
Stephen's clubs, London SW

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