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Bertram Thomas, blacksmith & agricul-
tural implement maker
Dickson Eobert, joiner
Torrance Helen (Miss), grocer
White William, blacksmith
CKICHTON is a parish, in Dalkeith poor
combination and small debt court district, 5
miles south from Dalkeith and 3 miles from
Tynehead (the nearest) station on the North
British railway. Ford and Pathhead (which
seel are Tillages in this parish. Crichton
Castle is a ruin situated on the right bank
of the True, the oldest part remaining being
the keep, probably built by Thurstans de
Crichton, one of the witnesses to the charter
of the foundation of Holyrood Abbey (1128).
One of his descendants, Sir Wiiliam, 1st
Lord Crichton, High Chancellor of Scot-
land during the reigns of James I. and IT.
extended the Castle, having built the south
and west wings, by far the largest addi-
tions; the north wing is attributed to one
of the Earls of Bothwell, probably the first
Earl Patrick, 1400. Within its hall Queen
Mary feasted on the occasion of the
marriage here of her natural brother, Sir
John Stewart. The Castle was purchased
by Alexander Callender esq. in 1786, and
ie now the property of Henry Burn Cal-
lander esq. of Westerton and Preston hall.
Sir Walter Scott in " Marmion " refers to
this castle. The area comprises 5,594
acres; rateable value, £3,258; population
in 18S1 was &46, and in 1001, 810.
Inspector of Poor & Registrar of Births &c.
William Pringle
Parish Church, Rev. Stevenson McNab M.A
Boman Catholic Church, Pathhead, served
from Dalkeith
Chairman, J. Wallace esq
Clerk, James Simpson esq
Board School, Pathhead, Ford; William
Pringle, master
Henderson Robert M. Saughland, Tynehead
McNab Rev. Stevenson M.A. Crichton manse
Bridges John, blacksmith
Cockburn William, grocer, Crichton-Dean
Hardie James, joiner
Pringle William, teacher, Crichton public
school & inspector of poor & registrar of
births &c
Dickson William, Vorgie mains
Henderson Robert, Sauchland
Jack Samuel, Crichton Mains
Pringle James, Crichton house
Ritchie David, Longfaugh
Ritchie George, Whippielaw
Ross Samuel, Turniedykes
Rutherford William. Hope farm
Scott Walter, jun. Tyneside
Wallace Joseph, Pathhead
Wight George, Blackcastle
CURRIE is a parish and village, in the
6mall debt court district of Edinburgh,
bounded by Corstorphine and Ratho on the
north and Colinton on the west, while the
Pent'.and Hills skirt it on the south. The
village, situated on the north bank of the
water of Leith, is 6 miles south-west from
Edinburgh, with a station on the Balerno
branch of the Caledonian railway, and is
also a quarter of a mile from Currie Hill
station on the Glasgow line. The manu-
facture of paper is largely carried on, and
snuff is also manufactured. The water of
Leith was purified about 3 years ago, and
is now a favourite trouting stream ; the
Edinburgh Corporation ponds, also in the
parish, are well stocked with trout, and
liberty to fish may be had from the Cor-
poration, or from Lord Rosebery. The
Baberton Golf club, founded in June,
1803, has an excellent course of 18
holes, opened by Sir J. H. Gibson-Craig
bart. on Christmas day, 1893; the cinb
house, built in 1805 at a cost of £1,200,
from the designs of Messrs. MacArthy
and Watson, architects, is a building
with gabled wings, and contains a club
room, dining and ladies' rooms-, kitchen and
lavatories. Lennox Tower, on the estate of
Maleny, beyond Currie, was anciently the
seat of the Lennox family, as well as the
eccasional residence of Mary Queen of Scots.
At a short distance from it, on the opposite
bank of the river, are the ruins of another
ancient edifice, once the mansion of the
Skenes of Currie hill. The house of Baber-
ton, also in this parish, was used as a hunt- 1
ing seat, first by James- VI. of Scotland,
previous to his accession to the English
throne, and secondly by Charles X. of
France, after his expulsion from hia domi-
nions in 1830. The area comprises 13,031
acres; rateable value, £17,785; population
in 1SU1 was 2,580, and in 1901, 2,513 in
the parish and 338 in the village.
Balerno is a village in the parish of Currie,
on the water of Leith, and about 7 miles
south-west from Edinburgh, with a station
on the Caledonian railway. In the village
are paper mills. Hermiston, Glenbrook and
Malleny Mills are hamiets in this parish.
Population in 1891, 694, and in 1901, 695.
At Malleny Mills a considerable industry
in wood turning, and the making of bungs
for barrels, is carried on.
Sir James Henry Gibson-Craig bart. D.L..
J. P. of Riccarton, the Earl of Morton and
the Earl of Rosebery K.G., K.T., P.C. are
lords of the manor and the principal land-
Post, T. & M. O. O. & S. B. Currie (Rail-
way Sub-Office. Letters "should have
R.S.O. Midlothian added); Abraham
Tennant, postmaster. Letters from all
parts arrive (from Edinburgh) at 6.30
a.m. & 1.25 & 7.5 p.m.; & are dis-
patched thereto at 10.30 a.m. & 6.10 p.m
Post, T. & M. O. O. & S. B. Balerno (Rail-
wav Sub-Office. Letters should have
R.S.O. Midlothian added) ; Miss Elizabeth
Fountain, postmistress. Letters from all
parts arrive (from Edinburgh) at 6.40
a.m. & 1.35 p.m. & are dispatched there-
to at 10.10 a.m. & 2.25 & 6 p.m
Post Office, Hermiston; Rt. Taylor, sub-post-
master. Letters received through Currie
R.S.O. Midlothian at 10.5 a.m. & 4.25
p.m. & are dispatched at 10.15 a.m. & 4.35
p.m. Postal orders are issued. & paid
here. The nearest money order & tele-
graph office is at Currie, 1 mile distant
Chairman, David Fairbairn
Clerk, Malcolm W. Scott
Inspector of Poor & Registrar of Births,
Deaths & Marriages for Currie, Malcolm
W. Scott
Established Church, Currie, Rev. David C.
Stewart M.A
Episcopal Church (St. Mango's). Balerno,
Rev. N. J. N. Gourlie M.A. St. Martin's,
United Free Church, Balerno, Rev. David
B. Turner
Roman Catholic, Father Forsyth, Slateford
Police Station, Currie, John M'Kenzie
Currie, Malcolm W. Scott, clerk
Schools : —
Currie, James Jarvie, master
Balerno, David Brown, master
Hermiston, Miss Houston, mistress
Episcopal Church School, Balerno, Miss
Marion Wainwrlght, mistress
Station, Currie, George Melrose, etafcn. metr
Station, Currie Hill 'quarter of a mile from
Currie). George Melrose, station master
Station, Balerno, John Poyner, station mstr
Auld Alexander
Bruce Patrick C. Kinleith
Bruce William P. Braeburn
Crawford T. Brown, Torcleugh
Gibson-Craig Sir James Henry bart. D.L.,
J. P. Riccarton
Graham Andrew M.D. Curriebank
Graham Mrs. Bloornfield
Harper Mrs. Fisher bank
Henderson James, Lilybank
Keith George Skene M.D. Moidart cottage
Macdonald Mrs. Ivy cottage
May Robert, Viewfield
Ritchie Mrs. Viewforth
Skinner Alexander, Burnbrae
Somerville William, Ash grove
Stewart Rev. David C, M.A. (Established),
The Manse
Stewart John, Eden cottage
Telier-Smollett Lieut.-Col. Chas. Edwd.
Drummond J.P. Lennoxlea
Usher Thomts L
Veitch Mrs. Dunbrae
Wales Mrs. Glenleith
White Charles, Clifton villa
A mot Alexander, Riccarton Arms F.H
Bruce Henry & Son, paper makers, Kin-
leitn mills
Bryce James (Mrs.), refreshment rooms
Cormack John L. grocer
Darney John & Sons, Kinghorn glue &
gelatine works
Graham Andrew M.D., L.R.C.P. & S.Edin.
surgeon, parochial medical officer for
Currie & certifying factory surgeon,
Currie bank
Henderson Isabella A. (Mrs.), dairy keeper
Henderson James, contractor
Jenkinson Andrew N. Railway inn
Keith George Skene M.D., F.R.C.P. &
L.R.C. S.Edin. surgeon, Moidart cottage
Lamond Robert, land steward for Sir James
Lyall David, joiner & wheelwright
Police Station (John M'Kenzie)
Scott Alexander, baker
Scott Malcolm W. registrar of births,
deaths & marriages, inspector of poor &
clerk to school board & parish council
Shaw John, slater
Stark Michael, blacksmith
Tennant Abraham, coal merchant
Thomson Annie & Mary(Misses), dress mkra
Torrance Robert, blacksmith, Kinleith
Westwood" Brothers, grocers
Young James, tailor
Baillie John, Rosebank
Barr Samuel, Wester Kinleith
Bryce Alexander, Easter Currie
Campbell John, jun. Shothead, Balerno
Campbell John, Goodtreos, Balerno
Clark John, Balleny
Crawford John, Boll'o'Bere
Dow George, Cocklaw
Elder James, Roddinglaw & Over Gogar
Fullerton John, Middle Kinleith
Jack Thomas, Hermiston & Riccarton Mains
Johnston Thomas, Liston Shiells, Balerno
Laing George, New mills, Balerno
Laing Thomas, Eastrigg, Balerno
M'Donald John, Harelaw, Balerno
Roberts John, Gowanhill
Scott Alexander C. Cockburn
Scott Thomas, Cockburn
Smith Robert Warriston
Thomson Andrew, Mansfield, Balerno
Weir James, Blinkbonny
Wood Walter, Westerrigg, Balerno
Wyllie David, Pilmuir
Bell Misses, Hawkfield
Black Colin Mackenzie, Bankhead
Brown Mrs. Clifton villa
Callender Herbert 6. N., W.S. The Lodge
Carmichael Sir Thomas Gibson bart. Mal-
leny house
Clark Thomas Bennet C.A. Newmills house
Fairbairn David, Dunraven
Garlick William. Hannahfield
Jameson Mrs. Helensea
Knox Walter, Malleny bank
Law Arthur, Mill house
Law James, Glenbrook
Law John, Balerno Hill house
M'Kenzie Alexander K. Ravelrig house
McLean Archibald D. Harmeny
Macphersoa Hector C. Johnburn house
MenzieB Allan L., W.S. Larch grove & The
Munro Mrs. Marchbank
Ritchie Mrs. St. Mungo
Rogers Mrs. Balerno hall
Sang J. H., LL.B., W.S. Westbrook
Scott William P. Learig
Shade Thomas, Viewbank
Spinks Mrs. Birchwood house
Stark James, Glenbrook house
Thomson James W., J.P. Glen park
Thriepland William J. Millburn house,
Mallenv mills
Turner Rev. David B. (U. F.), Manse
Wallace James, Hawkfield
Anderson R. & D. dairymen
Brow William, The Inn P.H
Craik James, builder & coal dealer
Fairbairn David B. wheelwright
Gillon William, butcher
Hill, Craig & Co. paper makers, Balerno
Bank mills
Hood Alexander, confectioner
Hook William, joiner
Horsburgh Thos. blacksmith & wheelwright
Knox William, grocer & tea dealer
Law James, grain merchant
Logan Thomas, baker
M'Culloch James, Malleny Arms
Philp Jean (Miss), grocer
Robertson Alexander, miller, New mills
Ross Thomas, miller, Malleny mills
Sneddon James Baillie, boot & shoe maker
Spinks Charles, saw mill owner & wood
turner, Malleny mills

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