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Rutherford James, householder, Sunnyside, Noblehill
Rutherford James M.D., P.R.C.P.E. medical superintendent to
the Crichton Royal institution, Crichton house
Rymer Thomas, boot maker 121, & draper 137, St. Michael street
& hosier, 33 English street; res. 2 Camden place
Sadler Thomas, ladies' tailor, 51 Bank street
St, George's Hall, Buccleuch street
St. Joseph's Commercial College (Marist Brothers, directors &
teachers), St. Michael street
St. Mary's Hall, English street
Sayings Bank (John Henderson, sec), Church crescent
Scott James & Andrew, wholesale grocers & provision merchants,
128 Queensberry street
Scott Joseph & John, jobmasters, Newall terrace
Scott Waller & Sons, tweed manufacturers, Troqueer mill; T A
" Scott, Dumfries;" TNI Troqueer mill
Scott Andrew, wholesale grocer (James & Andrew Scott),
Douglas house, 136 English street
Scott David R. grocer & game dealer, 40 Loreburn st, & New mkt
Scott James, wholesale grocer (James & Andrew Scott), Hill
view, Moffat road
Scott Jane (Mis3), confectioner, 7 Mid Steeple buildings
Scott John Luke, draper & house furnisher, 6 Church place &
109 Queensberry street; res. Oakfield, Bank End road
Scott Maggie (Miss), dress maker, 1 Church crescent
Scott Peter, draper &c. 143 High street; res. 6 Dunbar terrace
Seiffert Charles, watch & clock maker, jeweller &c. 8 & 9 Mid
Steeple buildings, High street; res. Laurieknowe, M
Selkirk John, butcher, 10 Queensberry street
Semple Robert, commercial traveller, 51 Rae street
Semple William, householder, 75 Buccleuch street
Service James Oc Sons, nurserymen & seedsmen, 40 Galloway st.
& Corberry hill, M
Service Robert, landscape gardener, Nunholm villas
Service Robert, nurseryman (James Service & Sons), Janefield
nursery, M
Shakespeare Hall, 11 Shakespeare street
Shankland George, railway inspector G. & S. W. R. 109 Queen st
Shanks John H. hatter & gentlemen's outfitter, 1 English street;
res. 10 Glebe street
Sharp Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 53 St. Michael street
Sharp David, clothier, 141 High street
Sharp David (Mrs.), clothier (David Sharp), 12 Catherine street
Shaw James Brownlee M.B., C.M.Edin. physician & surgeon, &
medical officer for parish of Kirkmahoe, 2 St. Mary's place
Shearer Elizabeth (Mrs.), grocer, 95 Queensberry street
Shearer William L. householder, 11 Rae street
Shortridge Thomas & Son, manufacturers, dyers & cleaners, 9
High street, Dumfries; works, Stakeford dye works, College
street. M
Shortridge Thomas, dyer (T. Shortridcre & Son), Stakeford, M
Shortt George, New Bridge inn, 14 Whitesands
Siddons William, joiner, 46 Brooms road
Simpson Agnes (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Green brae
Simpson John, jun. butcher, 52 Bank street; res. Chiltern house,
McLellan street
Simpson Robert, goods manager, Caledonian railway, 2 Hunting-
don road
Sinclair John, grocer, 134 St. Michael street
Singer Manufacturing Co. sewing machine makers (Peter Men-
zies, manager), 136 High street
Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul (Sister Madeleine
Blundell, superioress). 84 Shakespeare street
Slaughter Houses, Loreburn street
Sloan David â– & Son, coach bldrs. Whitesands & 2, 4 & 6 Bank Bt
Sloan James, coach builder (David Sloan & Son), 6 Bank street
Smart John T. W- joiner & builder & licensed
valuer, 6 Catherine street; res. 28 Academy street
Smart Walter, glass, china & earthenware dealer, 107 English
street; res. 4 Ashgrove villas, Annan road
Smith George & Charles, masons, Locharbriggs
Smith Arm (Mrs.), householder, 3 Cassalands terrace, M
Smith Barbara (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 31 Loreburn street
Smith Catherine (Mrs.), householder, Eernwood, Cassalands, M
Smith David, draper, 115 High street; res. 2 Ashgrove villas,
Annan road
Smith. Elizabeth G. (Miss), ladies' & children's outfitter, 119
St. Michael street
Smith Isabella (Miss), householder. 4 Laurieknowe, M
Smith James, butcher, 17 Market square, M
Smith James, fruiterer & confectioner 26, & res. 34, Academy st
Smith .lames, umbrella maker, Chapel street
Smith Jane (Mrs. - ), Globe hotel, 56 High street
Smith Jane W. (Miss). householder,Llangarth,Castle Douglas rd.M
Smith John, blacksmith, Lochthorn
Smith John, cabinet maker oc furniture dealer, 12 High street
& 113 Irish street ; res. 28 Brewery street
Smith John, householder, 98 English street
Smith Richard, tobacconist, 21 Nith place & Mid Steeple build-
ings; res. Old house, Whitesands
Smith Robert, householder, Linfern, Glebe street
Smith W. Gordon, fruit merchant, 81 Loreburn street
Smith William, cycle agent & teacher of music, 9 Terregles st. M
Smith William, egg merchant, 117 Loreburn street
Smith William, householder, 20 King street, M
Smith William, householder, 1 Montague street
Smith William Edgar, clerk, 57 Shakespeare street
Smyth Christopher, agent London Assurance Co. (Fire & Life),
30 St. David street
Solway Granite Co. quarry owners, 3 5 Buc-
cleuch st.; works, New Abbey, by Dumfries
South of Scotland Glass Insurance Co. Limited (Thomas G.
Parries, managing director), 158 Irish street
South of Scotland Milling Co. Limited, millers
& grain merchants & manufacturers of
" Creamoato," for making porridge; registered
office. Castle Bank mills; branch, 12 Galloway street, M. ;
T A " Grain"
Southern Club (John Primrose, sec), 102 Irish street
Sower by John, tailor & clothier, 3 Church cres. ; res. 34 Rae st
Spence Nellie (Miss), householder, 14 Gordon street
Spence Robert, tweed manufacturer (Gharteries, Spence & Co.) r
St. Ronan's, Rotchell park, M
Spencer Henry, householder, 12 Devorgilla terrace, M
Stamp Office (William Purvis, distributor), 139 Irish street
Stark & Thomson, solicitors, 75 Buccleuch street
Stark James, solicitor & notary & collector of burgh & parochial
rates (Stark & Thomson), 75 Buccleuch street; res. Woodlea,.
Moffat road
Starkey Law, teacher of music, 20 Catherine street
Station hotel (Glasgow & South Western Railway Co. proprie-
tors), Railway station
Steel Alexander, joiner & undertaker, 10 Howgate street ; res.
26 Galloway street, M
Steel Richard, Salutation hotel, 1 Market square, M
Steeple Tea & Club Rooms (T. C. Farries, treasurer), 145 High st
Stephenson Garton, householder, 12 Gordon street
Stewart Agnes (Mrs.), householder, if? Rae street
Stewart Janet (Mrs.), butcher, 59 & 61 Queensberry street; res-.
57 Loreburn street
Stewart John, photographer, 51 Queen street
Stoba Robert, solicitor (Milligan & Stoba), 13 Bnccleuch street;:
res. Irving bank. Kingholm road
Stobte Peter, upholsterer, cabinet maker, undertaker & re-
moval contractor, 57 High street; res. 43 Rae street
Stoyle Wilhert Henry, inland revenue officer, 2 Sfarchbank ter-
race, Moffat road
Stubbs Mercantile Offices (Stubbs Limited) (Alexander
Milroy, agent), 20 Buccleuch street
Sutton's Parcel Office (J. S. Montgomery, agent), 109 High st
Swan James, householder, Glenae, Annan road
Swan Janet (Miss), apartments, 3 St, Clair terrace, Annan road".
Swnn Joseph, printer & stationer, 63 w. 67 High street; res. 79 1
Irish street
Swan Joseph H. pawnbroker, 70 & 72 Queensberry street ; res*.
Criffel house, Annan, road
Swan Thomas, butcher, 171) St. Michael street
Swan Thos. watch ma. 1 Whitesands; res. 4 Albert pi. George str
Symons & Macdonald, writers, 84 Irish street
Symons John, bank accountant, treasurer to Dumfries savings^
bank & treasurer to the Mechanics' institute, Royal Bank-
house, Bank street
Symons John, solicitor (Symons & Macdonald), joint agent to
the British Linen Co. Bank & clerk of lieutenancy of comity
of Dumfries, 84 Irish street ; res. Manoah
Tait James, sewing machine & cycle agent, 32 Galloway street;;
res. 7 Terregles street, M
Tait James Bryden, builder, 14, 15 & 16 D'avid* street, 3D.
Tait William, joiner, 9 Devorgilla terrace. M
Talmon Marie (Miss), dress maker, 40 Bucclench street
Tannock Andrew, householder, Primrose bank, Lockerbie road'
Taylor William, nurseryman & florist, Milldam--
head nursery, Annan road
Telfer David, plasterer, Terregles street, M
Telfer Walter, householder, 4 Olive bank, M
Telford EUerington Read, watch maker, 3£ King street
Tennant Annie Elizabeth (Mibs), ladies' school, Aberdour house r
Newall terrace
Theatre Royal (William Edward Potts, lessee), Shakespeare street
Thorn David, railway inspector, Stoop, Green brae
Thorn John, mill foreman, 5 Ryedale terrace, M
Thorn John, tailor, 93 English street
Thomas Margaret Edgar (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 30 Church street, MT.
Thompson Andrew, tar distiller (Maxwell & Thompson); res.
Bellevue, Green brae
Thompson Anthony, householder, Roseberry villas. Nelson st. IT
Thompson Miss, matron Girls' Orphanage, St. Michael's hill,
Glebe street
Thompson Theodore, watch ma. 3 English st. ; res. 70 Brooms rd:
Thomson & Laurie, auctioneers & cattle salesmen, Royal auction'
mart, 52 «x 53 Whitesands
Thomson Robert & Sons, joiners & builders, 59 Shakespeare st
Thomson A. Douglas M.A., D.Litt., H. M. inspector of schools-;,
Greystone bank, Moffat road
Thomson Christopher W. joiner & builder & licensed;
valuer, 18 Rae street ; res. 86 Loreburn street
Thomson Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 57 Glasgow street, M
Thomson James, cashier. 2 Linden grove
Thomson James, householder, 2 Albert place, George street
Thomson James, householder, Brae Head cottage. Maxwell st. M'
Thomson James S. watch maker, 99 High street; res. Laurels,.
Lockerbie road
Thomson Jane Elizabeth (Miss), dress maker (Kerr & Thomson)}.
33 Buccleuch street
Thomson John, baker & confectioner, 32 English street; resi.
The Hill. Lockerbie road
Thomson John. Hole-i'-the-Wa' inn, 156 High street
Thomson John, missionary. 25 Rae street
Thomson John Young, stock & share broker, 1 Union street; res;.
Sunnyside, Rotchell park, M
Thomson Mary (Mrs.), butcher. 110 English street
Thomson Robert, householder, Eastfield road
Thomson Robert, joiner, & builder (Robert Thomson & Sons), 55<
Shakespeare street
Thomson Robert, shoe maker, 30 Whitesands
Thomson Samuel, manager, Green brae
Thomson Thomas, cattle dealer, 12 Brooke street
Thomson Thomas Smith, spirit dealer, 53 & 55 English street :
res. 114 English street
Thomson William, solicitor & notary public, St. George s build-
ings, Buccleuch street; res. 2 Irving street
Thomson William, stationer & news agent, 14 Nith place
Tinning George, boot & clog maker, 178 St. Michael street
Tinning James, clerk. Glentrune, Lockerbie road
Tinning Lizzie (Miss), silk mercer, dress &
mantle make*- & furrier, 62 Buccleuch street
Tocher John, pharmaceutical chemist, 84 High street;.
res. Alpine house, Lovers' walk
Todd John, supt. Public baths & wash'houses, Greensands

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