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Hay William, Grant's House inn
Lorain-e David, carpenter
Renton John, boot & shoe maker
Shearlaw Thomas, boot & shoe maker
Shearlaw William, tailor
Thornburgh John H. coal dealer
Wallace David, coal dealer
Wallace William, wire fencer
Young Andrew, jobmaster, & temperance
Cockburn Geo. Whitebarn & Shannonbank
Cowe Peter, Butterdean
Fullerton William & James, Howpark
Murray Thomas & James, Brockholes
Robson Messrs. Burnside
Sanderson Ninian, Harelawside
Stirling-Cook son Charles L. Benton barns
Turnbull George G. Strafonton mill
Wight J. Greenwood & Nether Monynut
HUME is a small village, 3 miles south
from Greenlaw, and is a portion of a
parish which with St tchel (Roxburgh-
shire) forms a joint civil and ecclesiastical
parish, in the small debt court district
of Greenlaw. The nearest railway station
is Greenlaw, on the North British rail-
way, 3 miles distant. The remains of
Hume Castle, a noted fortress during the
Border wars, stand on a bold eminence
commanding extensive and picturesque
views over the greater portion of the
Merse and Roxburghshire. The soil is
very rich and fertile and :n a high state
of cultivation. There is a burial ground
in the village, but no place of worship,
the church being at Stitchel ; little more
than grass-grown mounds mark the site
of a church which was in ruins in 1637.
Sir John Hume-Campbell bart. of March-
mont, is lord of the manor and also owns
most of the land. The area of the parish
comprises 6,898 acres (4,099 in this county
and 2,799 in Roxburghshire) ; rateable
value, £3,779; the population of the entire
parish was 680 in 1891, including 366 in
this county, and in 1901, 615, including
311 in this county.
Po3t Office, Hume; Isaac Leitch, post-
master. Letters arrive through Kelso.
Delivery, 10.30 a.m. ; dispatch, 2.55 p.m.
The nearest telegraph office is at
Stitchel, 3 miles distant; the nearest
money order office is at Greenlaw R.S.O
Chairman, David Shepherd, Hardies mill
Clerk, John Cuthbert
Inspector of Poor & Registrar of Births,
Deaths & Marriages, John Cuthbert
School Board for Hume & Stitchel, A.
McGregor, Ke'.so
Board School, John Cuthbert, master
Aitkin George, blacksnrth
Cuthbert John, schoolmaster, clerk to parish
council, inspector of poor & registrar of
births, deaths & marriages
Leitch Adam, carpenter & cartwright
Leitch Isaac, shoe maker & shopkeeper,
Post office
Temple David, contractor
Tulley John, coal agent
Bain W. & T. Legars
Bertram William, Hume mill
Brotherston Thomas, Hume Byre3
Clark W. & W. & James, Coldside
Johnston Alex. Todrig
Logan John, Hume hall
Roberton Mrs. Jane, Fallside hill
Shepherd David, Hardies mill
Wilson J. & A. Stenmuir
HUTTON" is a parish and village, in the
district of Merse, and in Kelso poor combi-
nation and small debt court district, to the
west of Berwick bounds, from which the
parish is divided by the river White-
adder; the village is situate about 7 miles
west from Berwick, the nearest station,
which is on the North British railway.
The Tweed, which bounds the parish on
the south, is here crossed by an elegant
suspension bridge known as " The "Onion
Bridge," and the only one between Cold-
stream and Berwick. The Rev. P. Red-
path, the erudite translator of Boethius,
and author of a " Border History," was at
one time minister of this parish. James
Macbraie esq. J.P. is lord of the manor,
and Capt. David Milne Home R.H.G. of
Wedderburn and Caldra; Lord Tweed-
mouth P.C. and William Compton-Lundie
esq. of Exmouth, Devon, are the principal
landowners. The area comprises 6,516
acres ; the rateable value is £8,058 ; the
population in 1901 was 750, and in 1891,
Paxton is a small vir.age in this parish,
5 miles from Berwick; it contains a
reading room and library of about 900
Post Office, Hutton; Benjamin Whitlie,
postmaster. Letters received through
Berwick. Delivery, 8.30 a.m. ; dispatch,
1.25 p.m. week days only. Postal orders
are issued & paid here. The nearest
money order & telegraph office is at
Paxton, 3 miles distant
Post, T. & M. O. O. & S. B. Paxton;
Miss Barbara Dickson, postmistress.
Letters received through Berwick. De-
livery, 7.35 a.m. ; dispatch, 2.5 p.m.
week days only
Chairman, A. Peterkin Hope
Clerk, John Brown
Inspector of Poor & Registrar of Births,
Deaths & Marriages, John Brown
Po'.ica Station, Paxton, William Cruik-
shank, constable
Established Church, Bev. Bobert Kirke
D.D. & Hev. Alexander Waters B.D
School Board, A. P. Hope, clerk
Board Schools: —
Hutton, John Brown, master
Paxton, erected in 1873 by Jean M'lne
Home & David Milne Home; John
Kinross, master
To Berwick-on-Tweed, John Lyle,
his house, Hutton, Saturday
Hoe Alexander Peterkin, Sunwick
Kirke Rev. Robert D.D. (Established),
The Manse
Mackenzie Thomas C. Spittal house
Macbraie James J.P., D.L. Broad meadows
Tennant Harold John M.P. Hutton castle
Waters Rev. Alexander B.D. (Established),
The Manse
Whitlie Benjamin, Chesterfield
Allan Mary Ann (Miss), grocer
Allan William, boot & shoe maker
Brown John, clerk to parish council, in-
spector of poor, registrar of births,
deaths & marriages & schoolmaster
Dickson Jane E. (Miss), dress maker
Halliday John, blacksmith
Hogg James, miller, Hutton mill
Hosick James, joiner
Lyle John, carrier
Mabon Jane (Miss), dress maker
Redden James, market gardener
Sherlaw Adam, boot & shoe maker
Spark Ellen (Miss), dress maker
Taylor John, miller
Wastle William, innkeeper
Whitlie Benj. grocer & tailor & postmaster
Barclay Alexander, Fishwick mains
Brunton James, Wabdean, Paxton
Clark Robert M. Clarabed, Paxton
Hogg James, Hutton mill
Hosick Daniel (exors. of), Hutton mains
Lyle John, Hutton croft
Mills James, Nansfield
Milne Robert, Spittal mains
Moscrop Edward, Broad meadows
Murray William, Fishwick
Nesbit Robert, South mains, Paxton
Redpath William, Clairvale, Paxton"
Paxton Peter, West Fishwick
Thorburn William, North mains, Paxton
Torrance Thomas, Hutton Hall barns
Watt George, Spittal West Mains
Wightman Mrs. Jane, Clarabed, Paxton
Whitlie John, Chesterfield, Paxton
Storey Samuel, Paxton house
Allan William, boot & shoe maker
Armstrong Alexander, boot & shoe maker
Briggs John, grocer
Clark Robert M. miller, Clarabed mill
Cruikshank William, policeman
Dalgleish Andrew, market gardener
Hogarth William, miller, Edrington castle
Huntly George, grocer
Jeffrey William, smith
Kinross John, schoolmaster
Lough Thomas, tailor
Moffat Adam, Cross inn
Reading Room & Library (James L. D'ck-
aon, librarian)
Schooler John, joiner
Wilkie John, blacksmith
LADYKIRK, anciently called "Upset-
lington," is a parish and village in Kelso
poor combination and the small debt court
district of Duns, with a railway station at
Norham, about H miles distant, on the
North Eastern system; the soil of the-
district, which is naturally good, has been
greatly enriched by careful cultivation, anrp
the parish is celebrated for its breeds of
cattle and sheep ; the parish lies on the
north bank of the Tweed, w'th that of
Hutton on the north-east and Whitsome
and Swinton on the west, and it has a
breadth of from one to two miles ; a stone*
bridge, constructed at the expense of the
Tweed Bridges Trust, here spans the
Tweed between Ladykirk and Norham'.
The church, a venerable building, standing
near the Tweed, is said to have been
erected by Jame3 IV. (l-i88-1513) in grati-
tude for his preservation from the v'oience
of the flood when fording the river here'
at the head of his army, and dedicated by
him to " Our Lady ; " hence it was de-
nominated '' Ladykirk," a name subse-
quently extended to the village, in which
stands a fountain given by Lady Marjori-
banks, in commemoration of the fiftieth
year of the reign of Her late Majesty-
Queen Victoria, 1887. The small village
of Horndean belongs to this parish. Lady-
kirk House is the seat of Watson Askew-
Robertson esq. D.L., J.P. The Hon. Mrs.
Askew-Robertson, Berwick J. Black, jun.
esq. and the exors. of the late Alex.
Wellwood Rattray are the principal land-
owners. The area comprises 3,380. acres;
rateable value, £4.403 ; the population in
1901 was 316, and in 1891, 339.
Post Office; John Bolton, sub-postmaster.
Letters through Norham R.S.O. North-
umberland, arrive at 8 & 6.30 a.m. &
2.30 p.m.; dispatched at 3 & 6 p.m.
week days only. Postal orders are-
issued and paid here. Norham, 2 miles
distant, is tho nearest money order &
telegraph office
Chairman, David H. \V. Askew
Clerk, William Milne
Inspector of Poor & Registrar of Births r
Deaths & Marriages, William M : lne
Established Church, Ladykirk, Rev. Wm.
Dobie & Rev. John E. Black B.D.
United Free Church, Horndean (vacant)
2nd (Berwickshire) Volunteer Battalion
The King's Own Scottish Borderer?,
Lieut. H. G. C. McCreeth, command-
ing; Surgeon-Lieut. J. Paxton, medical
Chairman, Watson Askew-Robertson
Clerk, Rev. William Dobie
School, Ladykirk, William Milne, master
The nearest station for Ladykirk is at Nor-
ham, 1£ miles distant
Aitkinson Richard J
Askew-Robertson Watson D.L., J.P. &
Hon. Mrs
Black Rev. John E., B.D. (Established)
Dobie Rev. Wm. (Established), The Manse
Cairns Thomas, blacksmith
Jeffrey David, innkeeper, Horndean
Milne William, registrar of births, deaths
& marriages, inspector of poor & clerk
to the parish council
Robertson Daniel, boot & shoe maker,.
Aitchison George & William, Fellowhills
Black James, New Ladykirk
Davidson Thomas, Ramrig
Fairburn Ralph, Walterstead
Fleming William, Ladvkirk Shiels
Lyall Thomas, Old Ladykirk
Mills William, New Horndean

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