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Dinsmore George H. J., M.B. 1 Tweed ter
Douglas Thomas Henry, High street
.E.der Rev. John L., M.A. (TJ. F. 0.),
East manse
Pah-grieve Henry, High street
'Hariand Bev. Charles Joseph B.A., L.Th.
(Episcopal), High street
.Harris Mrs. High street
Henderson George M.D. Tweed view
Holme Miss Milne, Milne Graden
JJome The Bt. Hon. the Earl of K.T.,
V.D., D.L.j J.P. The Hirsel
Lumsden Mrs. East brae, High street
JUcNay William, Duns road
ilacdonald Albert D. Braeview
Marjoribanks Charlotte Lady, Lees
â– Oswald Mrs. 4 Tweed terrace
.Paul Bev. Bobert John B.D. (Established),
The Manee
{Porteous Andrew M. Tweed villa, High at
.Porteous Jamee J. P. Victoria house
.Reid Mrs. Tweed terrace
.Rodger Mrs. Hope park
Howe Miss, 13 High street
-Shaw Bobt. Hogg J. P. Wester pk. Duns rd
Tait Mrs. Willow bank
'Tait Roberb M.D. High street
Wallace Andrew M.B. Tweed terrace
Welsh Alexander, The Hawthorns
'Wilson George, Knowe park
Early closing day, Thursday.
Aikman James, tailor, High street
Allan James, butcher, High street
Sank of Scotland (branch) (Jas. Porteous,
agent) draw on London office, 19
Bishopsgabe street within E C ; Coutts
& Co. W C & Bank of England E C,
Baxter M. & E. (Misses), refreshment
roome, High street
Black John, baker & confectioner, High et
Bowling Club (Alexander Simpson, sec)
Briggs James G. carpenter & cartwright,
Duke street
British Linen Company's Bank (branch)
(Thomas Henry Douglas & William Mc-
Nay, agents) ; draw on London office, 41
Lombard streeb E C & Bank of England
E C, London
Brown Robert, shopkeeper, Duke street
Bruce Bobert, painter, oil & color dealer
& picture frame maker, High street
Brydon William, butcher, Market street
Burns John, draper & milliner, High sb
"Cairns William R. cabinet maker & up-
holsterer, High street
â– Carlisle George, grocer & wine & spirit
dealer, High street
Carmichael R. & Sons, grocers,
wine & spirit merchants, seedsmen &
insurance agents (Boyal & Standard),
High street
iCarr John S. ironmonger & china mer-
chant. High street
'Cockburn Alexander, china, glass &c.
dealer, High street
Cockburn Peter, town crier, Duke street
-Cockburn William, blacksmith, High Btreei
Coldstream Border Horticultural Society
(Henry Cameron, 6ec)
â– Coldstream (The) & District Union Club
Co. Limited (W. A. Deas, sec), High st
•Coldstream & District Union Club (Andrew
Smith, sec), Victoria street
Coldstream New Gas Light Co. (William
McNay, sec)
Court Boom (Mrs. Mary Smith, keeper),
High street
Cottage Hospital (A. M. Porteous, sec)
"Cricket Club (W. G. Logan, sec)
â– Orombie William, fishmonger, High street
'Currie James, police inspector
Dalgleish James, blacksmith. High street
Davidson J. & A. brewers & wine & spirit
merchants, Duke street
'Davidson James, dairyman, Market street
(Deas William A. solicitor & insurance
agent (Alliance & Scottish Provident In-
stitution) & sec. to the Coldstream &
District Union Club Co. Limited & clerk
to trie heritors of the parish of Cold-
stream & justices of the peace, High st
Dickson Andrew W. registrar of births,
deaths & marriages, & temperance hotel,
Market place
Dickson Jessie (Mrs.), fancy repos.High st
Dinsmore George Hastings John M.B.,
CM. surgeon, & medical officer of
health for the burgh & Eccles district,
1 Tweed terrace
Donaldson Arm (Mrs.), boy dealer, High st
Donaldson Isabella (Mrs.), fishmonger &
game dealer, High street
Douglas Thomas H. agent to British Linen
Company Bank (branch) & insurance agt.
(Scottish National & Union), High street
Elliot William Marshall, chemist & drug-
gist, High street
Pair bairn Ralph, butcher, High street
Ford Alexander (Mrs.), plumber,
gas & hot water litter & binsmith,Duns rd
Ford James A. post horse & car-
riage hirer, High street
Ford Thomas B. plumber &c. High street
Fox John, White Swan P.H. High street
Fulton Bobert & John, fishery lessees
(Little Haugh), Milne Graden
Fyfe Isabella (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Duns rd
Gibson George W. photographer & picture
frame maker, High street
Gray James & Alexander, joiners & coach
builders, Duke street
Gray Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Newtown
Haig Andw. saddler & iron monger, High st
Hardie James, tailor, High Btreet
Hardy Lillias (Mrs.), aparts. River view
Harle George A. M., M.R.C.V.S. veterinary
surgeon, High street
Hedley John, draper & dress ma. Duns rd
Henderson William & Son, drapers, High st
Henderson George M.D. surgeon, & medi-
cal officer for parish, Tweed view
Henderson Wm. boot & shoe ma. High st
Hepburn William M.B.C.V.S. veterinary
surgeon, Duns road
Hogarbh Andrew, painter, High street
Hogg & Wood, nurserymen, seedsmen &
insurance agents (North British & Mer-
cantile) & agents for Lawes' chemical
manures, Market place; & Duns
Hogg Archibald, blacksmith, Newtown
Hood Thomas, factor (for George John
Marjoribanks esq. of Lees & John
Egerton, of Lochton), High street
Hume Thomas, miller, Lees mill
Hunter Bobert, fishmonger & poulterer,
Market street
Johnston Thomas A. tweed manfr. High st
Kennedy Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper. High st
Kerse Margaret (Mrs.), vintner, High st
Kinghorn Boberb, burgh surveyor & sani-
tary inspector, Abbey lane
Landreth John, grocer, bookseller & sta-
tioner, High street
Landreth Robert, grocer, High street
Lennel Reading Boom, Newtown
Library (Alex. Simpson, librarianl.High st
Lillico Richard & Sons, butchers, Market pi
Liddle Mary (Miss), dresB maker, Duns rd
Logan Daniel, market gardener, Castlelaw
Logan William, tailor, High street
McNay William, agent to British Liner
Co.'s Bank, High street
McQueen Andrew.boot & shoe ma.High st
Mechanics' Institution (Alexander Simp-
son, sec), High street
Meikle & McDougal, grocers & wine &
spirit merchants, Market place
Melrose & Porteous, solicitors, notaries
public & factors for the estates of Lady-
kirk, Simprim, Edington, Antonshill,
Swinton. Horndean, Cornhill, Medomsley
& Winksbon & insurance agents (Sun &
Scottish Equitable), High street
Melrose David, agent for Scottish Widows'
Fund & Commercial Union Assurance
Co. Limited, Monument cottage
Middlemiss John, baker & confectioner,
Market place
Murray James, blacksmith, Duke street
Murray Bobert, ironmonger, grocer & in-
surance agent (Boyal), High street
Nesbitt John W. printer, High street
Orr Daniel, tailor, Market street
Palmer Thos. baker & confctnr. High st
Playfair Robert, grain & flour merchant,
High street
Police Station (James Currie, inspector)
Porteous Andrew M. (Melrose & Porteous),
solicitor, notary, town clerk & clerk &
treasurer to Swinton school board,
High street
Porteous James \— elrose & Porteous),
solicitor, factor, notary, agent for Bank
of Scotland, procurator fiscal of the
justices of peace for Berwickshire &
clerk & treasurer to the Coldstream &
Makerston school boards, High street
Proud William, boot & shoe ma. High st
Bedden Walter, carpenter & cartwright,
High street
Reid Bobert H. Commercial inn, High st
Benton David, spirit dealer, Newtown
Renton Jn. carpenter & cartwrigbt,Newtwn
Robson John, station master
Rule Robert, slater & plasterer, Market pi
Rutherford John, millwright & engineer,
Market place
Rutherford Thomas, grocer. High street
Savings Bank (Peter R. Stewart, actuary),
High street
Scotb Brothers, fishery lessees (Tweed
mill & Lennel Haugh), Newtown
Scott Agnes (Miss), toy dealer, Market st
Scott Jane (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Market pi
Scott Margaret (IWrs.)i hotel
proprietress (Newcastle
Arms), Migrh street
Scott Robert, bookseller, stationer, insur-
ance (Scottish Union & Accidental) &
emigration agent & postmaster & sub-
distributor of stamps, High street; post
office, Victoria street
Simpson & Son, fishmongers, Market place
Simpson Alexander, collector of assess-
ments for the parish of Coldstream
burgh, clerk to parish council, inspector
of poor, treasurer, procurator fiscal for
the town council & collector of taxes for
the parish 1 of f'arham & insurance agent
(Edinburgh), Market street
Simpson Andrew, grocer. High street
Smith William & Son, builders. Duns road
Stamp Omce(Robert Scott, sub-distributor),
High street
Stenhouse Archibald, vintner (Bed Lion),
Market street
Stephen George, hair dresser, Duns road
Stewart Peter R. actuarv to Savings Bank,
High street
Stewart Robert, cowkeeper, Bridge end
Swan Thomas & William, fishery lessees,
Twisel Boat house
Swan Robert, cycle dealer, High street
Ternent Adam, rabbit dealer, Newtown
Turner William, baker & confectioner,
High street
Wallace Andrew M.B., CM. physician &
surgeon, Tweed terrace
Wallace W. (Miss), fancy repos. High st
Water Works, Lees
Watt John, watch maker, High street
Weatherburn Henry M. draper, High st
White & Elliott, joiners. High street
White Martha (Miss), milliner, High st
Wilson George, chemist. High street
Wood Alexander, shopkeeper, Market st
Working Men's Club (James Porteous,
president ; Alex. Simpson, vice-pres)
Aitchiscn John, West Mains
Avery J. & W. Last Mains
Calder William A. Oxenrig
Dawson Peter, Dunchester
Dickson Henry, Castlelaw
Forbes George & John, Georgefield
Fulton James & Somerville Jas. Skaithmuir
Fulton John, Hatchednize
Hogg Robert, Fireburn Mul
Hunter James. Todhillrigg
Leitch Richard, Lennel hill
Lillico Richard, Gallows Knowe
M'Donald Daniel. Hawkslaw
Mather William, Milne Graden, West Mains
Mitchell Thomas B. Coldstream Mains
Pellar Patrick, The Crooks
Turnbull Thomas, Little Togrigg
Wightman Robert, Ruthven
Wilson Alexander, Marlfield
CEANSHAWS is a small parish,
Oying amongst the Lammermoor hills, 10
miles from Duns (the nearest) station on
the North British railway, about 30 east-
by-south from Edinburgh, 15 south-east
â– from Haddington, in the small debt court
district of Duns; the kirkbown lies in the
northern portion of the parish, 8 miles
north-west of Duns. The old castle of
•Cranshaws, stul entire, is an ancient
â– edifice of great strength. There are also
â– remains of many encampments. Andrew
Smith esq. of Whitchester, is lord of the
manor and principal landowner. The area
comprises 8,708 acres; rateable value is
£1,931; the population in 1901 was 159,
and in 1891, 85.
Post Office: Bobert Clinkscales, sub-post-
master. Letters received through Duns.
Delivery (to callers), 11 a.m.; dispatch,
9.40 a.m. Postal orders are issued &
paid here. The nearest money order
& telegraph office is at Longformacus, 4
miles distant
Chairman, George Gillon, Turnbull
Clerk, Inspector of Poor & Begistrar of
Births, Deaths & Marriages, William B.
Established Church, Bev. Robert B. Smith
School Board, William B. Tomison, clerk,
School house
Board School, William B. Tomison, master

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