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Christison George, station master
Oleghorn Jane (Miss),draper & ironmonger
Cochrane John & Co. bakers
Cockbnrn Samuel & Co. grocers & wine &
spirit merchants
Commercial Bank of Scotland (branch)
(James Greenfield, agent) ; draw on Lon-
don office, 62 Lombard street E C &
Coutts & Co. W 0, London
Common Peter, gardener
Craig David, boot & shoe maker
Craig Samuel, builder
Curling Club (James Pearson, sec)
Denholra David, millwright & clerk to the
school board
Dippie Alexander, blacksmith
Edgeley Benjamin, carpenter & joiner
Ferguson William & James, bakers, &
temperance hotel, Ninewells bakery
Ferguson Ellis (Miss), grocer
Ferguson John, inspector of poor, clerk
to parish council & rate collector
Ferguson Thomas, tailor, & post office
Fortune Thomas, slater & plasterer
Fortune William, slater & plasterer
Gibb George, painter & color dealer
Gillies John, miller, Edington mill
Henderson Robert, chemist & registrar of
births, deaths & marriages
Heugh Margaret (Mrs.), boot & shoe ma
Hogg Adam, boot & shoe maker
Hunter Mary (Mrs.), grocer
Irvine Daniel, baker
Jeffrey William & John, carpenters
Johnson William, carrier
Kerr John George, cabinet maker
Kincaid Robert B.A. schoolmaster
Knox Ann (Mrs.), grocer & general dealer
Leighton Patrick M. B. , Oh. B. certifying
factory surgeon for Chirnside district
Lockie James, grocer
Lothian Thomas, carrier
Lugton Mary Ann (Miss), draper & grocer
Mabon Adam, grocer
McBain John, blacksmith
McCrow Thos. T. insurance agt. & managr
McKay John, baker
McVie Samuel M.B., C.M. surgeon, medical
officer of health for Chirnside & Hutton
& parochial medical officer for Chirnside,
Hutton,Foulden & east district of Edrom
Marshall Janet (Miss), milliner & dress ma
Miller Isabella (Miss), grocer
Nikon John, watch maker
Ormiston C. & J. (Misses), dress makers
Park James, wool manufr. Ninewells mill
Paterson James, tailor
Patterson Alexander, tailor
Patterson James, grocer
Phillips Andrew, butcher
Purves John, market gardener
Reading Room & Library (Robert Kincaid
B.A. sec. : George Hutt, librarian)
Scott J. & W. drapers
Scott Elizabeth (Miss), grocer &c
Sheppard John, market gardener, Edington
Shiel Alexander & John, tailors
Simpson Peter W. watch maker
Smith David, grocer & wine & spirit dealr
Spence Archibald, saddler
Steel George & Sons, millwrights
Straton James, shopkeeper
Taylor George, corn & flour dealer
Thompson William, dairyman
Thomson George, jobmaster
Trotter Y. & Son Limited, paper
makers (T. T. McCrow, man-
ager), Chirnside bridge
Turnbull John, threshing machine owner
Veitch John, grocer
Waddell Brothers, jobmasters
Wait Alexander, blacksmith
Water Works Co. (Thomas Fortune, sec)
Watt Alexander & George, contractors
Watt James, grocer
Watt Margaret (Mrs.), grocer
Weir Donald, insurance agent
White Thomas & William, butchers
Wright Robert, Red Lion hotel
Baird James, Maines
Blackadder John William, Ninewells Mains
Cowe Peter, Oldcastle
Dalgleish Robert, Blackburn
Gillies John, Edington mill
Hench John, Causeway bank
Jeffrey Peter, Ninewells mill
Lindsay Thomas H. Nether Mains
Lyle William, Edington Mains
Millican Brothers, Harelaw
Scott Alexander, Crofts & Westfield
Swiney P., J. &. A. Broadheugh
Thomson & Sons, Chirnside mill
COCKBURNSPATH is a parish and
village on the sea coast, in the Dunbar
6inall debt court district and East Lothian
poor combination, with a station on the
North British railway, and is 35£ miles
east from Edinburgh, 21 north from Green-
law, 14 north from Duns, 8 south-east from
Dunbar and 21 north-west from Berwick,
on the road between Berwick and Dunbar.
The shore is precipitous, presenting a line
of cliffs- about one hundred feet above the
level of the sea : behind the cliffs the
ground rises gently towards the hills,
having many deep glens, or ravines, whose
sides are sometimes sloping and covered
with verdure ; but the general appearance
is rocky, with overhanging woods ; one of
these ravines is crossed by the Peaths,
or Pease bridge, erected in 1786, from the
design of Mr. Henderson ; it is 123 feet in
height from the bottom of the Pease burn,
which flows beneath, 300 feet in length and
15 feet wide. The Public Hall", erected in
1883-4, will seat 200 persons. The ruins
of the church of Auld Cambus, formerly
united with this parish, are still standing.
In the village are Established and United
Free churches, and there is also a United
Free church at Stockbridge, about a mile
south. Nearly a quarter of a mile west of
the bridge are the remains of an ancient
castle, and many traces of camps are visible
on the rising grounds. Fisher's Cove is a
small fishing village about a mile north
and consisting of some fifteen or twenty
houses, and on the way down to the small
boat harbour is a curious tunnelled pas-
sage, with branching caves extending
considerable way into the rock. Sir Basil
Francis Hall bart. D.L. of Dunglass, and
Thomas Broadwood esq. J. P. of Crawhill,
Innerwick, axe the principal landowners.
The area comprises 12,652 acres; rateable
value, £11,126; the population of the
parish in 1891 was 1,112, and in 1901, 978.
Post, T. & M. O. 0. & S. B. ; James E.
Ogg, postmaster. (Railway Sub-Office.
Letters should have R.S.O. Berwickshire
added to them.) Deliveries, 9.15 a.m. &
7 p.m.; dispatches, 8.5 a.m. & 1.10, 3,
5.10 & 7.30 p.m.; Sundays, delivery, 9 to
10 a.m. (callers only); dispatch, 7.30
p.m. ; telegraph office open from 9 to
10 a.m
Chairman, Sir B. F. Hall bart. D.L
Clerk, James Stevenson
Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages &
Inspector of Poor, James Stevenson
Public Hall, James Turner, sec
Established Church, Rev. Joseph Hunter
Free Church, Rev. David Hewitt M.A
Chairman, Sir B. F. Hall bart. J.P., D.L
Clerk, James Stevenson
Board School, James Stevenson, master
On the North British Line.
Station, David Lauder, agent
Hewitt Rev. David M.A. (U. F. C)
Hunter Rev. Joseph M.A. (Established)
Shaw Walter John M.B
Aitchison Robert, grocer & spirit dealer
Anderson William, blacksmith
Bolton Thomas, slater
Cockburnspath Public Hall (James Turner,
French William, Cockburnspath inn
Innes & Geddes, stone masons
Johnston David, baker
Laing Thomas, tailor
Nesbit William, miller, Dunglass mill
Ogg James E. stationer & postmaster
Renton James, .boot & shoe maker
Shaw Walter John M.B., C.M.Edin. surgn
Stevenson Jamed, clerk to parish council &
school board, schoolmaster, inspector of
poor & registrar of births, deaths &,
Storey Ralph, grocer, draper &
general merchant
Turner James, joiner
White James, butcher
White Thomas, dairyman
Allan William, Bowshiel
Cockburn John, Chapel hill
Hardy George, East Mains & Redheugh
Hood James, Townhead
Johnstone George, Fulfordlees
Nesbit Wm. Dunglass mill & Cockburnspath
Sanderson Neinan, Old Cambus West Mains
Smith Frederick Charles Hoprig
Wallace John, Penmanshiel
Wight John, Eclaw
WylUe James, Pathead & Neuk
COLDING-HAM is a parish and village
in the small debt court district of Eye-
mouth and in Kelso poor combination ; the
parish is 10 miles in length and 5 in
breadth, ly ng on the coast of Berwick-
shire, and is bounded on the north and
east by the German Ocean and is much
resorted to for sea bathing. The village,
a burgh of barony, is 45 miles south-east
of Edinburgh, 21 north-north-east of
Greenlaw, 17 south-east of Dunbar, 13
north-north-east of Duns, 11 north-north-
west of Berwick, 4 north-north-west from
Ay ton and about 3 miles from Reston
station on the North British railway ; it
stands on a small eminence in the centre
of a fine valley, a short distance from the
sea and near to St. Abb's Head, where a
lighthouse was erected in 1862, and sub-
sequently a building for fog signalling,
and consists of two or three small streets,
meeting at a cross. The hall formerly
used by the volunteers is now let for
public meetings and entertainments. The
Estabiished church incorporates part of
the fabric of the priory church ; it was
altered and restored in 1857 and affords
300 sittings ; there is also a United Free
church. St. Abb's is a village in this
parish, with a United Free church. Cold-
ingham Loch, about a mile west from
St. Abb' s and 250 feet above the sea
level, is triangular in form and upwards
of a mile in circumference, and covers
about 30 acres. On the top of Earns-
heugh, 440 yards, north of the loch, are
the ruins of two oblong British camps,
called the Tunlaw, or Towniaw. Fast
Castle, in this neighbourhood, is supposed
to be the place described as Wolf's Craig,
in Sir Walter Scott's " Bride of Lammer-
moor. " On the south side of the town
stand the ruins of the once magnificent
priory of Coldingham, rebuilt by K. ng
Edgar, who personally assisted at its
consecration. All that now remains of
it is the east gable and north side of the
church, forming part of the modern
parish kirk, and a few straggling frag-
ments, including a small Saxon arch, part
of the palace said to have been erected
here by the royal founder of the priory.
A nunnery was settled here in the 7th
century, of which St. Ebba, the daughter
and sister of kings, became abbess in 670.
The principal landowners are John Allan
esq. of Peelwalls, Ayton; the Right Hon. A.
J. Balfour P.O., M.P. of Whut.nghame;
Robert Fitzroy Bell esq. of Tempiehall ; the
trustees of the late Walter Carter esq. of
West Reston Mains ; Miss Coulson, of
Houndwood; Mrs. Turnbull Cook son, of
Houndwood ; Mrs. Isabella Cameron Bell, of
Abbey Park; Sir Basil Francis Hah bart.
D.L. of Dunglass; Capt. David Milne-
Home, of Wedderburn and Caldra; the
Earl of Home K.T., V.D. and the North
British Railway Co. The area of tha
parish comprises 24,021 acres; rateable
value, £25,070; the population in 1901
was 2,315, and in 1891, 2,946.
Post, T. & M. O. Office & S. B. Cold'ng-
ham; John William Robertson, post-
master (Sub-Office. Letters should
have S.O. Berwickshire added). De-
liveries, 8.40 & 10 a.m.; dispatches,
5.40 a.m. & 3.30 p.m
Post, T. & M. O. O. & S. B. St. Abb's;
Robert Nisbet, postmaster. Letters re-
ceived through Coldingham S.O. Ber-
wickshire. Deliveries, 10 a.m. & 12
noon; dispatch, 2.45 p.m
Names without an address are in Cold-
Chairman, James Edington
Clerk, Andrew McVie
Inspector of Poor & Registrar of Births,
Deaths & Marriages, Andrew McVie
Established Church, Rev. Henry McLaurin,
United Free Churches: —
Rev. John T. Dean
St. Abb's (vacant)
Chairman, Robert Fitzroy Bell
Clerk & Treasurer, Andrew McVie
Board Schools: —
Coldingham, William Robbs.head master;
Miss I. Miller & Miss Isabella Buchan,

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