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London & Edinburgh Steamship Co. (J. A.
Stewart, manager), 10 Quay walla
Xondon oc Newcastle Tea Oo. tea dealers
ijohn Dracup, manager), 31 High street
Loiigh Douglas, joiner, 10G Castlegate
Lough John, clerk, 20 Wool market
louuton Alexander, registrar of marriages
Jor district o£ Berwick Union, 36 Ravens-
downe; res. Main street. Tweedmouth
Xowrie Alice (Mrs.), shopkpr. 68 Church at
Xumsden James, butcher, 54 Hide hill
Lyle William & Co. wholesale cod liver oil
"merchants & importers, 20 Hide hill
Xvl'e William, chemist, 10 i 12 Hide hill
Macadam George, plumber & sanitary en-
gineer, 13, 15 & 17 Wool market; res. 9
Quay walls
McCallum John, wine & spirit merchant,
10 Bridge end
McColgan Winifred (Mrs.), Nag's Head
P.H. 6 Sandgate
M'Creath Henry G. & Son, corn & manure
merchants, Eastern lane
M'Donald J. & Son, fruiterers, 42a, High st
Macdonald Catherine (Miss), private board-
ing school. 6 Palace street east
Macdonald Henry Thomas, confectioner, 25
Mace Charles, joiner, 20 West street
Macfarlane Elliott, shopkeeper, 63 Walker-
eate lane
McGregor Hugh. Free Trade inn,75 Castlegt
Mack William, George inn, 8 Church st
Mackay William Bertie M.D..C.M.,M.E.C.S.
Eng." surgeon, 23 Castlegate
Mackintosh James Eraser, accountant, 21
Maclagan Charles George M.B., CM.
physician, & medical officer to the Poor
La.w Union &, medical officer for Berwick-
upon-Tweed district, 52 Ravensdowne
Miolaean Philip S. solicitor, 5 Quay walls
McLeman William, saddler, 18 Castlegate
M'Leod Mary (Miss), dress maker, 65
McLoughlin Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 30
Chapel street
McMillan William, clothes broker, 30
Chapel street
MaeNab Elizabeth (Miss), dress maker,
9 Silver street
Macpherson J. S. jeweller, 67 High 6treet
McQueen Katherine (Miss), shopkeeper, 21
Walkergate lane
liaddan William, agent for British Linen
Co. Bank, Sandgate
Makins Charles, agent for Tweed Shipping
Co. Limited, Quay side
Makins Mary (Miss), aparts. 3 Scott's pi
Manderson Alexander R. plumber, 42 Wool
Manderson Charles G. plumber & iron-
monger, 22 Church street
Mark James, sail maker, 11 Quay walls
Marshall A. A. F. & E. D. (Misses),
butchers, 39 Castlegate
Marshall Alexander, farmer, New East farm
Marshall Margaret S. (Mrs.), Waverley
Arms P.H. 13 Bridge street
Marshall William James, accountant, 40
Martin Andrew, corn merchant, 48 & 50
Bridge st. ; res. 119 Main street, Spittal
Martin Edward, cutler, 5 Crawford's alley,
High street
Martin George, printer & publisher of the
"Berwick Mercury," 77 High street;
res. 4a, Low greens
Martin James, farmer, Third & Fourth
Horse eloses
Martin Mary (Mrs.), shopkpr. 50 Chapel st
Martin Robert, news agent & tobacconist,
9 West street
Mason Francis, baker, 2 & 4 Church street
Mather William M. auctioneer & valuer, &
collector of district rates, Queen's rooms,
Hide hill; res. 17 Railway street
Matthews Thos. tobacconist^ 27 Bridge st
Maypole Dairy Co. Limited, butter dealers,
27 High street
Middlemiss Andrew, farmer, 13 Wallace grn
Middlemis6 Isabella (Miss), baker & con-
fectioner, 4 Wool market
Middlemiss James, cabinet maker, 14
Miller Isabella & Ellen (Misses), dress
makers, 46 Bridge street
Miller Alexander L. auctioneer & account-
ant, Bank buildings, Sandgate
Miller George L. civil service & pre-
paratory school, 20 Hide hill
Miller John L. architect & surveyor, 39
Hide hill
Miller Misses, day & boarding school, 10
Miller Magdalene (Mrs.), baker, 8 Wool
Miller William L. manager to Barclay &
Co. Limited, bankers, 22 & 24 H;de hill
Miller Wm. chimney sweep, 14 Chapel st
Mitchelhill James, Anglers' Cottage P.H.
19 Castlegate
Moffatt William, farmer, West edge
Mofllett John, registrar of births & deaths
for the sub-district of Berwick, relieving
officer & collector & vaccination officer,
56 West street
Molloy Edwd. canteen steward, 57 Ravens-
do wne
Moor George, assistant overseer for district
of Berwick, Quay side ; res. 1 Wood
view, Tweedmouth
Moor George, hardware & fancy dealer,
1 Wool market
Moor James, rope maker, 30 Ravensdowne
Moor John, stocking knitter, 11 Hide hill
Moor Thos. fried fish dealr. 11 Wool markt
Moore Frank, pawnbroker, 3a, Walkergate
Morrallee Christian (Mrs.), Brown Bear
P.H. 29 Hide hill
Morrison T. M. & Nephew, drapers, tailors,
milliners, dress & mantle makers, 15 &.
17 High street
Morrison Thomas M. draper (T. M. Mor-
rison & Nephew), 4 Summer Hill terrace
Mosgrove John, boot maker, 52 Bridge st
Moasman I. & Son, dyers & carpet
cleaners, 38 Castlegate
Mosaman Ralph C. dyer (I. Mossman &
Son), 38 Castlegate
Muldoon James, shopkeeper, 8 Walker-
gate lane
Murphy Ann Isabella (Mrs.), Pilot inn,
31 Low greens
Murray John B. mineral water manufac-
turer, Palace st. ; res. 79 Bavensdowne
Murrav William, boot repairer, Town Hall
buildings, High street
Museum (James Grey, treasurer), High st
Mutter, Howey & Co. coal merchants &
carriers (James Turnbull, manager, 21
Tweed street), Station
National Bank of Scotland Limited
(branch) (Stephen Sanderson, agent ;
J. K. Weatherhead, . assistant agent),
Bridge end ; draw on London office, 37
Nicholas lane E C; Bank of England
E C; Glyn, Mills, Currie & Co. E C;
Coutts & Co. W C & Union Bank of
England E C, London
National Telephone Co. (call office) (Andrew
F. Dick, inspector in charge), 7 Hide hi
Nesbitt Brothers, drapers, 47 Bridge street
Nesbitt Thomas Alexander C. draper (Nes-
bitt Brothers), 53 Bridge street
Newell Margaret (Mrs.), news agent, 24
Nicholson Thomas, district superintendent
Prudential Assurance Co. 29 Palace st
Nicholson William John, chief constable,
Church street
North Eastern Banking Co. Limited
(branch) (William R. Blair, manager),
Queen's buildings, Hide hill ; draw on
Glyn, Mills, Currie & Co. London E O
North Northumberland & Berwickshire
Bill Posting & Advertising Co. (William
Hogg, sec. & manager), 10 Wool market
Northumberland Agricultural Society (Wm.
James Bolam, sec), 42 Hide hill
Northumberland (The) & Berwick Auction
Mart Co. Limited, 9 Church street
O'Connell Wm. F. schoolmaster, Tweed st
O'Conner Margaret (Mrs.), clothes broker,
29 Chapel street
Ogilvie David, Sir Francis Burd'ett P.H.
91 Castlegate
Oliphant Samuel, manufacturing confec-
tioner, 10, 12, 14 & 16 West street
O'Melia Stephen, shopkeeper, 38 Chapel st
Ord John, joiner, 5 Wallace green
Ormerod Grimshaw, inland revenue officer,
5 Scott's place
Ormston John James, baker & confectioner,
15 Church street
Outterson John, fruiterer, 26 Hide hill
Park Ellen (Miss), grocer, 71 Castlegate
Park George, householder, 43 Church st
Park James, boot maker, 1 High street
Paterson William, school, Avenue academy,
The Avenue
Patterson Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 101
Patterson William, manager, 10 Palace
street east
Pafetison Johnson, painter, 12 Parade
Pattison Mary (Mrs.), apartments, 23
Wool market
Paxton I. & Son, saddlers, 8 Hide hill
Paxton & Purves, drapers, 125 High street
Paxton William, saddler (I. Paxton &,
Son), 6 Hide hill
Pearson Robert, farmer, Murton Ord
Peters Henry Alder, solicitor (Willoby &
Peters), superintendent registrar of
births, deaths & marriages for Berwick
district & clerk to the rural district
council of Northam & Island shires; &
clerk to the magistrates, to the board of
guardians, commissioner of taxes & to
union assessment committee & to Ancroffc
school committee, 36 RavensdoWj&e ; res.
Highclifl, Castle terrace
Plenderleith James W. bookseller &
stationer, 75 High street ; res. 76 Ravens-
Prentice John, jun. corn & cake merchant
& seedsman, Bridge street
Pringle Annie (Miss), temperance hotel, 30
Pringle Elizh. (Miss), milliner, 11 Sandgate
Pringle George^ farmer, Farney Flats
Pringle James, commercial traveller, 11
North terrace, North road
Pringle James C. Berwick Brms P.H. 24
High street
Purves Thomas, draper (Paxton & Purves),
6 Bank hill
Purves Bobert, leather & grindery dealer,
43 West street
Purves William, bookseller &c. 86 High st
Purvis Jane (Miss), confectioner,20 High st
Purvis William, hatter & hosier, 50 High st
Queen's Rooms (William M. Mather, . pro-
prietor). Hide hill
Queen "Victoria Nurses' Home (Miss Ruth
G. Law, nurse), 8a, Quay wall®
Raeburn Jane (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 10
Scott's place
Raine Michael, clothier & boot & shoe
dealer, 27 West street
Redfearn William, tailor, 1 Wallace green
Redpath William & Son, general drapers,
1, 6 & 8 West street; 61 High street &
51 Castlegate
Redpath William, draper (William Redpath
& Son), 5 Summerhill terrace, North rd
Reid Mary Ann (Mrs.), confectioner, 35
Bridge street
Re<d Robert, blacksmith. Railway street
Renton & Co. grocers, wine & beer dealers,
& Brewers' Arms P.H. 113 High street
Benton & Oo. rope & twine manufacturers,
Well Close square
Renton Adam, blacksmith, North road .
Renton Alex, drapers' asst.75 Ravensdowne
Renton George, wheelwright, North road
Renton James, farmer, Camphill, Low
haugh, Bulderbury hill & Low Cocklaw
Renwick John, china &c. dealer, 5 Walker-
gate lane
Renwick James, bookseller & stationer, 36
West street
Renwick Isabella (Mrs.), furniture dealer,
16 & 18 Walkergate lane
Renwick Thomas, slater & plasterer, 46
Church street
Rhind Robert, painter, 28 Church street
Richardson Bros, grocers, 11 & 13 High st
R ; chardson Peter & Thomas, tailors, 3
Hide hill
Richardson Francis, grocer (Richardson
Brothers), 7 Scott's place
Richardson George, boot & shoe dealer,
30 Bridge street
Richardson John, grocer (Richardson
Brothers), 11 High street
Richardson Margaret (Mrs.), shopkeeper,
36 Walkergate lane
Riddell Robert R. dentist, 4 Quay walls
River Plate Fresh Meat Co. Lim. butchers,
46 Bridge street
Roberton Squad. -Sergt. -Major Peter, drill
instructor C Squadron Lothians & Ber-
wickshire Imperial Yeomanry, 19 Hide hi
Robertson Alexander, clerk. 15 Quay walls
Robertson Hugh, shopkeeper, 39 Chapel st
Robertson Mary (Mrs.), clothes broker, 3.3
Chapel street
Robertson Robt. carver & gilder,l6 Hide hi
Robertson Thomas, King's Head P.H. 56
Church street
Robinson Thos. boot repairer, 58 Castlegate
Robson Isaac & Sons,butchers,42 Castlegate
Robson Alexander.Castle inn, 103 Castlegate
Robson James T. ironmonger,
china, grlas3 & oil merchant,
12, 14 .& 16 Bridpre street
Robson Peter, White Horse P.H. 89 Castle-
Rogers John, grocer, 10 Bridge street
Rosi David, fishery officer, 1 Greenside pi
Ross Brothers, butchers, 36 Hide hill
Ross J. S. & R. watch makers, 62 Bridge sfc
Ross Matthew, farmer, 18 Quay walls
Ross Ralph, farmer. Stoney Moor riggs
Royal National Lifeboat Institution (Chas.
L. Fraser, sec), Ravensdowne
Russell Annie (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 64
Church street
Russell E. (Mrs.), builders' merchant, 13
Palace street ; works, 44 Walkergate lane
Russell James, builder, 13 Palace street
Russell J. Hunter, rector Corporation
academy, 103 High street

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