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Gilbert Rev. Erskine M.A. (United Free),
Manse, Whit eh ill
Innes Sir John bart. (Vice-Lieut.), D.L.,
J.P. Edingight house
Leslie Alexander J.P. Braco house
Lumsden Rev. James M.A., B.D. (Estab-
lished), The Manse
Murray John, Garrowood
Stockdale Rev. Jas. (United Free Church),
Aberdeen (The) Lime Co. coal, lime &
manure agents, Railway station
Burns James D. schoolmaster, Grange
public school
Central Banffshire Farmers' Club (George
Donald esq. J.P. sec), Lady hill
Christie James, school attendance officer
Clarke John, inspector of poor & collector
of rates for the parish of Grange, clerk
to school board & registrar of births,
deaths & marriages, Croftgibb
Donald George, coal, lime, manure & seed
ag'ent, & session clerk & sec. to the
Central Banffshire Farmers' club, Lady hill
Donald William, wright, Gardenhead
Edward Isabella (Miss), miller, Nether mills
Elder Alexander, lime burner
Horn Alexander, blacksmith, Edingight oc
Innes William, boot & shoe ma. Edingight
MeWilliam Alexander, grocer, draper,
post office, Cross roads
Mair Charles, grocer & draper
Meldrum Charles, miller, Mill of Paithnick
Mitchell James, wright, Farmton cottage
(Mitchell John R. wright
Mowat James, grocer & draper
Murray George, wright, Goukstone
Murray John, refreshment rooms, Station
Riddock James, wright, Sillyearn
Shand Jam-es, wright, Paithnick
Stodart Geo. grain merchant, Railway statn
Watson Alex. jun. blacksmith, Stripeside
Watson George, blacksmith, Farntou
Watt Thomas, blacksmith, Thornton
Allan James, Greenbog
Beattie William, Whitehill
Clarke James & John, Croftgibb
Cormack James, Burnmouth & Gardenhead
of Cantly
Coull James &, Wm. Burnend of Euchries
Cowie James, Milligan
Craib John, Net her ton
Oraigen William, Todholes
Davidson George, Burnside
Davidson John, Loanhead
Donald James, Raughs of Thornton
Ewing James, Little Clerkseat & Bearhill
Gordon John, Bankhead
Gordon John, Shiel
Gray George, Meikle Cantly
Guthrie James, Greenbog
Hay Mrs. Margaret, Mains of Paithnick
Henderson John, Crovlet
Imlah William, Whitehill
Ingram Andrew, Goukstone
Ingram George, Paithnick
Keir William, Fortry
King George, Seggycrook
Laurence John, Balnamoon
Leslie Alexander, Farm of Braco
Leslie George, Nether mill
Leslie James, Paithnick
M Callum Simon, Auchinhove
M'Connachie George, Woodside
Macintosh William, Whitehill
McLean Alexander, Wimplingburn
MeWilliam John, Floors
Maitland William, Mains of Grange &
Mann Robert, Mosstown
Meldrum Charles, Mill of Paithnick
Milne George, Stripeside
Morrison Mrs. Isabella, Balnamoon
Morrison James, Brambleburn
Morrison John (trustees of), Knock
Murray Alexander, Knockbog
Paterson William, Limehillock
Raffan John, Balnamoon
Reid George, Whitely
Riddoch Mrs. Annie & William, Weetyfoot
Robertson John, Paithnick
Robertson John, Myrietown
Ross Robert & William, Limeburn
Simpson Samuel, Berryleys
Simpson William, Stripeside
"Weir Alexander, Clerkseat
Wright Thomas, Craiglethie
INVERAVON is a parish on the
banks of the river Avon, below its junc-
tion with the Livet, with a station at Bal-
lindalloch, on the Craigellachie and Boat
of Garten branch of the Great North of
Scotland railway, and is about 42 miles
south-west of Banff, 8 south-west of Aber-
lour, 22 south-west of Keith, 14 south of
Rothes, 22 south-by-west of Fochabers and
22 south of Elgin. The surface is irregu-
lar, but is not mountainous, except the
lofty region of Ben Rinnes, 2,755 feet,
which is mostly in this parish and abounds
in grouse. Ballindalloch Castle, the resi-
dence of Sir Geo. MacPherson-Grant bart.
D.L., J.P. is pleasantly situated at the
confluence of the Avon and Spey. Feeing
markets are held at Inveravon on the 14th
of May and 26th of July, and at Glenlivet
on the fourth Wednesday from October to
May inclusive. There are two distilleries
in the parish, that at Cragganmore, of
which Mr. Gordon Smith is the proprietor,
being near the Ballindalloch railway sta-
tion. The Duke of Richmond and Gordon
K.G., P.C. and Sir George MacPherson-
Grant bart. are the principal landowners.
Acreage, 48,965; rateable value, £11,129;
population in 1891, 2.319, and in 1901,
2,201 in the civil and 760 in the ecclesias-
tical parish.
Post, M. 0. & T. 0. & S. B. Ballindal-
loch; Mrs. Margaret A. Strathdee, post-
mistress (Railway Sub-Office. Letters
should have R.S.'O. Banffshire added.)
Deliveries, 8.50 & 10.55 (to callers only)
& 11.55 a.m. & 7.30 p.m.; dispatches,
8.50, 9.35 & 11.55 a.m. & 3 & 6.10 p.m
Post & T. 0. Cra-gganmore, Ballindalloch
Railway Station; Charles Cameron, sub-
postmaster. Deliveries, 11.10 a.m. & to
callers at 7.10 p.m.; dispatched at 5.30
p.m.' Postal orders are issued & paid
here. The nearest money order office is
at Ballindalloch
Post Office, Marypark; John Strathdee,
receiver. Deliveries, 1 & 8.55 p.m. ;
dispatches, 7.35 a.m. & 5.25 p.m. Let-
ters through Ballindalloch R.S.O. The
nearest money order office is at Ballin-j
dalloch, 3 miles distant. Telegraph
office at Blacksboat Station, 1 mile dist I
Chairman, William M. Skinner, Drumin
Clerk, Alexander Strathdee, Ballindalloch
Inspector of Poor, Alexander Strathdee,
Collector of Rates, Andrew Rose, Glenlivet
Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages,
Adam Myron M.A. School house, Ballin-
dalloch, for the parish of Inveravon
County Police Station, Inveravon, Alex-
ander Stewart, officer in charge
Established Church, Rev. James H'Lach-
lan M.A
Chairman, W. M. Skinner
Clerk, William Phimister, Glenlivet
Public Schools: —
Bridge of Avon, Miss Elizh. S. Myron,
Inveravon, Adam Myron M.A. master
On the Great North of Scotland line.
Station, Ballindalloch, Charles Cameron,
station master
Station, Advie, James Mann, station mast
A mail conveyance (from the Dalnashaugh
hotel) leaves Ballindalloch station carry-
ing passengers for Glenlivet, Tomintoul
&c. on the arrival of the 10.56 a.m.
train from Grantown & Aberdeen, arriv-
ing at Tomintoul at 2.55 p.m. : return-
ing therefrom at 5.40 a.m. arriving at
Ballindalloch at 9.10 a.m
Henderson Peter J.P. Marionburgh
M Lachlan Rev. James M.A. The Manse,
Macpherson-Grant Sir George bart. D.L.,
J.P. Ballindalloch castle
Skinner William M.B., CM. Pitchaish
house, Ballindalloch
Smith Gordon, Cragganmore
Browne R. F. inland revenue officer,
Cheeper A. J. inland revenue officer r
Crosbie John, forester (for Sir George
Macpherson-Grant), Logie cottage
Edwards George, head gardener to â–  Sir G.
Macpherson-Grant, Ballindalloch castle
Fraser Roderick, boot ma. Bellehiglash
Geddes Anne (Mrs.), grocer, & refresh-
ment rooms, Ballindalloch station
Gordon A. & R. coal mers. Railway statn
Grant John &, Geo. Glenfarclas distillery
Grant Peter, wright & saw miil owner,
Tom ore
Harrower Thomas, head gamekeeper to>
Sir George Macpherson-Grant, Ballin-
Henderson Peber J.P. factor, Marionburgh
Hepburn Alexander & John, grocers,,
Bridge of Avon
Lyon George, blacksmith, Drumsgrain
Malcolm James, grocer & spirit dealer,.
Massie John, Delnashaugh
hotel (family & commer-
cial); posting: in all branches.
& proprietor of coach to Tomintoul.
See advertisement
Masson Robert, miller, Tomore mills
McGilchrist James, farm manager (for Sir
George Macpherson-Grant), Marionburgh
MeWilliam Wm. joiner, Denhead, Marypark
Myron Adam M.A. registrar & session
clerk, School house
Petrie Alexander, wright, Park cottage r
Marypark, Ballindalloch
Petrie Robert, blacksmith, Marypark
Ross Jn. grain & flour mer. Railway station.
Skinner William M.B., CM. surgeon, &
parochial medical officer for Inveravon &•
Enockando, Pitchaish ho. Ballindalloch
Smith John, Cragganmore distillery, Glen-
livet, Ballindalloch (principal, Gordon'
Smith); T A "Cragganmore, Ballindal-
loch; " Railway station, Ballindalloch
Strathdee Alexander, auctioneer, inspector
of poor & clerk to parish council, Bal-
Strathdee John, draper.grrocer
& general dealer, Marypark post-
Wright George, millwright & engineer,
Marypark; T A •"Wright, Blacksboat"
Adie William Davidson, Kilnmaichlie Mains-
Black James, Parkhead
Collie Peter (reprs. of), Boldow
Garrow Alexander, Craigroy
Grant George & John, Glenfarclas
Granb Donald, Faemore
Grant James, Derrylane
Hepburn James, Deichirach
Macdonald John J.P. Marypark
McGilchrist Jas. (for propr.), Marionburgh
M'Pherson John, Weiroch
M'Pherson William, Black's Boat
Meldrum Charles, Shenval
Nicoll William, Phonas
Nicolson James, Delrachie & Bolbain
Nicolson John, Tomnabrilach
Reid Mrs. Charles, Garline
Reid James, Tomore
Robertson Mrs. Jessie, Burnside-
Simpson Charles, Tomnavouan
Stewart Lewis, Aldich
Strathdee William, Belliehiglash
Thomson George, Shoulder
White Alexander, Haughs of Kilnmaichlie-
IMVERKEITHNY, a parish in the-
south-eastern corner of Banffshire, about
10 miles south of Banff, lies on the right
or south bank of the Deveron, along which;
it extends about 6 miles, and measures
from 1 to 4 miles in breadth. Marnock
bounds it on the north, Turriff and Auch-
terless on the east, Forgue on the south
and Rothiemay on the west. The district
is chiefly hilly. It is in Banff small debt
court. Turriff and Huntly, on the Inver-
amsay and Macduff and the Keith and'
Inveramsay branches of the Great North
of Scotland railway, are the nearest rail-
way stations, both being 9 miles distant.
The parish church, built in 1881 on the
old site, is a plain edifice of stone with a
belfry on the east side, and was erected
from designs by Messrs. Reid, architects,
Elgin : there are sittings for 450 persons-
The principal landowners are the frostee^
of the late John Forbes esq. of Haddov
and Thomas G. Rose-Innes esq. of Kir.el-
lan, Midlothian. Acreage, 7,641; rateable
value, £5,229; population in 1891, 826, and?
in 1901, 769.
Post Office, Inverkeithny ; Miss Elizabeth-
Walker, postmistress. Letters through
Turriff. Delivery, 12.30 p.m.; dispatch,.
1 p.m. Postal orders are issued & poidf
here. The nearest money order & tele-
graph office .is at Forgue, 2 miles distant-
Post Office, Fortrie; Alexander Fletfc, post-
master. Letters through Turriff, de-
livered at 11.25 a.m.; dispatched at 1.50
p.m. Postal orders are issued & paid:
here. Turriff is the nearest money order'
& telegraph office, 5 miles distant
Chairman, Alexander G. D. McKilligan,
Midton of Haddo

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