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Sellar William, Keithock
Shiach James, Wardhead
Sim James, Wester Braeton -
ENZIE is a quoad sacra parish, formed
from Rathven and Bellie civil parish, the
latter in Elginshire; it is 3 miles south-west
of Buckie, having a station on the High-
land railway. Population of the parish in
1901, 2,277.
Post Office ; Alexander Joseph Taylor, sub-
postmaster. (Sub-Office. Letters should
have S.O. Banffshire added.) Deliveries,
9.10 a.m. & 2 p.m.; dispatches, 8.30 &
11.10 a.m. & 4.50 pm. Postal orders are
issued & paid here. The nearest money
order & telegraph office is at Port Gor-
don, 2 miles distant
Post Office, Clochan; Peter Bonnyman,
sub-postmaster. (Sub-Office. Letters
should have S.O. Banffshire added.)
Deliveries, 9.30 a.m. & 2.5 p.m.; dis-
patches, 11.40 a.m. & 6.5 p.m. Postal
orders are issued & paid here. Port
Gordon is the nearest money order &
telegraph office, 3 miles distant
Established Church, Rev. Robert Howie
United Free Church, Rev. Archibald Kerr
Roman Catholic Churches: —
Preshome, Rev. Canon John James Kyle
Tynet, Rev. Donald Kennedy
School Board, A. J. Taylor, clerk
School, Nathaniel P. Nicol M.A. master
Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages,
A. J. Taylor, Post office
Railway Station.Pindlay Duncan Mackenzie,
station master
Howie Rev. Robert (Established Church),
The Manse
Kennedy Rev. Donald (R. C), Tynet
Kerr Rev. Archibald M.A. United Free
Church manse
Kyle Rev. Canon Jn. Jas. (R.C.), Preshome
Smith Alexander J. P. Bogs
Smith Alexander J.P. Leitcheston
Thomson George J.P. Gollachv
Thomson William J.P. Tynet' mills
Bonnyman & Co. general mers. Clochan
Bonnyman Peter, sub-postmaster & grocer
Bruce Robert, miller, Lower Tynet
Dawson John, woollen manufacturer, Mill
of Gollachy
Henderson William, blacksmith, Arradoul
Johnston John, jun. blacksmith
Nicol Nathaniel F., M.A. schoolmaster
Paterson Adam, tailor, Wellheads
Paterson Alexander, shoe ma. Cowfurrach
Paterson James, tailor, Cowfurrach
Paterson John, shoe maker, Glasterum
Taylor A. J. clerk to the school board,
postmaster & grocer
Thomson William, grocer, Tynet
FINDOOHTY is a small fishing village
in the parish of Rathven, 4 miles west from
Cullen, in the Cullen small debt court dis-
trict, with a station on the Great North of
Scotland railway. A harbour has been
constructed hereat a cost of £10,000. The
Dowager Countess of Seafield, of Castle
Grant, Morayshire, is the principal land-
owner. In the neighbourhood are the ruins
of the Castle of Findochty, the ancient
residence of the familv of Ord. Rateable
value, £2,066; population in 1901, 1,501.
Post, T. & M. 0. Office & S. B. ; William
W. Mitchell, sub-postmaster. (Railway
Sub-Office.) Letters should be addressed
R.S.O. Banffshire.) Deliveries, 7.15 &
10.40 a.m. & 4.20 p.m. (callers only);
dispatches, 10 a.m. & 6 p.m
Inspector of Poor, John Gordon, High st.
Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages,
John Webster, Cluny square, Buckie
United Free Church, Rev. John W. M'Kee
Wesleyan Church (various)
School Board, John Macdonald,clerk,Buckie
School, John Geddes M.A. master
Railway Station, George Milne, station mast
Flett Alexander, Rosebank
Geddes Mrs. Blantyre terrace
M'Kee Rev. John Wesley B.A. United Free
Church manse
Allan William, grocer & ship cnandler
Anderson David, boot maker
Calder David, joiner
Chalmers William L. fish curer
Craib Alexander & John; grocers
I Smith John, Glenmarkie
Strathdee George, Westertown
I Strathdee William, Convalleys
Flett Sutherland & Co. fish salesmen &
ship chandlers
Flett Alexander & Co. fish curers
Flett David, grocer
Flett John, grocer & ship chandler
Flett Walter James, fish curer
Geddes Jane (Mrs.), grocer
Geddes Jn. M.A. schoolmaster, School ho
Gibb John (Mrs.), grocer
Harthill James & Alexander, bakers
Hendry William, ironmonger & carpenter
Herd James, harbour master
Herd (W. & J.) & Mackenzie, boat builders
McDonald Margaret (Mrs.), spirit dealer
Mackie Adam, blacksmith
McKenzie Jotin, tailor
Mair James & Son, butchers
Mair James, boat builder
Mitchell Alexandra (Miss), grocer
Mitchell James, tailor
Mitchell William Waite.postmaster & drapr
Newlands Jane (Mrs.), dress maker
Paul William, tailor
Ross James, grocer
Simpson Ann (Mrs.), grocer
Simpson James, joiner
Smith Adam, tailor
Smith Alexander Latin, barking works
Smith Annie (Miss), grocer
Smith William, boot maker
Smith William, ships' chandler & net tannr
Stevenson George, butcher
Taylor George Davidson, boob repairer
Taylor William, boot repairer â– 
Telephone (National) Public Call Office
Webster John, chemist
Wiison George, painter
Wood Alexander, boot maker
FORDYCE, see Portsoy.
FORGLEN is a small parish, situate on
the romantic banks of the Deveron, 4 miles
from Turriff station on the Inveramsay and
Macduff branch of the Great North of Scot-
land railway, 7£ miles south of Banff, in
Buchan poor combination and Banff small
debt court, and contains some mineral
springs. The parish church, built in 1806,
is a plain edifice of stone, and was reseated
and generally redecorated in 1894: there
are sittings for 300 persons. Forglen
House, the seat of Sir George Williams
Abercromby bart. (a minor), is in this
parish, and is an elegant mansion. Here
also is Carnousie, the fine residence of
John Harvey esq. D.L., J.P. The principal
landowners are the tutors and curators of
Sir George William Abercromby bart. of
Birkenbog and Forglen (a minor) and John
Harvey esq. of Carnousie. Acreage, 6,249;
rateable value, £4,680; population in 18*Jl,
714, and in 1901, 653.
Post & T. 0. ; Alexander Scott, sub-post-
master. Letters through Turriff.
Delivery, 11.15 a.m. ; dispatch, 2.25 p.m.
Postal orders are issued & paid here.
The nearest money order office is at
Turriff, 4 miles distant
Chairman, Rev. Peter M'Laren M.A., J.P
Clerk, Collector & Inspector of Poor, John
L. Keith, 20£ High street, Turriff
Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages,
Wm. Lorrimer M.A. School house,Forglen
Public Library, John Joiner & John Wal-
lace, sees
Established Church, Rev. William Suther-
land B.D
United FreeChurch, Rev.PeterM'Laren M.A
Session Clerk, William Lorrimer M.A
Chairman, James Ross
Clerk, John L. Keith, 20£ High st. Turriff
Board School, for 170; average attendance,
102; William Lorrimer M.A. master
Abercromby Sir George William bart.
Forglen house
Harvey John J.P., D.L. Carnousie
M'Laren Rev. Peter M.A., J.P. United Free
Church manse
Sutherland Rev. William B.D.(Established),
The Manse
Alexander William, carpenter, Meadowbank
Bisset William, ground officer to John
Harvey esq. of Carnousie, Burnend
Grant James, miller, Mill of Ribrae
Henderson Frederick, blacksmith
\ Symon John, Pittyvaieh
Taylor William, Burnhead
I Thomson William, Tomnoan
Joiner John, blacksmith
Largue William, miller, Carnousie
Lorrimer William M.A. schoolmaster, &
registrar of births, deaths & marriages
oc session clerk
Niel John, wright
Public Library (John Joiner & John WaL?
lace, sees)
Scott Alexander, tailor & sub-postmaster
Smith William, grocer
Wilson John, threshing machine proprietor
Anderson Mrs. Crannabog
Anderson John, Waulkmill
Andrew George, Craig'.ug
Beange James, Burnend
Boniman William, Woodside
Cameron John, Kirkton
Davidson Alexander, Bogtown
Duncan Alexander, Commissary Bog
Duncan Alexander, Penelopefield
Duncan John, South Briggs
Duncan William, North Briggs
Gammie William, Mill of Ribrae
Gill William, Kebholes
Gammie Alexander, South Bogton
Harvey John, Mains of Carnousie
Innes Mrs. John, Cooperhill
Lamb John, Mains of Whitefieid!
Ledingham John, Burnside
M'Robert George, Silver-stripe
Michie Mrs. Robert, Bogenhilt
Morrison Arthur, Little Ribrae
Morrison John, Woodside
Murdock John, Eastside
Ogston James, jun. Bogharrey
Paterson Allen Grant, Parks of Whitefieid!
Ross James, Newton
Simpson John, Burnside
Stewart John, East Woodside
Stewart William, Swearburn
Still Archibald, Meikle Ribrae
Taylor Miss Harriet, Scotstown
Williamson Robert David, Auldtown
Wilson John, Upper Crannabog
GAEDENSTOWN is a small seaport
and fishing village of romantic appearance
in the parish of Gamrie, and was made a
quoad sacra parish in 1885 ; it is 7J miles
from Macduff and King Edward railway
stations on the Turriff and Macduff line of
the Great North of Scotland, 8£ miles east
of Banff and 14 west of Fraserburgh. Popu-
lation in 1901, 1,107.
Post, T. & M. 0. Office & S. B. ; William
Ingram, sub-postmaster. Letters received
through Banff. Deliveries, a 9.40 a.m. <St
5.40 p.m. ; dispatches, 7.45 a.m. & 3 p.m
Shore Dues Office, James T. Nicolson, har-
bour master & collector
1st Banffshire Royal Garrison Artillerr
(Volunteers) (No. 3 Co.), Capt. A. D.
Vardon; Rev. P. T. Clark V.D. acting
chaplain; Sergt. -Major James Lovell, in-
Established Church, Rev. James Wilson B.D
United Free Cuhrch, Rev. A. T. Ogilvie
An omnibus runs twice daily to Banff,
passing through Macduff
Chalmers David J.P
Chalmers William
Fordyce John J.P
Ingram William J.P
McArthur James Irving M.B., C.M
Vardon Alfred, Dorriforth
Wilson Rev. Jas. B.D. (Estab.), The Manse
Brown William Francis, baker
Cadger James Cautly, boat builder
Chalmers David, joint agent for the North
of Scotland Bank Lim. & registrar of
births, deaths & marriages for Gamrie
Chalmers John, baker
Chalmers William, joint agent for the-
North of Scotland Bank Limited
Craigen George, grocer, Sea view
Daniel James, sail maker
Fordyce John & Co. fish curers
Fordyce John & Son, grocers
Gardenstown hotel (James H.Begg,
proprietor), family, commercial & for
visitors ; near sea. & amid
romantic scenery; omnibus to
Banff twice daily

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