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Parochial Board & Rate Office, Robert
Cruickshank, inspector, & collector of
rates, Deskford
Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages,
Wm. Smith M.A. School ho. Deskford
Established Church, Rev. G-eorge M. Park
M.A., B.D
United Free Church, Rev. James Morrison
Clerk, Robert Cruickshank
School, \s illiam Smith M.A. master
M'Conachie Francis Gordon J.P. Ardoch
Millet Henry, Aultmore lodge
Morrison Rev. James M.A. United Free
Church manse
Park Rev. George M., M.A., B.D. (Estab
lished Church), The Manse
Cruickshank Robert, miller, inspector &
collector of rates & clerk to school
board, Berryhillock
Duncan George, miller, Milltown
Duncan James, blacksmith
Duncan William, blacksmith
Gordon John, carpenter
Gray William, boot maker
Lorimer James, boot maker
Milton Alexander (Mrs.), grocer
Morrison Christina (Mrs.), grocer & post-
Reid Elizabeth Rennie (Mrs.), grocer
Shepherd Ales, quarry owner, Craibstone
Smith William M.A. schoolmaster, & regis-
trar of births, deaths & marriages
Bain Alexander, Duffus Hillock
Benzies George, Black Hillock
Biddie George, Broadrashes
Clark James (reps, of), Mid Skeith
Cowie Alexander, Inaltrie
Craib John, Moss Side
Duncan Alexander, Kirkton
Duncan Robert, Langlandburn
Garden William, Clockmacreich
Gray James, Meikle Knowes
Jamieson Alexander, Mains of Skeith
Johnston William, Todholes
Kitchen William, Clune
Lawrence James, Broadrashes
Lawrence John, Fachiehill
McBain David, Greenhill
M'Combie George, Leitchiston
M'Conachie Francis Gordon, Ardoch
M'Hattie James, Squaredoch
M'Kay Alexander, Oathillock
M'Willie Miss Ann, Backies
Maitland James, Raemore
Milne Alexander, Burnsford
Milton Alexander, Fachiehill
Morrison John M'K. Clunehill
Pedder William, Ardicow
Pirie William, Boggside
Reid Andrew, Bumheads
Reid John (reps, of), Swailend
Sim Frederick William, Croftgloy
Smith George & James, Upper Blairock
Stevenson William, Carestown
Stewart Alex. & William, Little Knowes
Stewart Jame3, Meikle Cultain
Stewart William, Nether Blairock
Sutherland George, Bloomfield
Taylor Alexander, Little Skeith
Taylor Brodie, Brae side
Watt John, Ordens
Wood David, Cotterclump
Wright George (reps, of), Upper Skeith
Wright James, Greenhill
DBTTHCMUIR, see Botriphnie.
DUFFTOWN, a village, founded in 1817,
â– wag created a police burgh under the
1 General Police and Improvement (Scot-
the circular east window is stained. There
is also a Roman Catholic church. The
Stephen Cottage Hospital was founded in
ixenmii f ouce auu - f . - »-»• ls89 at a cost o£ £2 ,500, bv Lord Mount
land) Act' in 1863. The burgh sin the st h of Grand Met i s , " Canada, and
parish of Mortlaoh and is 118 miles north i • u Hatfield Herts wno ^
of Edinburgh 52 north-west of Aberdeen DufEtown in i 8 29 ; it is' beautifully
30 south-west of Banff 14 north-ea»t of , ; d and contains { beda and one
Tnveravon, 10 south-west of Keth and 6 £ "& endowment fund is £5,500, and it
south-east of Aberlour, situated a shor o fa inhabitants of MorHach Md
way to the north of the old decayed hamlet Gle £. inne3 A new Isolation Hospital for
of Mortlach near the junction of the Dullan; Banffshire is now (1903) in course
and the Fiddoch waters. It has a station' . -. .- .. i _' .
on the Elein and Keith branch line of the I
of erection. The Mortlach Parish Hall,
cost of £1,600, is
Great North of Scotland railway via Brtto £^ £ ^^ &eBaiQQ rf the parish
and Craigellactue Junction This place I Qhmch ^ compri3e3 a pub i io r fading
has been much improved by its patrons, ^ librarv; F the hall ft u m h M
the Duke of Fife and the Duke of Rich- ^ Mortlach is famous as the
rnond and Gordon, the former having m * f " fch . ^ ^ jned Qver th
1881 carried out a thorough jyjtem of D b MteAm II. in 1010, which was
drainage at a cost of about £700 The , a * few hundred yards south-west of
town comprises _a _central open square Bal * enie Castle _ The dfetrict all
from which streets diverge each side. In
the centre of the square stands a large
tower of considerable height, with turrets
at the corners and surmounted by a belfry
containing one bell and a clock with four
dials, which, in commemoration of the
-Jubilee of Her late Majesty Queen Vic-
toria, were converted into illuminated dials
at a cost of about £70: it was formerly
used as a gaol, but is now (1903) used as
the burgh chambers and court house, and
includes a dwelling place for the burgh
officer. During the summer months the
burgh is much frequented by visitors, on
account of its healthy situation and the
beautiful scenery in and around its
vicinity. There are two hotels, viz. the
Fife Arms and the Commercial; the former
is an establishment of long standing. An
extensive trade in lime is carried on by
~Mr. James Kemp, Parkmore Lime Works,
and there are seven distilleries. There are
two branch banks, viz. the Town and
County Bank Limited and the North of
Scotland Bank Limited. A commodious
Masonic Hall was built in 1887, which is
also used for meetings &c. A sheriff court
for small debt cases is held four times a
vear, in January, April, July and October,
as fixed by the sheriff. The places of
worship comprise a church of the Estab-
lishment, which is of very ancient date,
restored in 1877 at a cost of £1,500: in
1888 a fine organ was erected at a cost of
£700: the building has three fine lancet
windows in the east end, and contains
several interesting monuments, one being
erected in 1420 in memory of a chamber-
lain of Balvenie Castle, another to a John
Gordon, of Brodland, who died in 1433
at Buchromb, also one at the end of the
17th century, interesting as being the
monument of an ancestor of the present
Duke of Fife: it is asserted that this
church was the cathedral of the first
Bishopric of Scotland, and that the three
bishops of this see were buried here, the
bishopric being afterwards transferred to
Aberdeen. The United Free church was
enlarged and remodelled in 1891, when a
tower and spire were added, and a stained
window has been presented by Lord Mount
Stephen. The Episcopal church, erected
in 1880 by Canon Jupp, of Aberlour, in
memory of his mother, is an edifice in the
Gothic style and will seat 135 persons :
Jso possesses
the ruins of Auchindoun Castle and Bal-
venie Castle. The Elgin Market Green
Auction Co. Limited hold a sale for cattle
&c. at their mart every alternate Thurs-
day, and feeing markets are held the third
Wednesday in May, the second Wednesday
July and the third Wednesday in
November. The area of Mortlach parish
is 34,184 acres; rateable value, landward,
£10,582 ; burghal (DufEtown), £5,002 ;
population of the civil parish in 1891,
2,754, and in 1901, 3,426, and 2,784 in the
ecclesiastical parish, of which DufEtown
contained 1,823.
Post, T., M. O., T. M. O., E. D. & P. P.
Office, S. B. & A. & I. Office, Albert pi.
Dufftown; G-eorge Innes, postmaster
(Railway Sub-Office. Letters should have
R.S.O. Banffshire added). Deliveries
7.30 & 10.30 a.m. & 7.10 p.m.; dis-
patches, Aberdeen & South, 7.25 & 10.40
a.m. & 2.55 & 6.30 p.m.; North, 4.10
p.m. ; North & Speyside, 9.15 a.m. &
5.40 p.m
Post Office, Auchindoun, Mrs. Mary
Donald, receiver. Letters delivered to
callers only at 11.30 a.m. ; dispatched at
11.30 a.m
Freemasons (St. James' Lodge, No. 289),
St. James' hall, Albert place; John A.
Fraser R.W.M. ; Alex. S. Begg, sec
Police Station, York street, John Taylor,
constable in charge
Parish Hall, Albert place
Parish Reading Room & Library, Albert
place. Rev. John Barr Cumming B.D,
president ; William Swingler, librarian ;
John tnnes, sec
Upper Banffshire Isolation Hospital, Alex-
ander Walkinshaw, clerk & treasurer
Stephen (The) Cottage Hospital, James
Alexander Innes M.D., CM. & Norman
Gunn M.B., CM. medical officers; John
L. Craig, sec. ; Alexander Walkinshaw,
treasurer; Miss Agnes Ramsay, matron;
Miss Ellen Marshall, district nurse
Town Hall, Church st. John Symon, propr
6th V. B. Gordon Highlanders <F Co.),
Capt. & Hon. Major John Innes; William
Grant, quartermaster
Established Church, Dufftown, Rev. John
Barr Cumming M.A., B.D
Episcopal Church (St. Michael's), Conval
street, Rev. Joseph Wm. Reginald Bache
United Free Church, Dufftown, Rev. James
Russell M.A
Roman Catholic, Dufftown, Rev. Donald
Provost. John Symon
Bailies, Donald Spence & Alexander Taylor
Councillors, Nine
Burgh Prosecutor, John L. Craig
Clerk, Alexander Walkinshaw
Sheriff's Clerk Depute, John Innes
Burgh Surveyor, Donald M'Kay
Sanitary Inspector, Alexander S. Begg
Treasurer & Collector, John Innea
Inspector of Poor & Collector of Rates,
Acting Clerk & Registrar of Births,
Deaths & Marriages, G-eorge Innes,
Albert place
Hon. Sheriff Substitute, Alex. M'Cowte
Choral Union, Parish hall, Albert place,
George McRobbie, sea & treasurer ;
William Scott Jupp, conductor
County Council (Keith District), Alexander
Walkinshaw, clerk & treasurer; Duff cot-
tage, Fife street
Dufftown Literary Association, Town hall,
George E. Maclennan, sec
Oddfellows' Lodge, St. James' hall, Albert
place, Thomas Guild, sec
Chairman, Rev. John Barr Cumming B.D
Clerk & Treasurer, Alexander Walkinshaw,
Duff cottage, Fife street
Board Schools: —
Auchindoun, Mrs. Eleanor Campbell, mist
Kininvie, Miss Chalmers
Macduff place, head master (vacant); Miss
McLachlan, infants' mistress
Fife street (Roman Catholic), Mrs. Pyne,
On the Great North of Scotland line.
Station, Dufftown, W. M. Grant, station
Omnibuses from the Fife Arms & Com-
mercial hotels attend the arrival & de-
parture of all the trains
Ledingham Andrew (for the Great North
of Scotland railway), 43 Balvenie street
Alexander Col. Arthur Harvey, Hazlewood
Alexander William, Glen view (Episcopal)
Bartlett Charles, Burnside villa, Parkmore
Bache Rev.Joseph William Reginald (Epis-
copal), St. Michael's
Bennett Miss, Maryville, Fife street
Boyle Samuel, Church street
Chisholm Rev. Donald (Roman Catholic),
Chapel house, Fife street
Cowie Alexander Mitchell J.P.Dullan brae
Craig John Lipp, 27 Fife street
Cruickshank Miss, Abbeyfield
Cumming Rev. John Barr M.A., B.D.
(Established), The Manse
Ferguson Mrs. St. James' villa, Albert pi
Fraser Walter Allan, 48 Fife street
Grant George Cowie, Balvenie villa

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