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Clark William, photographer, Baron lane
Cluny hotel (family & commercial) (Mrs.
Marv McKenzie, proprietress), Cluny sq
Cowie" Alex, grocer, 1 Carlton terrace east
Oowie George, Son & Co. timber merchants
& saw mills, Commercial road
Cowie George, grocer, Ianston
Cowie G-eorge, grocer, 4 Cluny terrace
Cowie James (Mrs.), grocer, 35 New street
Cruickshank A. & Son, grocers & spirit
dealers, 2 Gordon street
Cruickshank W. & J. aerated
water manufacturers & beer
bottlers, Blairdaff street
Cruickshank Hugh, temperance hotel, 36
Low street
Cuthbert A. & Son, boot makers. Baron st
Dallas Elizabeth (Miss), refreshments,
Marine place
Dawson John, grocer, 17 East Church st
Dickson James, butcher, 8 Cluny square
Downie George, flsh curer, Commercial rd
Duguid William Bobert M.A., M.D., J.P.
surgeon, & medical officer to Eathven
parish council & certifying factory sur-
geon, 13 Cluny square
Duguid William Bobert, jun. M.A., M.B.,
O.M. surgeon, 14 West Church street
Duncan William & Son, wood
turners & block makers
Duncan James, painter & paperhanger, 51
West Church street
Duncan Bobert, painter & decorator,
Bridge end
Dundee Equitable Boot Depot, 10 West
Church 6treet
Elliott & Garrood Limited, engineers, Com-
mercial road
Esson Alexander, tailor, Cluny square
Esson J. Leith, draper, 16 High street
Esson John, draper, Bridge end
Farquharson & Martin, engineers, Commer-
cial road
Farquhar John, net manufacturer & insur-
ance agent, 39 High street
Flann Thomas, beer retailer, Marine place
Flett A. & Co. fish curers, Commercial rd
Flett J., Sons & Co. fish curers, Commer-
cial road
Flett Alexander, boot & shoe ma. 23 Main st
Forbes P. & Co. grocers, wine & spirit
dealers & beer retailers, 11 High street
Forbes Alexander, carpenter, Newlands la
Forbes Charles, baker, Bridge end
Forbes Thomas Alexander, butcher, 25
West Church street
Fowler David L. baker, 50 West Church st
Fraser, Smith & Co. sail makers & oilskin
manufacturers, Ianston
Fraser Alexander, shipping
agent, Fish mart
Geddes P. & Sons, tailors, Bridge end
Geddes George, grocer, 9 Cluny terrace
Geddes IsabeUa (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 9 West
Church street
Geddes Eobert, fish curer, Low street
Geddes William, carpenter, Drybridge
Gerry James, fish curer, Low street
Gibb Elsie (Mrs.), beer retailer, 5 Great
Western road, Buckpool
Gibb Geo. boot & shoe maker, 59 Main st
Gibson George P. chemist & photographic
goods dealer, 12 West Church street
Gillies Elizh. (Mrs.), shopkpr. Bridge end
Cillan Robert, family grocer &
wine merchant & beer
retailer, 19 Baron street
Gordon John Wilson, inspector of poor &
clerk for parish council of Rathven &
gas manager, 49 High street
Gow David, fish curer, Commercial road
Grant Alexander, insurance agent, 77
West Church street
Grant Alexander, grocer, tea,
coffee & provision merchant,
22 Low street
Grant George, excise officer, Inchgower
Grant Bobert, shoe maker, 66 Tardie
Grant Bobert, spirit dealer & public house
keeper (Union), 12 St. Peter's terrace
Grant Bobert, draper, 15 Baron street
Gray Alexander, miller, Cluny square
Gray Malcolm, solicitor & notary (Mair &
Gray), East Church street
Gray William, draper, 13 High street
Green John.boot & shoe maker, Cathedral st
Green John, draper, High street
Gunn Henry William, cycle agent, 17 West
Church street
Gunn John, grocer, 80 Main street
Harbour Office (James Melville, harbour
Harper Mary (Mrs.),9hopkeeper,Wilson's la
Hay Andrew, tailor, 42 East Church street
Hay George, tailor, 4 Low street
Hector John, miller & dairy farmer, Mill
of Buckie
Henderson James,boot maker,St. Peter's sq
Hendry Alex. & Son, carpenters, Land st
Hendry Alexander B. solicitor &
notary public & clerk to the
Buckpool Harbour commis-
sioners, Baron street
Hendry Geo. carpenter, 25 West Cnureh st
Hendry James, cabinet maker & uphol-
sterer, 28 Baron street
Hendry William, carpenter, Land street
Hendry William, grocer, 26 Land street
Hillocks Edward, draper, 20 Main street
& 8 Clunv terrace
Hume Bobert & Co. plasterers, 59 West
Church street
Hunter Alex, spirit dealer, 79 Main street
Imlach John, buoy maker & barking works,
Commercial road
Imlah Alexander, grocer, 10 High street
Inkster Jas.grocer & spirit dlr. Bridge end
Innes Mary (Mrs.), fancy repository, 46
West Church street
Jack William & John, drapers, 34 East
â–  Church street
Janetta Antonio & Lucio, confectioners,
34 West Church street; 18 High street &
14 Bridge end
Johnston John, timber merchant
Johnston William F. & Sons, publishers
"Banffshire Advertiser," printers & in-
surance agents, 13 West Church street
Johnston Boderick, painter & house deco-
rator. Bridge end
Keir John, saddler, 22 High street
Kennedy Margaret (Miss), dyer & cleaner,
19 West Church street
Kvnoch G. & Son, grocers, 12 Baron street
Lamb John Cook, hair dresser, Bridge end
Lawson Jane (Mrs.), grngrcr. Bridge end
Logie Brothers, rope & sail makers, herring
net & oilskin manufacturers, 30 Low st
M'Bain Henry A. cabinet maker & uphol-
sterer, 33 West Church street
McBeath John, carpenter, Gordon street
McBeath Wm. carpenter, 44 West Church st
Macbeth Donald, boot maker, 3 Marine pi
McCallum George, spirit dealer, 42 Low st
McConnachie George, chemist & druggist,
Bank street
McConnachie Sergt. John, drill instructor,
D Co. 6th Vol. Batfc. Gordon Highlanders
McCurrach Jamss, tailor, Drybridge
Macdonald John, solicitor & notary public,
bank agent, procurator fiscal for the
parishes of Bathven & Enzie. one of the
sheriff substitutes for the county,
treasurer for Cluny harbour, collector of
assessments for the burgh of Buckie &
clerk to the school board, Town & County
Bank buildings
Macdonald William (Mrs.), grocer, 35
Gordon street
McGarth L. T. ironmonger, Cluny square
McGregor Donald, watch & clock maker, 5
High street
M'Intosh John, tailor & grocer, 17 Baron
street & Ianston
Mcintosh William Bobertson, steam line
vessels ; builder of the first steam line
fishing boat built on the Moray Firth ;
boat builder, Ianston
Mackay James, draper, 5 East Church st
McKenzie Allan, butcher, 1 Gordon street
Mackay Robert Young, solicitor
& N. P., procurator fiscal for
the burgh of Buckie, collec-
tor & treasurer to the Rath-
ven Parish Council, Sea View
McKenzie Mary (Mrs.), spirit dealer, Cluny
hotel, Cluny square
M'Laren Peter, grocer. 72 East Church st
McLauchlan William & Co. fish curers,
Commercial road
McNaughton John L. solicitor & notary
public, clerk to the magistrates & town
council, district Conservative agent &
central sec. to the Moray Firth Fisheries
Association, 4 Cluny square
Macpherson Thomas, tailor & hair dresser,
18 Baron street
M' William John & Sons, bakers, 23 High
street & coal merchants. Commercial rd
Mair & Gray, solicitors, East
Church street
Mair James & Son, butchers, 19 Main st
Mair James, jun. butcher,22 West Church st
Maitland Elizabeth (Mrs.), grocer, 28 East
Church street
Marine hotel (Ronald Mc-
Donald), Marine place
Marshall William & Co. rope & sail makers,
Marine place
Masonic & Literary Institute & Beading
Boom & Library (Alexander Fraser,
librarian), Cluny place
Mather William (Mrs.), spirit dealer
(Anchor inn), New street
Melvin William, insurance agt.4Southland st
Mercantile Marine Office (Boderick Pater-
son, deputy superintendent for Buckie,
Buckpool. Cullen, Findochty, Portgor-
don, Portknockie & Portessie), Fish mart
Merson Geo. fish salesman, Commercial st
Merson James, fish curer, Commercial rd
Milne Alexander, stone mason, Low street
Milne Gordon, butcher, 40 Laud street
Milne James, spirit dealer & public house
keeper (Star), Bridge end
Milne Bobert, assistant superintendent for
Prudential Insurance Co. 44 East Church st
Milton Alexander, carting agent, Great
North of Scotland railway
Milton Alexander T, general hardware mer-
chant, oilskin & buoy manufacturer, 82
Main street
Milton Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 33 High st
Milton George, grocer, 33 High street
Mitchell James, baker, 6 West Church st
Mitchell John, grocer, Bridge place
Moray Firth Fisheries Association (John
L. M'Naughton, sec)
Morgan John, grocer, 3 Main street
Murray W. & Son, hide & tallow factors,.
Murray Alex, carpenter, 12 West Church st
Murray & Cowie, fish salesmen, Commer-
cial road
Murray George, fish curer, Commercial rd
Murray John, shopkeeper, 67 Main street
Neill Arthur James L.B.C.P. & S.Edin.
surgeon, Cluny square
Newton Brothers, photographers, 55 West
Church street
Nicol Brothers, cabinet makers & under-
takers, 19 High Btreet
Nicol William, game dealer, 21 High street
North of Scotland Bank Limited (branch)
(Thomas J. Anderson, agent ; Alexander
Stephen, accountant), Low street ; draw
on Union Bank of London Limited E C
& Barclay & Co. Limited E C, London
Paterson Alexander, grocer, 14 High street
Paterson George, tinsmith, 6 Cluny terrace
Paterson George Shanks, watch & clock
maker, 27 East Church street
Paterson James, grocer, 22 Main street
Pozzi James Paterson, book-
seller, stationer, bookbinder
& news agent, 8 High street
Purvis Alexander, grocer, 20 Cluny terrace-
Beaper Isabella (Mrs.), temperance hotel,
West Church street
Reid & Slater, grocers, 20 Sea View road
Reid John, baker, 8 Low st. & 42 Main st
Reid Bobert, grocer & ship owner, 50 Low st'
Biach James, grocer, 29 Main street
Bobertson William H. plasterer, 5 Reid-
haven street, Ianston
Boss John (Mrs.), grocer, 5 New street
Boy Wm. (Mrs.), grocer, 29-30 Marine pi
St. Andrew's Hall, St. Andrew's square
Sandison John, draper, 22 East Church sfe
Scott George, boot maker, 27 High street
Shearer Charles Innes, draper, 6 East
Church street
Shipwrecked Mariners' Society (Jame*
Bremner, agent), 2 Main street
Simpson John, accountant Town & County
Bank Limited, & town chamberlain,
Cluny square
Simpson Jas. (Mrs.), grocer, 12 Cathedral str
Simpson John, boot & shoe maker, Bank st
Simpson Mary Ann (Mrs.), temperance-
hotel, 6 Low street
Simpson Wiiuam M.D., CM., J.P. surgeon,
& medical officer to Bathven parish coun-
cil & Admiralty surgeon & agt. Cluny sq
Smith P. & Co. fish salesmen, Commercial rd 1
Smith Alexander, sail maker, Gordonsburgh
Smith Alexander, haulier, Low street
Smith George, boat builder, Main street
Smith Jessie (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 50 Land st"
Smith Patrick, grocer & coal merchant,
Great Western road, Buckpool
Smith Peter, grocer, 2 Reidhaven st.Ianston.
Smith Wm. (Mrs.), shopkpr. 2 St. Peter's at.
Stephen Alex.bank accntnt. 13 Gordonsbrgh-
Stephen John, blacksmith, Garden lane
Stevenson George, butcher, 4 Bridge end
Stewart J. B. & Co. ship brokers. Fish mart
Stuart William, grocer, Gordonsburgh
Sutherland & Hendry, ship chandlers, Main
street & blacksmiths, Harbour
Sutherland P. & J. fish curers, Commercial"
Sutherland Alex, fishery officer, Fish mart
Sutherland George, boot & shoe dealer, 21
West Church street
Sutherland James, boot maker, Sea View rd'
Sutherland Joseph, rope & sail maker,
Sea "View road
Symon Alexander & Son, painters & paper-
hangers, Cluny terrace
Symon John, painter, 21 Gordon street
Telephone (National) Public Call Office, &.
High street

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