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postmistress. Letters through Ayr.
Deli-eries, 8.45 a.m. & 6.30 p.m.; dis-
patches, 7.25 a.m. & 1.30 & 5 p.m
Post & M. O. Office & S. B. Annbank;
George Watson Brown, postmaster.
Letters through Ayr. Deliveries, 8.15
a.m. & 6 p.m.; dispatches, 1.30 & 7.20
p.m. The nearest telegraph office is at
the railway station, 2 miles distant
â– Chairman, James A. Clarke
Clerk & Inspector of Poor, Allan Guthrie
Hegistrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages,
John Dunlop
Established Churches : —
Tarbolton, Rev. James Craig Higgins
M.A., B.D
Annbank, Rev. Alexander Cameron
"United Free Churches: —
Rev. William Morgan M.A
I! oman Catholic (St. Mary's), Annbank,
Rev. James Macdonald
Chairman, Peter Watson
Clerk, Allan Guthrie
Tarbolton School, Franklin K. Maophcrson,
Annbank School, John MacArthur, master
Roman Catholic School, Annbank, erected
in 1898, for 150 -children; average at-
tendance's; Mrs. Agnes Shaikey, mist
â– Station, Annbank, Andrew Morren, sta-
tion master
Station, Tarbolton, distant one mile & a
half, Robert Reid, station master
Bell John J.P. Enterkine
Coulson John Lawrie, Failford house
Higgins Rev. James Craig M.A., B.D.
(Established Church), The Manse
McCallum Duncan M.B., CM
Morgan Rev. William M.A. United Free
Church manse
Neilson John, Drumley house
JPaterson Thomas J.P. Neil's Hill house
Pollock Alexander J.P. Daisy bank
Thomson Edward J. Montgomerie castle
Aitken Thomas, manager of gas works
Purton Thomas, blacksmith, Millburn
Burton William, blacksmith
<Candlish James, joiner & builder
Devilin Peter, butcher
Dunlop John, tailor & clothier & registrar
â– of births, deaths & marriages
Edgar James, blacksmith
Forsyth William, spirit dealer
Gas Works (Thomas Aitken, manager)
Gray John, veterinary 6urgeon
Green John, joiner & builder, Drumley
Gregg John, grocer
Gnthrie Allan, clerk to Parish Council, in-
spector of poor & clerk to the school
Guthrie Henry, saddler
Hunter John, grain merchant, Old manse
Imrie Charles, timber merchant
Liddell Margaret (Mrs.), spirit dealer
(Black Bull)
Lorimer Library & Reading Room (John
Dunlop, librarian)
McCallum Duncan M.B., CM. surgeon, &
parochial medical officer & public vac-
cinator for Tarbolton
McCosh James, tailor
Mackie David, baker
McMillan Hugh, joiner & builder, Fail
Marr John, joiner & builder
Murchie Margaret (Mrs.), Burns tavern
Murray Thos. joiner & builder, Gadgirth
Paterson Agnes (Mrs.), spirit dlr.(Victoria)
Paterson Janet (Miss), dress maker
Pettigrew John, tailor
Richard John, boot & shoe maker
Spiers John, butcher
Taylor George & Oo. coal proprietors
Taylor John, grocer
Thompson Alexander, spirit dlr. (Crown)
Thomson James, baker
Wallace James, boot & shoe maker
Wilson Elizabeth (Miss), grocer
Wilson Janet (Mrs.), dress maker
Wilson John, manufacturers' agent
Wilson John, miller, Tarbolton mill
Aitken Thomas, Coilsfield Mains
Allan Andrew, Auchinweet
Borland James, Calcothill
Boyle John, Raith
Buchanan T. & J. Shaw wood
Candish Henry, Blackhill
Oandlish John, Bogend
Candlish John C. Coilsfield Mains
Carndufi: James, East Doura
Comeskie Bryce, West Millburn
Cowan Matthew, Altonburn
Cutlibert Thomas, Woodhill
Douglas Hugh, Droyston
Drennan William, Crofthead
Drummond Harry, Overton
Drummond William, Skeoch
Ferguson Alexander, Clune
Findlay Mrs. Bennols
Gibson Mrs. Hillhead
Gray David, Barmoorhill
Gray John, Park mill
Gray John, Tongue
Hay Robert, Muirburn
[Henderson Thomas, Previck mill
] Howat Alexander, Adamcroft
Howat Robert, Tarshaw
I Howie John, Boghead
I Hunter Hugh, Mossbog
j Hunter James, Hallrigg
I Hunter John, Bogside
Hunter John, Langlands
Hunter John, Strandhead
Jamieson John, Midton & Burn
Jardine Hugh, Coilsholm
Kennedy James, Walston
Lambie George, Daldorch
Lambie Hugh, Spittalside
Lees John, Millburn
M'CIymont James, Law
M'Colm Agnes, Crawfordston
M'Gregor John, West Carngillan
M'Kay Thomas, Springbank
M'Kerrow Thomas, Smithfield
Marr Robert, Ridcraig
Matthie William, Scoutts
Meikle Robert, Clockston
Morrison Margaret, Shakelhill
Morton John, Easter Smithstone
Murdoch James, Dykes
Murdoch James, Roadend
Neil Mrs. West Dourd
Ramsay James & William, Yett
Rennie John, Wee Scoutts
Sloan Andrew, Bourtreebush
Sloan Hugh, Brownhill
Smith Hugh. Tofts
I Stevenson Allan, Parkhill
] Steward James, Drumley
Tannock John, Middleton Hill
Tannock William, Woodend
Taylor Arthur, Wester Smithstone
Walker John, Raggethill
Wallace James, Lochlea
Wallace Robert, High Drumley
Watson Andrew, Yonderton
White John, Tannock hill
Wilson Alexander, Outmains
Wilson Arthur, Moss Side
Wilson Mrs. Fail
Wilson Robert, Torcross
Aim bank.
I Cameron Rev. Alexander, Established
Church manse
Clarke James, Annbank house
Macdonald Rev. James (Roman Catholic)
McGill James M., M.B
Annbank Co-operative Society Limited
Ayr Colliery Stores, grocers & butchers
Henderson Thomas, miller, Previck mill
McGill James M., M.B. surgeon, & certi-
fying factory surgeon for Annbank dist
TROON is a municipal burgh and 6eaport
in the parish of Dundonald, 75 mi led
south-west from Edinburgh, 31 south-west
from Glasgow, 7 south from Irvine, 9
south-west from Kilmarnock and about 8
north from Ayr, with a terminal etation
on a branch of the Glasgow and South
Western railway. The bay is extensive,
â– and the port also has the advantage of
a secure harbour, into which vessels of
.great burthen can confidently enter with
the wind from almost any point. There
are two superior dry docks for repairing
vessels, large storehouses, a ship-building
j-ard, and a rope and sail manufactory.
Under the provisions of Part I. of the
" Merchant Shipping Act, 1894," 9 vessels
'equal to 1,441 tons register, were registered
.-as belonging to the port, December 31, 1902.
In the general coasting trade 703 vessels
entered in 1902 of 91,550 tons; cleared, 476
-of 54,329 tons. In the intercourse between
Great Britain and Ireland 573 entered,
tonnage, 66,002; cleared, 739, 78,893 ton-
nage. The number of sailing and steam
vessels that entered the port in 1902 was —
British 67, of 65,135 tons, and foreign 20,
of 12,690 tons. The number cleared was —
British 112, 80,864 tonnage, and foreign 31,
•of 17,052 tonnage. The total value of thf
imports in 1902 was £155,621, iron ore
being the principal article, £96,921. The
total value of the exports of British and
Irish produce in 1902 was £74,171, £61,262
-of which was coal. A line of railway from
the extremity of the harbour to Kilmar-
nock conveys immense quantities of coal,
thence shipped to Ireland, France &c.
This place also affords pood boating am 1
-sea bathing, and has become one of the
most popular and healthy watering place;.
on the west coast, so that in summer the
population is nearly trebled. The Ailsa
Shipbuilding Co. Limited carry on a large
shipbuilding business here. The town is
increasing rapidly, and many fine resi-
dences are being erected. The town is
lighted with gas from works now belong-
ing to the Town Council, and new water-
works have been provided at a cost of
£20,000. The British Linen Co.'s Bank
has one branch and the Union Bank of
Scotland two branches here. The Unionist
Club, on Temple hill, erected in 1894, is a
tine building, containing reading and bil-
liard rooms and a spacious hall, in which
entertainments are given; the town
branch of the Union Bank also occupies
part of these premises. The Established
church was erected in 1896, and there are
the Portland and St. Meddans United
Free churches and a Roman Catholic
chapel. Near the town are extensive golf
links, with a club house; there is also a
ladies' golf course and club house. A local
newspaper, the "Troon Herald/' is pub-
lished here on Fridays. The area of the
burgh is 833 acres ; rateable value,
£36,000; the population in 1901 was 4,764
bnrgh, 5,181 ecclesiastical.
Barassie is a sea bathing village, on the
Firth of Clyde, a mile and a half north of
Troon, with a station on the Glasgow and
South Western railway.
Loans is a village, 2 miles north-east of
Post, T., Telephone, M. O.. T. M. O., Eso.
Delry. & PI. Pt. Office, S. B. & Anu. &
Ins. Office, Ayr street; William McNeil,
nostmaster. Deliveries, 7.10 a.m. & 2.10 &
6.30 p.m.; dispatches, 6.45 & 11.20 a.m
& 1.50, 3.25, 5.10, 5.40, 6.45, 8 & s'
p.m. Sundays, dispatch, 9 p.m. ; de-
livery to callers from 9 to 10 a.m
Post & T. O. Harbour. Delivery, 9 a.m. :
dispatches, wall box collections, 10.25
a.m. & 1, 3.15 & 7 p.m
Post Office, Loans; Mrs. Marion Wright,
sub-postmistress. Deliveries from Troon;
dispatchss, 10.5 a.m. & 4.15 p.m. The
nearest money order & telegraph office
is at Troon, 2 miles distant
Meet in the Burgh buildings on the second
monday of each month, at 7.30 p.m
Provost, John Logan J.P
Bailies, Hugh Watt & William Mackie
Councillors, James Connell, Gilbert Smith,
Alexander Muir, William Robertson, R.
A. Miller & Robert Neill
Town Clerk & Police Court Assessor,
Robert Young
Treasurer & Collector of Rates, Rt.F.Black
Burgh Surveyor & Sanitary Inspector &c.
Andrew Black
Medical Officer, C R. Macdonald M.D.,
Burgh Prosecutor, Peter H. Waddell
Auditor, D. McAllister, accountant,Glasgw
Austria & Hungary, Peter Perivancich,
Temple hill
Norway & Sweden, George Paton (& con-
sular agent for Germany), Harbour
United States, Peter H. Waddell, consular
agent, Temple hill
Custom House, John Murphy, superinten-
dent; J. Mcintosh, second officer

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