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puddling furnaceB and rolling mills con-! Jackson Thomas, Bank house
stantly in operation, for the manufacture I Loudon Rev. Thos. to. (Evangelical Union)
of pig and malleable iron, besides extensive Mar; ' '
works for the manufacture of chemicals.
There is a branch here of the Clydesdale
Bank Limited. The Baird Institute, opened
in Nov. 1887, was the gift to the town
of J. G. A. Baird esq. M.P. and is a
building in the Domestic Gothic style,
consisting of reading and recreation rooms,
and a library &c. ; the total cost was over
£2,000. There is also a Temperance Hall.
Fairs are held for hiring on the first
Tuesdav after the 18th February and tne
first Thursday after the 18th December,
and for pleasure &c. on the second Friday
in June. The principal landowners are
Charles Howatson esq. J.P. of Glenbuck ;
the Earl of Home K.T., V.D. ; John G-. A.
Baird esq. M.P., D.L., J.P. of Muirkirk;
Col. the Hon. Augustus M. Cathcart, of
Kirkby Malzeard, Yorks; the trustees of
the late Comm. Carleton Tufnell E.N. of
Dollars, and Sir Windham Robert C. An-
struther bart. of Carmichael House, Thank-
erton. Area, 30,263 acres; rateable value,
£24,871, and railways, £3.222; the popula-
tion in 1891 was 5,165, and in 1901, 5,670,
including 3,892 in the town.
Glenbuck is a small mining village in the
parish of Muirkirk, about 3 miles north-east
from that place, with a station on the
Caledonian railway, about, one mile from
the village. The works of the Cairntable
Gas Coal Co. Limited give employment to
a large number of the inhabitants. Popu-
lation in 1901, 1,037.
Post, T-, M. 0., T. M. 0., E. D. & P. P.
Office, S. B. & A. & I. Office, Muirkirk
(Railway Sub-Office. Letters should have
R.S.O. Ayrshire added) : William &.
Blackwood, postmaster. Deliveries, 8 &
9.30 a.m. & 6.15 p.m.; dispatches, 6.50
& 10 a.m. & 3.50 & 7.45 p.m
Post & M. O. O. & S. B. Glenbuck; Mrs.
Jane Muir, postmistress. Letters received
through Douglas S.O. Lanarkshire. De-
livery, 9.30 a.m.; dispatch, 3.5 p.m. The
telegraph office is at Glenbuck railway
station, which is open from 8 a.m. to
6.30 p.m
Marshall Thomas Bur:
dale house
Montgomery Rev. Robt. B.D. (Established)
The Manse
Puissant Rev. Leo. John (R.C)
Ritchie James L.R.C.P. & S.Edin. Cun-
ningham house
Stewart Alexander J.P. Springhill
Watson Claud R. Auldhouseburn
Chairman, James Johnson
Clerk, Robert A. Leslie
Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages &
Inspector of Poor, Robert A. Leslie
Baird's Institute, Muirkirk, Rev. 'James
Greenshields M.A. sec
Constabulary Station, Muirkirk, James
Grant, sergeant
Temperance Hall, Muirkirk, Walter Weir,
hall keeper
Established Churches: —
Muirkirk, Rev. Robert Montgomery B.D
Glenbuck, Rev. Colin A. Mackenzie
United Free Churches: —
Chalmers, Rev. James Greenshields M.A
Main street, Rev. John Dun-das
Evangelical Union, Rev. Thos. S. Loudon
Roman Catholic (St. Thomas's), Rev. Leo.
John Puissant
Chairman, James Johnstone J.P
Clerk & Treasurer, Robert A. Leslie
Furnace Road Public School, Muirkirk,
Richard Cunningham, master
Main Street Public School, Muirkirk,
Alexander Donald, master
Glenbuck, John Rodger, master
Wellwood, Miss Bella Ross, mistress
Roman Catholic School (St. Thomas's),
Mrs. Mary Dick, mistress
On the Glasgow & South Western & Cale-
donian lines.
Station, contiguous to the town. William Y.
Miller, station master; Alexander Bar
hour, goods agent
Station, Glenbuck, David Currie, station
Angus John J.P. Irondale house
Baird John George Alexander M.P., D.L.,
J.P. Wellwood house ; & 89 Eaton square
& Carlton club, London S W
Carruthers David, Cairn house
Pundas Rev. John, United Free manse
Alexander James, china & glass dealer
Anderson Thomas, confectioner & fruiterer
Armstrong John, painter
Baird Wm. & Co. Limited (John Angus,
manager), coal & iron masters & chemi-
cal manufacturers ;TA " Iron,Muirkirk '
Baird Charles, hair dresser
Baird's Institute (Rev.James Greenshields
Black Hugh, solicitor
Blackwood James, painter
Blackwood William, joiner & undertaker
Blackwood William S. bookseller, stationer
news agt. & insurance agent, Post office
Blyth John, butcher
Brown Elizabeth (Mrs.), hardware dealer &
ironmonger (retail)
Cafolla John B. confectioner
Carruthers David L.R.C.P. & S.Edin. sur-
geon, & medical officer to Muirkirk
parish council, Cairns
Clydesdale Bank Limited (branch) (Thos,
Jackson, agent; Bobert Donald, account-
ant) ; draw on London office, 30 Lom-
bard street E C
Dickson James, tailor & clothier
Dunbar James, spirit dealer
Dunbar John David, grain merchant
Dunn Elizabeth (Mrs.), boot & shoe dealer
& draper
Eglmton Arms Hotel (family &
commercial); posting: in all
its branches (Robt. Morrison!
Fettes Peter, tailor
Floyd H. & A. dress makers
Gibson James, joiner & undertaker
Gibson Thomas (Mrs.), grocer & genl. dlr
Greenwood David, cycle agent
Hair John, draper & hatter
Halliday John, grocer & general dealer
Hamilton William, blacksmith
Harkness Robt. spirit dlr.Black Bottle P.H
Henderson Thomas, livery stable keeper
Henderson William, butcher
Hendry John, spirit dealer
Hogg John, baker
Hutchison John G. Douglas Arms P.H
Irvine Maggie (Miss), dress maker
Jack Robert, draper, tailor & clothier
Jackson Thomas, sec. & treasurer to the
Muirkirk Gas Light Co. Limited, clerk
to heritors & bank & insurance agent
Johnston Janet (Mrs.), grocer & genl. dh
Kennedy John, ironmonger
Kerr David, butcher
Kerr John, grocer & general dealer
Law James, draper & dress maker
Leslie Robert A. clerk to parish council,
registrar of births, deaths & marriages,
inspector of poor, clerk & treasurer to
school board, rate collector, sanitary
inspector & insurance agent, Remore
Liddell Joseph, spirit dealer
Lindsay William, baker
M'Donald John, spirit dealer
McNeil Thomas, jeweller & watch maker
Marshall Thomas Burns M.B. & CM. sur-
geon, Irondale house
Mitchell James H. ironmonger
Morran Patrick, greengrocer
Morrison Robert, Eglinton Arms hotel, &
posting hou
Morrison William, jobmaster & livery stable
keeper, Eglinton Arms Hotel stables
Muir Alex. & Son, grocers & spirit dealers
Muirkirk Angling Association (Thomas
Morrison, sec)
Muirkirk Bowling Club (Hugh Bell, sec)
Muirkirk Co-operative Society Limited
(Andrew Welsh, sec)
Muirkirk Gas Light Co. Limited (Thomas
Jackson, sec. & treasurer ; Thomas
Sloan, manager)
Muirkirk Iron Works Co-operative Society
(James Houston, manager)
Murdoch James, boot & shoe maker
Murdoch William, grocer & spirit dealer
Murdock James, boot & shoe maker
Pearson Wm. tailor, draper & dress maker
Peters William, watch & clock maker
Pollock Alexander, fishmonger
Rennie Robert, spirit dealer, Eagle tavern
Rowe Ezekiel, confectioner
Shaw James, tailor, clothier & draper
Sloan Samuel, gas manager for William
Baird & Co. Limited
Smith Gregor McGregor, Masons' Arms htl
Smith James, boot & shoe dealer
Smith James, fishmonger
Smith William S. stationer & printer
Stewart Alexander, cashier, Springhill
Temperance Hall (Walter Weir, hall kpr)
Vallance William, butcher
Walker William, mineral water manufactr
Weir Jn. S. booksllr. stationr. & news agt
Weir William, confectioner
Whyte Thomas, tailor & clothier
Wilson Annie (Mrs.), Empire Bar P.H
Wilson Janet (Mrs.), grocer & general dlr
Wilson Thomas, plumber & gasfitter
Wilson William, tobacconist
Young James, plumber, slater, ironmonger
& hardware dealer
Allan John, Holmhead
Anderson James, Greenock Dyke
Anderson William, Over Whitehaugh
Buchanan Thomas, Upper Wellwood &
Clark James, Crossflat & Ashieburn
Craig Daniel, Netherwood
Findlay William, Aitkencleugh
Foster John & William, Greenock Mains
Gemmell Gibert A. & Garvin, Lower
Whitehaugh & Garpel
Hamilton James, Nether Wellwood
Howatson Charles esq. J.P. Glenbuck
Johnston James, Airdsgreen, Glenbuck,
Douglas S.O
Lawson James, Lightshaws
McGillivrey William, Auldhouseburn
M'Kerrow Frank, Burnfoot
M'Kerrow & Robertson, Spierslack, Glen-
buck, Douglas S.O
Mitchell James, Waterhead & Middlefield
Moffatt Robert, John & George, Kaimes &
Murdoch Alexander & Wm. Townhead
Pate Daniel B. Darnhunch, Glenbuck,
Douglas S.O
Scott William, Dalfram & March House
Scott William, Middle Wellwood
Semple Matthew & Andrew, Tardoes
Shearer William, Nether Hall
Thomson Francis, Grasshills, Glenbuck &
West Glenbuck
Wallace Robert, Priesthill & Linburn
Wight John, Upper Hall
Willison John, Little Darnhunch & Parish-
holm, Douglas S.O
White Thomas, Greenside
Hamilton William F. The Lodge
Howatson Charles J.P. Glenbuck house
Mackenzie Rev. Colin A. (Established),
The Manse
Cairntable Co-operative Society
Greenshields Rev. James M.A. Chalmers Ritchie James L.R.C.P. & S.Edin. surgeon
United Free Church manse I Cunningham house
Ronald William, confectioner
Hamilton, manager)
Cairntable Gas Coal Co. Limited (John
Clarkson, sec); office, 75 Bothwell at.
Glenbuck Co-operative Society (Robert
Anderson, sec)
Hamilton Alexander, butcher
Kerr Eliza (Miss), draper
Kerr John, grocer & general dealer
Kitch Frank, cashier
Lang Robert, draper
Milliken Robert, confectioner & fruiterer
Morton William, spirit dealer
Muir Jane (Mrs.), grocer & general dealer,
Post office
NEWMILNS is a manufacturing town,
situated on the river Irvine, in the parishes
of Loudoun and Galston, 2 miles east of
Galston, 24 south of Glasgow and 18 north-
east of Ayr, on a branch of the Glasgow
and South Western railway from Kilmar-
nock to Darvel ; it is (with Greenholm) a
burgh in the poor combination of Cunning-
hame and small debt court district of Kil-
marnock. It was first created a burgh of
barony in 1490 by King James IV. and
this charter was confirmed by Sir Matthew
Campbell, of Loudoun, in 1566. The
bailies are competent to hold courts, from
which there is no appeal, except to the
court of sessions, and in other respects
their jurisdiction is as ample as that of
most royal burghs. The manufacture of
muslins and lace is carried on here exten-
sively, a large number of hands being
employed in this branch. A Board school
was erected in 1894-5 at a cost of about
£7,000; there is also one endowed by the

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