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Finnie & Toung, ironmongers, 37 King at
Fire Engine Station (Hugh Martin, capt.
of fire brigade), Green street
Fisher Adam, coal agent, 15 Welbeok st
Fisher Alexander, householder, 7 Hill atreet
Fisher John, bookseller, stationer & news
agent, 97 Portland street
Fisher Mary(Mrs.),drysalter,63 Eobertson pi
Fisher Thos. coal agent, 59 John Finnie st
Fleming John & Co. lace curtain manufac
turers, Irvine bank
Fleming, Reid & Co.I/m. hosiers, 83 King st
Forbes Walter, merchant (W. Rankin &
Son), 7 Dundonald road
Forbes William G., M.R.C.V.S. veterinary
surgeon, Regent street; Nat. Tel. No. 039
Ford John, plasterer & slater, 5 Kirkton-
holm street
Forrest John, town officer, 33 London road
Forrest Robert, builder (Boyd & Forrest),
Prosen house, Stewarton
Forsyth Wm. excise officer, 4 Portland ter
Fraser, Frasers & Co. hosiery manufac-
turers, Lovat works, Irvine bank; T A
"Frasers, Kilmarnock"
Fraser Alexander, iron founder (A. Strang
& Co. Limited), 3 Grange knowe
Fraser Donald, tailor, 9 Portland street
Fraser Thomas D. manufacturer (Fraser,
Frasers & Co.)t Miliburn, London road
Frew William M.D. surgeon, Walmer, 3
Dundonald road; T N 36
Frier James, agent for the British Linen
Co. Bank (branch), 55 John Finnie street
Fulton Andrew, dairyman, 14 Morton place
Fulton David, market gardener, Straw-
berrybank road
Fulton George, boot maker, 4 Titchfield at
Fulton George, draughtsman, 3 Rennie st
Fulton Hugh, fruiterer & confectioner, 85
Titchfield street
Fulton James, school board officer, 16 West
Nethcrton street
Fulton John, tailor, 34 King street
Fulton William, bookseller & news agent.
25 Titchfield street
Gailey Thomas, railway constab'.e, 8 Blair st
Gairdner David G, J.P. joint agent for the
Union Bank of Scotland Limited, Union
Bank house, Bank street
Gairdner William C. joint agent for the
Union Bank of Scotland Limited, Union
Bank house, Bank street
Gardiner Alexander, mechanic, 13 Rennie st
Gardiner John, spirit dealer, 64 Portland st
Gardner John, spirit dealer, 08 Titchfield
street & 64 Portland street
Gardner Robert, surgeon, 25 Dundonald rd
Garriock Mary (Miss), ladies' school, 20
Dundonald road
Gartshore Alexander, draper, 30 Bank st
Gartshore John Marr, draper, 60 Portland
street; res. 39 South Hamilton street
Gartshore Marion (Miss), millnr.28 Bank st
Gartshore Robert, boot ma. 119 Titchfield st
Garven Alex. & Sons, drapers, 25 King st
Garven Alexander, householder, 17 Charles st
Garven Robert, plumber, Dunlop street
Gas & Water Rate Office (John Haggo,
collector & treasurer), Exchange build-
ings, Green street
Gass Annie (Mrs.), grocer, 48 Beansburn
Gebbie James, iron moulder, 23 McLelland
Gebbie Robert, boot maker, 15 King atreet
& West George street ; res, 21 Ellis st
Gemmell Hugh, househldr. 29 Woodstock Bt
Gemmill . & Dunsrnore, wool spinners &
wooden manufacturers, 81 Portland at. ;
works, Townho'.m mills
Gemmill Hugh, ironmonger, 68 Portland
street ; res. 20 Portland road
Gemmill James Reid, accountant, 4 Bank
place; res. 14 Portland road
Gemmill Robert, woollen manufacturer
(Gemmill & Dunsrnore), 6 Portland road
Gibson & Reid, dyers. 107 King street
Gibson Allan, teacher, 14 McLelland drive
Gibson Jn. brass moulder, McLelland* drive
Gibson John, confectioner, 6 Dundonald rd
Gibson John, grocer, 29 McLelland drive
Gibson John Ewing, solicitor (Anderson &
Gibson Matthew, glass & china dealer, 4*
St. Marnock street; res. 1 Barbadoes road
Gibson Robert, cashier, 54 Sth. Hamilton st
Gibson William, china &c. dealer, 52 Port-
land street; res. 56 Dundonald road
Gibson William, manufacturer (Hannah &
Gibson), 9 Howard street
Gilchrist Archibald & Hugh, painters,
Wardend, Grange street
Gilchrist Jeanie & Maggie (Misses),
fruiterers & confectioners, 25JohnFinnie st
Gilchrist James, tailor, 1 Cheapside street;
res. 3 Ellis street
Gilchrist John, painter, 24 St. Andrew's st
Gilchrist Thos. hsehldr. 57 Woodstock st
Gillespie William, builder, 8 Loanhead st
Gilmour, Anderson & Co. coal masters &
manufacturers of fire-clay goods, glazed
bricks &c. Bonnvton Fire-Clay works;
T N 66; T A "Bonnyton Codiery, Kil-
marnock "
Gilmour & Smith, preserve manufacturers,
Low Glencairn street; T N 0241; T A
'' Preserves, Kilmarnock "
Gilmour Alexander, grocer & spirit dealer,
59 High Glencairn atreet
Gilmour Jas. foreman buildr. 22 Arbuckle st
Gilmour John, confectioner, 110 Titchfield st
Gilmour William, bank accountant, 43
Fullarton street
Gilmour William, joiner, 23 Bentinck street
Glasgow & South Western Railway En-
gineering Works (James Manson, supt)
Glass Isabella(Mrs.),stay ma. 75 Titchfield st
Glas3 Peter, householder, Kirktonholm st
Gienfiold & Kennedy Limited,
hydraulic & sanitary en-
gineers & iron founders,
manufacturers of water-
works fittings, hydraulic &
pumping machinery, Low
Glencairn street; T N 28; T A
" Glcnfield, Kilmarnock "
Goldberg Harry, boot & shoe maker, 19
Flore street
Goldie Andrew, shop manager, 26 Glebe rd
Goldie George, fruiterer, 15 Green street
Good George, fishmonger, 2 Bonnyton road
6 121 Titchfield atreet
Good John, tailor, 5 Princes street
Gordon John, confectioner & greengrocer,
7 Gilmour street
Goudie John W. cashier, Union Bank of
Scotland Limited, 32 Bank street
Goudie William, foreman coach painter, 5
South Dean road
Gow Jane (Miss), tailoress, 3 Clark street
Gowan James, boot maker, 8 Green atreet
Graham Brothers, paintera,41 Grange street
Graham Robert, bookseller & news agent,
Railway station
Grammar School (David Murray M.A.,
B.Sc. head master), Dundonald road
Grant, Ritchie & Co. engineers,
iron founders, boiler makers,
locomotive builders & mill-
wrights, Townholm Engine
works; T A "Grant, Kilmarnock."
See advertisement
Grant Neil, superintendent of Model lodg-
ing house, Ladeside
Grant Thomas M. engineer (Grant, Ritchie
& Co.), Glasgow
Gray Agnes (Miss), fruiterer & confectioner,
4 Bonnyton road
Gray Mary (Miss), dress maker, 63 Grange st
Gray Robert, draper & hosiery manufac-
turer, 5 Duke street
Green Fredk. drapers' assist. 4 Wards place
Green Robert J. tailor, 46 Park street
Greenhill James H. insurance agent, 12
Old Mill road
Greenlees & Sons, boot & shoe dlrs.61King Bt
Greenahlelds James, shopkeeper, 1 Boyd Bt
Greenway John, china & giass dealer, 11
& 13 Portland st. ; res. 61 Dundonald rd
Gregory, Thomsons & Co. carpet manufac-
turers & worsted spinners, Green street;
T A " Factory, Kilmarnock "
Greig Alexander, coal & potato merchant,
22 St. Marnock st. & St. Marnock Biding
Grier Robert, supt. of Kay pk. Kay park
Griffith William, teacher of music, Welling-
ton street
Guthrie Francis, clerk, 10 William street
Guthrie James, solicitor (firm, Laird &
Guthrie), 38 Portland street
Haggo John, town chamberlain & co'.lector
of burgh assessments, clerk & treasurer
to cemetery, also collector <& treasurer to
gas & water departments, Green street;
T N 63 ; res. 32 Kay Park crescent
Haggo Matthew, stationer, 72 King street
Haining George, boot maker, 21 Bank at
Hair Jamea, cabinet maker & upholsterer,
John Finnie street & 12 Langlands street
Kail Daniel, wholesale sta-
tioner, printer, bookseller &
paper mer. West George st
Hall Edward, draughtsman, 6 Glebe avenue
Hamilton Elizabeth (Mrs.), registry office
for servants, 14 Cheapside street
Ham : lton Hugh,spj:it dealer, 16 Cheapside st
Hamilton James, c'.erk, 36 Thomson street
Hamilton Jas. draughtsman, 47 Fullarton at
Hamilton John, fruiterer, 66 King street
Hamilton Joseph, tailor, 4 Park street
Hamilton William,housphoIder,12 Seaford at
Hannah & Gibson, tweed manufacturers,
Irvine Bank mills, Irvine bank
Hannah Andrew, draper, 5 & 7 Back lane
Hannah Andrew, tailor, 72 St. Andrew st
Hannah James, grocer & wine & spirit
dea.ler, 12 Strand street
Hannah James, provision mer. 12 Fore st
Hannah James, tweed mannfactarer
(Hannah & Gibson), 28 Glebe road
Hannah William, dining room kpr.6 Bank at
Hardie Joseph, draper, 84 Portland street
Hardie Joseph, mechanic, 18 William street
Harrison Robert F. clerk, 2 Cuthbert place
Hart Patrick Campbell, civil engineer &
land surveyor, 32 John Finnie street
Hare Thomas, foreman, 37 Fullarton street
Hay Jamea, architect, John Dickie street;
res. Leslie lodge, South Hamilton street
Hay John, factor to the trustees of the late-
Carleton Tufnell, 8 Rennie street
Hay Neil Thomson, grocer, 46 Robertson,
place & spirit dealer, 1 North Hamilton
street; res. 7 Ellis street
Henderson Andrew, spirit dlr. 47 Witch rd;
Henderson Everard, temperance htl. Hill st
Henderson James, solicitor, J.P. procura-
tor fiscal for Kilmarnock,9 John Dickie st:
Henderson Jane (Mrs.), spirit dealer, 34:
Langlands street
Henderson Jane Campbell (Mrs.), honse-
holder, 43 Woodstock street
Henderson Lizzie (Miss), grocer &c. 41
Titchfield atreet
Henderson Richard, clerk of works & sur-
veyor, Portland estate office, John Finnie
street; res. St. Margaret's, Dundonald rd
Hendry Cochrane Scott, com. trav.6 Park la
Hepworth J. & Son Lim.c'oth:ers,35 King st:
Heron John, artificial teeth ma. 67 King st
Heron William, householder, 6 William st
Hetherington Christopher, hatter, 20 West
George street
Hetherington Christr. hsehldr. 4 Cuthbert st
Hoggins Agnes (Mrs.), confectioner, 67
High Glencairn street
Higgins John, shopkeeper, 23 Robertson pi
H.ghet Robert, colliery cashier, 24 Straw-
berrybank road
Highet Robert, manager, 12 Thomson street
Hill George, chief constable, burgh fiscal &
billet master, Sturrock street; res. 1&
Dundonald road
Hislop Wm. boot maker, 102 John Finnie st
Hobbin Thomas, Royal hotel, Duke atreet
Hodge Thomas, clothier (Stewart Brothers},,
Hazel villa, 41 London road
Holm Foundry Co. iron founders, Low
Glencairn street
Home & Colonial Stores Limited, grocers,.
36 King street
Hood James & Son (estab-
lished 1832), cabinet makers,
upholsterers & complete
house furnishers, blind
makers of every description, under-
takers & funeral furnishers,
interior decorators, & art:
furniture; the largest stock in the
West of Scotland : removal con-
tractors by rail, road or sea?
head office & show rooms, 43 to 49 John.
Finnie street; Nat. Tel. 0208; illustrated
catalogues on application ; res. James-
. Hood (provost of Kilmarnock), Howard st
Hood Alexander, cabinet maker (James
Hood & Son); res. 66 Woodstock streeir
Hood James (provost of Kilmarnock)
(James Hood & Son, cabinet makers);.
res. Sherwood villa, 1 Howard street
Hood Wm. insurance agent, 7 Lindsay st
Horticultural tn Floricultural Society (Smith*
& Wallace, sees.), 10 Queen street
Hosiery Manufacturing Co. hosiers, 44 King.
Houston Alexander, foreman pattern
maker, 11 Wallace street
Houston Robert, pawnbrokers' salesman, 6y
8 & 10 Waterloo street
Howie James, baker, 6 Wellington street
Howie John A. pattern maker, South
Hamilton place
Howie Miss Mary, householder, 27 Dun-
donald road
Hughes Philip, mechanic, 10 Rennie street-
Hunter Edward, carpet manufacturer
(Gregory, Thomsons & Co.), Monacherra r
London road
Hunter Geo. boot ma. 39 High Glencairn si
Hunter James, baker, 1 Armour street
Hunter James, baker, 80 St. Andrew st
Hunter John, glazier, Garden street
Hunter Margaret O. (Mrs.), boot maker,.
19 Titchfield street
Hunter Robert, boot maker, 14 Back st
Hunter Robert Lang, tailor, 23 Portland st
Hunter Robert W. draper (Dale & Hunter)
Hunter Thomas, mechanic, 18 Nursery st
Hunter William, fruiterer & confectioner,.
92 Titchfield street
Husband John, coal agent & contractor,
65 Low Glencairn street
Hutchison Jas. joiner, 43 St. Andrew st
Inglis Annie (Mrs.), househldr. 84 Dean st
Inglis James, carting contractor, 22 Water-
loo street

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