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Conner Arthur, engineer (Dick Kerr & Co.
Limited), 6 Grange knowe
Conservative Association of North Ayrshire
(James Finlay, sec), 14 Duke street
Conservative Club (John Curdie, sec. ; Win.
C. Strang, treasurer), Sturrock street
Cook James, janitor Oddfellows' hall, Col-
lege wynd
Cook John, pattern maker, 19 McLelland
Cook Joseph, photographer, 65 King street
Corn Exchange Company (Andrew Turn-
bull, sec. & treasurer ; John Dunbar,
officer), 4 Bank place
Corn Exchange Hall, Duke street
Corporation Gas Office & "Works (William
Fairweather, engineer & manager), West
Langlands street
Corson Alexander, clerk, 1 Glebe avenue
Corson Thomas, boot & shoe ma. 39 Bank st
Cosgrove Michael, pig dealer, 45 High st
Court Thomas, grocer, 44 Park street
Cowan Wm. com. trav. 7 McLelland drive
Cowie Frank Edward Watson, engineer
(post office), 26 North Hamilton street
Crabbe Alex. G. clerk, 39 Fullarton street
Craig & Auld, cabinet makers, 80 King at
Craig; J. & M. Limited, manu-
facturers of fire bricks,
enamelled bricks, paving;
tiles, sewerage pipes, cattle
troughs, chimney cans,
flower vases & all kinds
of fire-clay goods; all kinds
of sanitary earthenware;
glazed waEl tiles, white &
tinted. Hillhead & Perceton
fire-clay works, Longpark
pottery & Hillhead colliery;
T N 17; T A " Craig, Kilmarnock "
Cra^g John & Son, cabinet makers, joiners
& undertakers &c. 43, 49 & 51 Portland st
Craig Alexander, shopkeeper,32 Robertson pi
Oraig James J. P. fire-clay manufacturer (J.
& M. Craig Limited), Deanmont, London
road ; T N 25
Craig John, butcher, 8 Queen street
Craig John, cabinet maker (John Craig &
Son), 7 Howard Park drive
Craig John, sanitary inspector to the
County Council, 74 John Finnie street
Craig John Woodrow, grocer, 53 High Glen-
cairn street; 5 Titchfield street; &6
Portland street & 49 Robertson piece
Craig Thomas, stationer (D. Brown & Co.),
Mackinlay terrace
Crawford Henry M. secretary to the Kil-
marnock Co-operative Beading Boom &
Library, John Finnie street
Crawford John, pattern maker, 109 St.
Andrew street
Crawford Mary (Miss), dress maker, 14
Back street
Oreig Colin, confectioner, 23 Sturrock st
Cringan Wm. umbrella ma. 8 Titchfield st
Crooks Adam & Son, skinners & rug manu-
facturers, Welbeck street; T A " Crooks,
Kilmarnock "
Crooks John & Son, sweet fat manufac-
turers & tallow merchants, 13 Howard
Park drive
Crooks Adam, skinner (A. Crooks & Son),
Irvine bank
Crooks Adam, spirit dlr.25 High Glencairn Bt
Crooks Jas. gas surveyor, 93 St. Andrew et
Crooks William, householder, South Hamil-
ton place
Ctosbie Peter, engineer, 20 High Glencairn
street; res. 42 Kirktonholm street
Cumming Robt. househldr. 15 Kay Park ter
Cunningham David, grocer, Bonny ton road
Cunningham James, butcher, 72 Portland st
Cunningham John, butcher, 5 Gilmour st
Cunningham John, mechanic, 4 McKinlay ter
Cunningham William, bank clerk, 37 South
Hamilton street
Curdie & Smith, solicitors, 65 King street
Curdie George, painter,52 Titchfield street;
res. Bentinck cottage, Bentinck street
Curdie John, solicitor (Curdie & Smith), 8
Bentinck street
Currie M. & A. bonnet manufrs. 53 High st
Currie Alexander, pawnbroker, 9 High st. ;
res. GO Beansburn
Currie Andrew, bonnet manufacturer (M. &
A. Currie), Elm Bank drive
Currie Matthew, bonnet manufacturer (M.
<& A. Currie), 2 Loanhead street
Cuthbert Alexander & Son, boot makers, 69
King street
Cuthbertson Allan, grocer, 49 Dean street
Cuthbertson John,, organising sec. of
technical education, Ayrshire County
Council, 4 Charles street *
Cuthbertson Matthew, spirit dealer, 51
Grange street; res. 18 Charles street
Cuthbertson William, grocer, 11 Dean st
Cuthbertson William, householder, 21
Witch road
Cuthbertson Wm. miller (water), New mills
Cuthbertson William, travelling draper, 38
Thomson street
Dale & Hunter, drapers, 92 & 94 King st
Dale <& Mair, carpenters, 32 Mill lane &
Nelson street
Dale James, boot maker, 39 Portland at. ;
res. 27 Thomson street
Daly & Foy, plasterers, High Glencairn st
Dalziel James, gas rate collector, 8 India at
Dalziel Saml. gas engnr. 34 Ray Park cres
Dalziel William, ironmonger, 46 Portland
street; res. 34 Ray Park crescent
Davidson J. & Co. brass founders &
finishers, Sturrock street
Davidson Alexander, chemist, 62 King st. ;
res. 20 Thomson street
Davie Robert & Son, wool & wool waste
merchants, Ladeside
Davie John, wool merchant (R. Davie &
Son), 42 Henrietta street
Davie Robert, wool merchant (R. Davie &
Son), X Kay Park terrace
Davis John, sanitary inspector for the
borough, Market bridge
Deans Andrew, tailors' cutter, 7 Manse st
Dearie John, hair dresser, 38 Titchfield st
Delvin John, spirit dealer, 15 Fore street
Denovan William, saw maker & cutler,
1 Nelson street
Desachy Elie, spirit dealer, 42 High street
Devlin Jeanie (Miss), dress maker,7 Bank st
Dick Brothers, motor & cycle agents &
dealers & agents for all the leading
makers, Duke st. & 68 John Finnie street
D»ck, Kerr & Co. Limited, engineers, iron
founders &c. North Hamilton street ;
head office, 110 Cannon street, London;
T N 5 ; T -i " Britannia, Kilmarnock "
Dick Institute (The) (Wm. Middlemas,
sec. & treasurer; Henry T. Simpson,
librarian), Elmbank, London road
Dick David, householder, 26 McKinlay ter
Dick David Craig, cycle manufacturer (Dick
Brothers), Nursery avenue
Dick Elizabeth (Mrs.), householder, 65 Ful-
larton street
Dick Elizabeth (Mrs.), baby linen ware-
house, 1 Titchfield street
Dick Mathew, cycle manufacturer (Dick
Brothers), 17 McLelland drive
Dick Michael B. district traffic agent for
Caledonian Railway Co. 25 Portland st. ;
res. 65 Fullarton street
Dick Wm. Pearson, saddler, 31 Portland st
Dickie, Fowlds & Co. seedsmen, 9 St. Mar-
nock street
Dickie William & Co. (trustees of), tailors,
31 & 33 John Finnie street
Dickie Alexander P. seedsman & sub-dis-
tributor of stamps (Dickie, Fowlds &
Co.), 9 Charles 6treet
Dickie Andrew R. grocer, 4 Witch road
Dickie Hugh B.A., LL.D. rector Kilmar-
nock Rcademy, Elmbank ; res. 5 South
Hamilton street
Dickie James, seedsman (Dickie, Fowlds &
Co.), 20 London road
Dickie Jane (Mrs.), househldr.20 Howard st
D.ckie Janet Currie (Miss), confr. 8 Bank st
Dickie Margaret (Mrs.), householder, 23
Woodstock street
Dickie William, foreman, 5 Park lane
Dickie William, householder,20 Strawberry-
bank road
Dickie Wm. Tennant,hsehldr. 14 Howard st
Dickmau William, tailor, Armour street
Dickson John Patrick, journalist, 57 South
Hamilton street
Dickson William, George hotel, 78 Portland
street & West George street; T N 20
Dinsdale Alfred, teacher of music, 43 Dun-
donald road
Dixon John, sweep, 28 Mill lane
Dobbie John, Portland Arms, The Cross
Dobson W. E. & F. Limited, lace curtain
manufacturers, Lawson street
Donald James & Co. iron
mongers & iron & steel m&r
chants, 14 Portland street &
14 West George street; T A
" Donald, Ironmonger, Kil-
marnock "
Donald Thomas & Sons, cattle salesmen.
West Langlands street
Dougall George, designer, 23 Glebe road
Douglas A. & W. tweed manufacturers,
Victoria mills, Irvine bank
Douglas, Reyburn & Co. wool spinners.
"Victoria mills, Irvine bank
Douglas Josephine Emma (Mrs.), servants'
registry office, 3 Strand street
Douglas Thomas A. veterinary surgeon, 30
Portland road
Douglas William, tweed manufacturer (A.
& W. Douglas), 4 Grange knowe
Dow William, plumber, brazier & tinsmith,
10 St. Marnock street ; res. 47 South
Hamilton street
Drummond Thomas, hay & straw merchant,
8 East George street; res. South Dean rd
Duff Thos. S. househldr. 29 Kay Park ores
Duke Guy, factor for Lord Howard De
Walden, Braehead, London road ; T N 2
Duncan Allen, joiner (J. Scott & Son), 51
Fullarton street
Duncan David Muir, grocer, 49 Fore street
Duncan Margaret ^Mrs.), spirit dealer, 113"
Titchfield street
Dunlop & Drennan, booksellers, printers. &
stationers & publishers of the " Kilmar-
nock Standard," 6 Portland street
Dunlop It. & J. F. cycle agents & dealers.
39 John Finnie street
Dunlop & Son, dentists, 1 Portland road
Dunlop Thomas & Sons, rug:
dyers & dressers & skin rug:
manufacturers, 1 Langlands st. ;
works, 27 High street
Dunlop George, printer (Dunlop & Dren-
nan), 7 Struan villas, Portland road
Dunlop Harry, dentist (Dunlop & Son), 52
Dundonald road
Dunlop James, oil merchant, 7 William st
Dunlop Janet (Mrs.), dress maker, 7?
Titchfield Btreet
Dunlop John L.D.S. dentist (Dunlop &
Son), 52 Dundonald road
Dunlop Thomas, cashier, 10 Thomson street
Dunlop Thomas, grocer, 1 Langlands st
Dunlop Thomson, sec. to J. & K. Howie
Limited, 10 Thomson street
Dunlop William, grocer, 11 St. Marnock st
Dunn John, professor of musio, North
Hamilton street
Dunn Peter, hair dresser, 16 Bank street
Eaglesham William, teacher of the violin.
Kilmarnock academy; res. Stewarton
Easdale William, draper, 10 Bank street
East Netherton Laundry (Mrs. Sarah Kelseyv
proprietress), 19 East Netherton street
Eastmans Limited, butchers, 5 Fore street
Easton David, chemists' assistant, 84 St.
Andrew street
Easton Wm. grocer & spirit deabr.20 Boyd st
Easun Hy.teachr. of music, 24 Dundonald rrl
Edgar James, superintendent of Kilmar-
nock cemetery, Holehouse road
Elder Falconer, plasterer, St. Marnock's
place ; res. 82 John Finnie street
Erskine Alexander, grocer, 70 Portland st. ;
res. 91 Dundonald street
Erskine James, cabinet maker, Braefoot
Exchange Buildings Co. (Michael Scoular,
chairman; Charles S. Beid, sec); office,.
8 Duke street
Fairlie Thomas, clerk, Fairlie, Wallace st
Fairweather William, engineer & manager,.
Corporation Gas works, West Langlands
street ; res. Park street
Ferguson Adam & Son, grocers, 24 Duke
street dc Woodstock street
Ferguson Jeanie & Mary (Misses), house-
holder, 4 Ellis street
Ferguson T. & J. cotton goods manufac-
turers, Nursery mills, West Netherton st
Ferguson Alexander, master of works, S»
South Dean road
Ferguson Alfred B. grocer (Adam Fergu-
son & Son)
Ferguson Andrew G. manufacturer (T. & J.
Ferguson), 5 Charles street
Ferguson James, gauge maker, 10 Nursery st
Ferguson James, householder, 41 Fullarton st
Ferguson James, manufacturer (T. & J.
Ferguson), 69 Dundonald road
Ferguson John, grocer «& spirit dealer, 125>
King street
Ferguson John, grocer, Low Glencairn st
Ferguson John.spirit dealer,76 Robertson pi
Ferguson Thomas, manufacturer (T. & J.
Ferguson), Seaford house, 3 Seaford st
Fergusson Mrs. Martha, spirit dli\12 Queen st
Ferrari Beltrami, fried fish shop, 37 Titch-
field street
Findlater Alexander, draper, dress maker &
clothier, 46 Titchfield street
Findlater Janet (Miss), milliner, 50 Titch-
field street
Findlay Agnes (Mrs.), painter & paper-
hanger, 75 Portland street
Findlay Andrew, householder, 30 South
Hamilton street
Findlay David, grocer, 1 Gilmour street
Findlay Jessie (Mrs.), householder, 9 Hill st
Findlay John, traveller, 44 Fullarton street
Findlay William, joiner, James Little street
Findlay William T. commercial traveller, 23
South Hamilton street
Findley David, herbalist, 133 Titchfield st
Finlay James, auctioneer &c. 14 Duke st. ;
res. Burnside. London road ; T N 1
Finnie Archibald & Son, coal masters, 53
John Finnie street; T N 21; T A
"Finnie, Kilmarnock"

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