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Blackwood Henry D. carpet manufacturer
(Blackwood Brothers & Co.), 8 Struan
villas, Portland road
Blackwood James, carpet manufacturer
(Rt. Blackwood & Sons), 71 Dundonald rd
Blackwood James W. carpet manufacturer
(Blackwood Brothers & Co.), 17 Glebe rd
Blackwood Robert, borough surveyor &
manager, Water Works office, & agent for
Scottish Union & National Insurance
Office, Market bridge; res.16 Portland ter
Blackwood William F. carpet manufacturer
(Robert Blackwood & Sons), Claremont,
London road
Blair James, merchant (W. Rankin & Son),
34 Dundonald road
Blane John, commission agent, Hunter's
hill, John Finnie street
Blane Robert, householder, 8 Kay Park ter
Bone Hugh, mechanic, 36 St. Andrew street
Bone James, pianoforte tuner, 82 Dean st
Bone Quintin, painter, 17 Bank street; res.
66 John Finnie street
Booth Geo. photographer, 5 John Dickie st
Borland & Greenlees Limited, coal mer-
chants, 2 Bank place
Borland Adam, inspector of weights &
measures for Kilmarnock burgh, Green st
Borland Agnes (Miss), fruiterer, 16 John
Finnie street
Borland Allan, tailors' cutter. 18 Witch rd
Borland James, clerk, 12 William street
Borland James, householder, 8 Seaford st
Borland James, sec. & treasurer to Ayr-
shire Coal Owners' Association &
Ayrshire Employers' Mutual Benefit Asso-
ciation, 8 Seaford street
Borland John, chemist (Rankin & Borland),
Navara, London road
Borland John, commercial traveller, 99 St.
Andrew street
Borland Margaret (Miss), householder, 25
Woodstock street
Borland William, warehouseman, 27 Wood-
stock street
Bowie Alexander, joiner, 79 Titchfield st
Bowie Henry, shopkeeper, 16 Dean street
Bowman David, mill foreman, 12 McKinlay
Boyd A. M. & Son, hosiers, 36 Portland st
Boyd & Forrest, builders, contractors,
masons & plasterers, West Langlands at. ;
T N 62 ; & Stewarton
Boyd Annie R. (Miss), boys' clothier, 99
Portland street
Boyd David, grocer, 115 King street; res,
Bells Hill cottage, St. Andrew street
Boyd David, pattern maker, 14 Nursery st
Boyd Elizabeth (Mrs.), boot & shoe dealer,
120 Titchfield street
Boyd Janet (Miss), baby linen warehouse,
24 High Glencairn street
Boyd John, builder (Boyd & Forrest), Pro-
sen house, Stewarton
Boyd John, householder, 28 Thomson street
Boyd Martin, tobacconist, 4 Portland st. ;
res. 41 Kay Park crescent
Boyd Robert, assistant master Grammar
school, 6 Manse street
Boyd Thomas, ironmonger &. drysalter, 90a,
Portland street
Boyd Thomas R. painter &c. 24 St. Mar-
nock street; res. 45 South Hamilton st
Boyd William, foreman mason, 4 Straw-
berry Bank road
Boyd William, householder, 15 South
Hamilton street
Boyd William G. chemist, West George st. ;
res. 12 Blair street
Boyd William Jack, tailor, 35 Portland st. ;
res. 13 South Dean road
Boyle Andrew, householder, 78 St. Andrew st
Boyle John, drysalter & oil &
colour merchant, 123 King
street; res. 87 Dundonald road
Brebner Elizabeth (Miss), feather cleaner &
dyer, 1 Douglas street
Breckenridge Jas. greengrocer, 17 Queen st
Brennan James, pawnbroker, 22 Bank st. ;
res. 22 Dundonaid road
Brice James C. inland revenue officer, 27
Witch road
Brice Walter, clerk, 4 Manse street
British Legal Life Assurance Co. Limited
(Andrew Wilson, supt.), 5 John Dickie st
British Linen Co. Bank (James Frier,
agent; Thomas Smith, teller), 55 John
Finnie street; draw on London office,
Threadneedle st. E C & Bank of England
Broadley John, confectioner, 11 High street
Brockie Joseph, agent for the Royal Bank
of Scotland (branch), 32 Portland street;
res. 34 Portland street
Brodie William, clerk, 77 Dundonald road
Brooke Walter, music teacher, 9 Hill street
Brown & Campbell, drapers, 41 King street
Brown D. & Co. stationers & printers, 2
King street
Brown James & Co. brewers & ale & porter
bottlers &, aerated water mfrs. Grange st
Brown John & Son, cabinet makers, Back la
Brown John & Son, house factors & ac-
countants, 87 King street
Brown Alexander P. coach builder (John
Peden & Co.), 14 Portland terrace
Brown Alexander P. house factor &c. (J.
Brown & Son), 10 Park lane
Brown Andrew, travelling draper, 30 Wel-
lington st. ; res. Wallace bnk. Wellington st
Brown Andrew Allen,clerk,16 Dundonald rd
Brown Craig, coal agent, 32 Old Mill road
Brown Daniel, cabinet maker & undertaker,
30 Titchfield street
Brown Graham, travelling drpr.ll Witch rd
Brown James, coach builder (J. Peden &
Co.), 15 Charles street
Brown James, spirit dealer, 10 Duke street
Brown James, tailor & clothier, 100 John
Finnie street; res. 6 McLelland drive
Brown James A. mechanic, 20 Rennie st
Brown John, buker, 13 St. Marnock street
Brown John, butcher, 98 Portland street &
2, *jc res. 8, Dean street
Brown John, cabinet maker, 31 Hill street
Brown John, draper (Hugh Lauder & Co.),
46 Dundonald road
Brown John, manager, 78 Hill street
Brown John, sanitary inspector.John Finnie
street; res. 50 Fullarton street
Brown John, truss & bandage maker, 19
Robertson place
Brown John, watch maker, 12 Duke street
Brown Mrs. Mary, householder, 8 Dean ter
Brown Mary(Mrs.), shopkeeper, 14 Grange st
Brown Robert, cooper, 73 Portland street;
res. 44 Witch road
Brown Robert, law clerk, 97 St. Andrew st
Brown Robert P. coach builder (J. Peden
& Co.), 25 Charles street
Brown Robert S. stationer (D. Brown & Co)
Brown Thomas, traveller, 18 Howard st
Brown William, brewer (James Brown &
Co.), Grange street
Brown William, mechanic, 14 Strawberry-
bank road
Brown William, tobacconist, 2 Fore street
Brown William Macadam, spirit dealer, 5
Waterloo street
Brownlee & Co. Limited, timber merchants
& saw mill proprietors (John Risk, man-
ager, Wallace bank), Bonnyton road ;
T A '' Brownlee, Kilmarnock "
Brownlee William, boot maker, 11 Fowlds st
Bruce Andrew, brass moulder, Wallace st
Bruce William, com. trav. 14 Arbuckle st
Bruce William, fishmonger, 116 Titchfield st
Brvan James, dentist, Portland house,
Titchfield street
Bryce James, grocer & spirit dealer, 1 Port-
land street; res. 18 Thomson street
Bryson Matthew, contractor, David's lane,
Duke street
Bryson Thomas, tailor, 81 King street; res.
3 Howard street
Buchanan Bequest, Bellfield Estate Office
(John Haggo, sec. & treasurer), Green st
Bullock David, spirit dealer, 69 Portland st
Bu.loh John, shopkeeper, 55 Witch road
Bunten Robert, spirit dealer 100, & tobac-
conist 24, Portland street
Burnet George Hunter, draper, 5 Queen st
Burnett James, engineer, 19 Princes street
Burns Memorial (The) Museum & Library,
Kay park
Burt Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 1 Low
Glencairn street
Butter Market (Adam Borland, collector),
Green street
Calderwood & Co. tailors, 30 John Finnie st
Calderwood Andrew, builder, contractor &
monumental sculptor; estimates furnished
& designs submitted for monuments,
statues, memorials &c. 21 John Finnie
street ; res. 2 Ellis street
Calderwood James, storekeeper, 5 Rennie st
Caldow Adam, patent shadow
less street lamps, forged iron
frames with all parts inter-
Also manufacturer of
Scotch mining: lamps.
Brass founder & plumber.
3 Braefoot; res. 39 Gilmour street.
See advertisement
Caldwell Joseph & Son, mineral water
manufacturers, Riverbank house, Low
Glencairn street
Caldwell William & Sons, engineers, smiths,
cycle makers & dealers, Irvine bank &
28 John Finnie street
Caldwell David, sec. to the Scottish Co-
operative Wholesale Society Limited,
Grange place; res. 46 South Hamilton st
Caledonian Railway Co.'s Offices (Michael
B. Dick, district agent), 25 Portland st.
& (John Shankland, carting agent) Hill
street; T X 6
Callan Mary (Mr3.), furniture broker, 7
Glencairn square
Callender liobt. boot maker, 75 Robertson pi
Cameron John & Son, watch
makers, manufacturing;
jewellers, gold & silver
smiths & diamond mer-
chants, 11 & 13 King street
Cameron & M'Cormack, grocers & spirit
dealers, 31 Clark street
Cameron Angus, police superintendent &
deputy chief constable, 33 North Hamil-
ton street
Cameron Daniel, coachman, 18 Strawberry-
bank road
Cameron David, hosiery maker, 40 Mill la
Cameron Hugh, grocer & grain merchant,
128 Titchfield street & West George st. ;
res. 8 Charles street
Campbell & Mitchell, grocers, 33 Witch road
Campbell Alexander, draper, 24 South
Hamilton street
Campbell Archibald, tailor, 31 St.Andrew st
Campbell Hugh, grocer, 96 Portland street
Campbell James (.Mrs.), grocer, 2 Welling-
ton street & The Cross
Campbell John, grocer, 28 High street
Campbell Malcolm, fruiterer, Railway sta-
tion, West George street
Campbell Thomas, boot ma. 131 Titchfield st
Carey Newell, confectioner,52;i, Robertson pi
Carey William, mining engineer, 1 Struan
vilias, Portland road
Carlin Francis, shopkeeper, 66 Fore street
Carnie John J.P. manufacturer
of wool & union shirtings,
West Netherton street; res. 21
Dundonald road
Carroll & Birrell, tailors, 71 High Glencairn
Carroll John, shopkeeper, 44 Dean street
Carruthers David, solicitor, J.P. clerk
depute, sheriff clerk depute, clerk to the
Kilmaurs & Symington school boards &
clerk to the commissioners of income
tax (Cuninghame district) (W. Hamilton
Wilson & Garruthers), Dunbeith, London rd
Carruthers Thomas G. watch maker, 14
Bentinck street
Carson James, householder, 35 Glebe road
Carson John A. messenger-at-
arms, & sheriff officer for
Ayrshire, Lanarkshire, Ren-
frew, Bute & Argyllshire;
Telephone 86a; 65 King st.;
& 48 Dundas street, Glasgow
Cemetery (James Edgar, superintendent ;
John Haggo, clerk & treas.), Green street
Chalmers & Ormiston, music & musical
instrument dealers, 81 Titchfield street
Chalmers John, station master, 2 Hill street
Chalmers Robt. tobacconist, 105 Titchfield st
Chalmers Wm. watch ma. 107 Titchfield st
Christie Andrew, ironmonger, 2 Duke st. ;
res. 41 Woodstock street
Cirillo Achillo, hair dresser, 114 Titchfield st
City of Glasgow Friendly Society (George
Richardson, agent), 6 Clark street
Clark R. & Sons, boot & shoe makers, 3
King street
Clark i£ Sons, boot & shoe manufacturers,
89 Titchfield street; T N 72; T A
" Clark, Kilmarnock "
Clark Wm. & Geo. householders, 15 Witch rd
Clark Alexander, boot maker (R. Clark &
Son), 56 South Hamilton street
Clark David, umbrella maker, 12 Green st.
& tailor, 7 Portland st. ; res. 7 Witch rd
Clark James, clothes dealer, 2 High street
Clark James, confectioner, 1 Witch road
Clark Jas. grain mer. National Bank bldgs
Clark Jas. insurance agent, 7 South Dean rd
Clark John, baker, 2 Bank street
Clark Richard, confectioner, 60 Fore street
Clark William, tailor, 16 Gilmour street
Clarke Annie B. (Mrs.), dress maker, 87
King street
Clearie James, cashier, 12 Dean terrace,
Cleland James, butcher, 8 Fore street
Cleland John, schoolmaster, Rowallan
Clelland & Co. lace manufrs. Bentinck st
Clvdesdale Bank Limited (branch) (James
Taylor, agent; John A. Stott, accountant
& teller), 61 Portland street; draw on
London office, 62 Lombard street E C
Coates James, draughtsman, 63 Dundonald rd
Coax Elizabeth Mrs.), laundry, 1 James
Little street
Cochrane Thomas, shopkeeper, 64 Fore st
Commercial Bank of Scotland Limited
(branch) (Alexander Millar, agent), 50
King street us 35 Low Glencairn street ;
draw on London office, 62 Lombard street
& Coutts & Co
Conn Ellen (Miss), householder, 10 Ellis st
Conneliy Mary (Miss), confr.49 Titchfield st
Connelly Mary (Mrs.), furniture broker, 17
Cheapside street

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