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10 Clark street ; & 5 Dalblair road, Ayr.
(Missionary oc Secretary, James Paul
Wellington street; T N 41.
Patron, W. C. S. Cuninghame
President, xuomas Kennedy
Vice-President, David Mackay
Acting Physicians, John Lawrie M.B.,
CM. & William Frew jil.D
Assistant Physician, D. R, Macdonald
Acting Surgeons, K. C. Robertson M.E.,
CM. & William M'Alister M.D
Assistant Surgeon, R. Gardner
Dental Surgeon, J. Moore Lipscomb L.D.S
Hon. Treasurer oc Secretary, Wm. Austin
Matron', Miss Margaret Maclean
Kilmarnock Charity Organization Society,
J. D. Mackintosh, sec
Shelter, 82 Titchfield street.
President, Dr. Frew
Treasurer & Secretary, R. M. Kellie
Officer, James McKenzie
Art Gallery, London road
Kay park.
President, Hugh Paton, View villa
Treasurer, George Nairn, 8 Portland street
Secretaries, Smith & Wallace, 10 Queen st
Observatory, Morton place
President, William McMenan
Treasurer, James Taylor
Secretary, John Curdie, King street
Elmbank, London road.
Convener, Provost James Hood
Secretary & Treasurer, Wm. Middlemass
Librarian, Henry Y. Simpson
Agricultural Hall, London . road
Corn Exchange Hall, Duke street
Oddfellows' Hall, John Finnie street, Jas.
Cook, janitor
St. Andrew's Hall, St. Andrew's street
Temperance Hall, Mill la. A. Wilson, kpr
Town Hall, King street
Kilmarnock Standard, Dunlop & Drennan.
publishers (published saturdav, Id.), 6
Portland street
Kilmarnock Herald, John C. Motson, pub-
lisher (published friday, Id.), 32 Duke st
PLACES OF WORSHIP & their Clergy.
Established Churches: —
High Church, High street, Rev. Gordon
Watt M.A.; 11 a.m. & 2 p.m.; wed. 8
Laigh Church, Bank street, Rev. William
Dunnett M.A. & Rev. George Simpson I
Yuille M.A., B.D. ; 11 a.m. <£ 2 p.m.;
wed. 8 p.m
St. Marnock's, St. Marnock street, Rev.
James W. Armstrong M.A.; 11 a.m. <k 2
St. Andrew's, St. Andrew's street, Rev.
James Lindsay M.A., D.D., B.Sc. ; 11
a.m. & 2 p.m
United Free Churches: —
St. Andrew's, Fowlds street, Rev. John
Magowan; 11 a.m. & 2 p.m
Portland street (High), Rev. Daniel
Lamont B.D. ; 11 a.m. «& 2 p.m
St. John's, John Finnie street, Rev.
Andrew Goodall; 11 a.m. & 2 p.m
Wellington street (Henderson's), Rev.
David Landsborough LL.D
Glencairn street, Rev. John Cairns ; 11
a.m. & 2 p.m
Grange place, Woodstock st. Rev. James
M. M Culloch ; 11 a.m. & 2 p.m
Mill lane (Martyrs'), Rev. William Clow;
il a.m. & 2 p.m. ; wed. 8 p.m
King street, Rev. Thomas Whitelaw H.A.,
U.D. ; 11 a.m. »& 2 p.m.; wed. 8 p.m
Portland road, Rev. Henry Brown M.A. ;
11 a.m. «3c 2 p.m
Princes street, Rev. Joseph Hibbs M.A. ;
11 a.m. & 2 p.m. ; wed. 7.30 p.m
West Shaw street, Rev. John Cairns ; 11
a.m. & 2 p.m
Crookedholm, Rev. William Reid; 11 a.m.
& 2 p.m. ; wed. 8 p.m
Episcopalian (Holy Trinity) Church, Dun-
donald road, Rev. Alban Francis Blood,
incumbent; 11 a.m. & G.30 p.m.j daily,
8" a.m. & wed. & M. 7.30 p.m
Congregational Church, Winton place, Dun-
donald road, Rev. Alexander M'Nair M.A
Free Christian Church, Clerk's lane ;
ministers various; 2 p.m
Roman Catholic (St. Joseph's), Hill street,
Revs. Canon John Woods, Henry C
Clarke .&. Michael Carey, priests
Baptist, Fowlds street, Rev. William
Donald; 11 a.m. & 2 p.m
Original Secession Church, Fowlds street,
G. Oowieson, missionary; ii a.m. & 6.3U
p.m. ; wed. 8 p.m
Ghristadelphiaiis, Garden street, ministers
Christian Brethren, Waterloo hall, Sturrock
street, ministers various
Christian Union Hall, John Finnie street
Friends 1 ' Meeting House, Sturrock 6treet;
11 'a.m. & 2 p.m
Mission Hall, J ohn Einni'e street
Princes Street U. F. Uimrch Mission Hall,
Gilmour street, Mrs. M'Graw, keeper
Waterloo Mission Hall, Sturrock street
Salvation Army Barracks, Queen street &
Bentinck street
Kilmarnock (burgh),
St. Marnock street.
Chairman, Rev. Daniel Lamont B.D
Clerk, James Pollock Stevenson
Treasurer, Alexander Millar
Officers, James Fulton & William M'Culley
Kilmarnock (landward),
St. Marnock street.
Chairman, Rev. Alex. Cameron, Hurlford
Clerk, James Pollock Stevenson
Treasurer, John Curdie
Officer, John M'Callum, Hudford
Managers, Kilmarnock Burgh School Board
Rector, Hugh Dickie B.A.Lond., LL.D
Lady Supt. Eleanor McNaughton
Masters : Higher Department (School ot
Science), The Rector, J. Julian Cameron,
M.A. George A. Russell M.A., B.Sc.
Robert Young M.A. Robert Grant M.A.
Allan Gibson M.A. & Charles Mackie
M.A. ; Senior Department, James T.
Fairlie CM
Junior Department, David Yuille CM
Infants' Mistress, Maggie Cochrane CM
Modern Languages, A. S. Dickie & Jenny-
Music Teachers, Agnes Dalziel R.A.M. V
Agnes Smith R.A.M. & William Eagies-
ham (violin)
Janitor <fc Drill Instructor, J. W. Perotti
Science & Art School, Woodstock streets
Charles B. Millar, head master
Board Schools: —
Lower Glencairn street, Thos. Amos, mast
High street, George Smith, head master
Bentinck Public School, Bentinck street^
David Walker, head master
North Hamilton street (Hamilton school),.
George Alexander Innes, head master
Rowalian, John Clelaud, master
West Netherton st. David Lang, master
Grougar, Miss Christina S. Macdonald^
Grammar School, Dundonald road, David-
Murray M.A., B.Sc. head master; Robert
Boyd, assistant master
Roman Catholic School, College wynd (St.
Joseph's), Miss Mary Jane McGowan,
Crookedholm, Thomas Duncanson, mastery
Miss Mary Knox, mistress
Kilmarnock house, St. Marnock street-
Secretary, WiRiaru Middlemas
Treasurer, James Wilson
Superintendent, William M'Menan
Matron, Margaret M'Menan
Teacher, George Torrance
On the Glasgow & South-Western line.
Station, West George street.John Chalmer3 v
station master
Locomotive Department, Jas. Manson, supt
On the Glasgow, Barrhead & Kilmarnock
Joint line.
Station, West George st. John Chalmers,.
station master
Goods Department, Hill street, James^
Anthony, agent
Hugh McKerrow, G. &. S. W. goods ogent
To Riccarton, from the George hotel,.
several times daily
Aird Charles, 20 South Hamilton street
Aird Misses, 8 South Hamilton street
Aitken Rev. Andrew, 4 Struan villas,
Portland road
Aitken John M.D. 5 Struan villas, Port-
land road
Aitken John, 8 Portland road
Alexander Alexander, 68 Beansburn
Alexander James, 13 Dundonald road
Alexander James, 10 Portland terrace
Alexander Mrs. 19 Charles street
Alexander Mrs. 37 Dundonald road
Allison Mrs. 7 Nursery Btreet
Amos Thomas M.A. Sunnvside, Glebe rd
Anderson Robert, 28 South Hamilton Bt
Andrew Gabriel, 38 Kay Park crescent
Arbuckle John H., M.D. 12 Clark street
Arbuckle Mrs. 8 London road
Arbuckle Mrs. James, 45 London road
Armstrong Rev. James W., M.A. (St. Mar-
nock's parish church), 2 South Hamilton
. Armstrong Miss, 9 Ellis street
Bain George Y. 42 Dundonald road
Bain John, 43 Kay Park crescent
Baind John J. P. Abbevville, London road
Rallantyne Mrs. 42 Witch road
Barclay James, 12 McLelland drive
Barclay Mrs. 58 South Hamilton street
Barclay William, 17 Portland terrace
Barnett Hugh, 67 London road
Barr Archibald J.P. 15 Glebe road
Barr Miss, 91 St. Andrew's street
Barr Mrs. James, 3 Howard Park drive
Barrett George, 57 North Hamilton street
Bicket John, 6 Dean terrace
Blackwood James W. 17 Glebe road
Blackwood Mrs. 44 Kay Park crescent
Blackwood Robert, 16 Portland terrace
Blackwood William F. 83 London road
Blair James, 34 Dundonald road
Blane Robert, 8 Kay Park terrace
Blood Rev. Alban Francis (Episcopalian) ,
The Parsonage, Dundonald road
Borland John, 57 London road
Borland Mrs. 7 Portland terrace
Boyd James, 36 Dean terrace
Boyd Martin, 41 Kay Park crescent
Brown Rev. Henry M.A. (Portland RoaiS
U. F. C), 19 Dundonald road
Brown Alexander P. 14 Portland terrace
Brown James, 15 Charles street
Brown James, 6 McLelland drive
Brown John, 46 Dundonald road
Brown Mrs. Afton cottage, Gargieston,
Brown Mrs. 16 Fowlds street
Brown Robert P. 25 Charles street
Bryan Gabriel, 20 Dean terrace
Bryce James Middleton. 13 Manse street-
Bryson Thomas, 3 Howard street
Bunten Miss, 48 London road
Burnett Mrs. 29 Springhill ter. Portland ter
Burns Mrs. 2 Kav Park terrace
Cairns Rer. John (U. F. C), 21 Charles st>
Calderwood Andrew, 2 Ellis street
Caldwell David, 46 South Hamilton street
Calver John E. Braemore, Hill street
Cameron Hugh, 8 Charles street
Cameron William J.P. 2 Seaford street'

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